Stephen Curry's AMAZING & CRAZIEST 3 Pointers YOU'VE EVER SEEN!

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • Check out the best 3 pointers by Stephen Curry made in his career!
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Comments • 1 109

  • A.K.A KOBE'
    A.K.A KOBE' 11 hours ago

    i guaranteed you all he will surpass klay thompson record 14 made three's in a game this season!!!

  • Smart uTrek
    Smart uTrek Day ago


  • Jerry Sunga
    Jerry Sunga Day ago

  • Atlantis_ _Xx
    Atlantis_ _Xx 2 days ago +1

    comment = he has aimbot
    like = pure skill

  • Will King
    Will King 3 days ago

    He really hated NO lol

  • Jalen Henry
    Jalen Henry 3 days ago

    Commentator on 1:21 is a hater

  • StephenCarter V11
    StephenCarter V11 5 days ago

    1:23 ... Its not a good shot..........
    Its a great player

  • cjking64
    cjking64 5 days ago

    6:28 when you been holding you bladder all day and you finally get home

  • Heem Sossa
    Heem Sossa 5 days ago

    That man great 😂

  • Orii Duro
    Orii Duro 6 days ago

    The Point God!

  • Orii Duro
    Orii Duro 6 days ago

    Legendary Player for NBA History!

  • Forza Films
    Forza Films 9 days ago

    check out my new steph vid it will drop your jaw lool i swear

  • Mark Ngan
    Mark Ngan 13 days ago

    God shoots

  • reVize
    reVize 13 days ago +1

    Nike: Steven Curry will not blow up

    (years later)

    Steph: You could of had all of this

  • Damian Rodgers
    Damian Rodgers 16 days ago

    I swear Curry is from another planet!!!

  • utube ser
    utube ser 16 days ago +1

    The energy wooww it's pretty crazy Everytime he shoots people jus lose their a good way

  • Mariah Lin
    Mariah Lin 16 days ago

    To be honest, Curry made 3-point shooting an acceptable or "go-to" scoring option for NBA coaches.

    Before his game changing impact, the 3-point shot was considered as a secondary option or luxury. Curry opened the doors for the rest of the league to use it as a main weapon. Harden took it to another level with his ISO heavy style and added ridiculous step-backs.

  • King CURRY
    King CURRY 16 days ago

    Let's Goooooo!!

  • A J
    A J 18 days ago

    Babyface assassin

  • Jasmine Harris
    Jasmine Harris 19 days ago

    12:45 Klay was soo proud of Stephen

    13:31 that walk 😂😭

  • Russell Gilbert
    Russell Gilbert 19 days ago

    Nuthin' but net from DEEP, y'all!

  • Oscar Yuen
    Oscar Yuen 20 days ago

    Love Curry !

  • Efo Dela
    Efo Dela 20 days ago

    Doc Rivers at at 9:53 😂

  • jvj Harden
    jvj Harden 20 days ago

    too bad he couldnt to this when it matters most

  • _clouieee._
    _clouieee._ 21 day ago

    i will never stop watching curry

  • Alec K
    Alec K 23 days ago

    This guy literally changed the way NBA teams defend

  • 흰여울문화마을
    흰여울문화마을 24 days ago

    Nice shooter curry!

  • King Lopez
    King Lopez 24 days ago

    Best shooter ever☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️

  • 道剣
    道剣 26 days ago

    5:43 I love this scene

  • William Mensah Benjamin
    William Mensah Benjamin 26 days ago +1

    5:57 the commentator nearly killed me!

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 27 days ago +1

    I love how he took over.
    Klay took over in game 6 Toronto but got injured still played great tho.

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 27 days ago


  • Wendypretty1
    Wendypretty1 28 days ago

    Man, he's on a team all by himself. Lol.

    TANNER RICE 29 days ago


  • Ria Ali
    Ria Ali Month ago

    If you don't like watching this guys highlights then you're just a hater. Guys something special. If you're a fan of basketball how can you not appreciate his talent?

  • Moken Lan-X
    Moken Lan-X Month ago

    he is amazing

  • Shemzjellyman came to town

    the one when curry made it in the playoffs against the pelicans was like ray allen jawn

  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi Month ago

    The best

  • rucrazy
    rucrazy Month ago

    He 's such a pleasure to watch

  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen Month ago

    He’s just an unbelievable player regardless of where he shoots, middle, corner left, corner right he does it all, he is gonna be still impossible to guard next season, can’t wait for NBA to start all over again.

  • Adiguna Sutanto
    Adiguna Sutanto Month ago

    Quick release from anywhere, one of the greatest of all time 👏👏👏👏💯💯💯

  • vol_ per
    vol_ per Month ago

    6:43 this three is too quick

  • Scott Moyer
    Scott Moyer Month ago

    Bank you very much!!!

  • Richard Richard
    Richard Richard Month ago +1

    Wait a sec that Curry/DRussell duo will be dangerous!

  • Rion
    Rion Month ago

    Real life version of Midorima

  • HELLASgate7
    HELLASgate7 Month ago

    Nigerian genes Hellenic Heart

  • The Bay
    The Bay Month ago

    haha the dude commenting was a hater and a Pelicans fan haha

    JURGEN KLINT Month ago


  • S Deen
    S Deen Month ago +1

    ...tried push weak ass Steph Not Clutch....FOH who here 2019 just incase they forgot! The man who change the LEAGUE 4 EVER

  • Traw 206
    Traw 206 Month ago

    When he showboats after hitting a 3 that's just so DISRESPECTFUL

  • Mara P
    Mara P Month ago


  • Yirp Yirp
    Yirp Yirp Month ago

    Real life Playmaking Sharpshooter. With Hall of Fame Limitless Badge.

  • Flying V
    Flying V Month ago

    This man is not human. Wouldn't it be something if it's found that Steph is just a robot. Just a conspiracy theory. ;)

  • AdrenaLyn
    AdrenaLyn Month ago

    Watch out for this Steph next season.

  • Davontae Hogan
    Davontae Hogan Month ago

    Now imagine him and dlo going off on the entire leauge.. crazy man smh

  • Zero7 artist
    Zero7 artist Month ago +1

    Imo the greatest shooter EVER should be included in the GOAT conversation.... If not, find a 14 minute long video of Lebron and MJ shooting 3s like crazy .....I'll f*cking wait

    • Ran Holic
      Ran Holic Month ago

      Or show some video of steph being a clutch during finals to seal the game.. hmmmmm

    • Ran Holic
      Ran Holic Month ago

      Or show a long video of steph being a finals mvp like lebron or mj... Hmmmm ill wait forever lmaooo

    • Ran Holic
      Ran Holic Month ago

      Then show a long video of steph going for a block, defend, post ups, dunks,hangtime layups like mj or lebron??? U cant...

    WILLIE NAILHER Month ago

    It's almost like he just will's the into the basket

  • John oliver Vista
    John oliver Vista Month ago +1

    Thats why i love steph. He is the greatest shooter i've ever seen

  • Ridwan Hamud
    Ridwan Hamud Month ago

    3:47 .... Bruh the guy has a limitless range ,people going crazy before it even went in

  • sangtea rspa
    sangtea rspa Month ago +1

    Greatest shooter in NBA history...hate him or love him.i dont care..

  • Malcolm Antonio
    Malcolm Antonio Month ago

    1:48 WTF??

  • Jaden Hubbard
    Jaden Hubbard Month ago +2

    Nothing is a bad shot for Steph

  • Mitchell Burlingame

    3:22 good if it goes
    And ofc it does

  • Taylor Peterson
    Taylor Peterson Month ago

    The best shooter who can’t hit game winners. Notice how only one or two are actual go-ahead buckets? He’s 0 for 8 in the playoffs on go ahead game winners in the final 60 seconds.

  • Kenneth Collio
    Kenneth Collio Month ago +1

    That OKC one was so good Mike Breen had to say “Bang!” twice

  • TooExotic GT
    TooExotic GT Month ago +1

    Steve kerr seems happy 1:13

  • Bruce Rivers
    Bruce Rivers Month ago

    @10:25 he cooked Jalen Brown then let him know he did lol

  • Rodregus Davis
    Rodregus Davis Month ago


  • em mua
    em mua Month ago

    The best shooter ever...I loveu step hhh

  • Kyheim Schooler
    Kyheim Schooler Month ago

    He's poop

  • Raya Klaire Peralta
    Raya Klaire Peralta Month ago +1

    Doctor: you only have 15 minutes to live
    Me: 28 seconds: saying goodbye to my family
    14:32: watches this video
    Man, how he shoots is unbelievably soooo good and entertaining

  • calpitoc
    calpitoc Month ago +1

    I think Curry's greatest shot is that walkup half court shot against the Thunder. It's the one that broke Durant's spirit.

  • Debangshu Sarkar
    Debangshu Sarkar Month ago

    5:53 the most satisfying of them all.

  • Sam Scholten
    Sam Scholten Month ago

    Stephen curry- current owner of the clippers

  • stephbin gamingYT
    stephbin gamingYT Month ago +1

    Curry is much better at impossible threes than ray allen