Cassius Stanley & Sierra Canyon TURNED UP otw to the STATE CHIP 🏆 | SLAM Day in the Life

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • Cassius Stanley had one last thing to do before committing to Duke: win ANOTHER state championship with Sierra Canyon.
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    Cassius Stanley & Sierra Canyon TURNED UP otw to the STATE CHIP 🏆 | SLAM Day in the Life
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Comments • 109

  • SLAM
    SLAM  4 months ago +20

    Everyone wants to know where to listen to "Over" so here you go:

    • Adam Thomas
      Adam Thomas Month ago +1

      "one thing i like to do before i rap i put my fingers together cuz im bouta snap" 😂 straight bars

  • Andrew Wellnitz
    Andrew Wellnitz Month ago

    L reminds me of Dustin from Stranger Things

  • theoretex
    theoretex 2 months ago

    Anyone know the beat at 5:20? That sample tho!

    PG 13PACERNATION 2 months ago


  • Damon Greene
    Damon Greene 3 months ago

    Whats the difference between CIF and State Champion ship game

  • Ali Alfaraj
    Ali Alfaraj 3 months ago

    Kenyon got stupid bounce

  • Golf Wiggaz
    Golf Wiggaz 3 months ago +1

    Who here for bronny and Z

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 3 months ago

    4:00 mins he was so dead ass lol

  • KikoVlogs
    KikoVlogs 4 months ago

    Mater Dei team is like an all white team

  • Roxer
    Roxer 4 months ago

    What is the name of the beat at 1:02?

  • Eric Huang
    Eric Huang 4 months ago +1

    did u see how high he jumped? at 6:03

  • HardCoreHockeyPlyr14
    HardCoreHockeyPlyr14 4 months ago +8

    glad to see Cassius enjoyed his 8 year high school run

  • Justin Wright
    Justin Wright 4 months ago

    320 when your girl smells another girls perfume on you

  • Joshua Proctor
    Joshua Proctor 4 months ago

    Hey Slam, can u give me the beat that starts at 1:16 please???

  • Manny Reyesss
    Manny Reyesss 4 months ago +7

    L the goat lmao😆👌

  • Jayden Ponce
    Jayden Ponce 4 months ago

    L Booogz

  • Pull_up_fam Eli
    Pull_up_fam Eli 4 months ago

    OVER 😂💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • The Goat
    The Goat 4 months ago

    So y’all gone act like dude ain’t just get killed at 0:14 😭

  • Lil 3 Year old
    Lil 3 Year old 4 months ago +1

    Can kJ Martin shoot?

  • Jackson Morales
    Jackson Morales 4 months ago

    Rockin a Tedy Fresh jacket

  • Landon Short
    Landon Short 4 months ago +7

    when’s the day in the life with L

  • Shyden Preston
    Shyden Preston 4 months ago

    Do a day in a life with l boggie that’s what I wanna see

  • Shyden Preston
    Shyden Preston 4 months ago

    He wasn’t kidding when he said he was crazy with it it’s OVER

  • Rocky T Solomon
    Rocky T Solomon 4 months ago

    Do Kara Choi next for mic'd up

  • papi zo
    papi zo 4 months ago

    for the song look up Lboogie824 on soundcloud

  • Aaliyah Pool
    Aaliyah Pool 4 months ago

    Where can I find the song at the end?

  • Don’t worry abt it 1
    Don’t worry abt it 1 4 months ago +11

    3:35 was the guy hugging keyon and than pushing him off? 😂😬

  • Gikii -_-
    Gikii -_- 4 months ago

    If y’all can hook me up with L’s song at the end that’d be great 😂😂

    • Aaliyah Pool
      Aaliyah Pool 4 months ago +1

      Gikii -_-

  • Isaiah Wolf-Rodriguez
    Isaiah Wolf-Rodriguez 4 months ago +5

    3:56 That boy L is something else😂😂

  • Akash Sathyamoorthy
    Akash Sathyamoorthy 4 months ago +1

    Cassius lowkey look like a young Chadwick Boseman 😂😂😂

  • Vũ Nhân
    Vũ Nhân 4 months ago
    Link to the song of L’Boogie
    🔥 🔥🔥

  • Abdullah s.s
    Abdullah s.s 4 months ago +2

    Song at 8:17

  • ryan fabian
    ryan fabian 4 months ago

    music is Less is more by sky haze instrumental

  • Verbatim - NF
    Verbatim - NF 4 months ago

    I’m gonna miss these...

  • AsianBeast011
    AsianBeast011 4 months ago +1

    Anyone got the link for Over?

    • Aaliyah Pool
      Aaliyah Pool 4 months ago


  • Basket Ball
    Basket Ball 4 months ago

    This ain't even day in a life

  • Bachle Nguyen
    Bachle Nguyen 4 months ago

    Song bro? Fire Chinese sample

  • Frank Bossong
    Frank Bossong 4 months ago

    can i get a link to Over?

    • Eli Roberts
      Eli Roberts 4 months ago

  • Malual Mamer
    Malual Mamer 4 months ago

    can't wait to dunk

  • Karellito Rochon
    Karellito Rochon 4 months ago +44

    3:20 boy didn't know if he was gonna show love or hate 😂

  • Might Gouta
    Might Gouta 4 months ago +2

    Song At the end ?

    • Aaliyah Pool
      Aaliyah Pool 4 months ago

      Might Gouta

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee 4 months ago +4

    My dude L was getting off at the end

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee 4 months ago +1

    My dude L was getting off at the end

  • Crete Tippen
    Crete Tippen 4 months ago +1

    y’all already know lmao, i say it under everyone of these. keep the sierra canyon videos coming. ❤️

    • SLAM
      SLAM  4 months ago +1

      we got a day in the life with L coming up.

  • Tevin Johnson
    Tevin Johnson 4 months ago

    his song fire

  • Ali Simon
    Ali Simon 4 months ago +1

    I can't decide what was better..L's song Over or the video😂😂😂 Vid was fire thoo

    • Ali Simon
      Ali Simon 4 months ago

      @SLAM are you crazy... im choosing the video

    • SLAM
      SLAM  4 months ago

      if you pick the song I'll understand.

  • Kendall_Evans
    Kendall_Evans 4 months ago +4

    3:21 why did dude hug him

  • Jamie Fossum
    Jamie Fossum 4 months ago +1

    7:08 that man L Boogie got bars 😂

  • Finn Mccarthy
    Finn Mccarthy 4 months ago +4

    L is 🔥🔥

  • mwmaud lul
    mwmaud lul 4 months ago

    I love these vids

  • Nadiya Yusuf
    Nadiya Yusuf 4 months ago

    Everybody was on the floor 😭😭

  • Nadiya Yusuf
    Nadiya Yusuf 4 months ago +3

    Bro slam should have a million subs by now
    They are so slept on🤧

    • SLAM
      SLAM  4 months ago

      tell yo friends

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson 4 months ago +1

    Where do I find over

  • Soreya Thach
    Soreya Thach 4 months ago

    They need to play chino hills the cif division 1 champs vs Sierra canyon cif open division champs

  • Richard Dube
    Richard Dube 4 months ago +108

    Don’t even cap, y’all know “Over” was heat🔥

      TREBOR VLOGZ 4 months ago

      Finn Mccarthy it’s on SoundCloud

      TREBOR VLOGZ 4 months ago

      Derin kırbeyi it’s on SoundCloud over by Lboogie

    • Jake Spencer
      Jake Spencer 4 months ago

      Derin kırbeyi Apple Music my guy it’s a remix by him and rocky

    • Derin kırbeyi
      Derin kırbeyi 4 months ago +1

      I mean the song

    • Derin kırbeyi
      Derin kırbeyi 4 months ago +2

      How can we find that

  • Mlbon Fox
    Mlbon Fox 4 months ago

    damn...this team had the unlv runnin rebels vibe

  • skrxxet
    skrxxet 4 months ago +15

    Nahhh that beat at 4:04 too fire where is it from?

    • Jae Hill
      Jae Hill 4 months ago


    • SLAM
      SLAM  4 months ago +1

      @thecxdy on IG makes most of our beats!

  • Doe Effect
    Doe Effect 4 months ago +1

    Is slam the best RU-clip channel in the country?

  • Erahia
    Erahia 4 months ago +67

    3:55 they really had them describing olive garden im dead

    • Roxer
      Roxer 4 months ago +1

      Free advertising lmao

  • dynamite disco danny
    dynamite disco danny 4 months ago +1

    These guys gat character