Why I Got a BALD Spot and How I Fixed It! | البقعة الصلعاء: سببها وكيف عالجتها

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Hair loss and hair balding is something women don’t talk about, but it’s time we did. I have dealt with hair balding since my 20s. Most recently, I had a really scary incident that made me go into overdrive to see what can help with hair growth and stop hair loss. I always hope to share the best tips on all things beauty, business, fashion and life! Love you guys xx.
    My Experience with Hair Loss and the Best Treatments

    Viviscal Max Strength Tablets

    Hairmax Ultima 12 Laser Comb

    Glo Pro Microneedling Regeneration Tool

    Aveda Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer
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  • Hamza Mellah
    Hamza Mellah 11 hours ago

    لماذ لا تتكلمين بالغة العربية معظم متابعنك عرب

  • Mohana Rini
    Mohana Rini 12 hours ago

    What is the cure for genetic thinning of hair and hair loss. How to grow thick hair and eyebrows. I'm a 26 year old woman.

  • Raman Brar
    Raman Brar 13 hours ago

    What laser machine do you use for hair removal?

  • Naima Art.x
    Naima Art.x 20 hours ago

    What serums is it? Maybe I missed it when Huda said but I really wanna know which serum??

  • Touta Taj
    Touta Taj Day ago

    tu es trooop bavarde comme une pie 🙇 et finalement riennn de fructueux ni d éfficace ... pff que du blabla ...

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    I love you Huda!!!!!

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    Can you speak arabic a little

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    ممكن اسم الفيتامينات وهل موجودة بلعراق؟ ؟؟ ممكن رد

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    Rim Staps 4 days ago

    اضغطي على الثلاث نقاط إلي هم اعلى الفيديو على اليمين و اختاري sous titres ثم اختاري العربية فتكون الترجمة بالعربية اسفل الفيديو

  • Yelena Rivera
    Yelena Rivera 4 days ago

    Yesss! I am so glad u came out with this video and addressed this issue! THANK U SOOOO MUCH for sharing this!

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith 4 days ago +1

    You remind me of Kyle Jenner

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith 4 days ago

    What a great idea by putting the comb's handle on your part. Thank you

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    Amel Amoula 4 days ago

    مافهمت ولا كلمة بصح ماعليش انا نتابع الطربقة برك

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    الي ميفهمون منه اكو ترجمه تلكوه فوك

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    hipretty 4 days ago

    💗☺️🙏 So funny (I like needles 😂) and so stunning here! 😘
    Thank you for sharing this!!! So many women are suffering in silence (and panic) with this! I tried a derma roller and my hair got caught in it! 🥺

  • Madiha Kh
    Madiha Kh 4 days ago

    شكرا لوضع الترجمة الفيديو مفيد جدا

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    You really need to talk a bit slow

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    Aurélie Geuzinge 6 days ago

    You are such an inspiration

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    Angela Khadka 6 days ago

    Looks like she shaved that part out

  • Elisa Bun
    Elisa Bun 6 days ago

    Thank you sooo much! You helped a lot, especially my soul. 🙌

  • Mumbai reviews
    Mumbai reviews 7 days ago

    How nice of u to share about balding , I have a much more severe case of balding due to pcos , it’s nice to know lot of beautiful confident women have balding problem and they are still going about their life happily

  • DivineEnergy
    DivineEnergy 7 days ago

    Can you list the vitamins you use? I cannot hear the first one you mentioned at the 4:30 mark.

  • Alaa Fareg
    Alaa Fareg 7 days ago

    مفتهمت من حجيج ولا حرف ترجمي للعربي

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    Salma Tarek 7 days ago

    You are so honest & kind person
    I love and respect you alot ❤️❤️

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    Anushey Perera 7 days ago

    Thankyou , it's very informative 🥰🙏

  • أحمد أبوهنا
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    I liked your strong personality
    You are strong
    شخصيتك حلوة بجد

  • Shelley Kerr
    Shelley Kerr 7 days ago

    Huda, please talk about endometriosis x

  • sumaima alvi
    sumaima alvi 7 days ago

    You didn't tell any diy thing for hair growth

  • F. Ayşe Yıldız
    F. Ayşe Yıldız 7 days ago

    What causes your alopecia most probably was the nose surgery. After surgery is very commom the hair loss. Because your body give all nutrition to injuried part.😉

  • Namaste Chica
    Namaste Chica 8 days ago

    Then stop doing the super tight Pony Tails!!

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    انتي هم جنج ضحكتج حيل حلوه

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    هذا مرض الثعلبة سببه نفسي ومناعي وسهل المعالجة

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    #save lraq people'

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    يا جماعه فوق الفيديو راح تلاقون ثلاث نقاط اضغطوا عليها و راح تلاقون شي اسموا Captions اضغطوا عليه و اختاروا اللغه يلي بدكم إياها

  • Smita patel
    Smita patel 8 days ago +2

    Instead of taking so much medicine.
    Increase protein intake in your diet . And excercise regularly. Maintain healthy Lifestyle and sleep early.
    You hair skin will improve

  • Celine S
    Celine S 8 days ago +5

    When I loose my hair I totally freak out to the point where I beg them to forgive me for all the wrong I did! Dyes, heat, keratin treatments etc.. And when I see it being OK, I start to think that my natural brown color is boring eurhhhhhhh!!!! When will we learn!!!!

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    My cousin sister’s name is NOOR-UL-HUDA

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    استخدام الاستشوار والستريتنر مرره سيئ ويخفف الشعر اسرع من اي شي ثاني (:

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    الترجمة موجودة يا ناس ..

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    Guys does anyone know her eye contacts kind?

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    هسه احنا شفتهمنا🙄

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    Safa Munir 9 days ago +1

    Does someone has a hair loss due to nervous weakness?? Like due to some nutritional reasons??? Any treatment for that??? Please do share...

    • forkan .t_
      forkan .t_ 5 days ago

      I have never dealt with hair loss or whatsoever but I think you should increase your protein intake I suggest you to eat more meat such as fish , chicken , meat and also eggs milk etc..

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    afnan mqpol 9 days ago

    انت عربية حطي ترجمه عشان العرب بستفيدو

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    You talk too fast!

  • lil moon
    lil moon 9 days ago +2

    I am 18 and i lost a lot of hair i tought i was the only one

    • lil moon
      lil moon 6 days ago

      @Aysha Moinu i am sorry i think i am gonna try hair transplant

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      lil moon no me too

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    You are so attractive

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    I have so much respect for you. Thanks for sharing valuable insights, Huda! Hugs from LA! - A u r o r a ❤❤❤ P.S. You remind me so much of Vegas Nay. 😊💕

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      @نور نور لا ما طلع عندي نقص فيهم

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  • Ibtissam Idy
    Ibtissam Idy 11 days ago

    Use garlic mixed with coconut oil or castor oil for bald spot guys it’s really working. The smell is a little bad but just a little bit of shampoo and it’s gone. Go search on the internet about garlic and his properties. As per the study, the sulphur and selenium contained in garlic can help fortify the structure of the hair shaft. Basically, it doesn't only help re-grow hair, but also strengthens the existing hair.

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