Cherimont Offroad Race - Saturday

  • A new test at Cherimont offroad, a 4x4 race like the Belgium Rally Race. speed/technical/winching. From suzuki Lj80 to challenge buggy to ultra4 buggy!
    Absolute mayhem and action everywhere! From the 36 cars only 8 made it over the finish line!

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  • Lessli Silverman
    Lessli Silverman 28 days ago

    If you're hooking up in advance, then my Go-cart could do the run, and faster than some of these entries that i watched, i'm sure.

  • Lessli Silverman
    Lessli Silverman 28 days ago

    After you're stuck sure hook me up uncle Jed, i need a pull, but you guys are hooking up in a premeditated manner, am i wrong?

  • Lessli Silverman
    Lessli Silverman 28 days ago

    The towropes though, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the climb, no?

  • Joyal vadakkedam
    Joyal vadakkedam 2 months ago

    This is real offroad

  • Took Hu
    Took Hu 2 months ago

    rock you

    ALHA ALHA ALHA ALHA 3 months ago

    Good sex

  • Adit Putra
    Adit Putra 3 months ago

    Hayo siapa yang suka trail / jeep kalau suka subcrieb kalau ngak suka komentar di chanell saya di sound syistem audio cumi xumi dan radio balab sama cuin hong audio

  • Hendra Yulianto
    Hendra Yulianto 3 months ago

  • Alehandro ProTop
    Alehandro ProTop 4 months ago

  • Tech Art Cafe
    Tech Art Cafe 4 months ago +1

    Good job bro😍

  • jajajah86
    jajajah86 5 months ago

    The soil erosion these trucks, and dirt bikes cause is immense.
    These races should be organized in deserts, quarries, rocky regions or other areas with sparse vegetation.

  • Aldian Rahmad
    Aldian Rahmad 6 months ago

    Willys never die

  • Zumbalacazan Cuatro x Cuatro
    SNOW 🏂 ❄️ 🐧 TT ANCARES

  • Lalhruaii Chhangte
    Lalhruaii Chhangte 9 months ago +1

    I love this truck

  • Shilpa Bhogle
    Shilpa Bhogle 11 months ago +1

    Superb 💪🏿

  • DZYT
    DZYT Year ago +1

    this is awesome!

  • Hariel Liebl
    Hariel Liebl Year ago

    showww great video

  • Mas Bro
    Mas Bro Year ago


  • abdul salam
    abdul salam Year ago +2

    Really extream love so much your chanel

  • Burhan Udin
    Burhan Udin Year ago

    Kurang ekstrime

  • Burhan Udin
    Burhan Udin Year ago

    Kurang ekstrime

  • AC technician ji
    AC technician ji Year ago +1

    ਵੀਡੀਓ ਵੇਖੋ ਜੀ 👇

  • agustin p
    agustin p Year ago

    liat aja seneng apalagi nyemplung ... sadiiisssss

  • Made in Russia
    Made in Russia Year ago

    In Russia we have a great offroad car - UAZ, that can do almost everything. Please, check this out ;)

  • paznble igrbl 6
    paznble igrbl 6 Year ago


  • bigroy38
    bigroy38 Year ago

    Where is this?Putting it on the bucket list.

  • Deo deo
    Deo deo Year ago

    CAR Defender

  • Dinthar Thar
    Dinthar Thar Year ago


  • Adit Koplak
    Adit Koplak Year ago


  • Frederic MILLER
    Frederic MILLER Year ago


  • Bunda Hanik
    Bunda Hanik Year ago

    you gost

  • Take your time dude

    i love offroad..
    now i am at malaria squad and we always take the offroad for research..

  • Rahmad Aja
    Rahmad Aja Year ago +1


  • Ferdp 18090
    Ferdp 18090 Year ago +2

    Good video ! That camera di you use ?

  • Dicky Tirta
    Dicky Tirta Year ago +1

    Kurang mainstream

  • Wani Media
    Wani Media Year ago


  • tay-lah barclay
    tay-lah barclay 2 years ago

    moking 69 is stupid

  • Hakan Yetkin
    Hakan Yetkin 2 years ago +1

    Off road clip like an epic movie trailer :

  • Lambok Simbolon
    Lambok Simbolon 2 years ago +1

    mobilnya kurang tenaga

  • Dede Agung Nugroho
    Dede Agung Nugroho 2 years ago

    lintasanya kurang ekstrim

  • Duwik Pangger
    Duwik Pangger 2 years ago


  • Carlos Henrique Terra
    Carlos Henrique Terra 2 years ago

    Cedoido. Maluco

  • عراقي وافتخر
    عراقي وافتخر 2 years ago +1

    Damnnnn what abest 😥😮😮

  • Ani Aja
    Ani Aja 2 years ago +3

    Mantap Hai

  • yo mamma
    yo mamma 2 years ago

    think about how much better that would go with a air locker ... I don't get y they don't have or are not using

  • Ангел Огнянов


  • heng fc
    heng fc 2 years ago

  • Cindi Ptk
    Cindi Ptk 2 years ago


  • Duwik Pangger
    Duwik Pangger 2 years ago


  • Muhammad_ Adam
    Muhammad_ Adam 2 years ago

    Im indonesia u vidio kereeeeeeeennnnn mantaaaaaaappppp i like

  • Dero Gusti permana
    Dero Gusti permana 2 years ago


  • Mocking69
    Mocking69 2 years ago +4

    泥ドロ具合が最高にイイですね♪ この遊びは大好きです!!

  • Klaus Zungler
    Klaus Zungler 2 years ago

    Mooi mooi mooi........

  • Anwar Nasihin
    Anwar Nasihin 2 years ago


  • Kevin Noorlander
    Kevin Noorlander 2 years ago +4

    hallo dion
    ik heb altijd bij mijn offroad video's dat het tussen de bomen een beetje blokkerig word dat zie ik bij jou niet en ik zie het bij mij niet als ik het op mijn pc afspeel het ligt dus niet aan mij camera
    met wat edit jij en wat zijn je export settings?