Stephen Curry's AMAZING & CRAZIEST 3 Pointers YOU'VE EVER SEEN!

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • Check out the best 3 pointers by Stephen Curry made in his career!
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  • J J
    J J 15 hours ago

    I Love ❤️ Steph's hearty laugh after shooting from half court - as if he never meant the shot.

  • Nina Grace
    Nina Grace Day ago

    Watching after raptors won the finals. Big respect for Curry!

  • WhoozyOMO
    WhoozyOMO 2 days ago

    @3:18 "who is Shawn Livingston guarding?" Lmao that guy who screamed that is an asshole 😂😂😂

  • Dizzy Trimmer
    Dizzy Trimmer 2 days ago

    So who is this LeBron guy I keep hearing about?

  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros 3 days ago

    currys 3s take the wind out of the sails of the opposing team. Its so demoralizing. He makes you have to defend more of the court which then thins out your D. That allows for others to be open

  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros 3 days ago

    a lot of these arent good shots though. Yes they went in but the decision to shoot wasnt a good one.

  • 林良
    林良 3 days ago

    守他很累 從底線就要開始守了😂😂

  • Rainiel Simbol
    Rainiel Simbol 3 days ago


  • Jordan Franklin
    Jordan Franklin 3 days ago +1

    He will be Mt Rushmore. This type of firepower changes the analytics and spacing on the floor

  • Blake Guion
    Blake Guion 3 days ago

    7:13 one of the coolest shots i've ever seen

  • Blake Guion
    Blake Guion 3 days ago

    even the opposing fans go crazy when he does stuff like this

  • Its Jhelzie
    Its Jhelzie 4 days ago

    1:53 Amazinggg

  • Maurice Alviarez
    Maurice Alviarez 4 days ago

    This kid is unfair

    BREKBRAKER 8 days ago

    2:49 look the right hand stephen

  • JMarsh
    JMarsh 10 days ago

    3:16 "Who is Shaun Livingston Guarding" LMAO

  • J.C Rodríguez
    J.C Rodríguez 10 days ago

    1:33 three failed high fives in a row, how often you see this?

  • J.C Rodríguez
    J.C Rodríguez 10 days ago


  • Derp_ Impact
    Derp_ Impact 11 days ago +9

    I love how Curry gives it to God after he makes a sick shot. Good man right there

    • Derp_ Impact
      Derp_ Impact 3 days ago

      Harvarian Wonder your ok its not offensive. He wasn’t showing God the Three he made, he was pretty much thanking God for giving him the talent to splash threes. I know its a little confusing but to sum it up he was thanking God for his Talents that God gave him.

    • Harvarian Wonder
      Harvarian Wonder 3 days ago

      I don’t mean this to be offensive but does god really care about threes you’ve made, wouldn’t he rather you do something charitable?

  • Raymond Schmidt
    Raymond Schmidt 12 days ago +1

    It's honestly insane how he makes half these shots. The timing and the distance are always so unbelievably off but he always seems to nail it with ease.

  • Lucasee Huang
    Lucasee Huang 12 days ago

    It’s not fair for other teams to guard him. How can you guard him when he throws ball from where just crossing the half court?

  • Dallas Dee Jordan
    Dallas Dee Jordan 12 days ago

    1st player In NBA HISTORY WITH "200" THREE' S IN 4YRS STRAIGHT . MY GOD 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Dallas Dee Jordan
    Dallas Dee Jordan 12 days ago +4


  • Dunkri Potento
    Dunkri Potento 13 days ago +1

    1:23 -Thats not a good shot.
    - Thats a great player. You god dam right

  • Reginald Bailey
    Reginald Bailey 15 days ago +1

    Who would disagree that this man is the best pure shooter ever to play in the NBA?! Simply incredible to watch this young man play the game!!

  • Uche Okeke
    Uche Okeke 15 days ago

    Everybody else shoots. Steph puts a ball in a basket. #freak

  • Efrem Ayalew
    Efrem Ayalew 16 days ago +1

    The Ronaldinho of Basketball with God on his side. #NothingButNets :-)

  • Y O
    Y O 16 days ago

    The amount of times he get foul and doesn’t get the call is crazy

  • Kyle Wenzel
    Kyle Wenzel 16 days ago

    At this point i wouldn’t be surprised if Steph just pulled up from 60 feet in the middle of a quarter

  • arnold caguioa
    arnold caguioa 16 days ago

    Halimaw ka Steph!!!????

  • 바리바리
    바리바리 17 days ago


  • One Love
    One Love 17 days ago +1

    Steph Curry.....the Greatest shooter ever in the NBA.....ever in the world....even over MJ.

  • WiggleMyJello
    WiggleMyJello 18 days ago +8

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Steph 40 ft from the basket: “why the hell not”

  • Ajay Pancras
    Ajay Pancras 18 days ago

    He is the greatest shower of all time

  • axl1086
    axl1086 18 days ago

    The best

  • ChicagoAreaSearch
    ChicagoAreaSearch 18 days ago

    Absolutely crazy shyt that he does!

  • expsterm1
    expsterm1 18 days ago

    He reminds me a bit of Pistol Pete.

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant 19 days ago

    This guy is a superstar and Ayesha wants to be noticed by other guys. smh

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 19 days ago

    he really gets fouled on a lot of threes.
    but unlike harden no calls

  • Edward Yamada
    Edward Yamada 19 days ago

    The shot from the right corner that he kissed off the backboard.......we’ll never know if he meant to do that, he’s made so many great shots, but it’s the greatest shot I ever saw him make.

  • The art of competition

    I love watching the opponents bench trying to act like they arent amazed and impressed lmao.

  • arnold acaso
    arnold acaso 19 days ago

    Andre just like
    WTF! (Where's The Foul)

  • Aupruh
    Aupruh 19 days ago


  • Farty McGee
    Farty McGee 19 days ago

    Noticed two things: Curry has TERRORIZED and demoralized Austin Rivers, the Clippers, and, in these clips, the mavs and the rockets lmao

  • Frank Tuck
    Frank Tuck 19 days ago

    There are some things in life so special until you come to realize that once it is gone there will never be another! The best basketball player ever!

  • His Blood
    His Blood 19 days ago

    if this man didn't actually do it, it would be considered impossible

  • stu wilks
    stu wilks 19 days ago

    KD said I can't beat them, I'm going to join them.

  • M Strut
    M Strut 20 days ago

    Check out LeBron's reaction at 2:27 after that dagger. Epic :).

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan 20 days ago

    “That’s not a good shot”
    “He’s a good player”

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard 20 days ago +5

    When this guy retires, I'm sure he will be recognized as one of the greatest ever

  • Trumpenstein
    Trumpenstein 20 days ago

    Phoenix can change uniforms, colors, coaches, players....but they will still be Championshipless Phoenix.

  • Edgar
    Edgar 20 days ago

    5:44 Low budget channing tatum

  • Shawon
    Shawon 20 days ago

    5:56 Kanter puts his arms up while the ball is still mid-way, he already knew that one was going in

  • Matthew Pohl
    Matthew Pohl 20 days ago

    Straight up GOAT

  • Clipz Saucer
    Clipz Saucer 21 day ago

    5:55 the reporter knew the shot was gonna go in so he rushed his sentence and prepared to say “BANG”😂

  • 01Z06guy
    01Z06guy 21 day ago

    The fact that this video is 14 minutes long says it all.

  • Tegan Demeritt
    Tegan Demeritt 21 day ago

    I love the play when he cross's harden and swishes on me

  • dzdogg
    dzdogg 21 day ago

    @5:55 when KD decides to be a Warrior...

  • Alexander Hikmala
    Alexander Hikmala 21 day ago +4

    Best Shooter of all time 🤙🏻🏀i never seen a shooter master like him..i saw it once on reggie miller but Curry is on another level🔥🏆

  • vaseem mehab
    vaseem mehab 21 day ago

    Curry greatest shooter, but not greatest player.

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams 21 day ago

    1:24 the announcer was salty af, “that’s not even a good shot”🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Fisher
    Michael Fisher 21 day ago

    “is he feeling it?”

  • Charlie Ison
    Charlie Ison 21 day ago

    All I got to say is Nike fucked up by not signing Curry lmao.

  • matt gross
    matt gross 21 day ago

    Literally a legend

  • Thomas Guice
    Thomas Guice 21 day ago

    "Better watch out Bogut made a 3 against the Pelicans." 😂😂😂😂 I saw that game in person.

  • Jaracz23
    Jaracz23 21 day ago

    He is the one ;)

    FABBZ 22 days ago

    cooked the shit outta dellevadova

  • alansmith888
    alansmith888 22 days ago +1

    He changed the game. An all time legend.

  • Mike L
    Mike L 22 days ago

    Most boring highlight reel of all time.

  • Christine A
    Christine A 22 days ago +1

    The GREATEST!!!!!!!!

  • den525
    den525 22 days ago

    5:42 is that channing tatum or his doppelgänger?

  • dev1ce Standford
    dev1ce Standford 22 days ago

    Goshh this man is lit
    So freaking lit 🔥🔥🔥
    He can throw throw a ball whatever he wants at any distance
    Shit for all the haters said that curry can only do 3 pt shots and nothing else
    Take note that not all good player in NBA can do that. Only Allen iverson, and Larry bird can do tons of three in a single game
    Precision, passion, hard work and thousands of shot practice

  • Al Bodios
    Al Bodios 22 days ago

    6:31 did anyone see the ps4

  • Hannah Minnis
    Hannah Minnis 22 days ago +2

    When Kerr just gets the look of “there’s my boy” after curry putts one in 😂

  • Void Shoto
    Void Shoto 23 days ago

    2015/16 Steph was lethal 😳

  • Taylor
    Taylor 23 days ago

    I hope that Stephen Curry go down in history as one of the greatest basketball players in American history. He apparently works his butt off, so he deserves it. Many, many wishes for this young, gifted, and handsome faced man.

  • Christopher Billionaire

    what a MAN!!!!!!!!!!! wow

    • Magicle World
      Magicle World 22 days ago

      es cabron pa lo ke ase pero yo soy mas cabron pa lo ke ago yo so ese vato no me impresiona pa nimadres

  • Kirby Augustine
    Kirby Augustine 24 days ago +1

    Just demoralizing.

    BREKBRAKER 24 days ago


    BREKBRAKER 24 days ago

    3:48 oh my god, that inbelivebale

  • S Biegs
    S Biegs 24 days ago

    Curry... 3!!!
    Shot that one from the airport

  • G.i. Samurai
    G.i. Samurai 24 days ago

    By NBA standards Klay Thompson is a excellent shooter, but Steph Curry is damn near a God on Mt. Olympus. Range is ridiculous!! He is at the highest point one can obtain on this plane, after this it‘s just lunar regolith and rugged terrain.

  • Ivo Andrijasevic
    Ivo Andrijasevic 24 days ago


  • OddTuber
    OddTuber 24 days ago +4

    This is why he has so many haters because he's just too good.

  • Zac Graham
    Zac Graham 24 days ago

    Pro tip: run backwards after shooting increases accuracy by 100%

  • E Double
    E Double 24 days ago

    S N I P E R

  • David Chang
    David Chang 24 days ago

    This guy is just unreal ...

  • Life of Luis
    Life of Luis 24 days ago

    😂😂😂how though?

  • The One
    The One 25 days ago

    The man is just that good.

  • whatsyurprob ?
    whatsyurprob ? 25 days ago

    You can choose only 1.
    Who do you choose?

    Steph, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!

  • Mint Fresh
    Mint Fresh 25 days ago

    You cannot leave this guy open

  • Vaughn Joseph Tariman
    Vaughn Joseph Tariman 25 days ago

    He's definitely the greatest shooter ever. We are lucky to see him play.

  • Endo
    Endo 25 days ago

    3 minutes in and realize the video ain't even halfway through. Fuck me, Curry is a SNIPER

  • Teacher Man
    Teacher Man 26 days ago

    It's the joy of playing. A feast for basketball lovers.

  • Oscar et sa guitare
    Oscar et sa guitare 26 days ago +1

    SICK 🤒 SICK 🤕 SICK 🏀🔥🔥🔥👌🏼

  • Aaron Janis Malto
    Aaron Janis Malto 26 days ago

    if you love stephen curry like this

  • Saki630
    Saki630 26 days ago

    How nostalgic seeing Luke Walton have a job.

    LIGHTNING O'GREENE 26 days ago


  • bulbob100
    bulbob100 26 days ago

    on the street b ball before curry mother fuckers never pass and shoot infront of 3 defenders they think they are kobe or iverson now they just fuckin shooting from deep 3 ......i dont know which one is better

  • Paul Olivarez
    Paul Olivarez 26 days ago

    He changed the game!

  • SeKai KimOh
    SeKai KimOh 26 days ago

    Curry looks so much like an innocent kid. Must protect at all cost♡