CNBC's full interview with billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and PayPal CEO Dan Schulman

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Just Capital and Forbes published their third annual list of "Just" 100 companies. The list ranks how the largest publicly traded companies perform on issues such as worker pay, board diversity and environmental impact. Paul Tudor Jones, co-founder and chairman of Just Capital, and Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal, join "Squawk Box" to discuss the initiative as well as what they are watching in the markets.

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  • Brian Morgan
    Brian Morgan 13 days ago +1

    No one at that table lives pay check to pay check

  • Translucent Origin
    Translucent Origin Month ago

    Stop talking over him! Geez! Let the guy talk.

  • Susan Reichenbach
    Susan Reichenbach Month ago

    My beloved Joe Kernen begins to develop the feared ... POTBELLY !

  • Ivan Poljasevic
    Ivan Poljasevic Month ago

    In math and physics 1+1=2 in economics it equals whatever the market makers and central banks say it does. This conversation would have been more interesting in the early 2000's not at the end of a 10 year expansion, because whatever they propose will resemble some form of socialism and socialism will take the fall for what follows. As for the standard of living even Canadians get a year off for maternity leave.... should I go on

    • Ivan Poljasevic
      Ivan Poljasevic Month ago

      SOLUTION: Take a companies top 10% of employees (based on performance and how essential their contribution is to the company) to reward with up to 10% of the shares within the company (like bonuses). Give your workforce an incentive to work hard and for the company instead of for the paycheck while at the same time redistributing wealth.

    • Ivan Poljasevic
      Ivan Poljasevic Month ago

      Raising wages will inevitably place families in both higher tax brackets and outside the qualification of government aid

  • Andrew Jemmott
    Andrew Jemmott Month ago

    I’d do anything to talk to the legend one on one for 30 min

  • Michael Carusone
    Michael Carusone Month ago

    Here’s how it works , ready kiddies ??....Stock Market making new all time highs , and these so called experts coming on after the fact , you’re automatically and subconsciously giving them credibility , because ......??
    Stock market going up and up and up ......soon as it starts to break in a meaningful way and corrects, they’ll come back on and tell you how they got out at the highs .

  • Benxin Sai
    Benxin Sai Month ago

    Joes is the hustler champion of the world, done nothing but got the balls to question the unexperienced reality that u have to give Joe credit. Anyway, we want to hear more about Dan & Paul talking cuz they are the truth

  • Timothy Michael
    Timothy Michael Month ago

    It doesn't matter what the next president will be, the economic policies will still remain the same, print as much money as possible to prop up the markets, presidential puppets.

  • Bobby Bax
    Bobby Bax Month ago

    CNBC cheers on the Fed in it's goal of higher inflation and then pretends it care about regular people.

  • TheAmazingProdigys
    TheAmazingProdigys Month ago +1

    Why is Joe attacking Paul Tudor so much during this segment? Jesus...

  • F H
    F H Month ago +3

    Joe needs to go. He’s so out of touch it’s sad

  • ClarksonsinUSA
    ClarksonsinUSA Month ago

    In a Free market there is no such thing as unjust!!

    People get to choose!

  • Paz Cavejitto
    Paz Cavejitto Month ago

    30 trillion debt coming

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez Month ago

    in the last 15 years Gold has beat Warren Buffet. Why do you think that is CNBC ? you don’t need to be smart, you only need to stop listening to the media BS.

    • Ryan Pilner
      Ryan Pilner Month ago

      Jorge Gomez gold is lower now than in 1980. Berkshire has exploded up since then from 300 to over 300,000 . Your facts are wrong

  • Peter Watry
    Peter Watry Month ago

    This host is the worst. Interruption after interruption. Joe! Let the guests speak! Please. Great Guests. Joe can't shut his pie hole with weak opinions

  • Danesovic
    Danesovic Month ago +12

    It will be a good day when free markets do its thing and Joe Kernen gets fired.

  • J
    J 2 months ago

    isn't paypal censoring people ???? all these oligarchs give a shit about america after they've already killed the golden goose

  • 2 months ago +3

    Paul Tudor Jones = boss.

  • Leo Corleone
    Leo Corleone 2 months ago +4

    CNBS treating it like a bloody open conversation. The TITLE of the video is called INTERVIEW for a reason

  • Leo Corleone
    Leo Corleone 2 months ago +2

    Seems like the whole of CNBS presenters are the $5000 gold and $1M bitcoin crowd. I mean are you really kidding yourself?
    No free breakfast on wall street, or a house!

  • Vincent Roman
    Vincent Roman 2 months ago +1

    I'm going to celebrate the day CNBC gets rid of this idiot Kernen.

  • Graphics Equip
    Graphics Equip 2 months ago

    PayPal ? customer support Is overseas reps Reading off a script ! .... this whole segment utter is nonsense

  • V1ctor
    V1ctor 2 months ago

    Who cares...If the trend is on edge in outside opinions

  • Tee Shirt
    Tee Shirt 2 months ago +15

    No talking Paul! The hosts need to joke around.

  • qwer123211
    qwer123211 2 months ago +8

    Yes, it's time for Joe "The Class Clown" to be let go and send him to "The View".....PLEASE!!

  • champstar9669
    champstar9669 2 months ago

    I would love PTJ to *call* PayPal customer service live on CNBC and see how long it takes for him to reach a live person. Then ask to be transferred to a supervisor so you can speak with them about his thoughts on PayPal's customer service in-general as well as the first rep who answered the call. In fact, anyone & everyone is welcome to try that. It promises to be an eye-opening experience. If you think Mt. Everest is a tough uphill climb, try PayPal's customer service.

  • Wutzis
    Wutzis 2 months ago +18

    Never watched this show until popped up. These hosts are living on another planet. Good guests though

  • happy larry
    happy larry 2 months ago

    Dan is the man

  • Aybee
    Aybee 2 months ago +6

    Dan was fantastic to listen to; I think he truly understands the struggle of common people.

  • Aybee
    Aybee 2 months ago +1

    Paul Tudor loves the sound of his voice lol

  • Virka Odinenko
    Virka Odinenko 2 months ago +2

    Democryts and liberasts are destroying our countries. Democryts are on the Russian payroll. COMMUNISM SHALL NOT PASS!!

  • michael weyenberg
    michael weyenberg 2 months ago +3

    The unemployment number means nothing when workforce participation is so low.

    • Farzana Patel
      Farzana Patel 2 months ago

      It means alot. It means to get new labor, you need more participation.

  • Rackn Stacker
    Rackn Stacker 2 months ago +6

    16:12 watch for a min. Andrew the CUCK cannot even comprehend the point of this lesson because it’s about shooting. Andrew ran to his safe space.

  • craigenputtock
    craigenputtock 2 months ago +1

    What about the income inequality metric between the workers and the executives? Anyone saying anything about THAT? No. Gee, I wonder why!

  • OG Jin Bling
    OG Jin Bling 2 months ago

    Says managing money should be a right, bans any business they want with no explanation. Democracy!

  • Robin Stabile
    Robin Stabile 2 months ago +1

    What a bunch of crap from this guy Paul oh, he knows darn well Trump's going to win

    • Jason Bettles
      Jason Bettles Month ago

      If you don’t know about on you tube.....a doco called trader....a doco about him in the 1987 crash....

    • Jason Bettles
      Jason Bettles Month ago

      Robin Stabile yes but he can’t say it on tv....

  • Robin Stabile
    Robin Stabile 2 months ago

    Paul Tudor Jones is full of Adam shitt

  • Christian Arroyo
    Christian Arroyo 2 months ago +16

    @CNBC Please fire Joe.. He belongs in a nursing home not in a TV show talking to intelligent people...

  • Paul Habermas
    Paul Habermas 2 months ago +16

    Joe confused when he has to pretend to be more of a "capitalist" than Paul Tudor Jones

  • duezeri1968
    duezeri1968 2 months ago +12

    Loved how the CNBC crew quickly reacted with a joke and change of subject at 7:40 when PTJ challenged them on giving the Fed a pass on a discussion of fiscal policy. (Dan Schulman takes a sip from his cup)

  • Mike OZ
    Mike OZ 2 months ago

    Go watch a rerun of the 3 stooges. You'll get more factual content there!

  • willywonka
    willywonka 2 months ago +2

    America has highest standard of the guy dreaming? When 2/3rd of the population is living pay check to pay check? Really high level of journalism.

  • hyotis
    hyotis 2 months ago +1

    67% of Americans struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. Despite companies paying 'at' or 'above' market rates. The problem isn't business. The problem is that costs/prices are much higher now than they were 20-40 years ago. Inflation (increased cost of living) is the culprit. Not business.
    Blame the Fed. Blame government. It's that simple.

    • Mike OZ
      Mike OZ 2 months ago

      The people dont matter anymore. Don't you get it yet?

  • Alan R Palmer
    Alan R Palmer 2 months ago +1

    PTJ brings up such a subject in eloquent speak. Income inequality is at record and again the CNBC fake news guys here attack a brilliant idea (religion of money guys) like they did to him last Dec when he made prediction that played out 12 days after that interview. Read between the lines at the end.

    • Richard Dixon
      Richard Dixon 2 months ago

      Shooting a rich guy does nothing for the poor

  • Molly Jarman
    Molly Jarman 2 months ago +1

    Does America really “have the highest standard of living in the world”?

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley 2 months ago

      @Richard Dixon You need to get out more.

    • Richard Dixon
      Richard Dixon 2 months ago +1

      By far

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley 2 months ago

      In the top 20. These are the good old days. Thunder storms ahead. Just hit $250 trillion in global collective debt, tax increases & program cuts in store. At a time when there should be risk/rate convergence, we are getting the opposite.

  • shaolin Monk
    shaolin Monk 2 months ago

    Dan - Predicting stock market is a fool's errand
    Paul- Boy, only if you knew...

    • shaolin Monk
      shaolin Monk 2 months ago +1

      @dachanist Joe has to be the weirdest anchor in all of TV, so awkward

    • dachanist
      dachanist 2 months ago +3

      Totally, I feel bad for the guy. Can you imagine being a corporate shill in an industry that is being swamped by new competition and sitting across from a world famous self made billionaire swing trader. He's hanging his head for a half an hour like a beat dog.

  • sumit arora
    sumit arora 2 months ago +11

    They cut him off the minute he spoke about exploding gold prices. Typical CNBC

    • Wohambi
      Wohambi 2 months ago +1


  • Sharp Tongue
    Sharp Tongue 2 months ago

    Kiefer Sutherland, the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation.

  • Mike Reynolds
    Mike Reynolds 2 months ago +7

    Dan gets it period. Mr Dalio would be impressed.

  • Mathew
    Mathew 2 months ago +2

    Success of the company should be shared?
    That's all the socialists like Noam Chomsky have been trying to tell everybody all his life.
    Because this guy is a CEO of PayPal all of a sudden it's acceptable?

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    trust worthy 2 months ago +3

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  • Robert Bauld
    Robert Bauld 2 months ago +9

    Throw some instant bad karma on Joe

  • Robert Bauld
    Robert Bauld 2 months ago +51

    Please fire Joe!!!!!

    • Leo Corleone
      Leo Corleone Month ago

      I know right!
      Joe must be the boss's pet

  • Paz Cavejitto
    Paz Cavejitto 2 months ago +7

    The two thirds of population is struggling will vote democrats that means higher interest rates

  • Paz Cavejitto
    Paz Cavejitto 2 months ago +1

    PT is confused obviously the fact is leveraging deficits is unsustainable hemorrhaging the system ... Federal Reserve is speculating on economy not plunging into a recession... the bonds will be trading at 3% by 2020 and 2021 because the world markets will demand higher interest rates at a time economy is tanking

    • M K
      M K Month ago

      True, or....we’ll monetize the debt to suppress rates, ECB style. “Japanification”.

    • Tudor Conciu
      Tudor Conciu 2 months ago +3

      Paz Cavejitto yeah well in this case I would go with what Paul Tudor says, look at what he has achieved! He is from my opinion the best trader ever!

  • Paz Cavejitto
    Paz Cavejitto 2 months ago +2

    PT is confused obviously the fact is leveraging deficits is unsustainable hemorrhaging the system ... Federal Reserve is speculating on economy not plunging into a recession... the bonds will be trading at 3% by 2020 and 2021 because the world markets will demand higher interest rates at a time economy is tanking

  • Jake Jonathan
    Jake Jonathan 2 months ago +7

    Republicans are good for the SP and the rich? Genius analysis. Who would of thought....

    • Richard Dixon
      Richard Dixon 2 months ago

      Bet you don’t know it does way better under democrat presidents

  • lonestarr
    lonestarr 2 months ago +4

    I wouldn't bet against Trump. People in the political world have done that over and over again and were flat out wrong.
    I wish the Democrats could come up with great ideas instead of focusing everything on hating Trump. Hating Obama and hating Bush didnt work when it came time for reelection.

    • Richard Dixon
      Richard Dixon 2 months ago

      Thomas Headley you poor uneducated people are triggered

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley 2 months ago

      He is an imbecile. A life long crook.

  • coryg121
    coryg121 2 months ago +7

    It’s not workers pay that causes them to struggle. It’s their habits. You could double everybody’s pay and all they would do is spend more. They aren’t educated properly in school about money. They are pressured by central banks to borrow and spend beyond their means. Look at interest rates.. current rates incentivize borrowing and discourage saving.