Slapping Prank on Cute Girls 😲😲Prank Gone Wrong - PrankBuzz | Part- 2 | Prank in Kolkata

  • Published on May 25, 2019
  • Best Slapping Prank on Cute Girls by #PrankBuzz
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    Slapping Prank Part-1
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  • Prank Buzz
    Prank Buzz  6 months ago +732

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    • Miss Abyssinia
      Miss Abyssinia 19 days ago

      You’re lucky you didn’t get smacked. Nothing funny about it before or after the knew. SMH @ the men though!

    • Pratham Patel
      Pratham Patel 26 days ago

      Nice Bro 😂😂😂😂🤣

    • sakir shaikh
      sakir shaikh 27 days ago

      @Love location O pm

    • Rj Viraag
      Rj Viraag Month ago

      भाई साहब दिन को भी मजाक मस्ती वाली वीडियो पसंद है वह प्लीज मेरे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें क्योंकि मैं ऐसी वीडियो बनाता रहता हूं so thank you for subscribe my चैनल एंड हैव अ नाइस डे

  • sumpf3651
    sumpf3651 50 minutes ago

    it's no funny, you get money by irritating people.

  • kutubuddin Sheikh
    kutubuddin Sheikh 2 hours ago


  • paecpc
    paecpc 3 hours ago

    Not funny

  • Мирза Ахмедов

    какие уродливые люди

  • Sharad Singh News
    Sharad Singh News 4 hours ago

    😀😀😄😄😀😀🙏😀🙏😀😀😀🙏😀pet me dard hone lagaa bhai haste haste

  • Bishank Agrawal
    Bishank Agrawal 4 hours ago

    Bad concept for pranking

  • Debasish gaming
    Debasish gaming 5 hours ago

    So nice nice nice nice bro your big big fan

  • Singar Ramveer Kushwaha

    एक बार सभी भाई मेरी चैनल पर भी जरूर आएं मेरे बड़े भाई की बहुत अच्छी आवाज है जरूर सुने

  • Mohd Farhan
    Mohd Farhan 12 hours ago

    Bhai views dekho..👍👍

  • Leunan lipa
    Leunan lipa 15 hours ago

    👍👏👌👌👌👍👌👏👏👍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁from Argentina 🙋🙋🙋🙋

  • Manzura Ahmedova
    Manzura Ahmedova 15 hours ago +1

    Сенга мандан бир лайк

  • Abhay Gareja
    Abhay Gareja 18 hours ago


  • TareQ Benz
    TareQ Benz 19 hours ago


  • Mr S
    Mr S 22 hours ago

    you are lucky you did not made this video in pakistan particularly in peshawar city (my city) otherwise you would broke you entire 206 bones

  • our channel ak
    our channel ak 22 hours ago +1

    Endia ma kuch be ho sakta ha IDR asa kro kasam Sa murder kr da ga

  • Andi Afrian
    Andi Afrian Day ago

    Gue doang indo😂

  • Phoenician Jeffries

    🤔Why are the guys not standing up for these women steady just walking and looking do something

  • Darshan khanna
    Darshan khanna Day ago

    Very good looking hahahah😂😂😂😄😄😄😂😂😂😄😄😄😂😂😂😄😄😄😂😂😂😄😄😄😂😂😂😄😄😄😂😂😂

  • Jagadeeshkumarvalle6 Valle

    Nice broo

    STALKER Day ago

    dto sa pilipinas nya gawin yan todas yan hahaha
    .... lalo na pag ako gf ko ginanyan .. damonyu pa nmn ako hahaha

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed Day ago

    وين راكم يا العرب

  • Santhi Kiro
    Santhi Kiro Day ago

    Ithuve guru annava irunthiruntha sry sister nu sollirupaar its just a prank nu 🙄🙄🙄 avara yaralaium adichuka mudiya @guru thevan

  • Ratan Bhatra
    Ratan Bhatra Day ago

    Nice video bhai, video banathe ra o

  • Navin navin
    Navin navin Day ago

    Gaon Mai hota to bahut padti

  • ผัก'ก ขม'มม


  • Hadi Kurniawan
    Hadi Kurniawan 2 days ago

    Indonesia madura

  • Da1n901
    Da1n901 2 days ago

    So what did I learn from this video 🤔 (Jeopardy theme music)..........oh yeah

    Indian dudes are soft 😂

  • Arjuna Auliaudin
    Arjuna Auliaudin 2 days ago

    Prata bentoo maquelaam pramasto falano ngewe kuy ?

  • Sukhdeo Pahan
    Sukhdeo Pahan 2 days ago

    Bhai mujhe v esi video banna pasand hai

  • Dik2 Channel
    Dik2 Channel 2 days ago

    Mong naon 😅

  • secret path
    secret path 2 days ago

    Vese lakshan dikh rhe hai.. prank ke chkkr me ghayal prank buzz

  • secret path
    secret path 2 days ago

    Frank ke chkkr me beta sahi me mt pit jana kisi se..

  • Dharmendra Kashyap
    Dharmendra Kashyap 2 days ago


  • Jhony Bravo
    Jhony Bravo 2 days ago +1

    Don't do that again, scary

  • aldrin baybayan
    aldrin baybayan 2 days ago

    This is not COOL

  • Christian Asahar
    Christian Asahar 2 days ago +3

    Thats not funny,if you do that to my girl you see what happen to you

  • Gilang Pinaringan
    Gilang Pinaringan 3 days ago

    Cewe India jelek²

  • Mafuj Ahammed
    Mafuj Ahammed 3 days ago


  • Domam Tv
    Domam Tv 3 days ago


  • leo lobito
    leo lobito 3 days ago

    Jaja estuvo bueno pero no vengas a México si no te van a madrear 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ionel Traice
    Ionel Traice 3 days ago

    Hablas mucho tio

  • josue Rivera sanchez

    Soy de peru .

  • Muzzu Muzakkir
    Muzzu Muzakkir 3 days ago

    Arra bhiya has has pet dukrahha hiii superrrr bhiya best of luck good

  • Berita Opreker
    Berita Opreker 3 days ago

    Asli ngakak😂😂

  • Artur art
    Artur art 3 days ago


  • B Nookaraju
    B Nookaraju 3 days ago


  • sidharth kapoor
    sidharth kapoor 3 days ago

    Ye kahi sa bhi prank nahi laga aap ye prank apne ghar ma kro....bhai kya shiksha da rha hai tu logo ko???😤😤😤

  • Tony gaming Cormont
    Tony gaming Cormont 3 days ago

    GG and the vidéo

  • Inazuma Marquez
    Inazuma Marquez 3 days ago +1

    Let me see you try to slap a guy for a prank pr*ck

  • مراد مرادي
    مراد مرادي 4 days ago

    چرا هیچ کاری نمیکنن😕😂

  • Hector Carlos
    Hector Carlos 4 days ago

    Indians are tacky and weird

  • Sultan Jaan
    Sultan Jaan 4 days ago

    kute ke bile ye mazaq hai me hota qasam say tughay goli sa mardeta

  • Emir Alp Pasa
    Emir Alp Pasa 4 days ago

    Gel gel turkiyede de yap bekleriz genc adam.

  • Dipali Dutta
    Dipali Dutta 4 days ago

    Haramjada it's wrong,kukur

  • Aji Rahman Firdaus
    Aji Rahman Firdaus 4 days ago

    negara t series bukan

    SAMAHANG TROPA TV 5 days ago

    Pa subscribe naman sa account ko 😅💗

  • Nita Taniyu Pada
    Nita Taniyu Pada 5 days ago


  • Beauty Saha
    Beauty Saha 5 days ago

    Nice vdo bro 🤣🤣👍🤘

    LUKASH PRINCE 5 days ago +1

    Good Job 🤣😂