Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love (Official Video)

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • “Higher Love” out now!
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  • Roberto Roybal
    Roberto Roybal 3 hours ago

    What a sexist and stereotypical video, BUT what a GREAT video....FANTASTICAL and one I would want to be in!

  • Svetlana Leskova
    Svetlana Leskova 4 hours ago +1

    Always in my heart....

  • djforklift
    djforklift 5 hours ago

    Call on me, Eric Prdyz!

  • Anja Obenaus
    Anja Obenaus 6 hours ago +1

    Als würde sie noch leben,Wahnsinn!

  • Zack Andrews Music and Fitness

    Love the reference to MJ's "The Way You Make Me Feel" video!

  • Dakota Powell
    Dakota Powell 7 hours ago

    I love how they brought the 80s style and dance into this. It just wouldn't be Whitney without it.

  • Jeniffer Lugo Estrada
    Jeniffer Lugo Estrada 8 hours ago

    Great tribute from Kygo to queen Whitney. Wherever she is, she would be proud of this.

  • Jenny Wong Sing Lnn
    Jenny Wong Sing Lnn 9 hours ago

    love this classic voice

  • Taven Swonger
    Taven Swonger 11 hours ago

    Who else started crying

  • Alex Psikov
    Alex Psikov 13 hours ago

    Обалденная композиция и клип! Мне очень нравится..

  • Green River
    Green River 14 hours ago +1

    Wow there's actually good music these days. Whitney for ever 👏

  • Cal Johnson
    Cal Johnson 14 hours ago

    its like a bunch of instagram profiles came to life and started dancing.

  • p w
    p w 15 hours ago +1

    tom cruise/superman/cristiano ronaldo?

  • p w
    p w 15 hours ago

    is that you in the video? Kygo?

  • BeachMiguel sobe
    BeachMiguel sobe 15 hours ago

    Whitney Houston rocks 2019. reminds me of HWIK back in my early years of clubs. love it.

  • Yassine Y
    Yassine Y 15 hours ago

    Whitney Houston love you

  • Katie
    Katie 16 hours ago

    I think Mrs. Houston would approve of this song. I just wish there was more of her in the video

  • Daniel Morrell
    Daniel Morrell 17 hours ago

    There really was something about the 80s wasn't there?

  • Jasmine Diva
    Jasmine Diva 18 hours ago +1

    That pull-back at 1:40 like "where you think you're going babe" I live for those dance moments

  • Crew Digital Box
    Crew Digital Box 19 hours ago

    a copy of erick prydz call on me :(

  • Edward Cardenas
    Edward Cardenas 20 hours ago +2

    I can't just stop listening to this song. I love it more and more

  • Morphiuz
    Morphiuz 20 hours ago

    I find this easy to masturbate to.

  • Jay Blair
    Jay Blair 20 hours ago

    The camera man has a black girl/ ass fetish

  • aMy
    aMy 20 hours ago

    i don’t remember this episode of my babysitters a vampire 👀

  • Compound Fracture
    Compound Fracture 21 hour ago +1

    Good remix. Check out the original by Steve Winwood ft. Chaka Khan if you like this or Whitney’s version. Classic.

  • CrusinPurple
    CrusinPurple 21 hour ago

    Kygo is a pervert . well atleast hes straight.

  • IBalisto
    IBalisto 22 hours ago

    GTA brought me here

  • Jody Butler
    Jody Butler 22 hours ago +1

    WOW I am in tears as i listen to this.. She was the ultimate vocalist who gave her heart and soul each time she sang.

  • محمد اكبر
    محمد اكبر 22 hours ago

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  • sambit parida
    sambit parida 22 hours ago

    Music is excellent but vedio is worst..why this pure music have impure vedio.(.all for money??fool...
    Eternal absolute infinite purity (perfectly holy) is love nature 💗

  • yeemo trash
    yeemo trash 23 hours ago

    Whitney would be proud with this video🤦‍♀️

  • M Bonnici
    M Bonnici 23 hours ago

    When I was :
    16 I was simply amazed by Whitney.
    26 a huge fan of her.
    36 hopeful to see her comeback.
    46 this year convinced that she's immortal.

  • Marc
    Marc 23 hours ago

    No we're near as good as steve winwood. Just another copy cat.

  • Dorota Blazewicz
    Dorota Blazewicz 23 hours ago

    Most woman had body like this in the 80s...what happen with human beings and esthetics today!?!?

  • K.Larsson18
    K.Larsson18 Day ago

    Really wierd

  • Jean baptiste Preschoux

    2:55 this plan is incredible with water

  • BlxckSn3perRoyale

    *ooo boy*

    DAVIDESCO' ' Day ago
    live set

  • lawlestest
    lawlestest Day ago

    racemixing garbage, disliked

  • Jyron Playz
    Jyron Playz Day ago xxxx you’ll always be Remembered

  • Marsmensch 1972
    Marsmensch 1972 Day ago +1

    Heard this on the radio and though "Ooh, who is that voice, sounds like Whitney Houston..." :D Good to hear that voice again after so many years. Sad that she died so young.

  • juste unlyonnais
    juste unlyonnais Day ago +1

    le son il passe vraiment bien
    merci les radios, merci youtube, merci youtubemp3

  • Don Trees
    Don Trees Day ago +3

    this music video gives me hella creepy vibes, kinda ruined the whole vibe of this remix, for me personally. I love what they tried to do but the guys watching the girls in their clearly private class is just creepy to me. yes, i watched the whole thing and i know it was a dream the the whole beginning was just a huge no from me

  • FabiW
    FabiW Day ago

    Sorry. NOTHING in the world beats the Steve Winwood Original. This is bullshit.

  • Frank N
    Frank N Day ago +1

    good cover...i'm sure steve winwood was pleased with this version of his biggest hit!

  • Akeem J
    Akeem J Day ago

    The world misses Whitney so much. This was bitter sweet.

  • Richard Rulach
    Richard Rulach Day ago

    Bake me a pie of love! :3 ♥️

  • Alexis soto is so cool

    isint that werid she died in 2009 but in a 2019 song

  • Jennifer Grace
    Jennifer Grace Day ago +5

    ♥️ this song ✨
    am I the only one wishing the video isn’t so racy

  • meelis Leming
    meelis Leming Day ago +1

    Wanna see Whitney? Use DMT and think about her and listen her music ;) u may see heaven too

  • mimi b
    mimi b Day ago +1

    Ok...I Fu*king love this song... had me like how she know that he'd catch her.....Lmao love Whitney and kygo spectacular mash up.... love it love it love it.🤣

  • BlueCheeseNoFleas

    I love the song, but the only thing I hate is that British girls who dance to this in clubs are ugly as fuck.

  • Kayla Nehmann
    Kayla Nehmann Day ago

    Beautiful tribute to Whitney Houston ❤️ I can't stop listening to this song❤️

  • whfan007
    whfan007 Day ago +1

    3:16 bring me a higher shirt 😍

  • A.M magic
    A.M magic Day ago +1

    Vanessa Morgan looks great

  • Paulina Jablonska


  • Siu Mei
    Siu Mei Day ago


  • Doug Johnstone
    Doug Johnstone Day ago

    Was released from a 30 year prison sentence a few weeks and was happy to listen to see Whitney was still murdering it. Unfortunately I had no idea she passed. So sad!

  • Doug Johnstone
    Doug Johnstone Day ago +4

    Whos still listening in 2019!?