Joel Klatt talks OSU, early Heisman favorites & predicts CFB playoff | CFB | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
  • FOX CFB analyst Joel Klatt joins today's show to discuss the upcoming college football lineup. Plus, Klatt lists 4 of his early Heisman favorites and predicts who will make the college football playoff this season.
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    Joel Klatt talks OSU, early Heisman favorites & predicts CFB playoff | CFB | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Comments • 141

  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    What do you expect from Ohio State this season?

    • emwecker
      emwecker Month ago

      Lots of one point scores from the place kicker.

    • TylerPollock
      TylerPollock Month ago

      Big Dog Who are you referring to as “you”? Im not a huskers fan, dude😂

    • Daniel Rodgers
      Daniel Rodgers Month ago +1

      National championship. Nothing less any year

    • Big Dog
      Big Dog Month ago

      @TylerPollock You were down by 12 before you scored with like 2 or 3 minutes left. And Ohio State turned the ball over A LOT that game. You still have players that played in that game from a couple of years ago so I don't get your point. Last year was last year as well. Don't recall any momentum you had other than not winning 5 games. We will see.

    • BeyLovers INC
      BeyLovers INC Month ago +1

      At least making the playoff if not then its a bust of a season

  • WolfLarsen85
    WolfLarsen85 Month ago

    Justin Fields will flop.

    WILLIE OSBURN Month ago +1


  • Anne
    Anne Month ago

    Hey, Love your beard and new hair style! Really flattering for you !

  • Chris Hay
    Chris Hay Month ago

    Except that we practice HARD against 5STAR guys all week. Aside A&M, Georgia cruises down the stretch. Mark it dude.

  • Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #6RINGS

    Lawrence a generational talent? Whaaaaaat lol. Pump the brakes. Watson is better than him

    • Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #6RINGS
      Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #6RINGS Month ago

      RubTheRock64 I’m talking overall as a QB. You can compare QB even though they have different talents. They play the same position. Watson can drop back too, he’s not just a pure mobile running QB.

    • RubTheRock64
      RubTheRock64 Month ago

      Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #6RINGS they’re different quarterbacks. As a pocket passer, and based on arm talent and Football IQ, Trevor has the edge

  • Samuel Lincoln
    Samuel Lincoln Month ago +1

    Joel Klatt and hyping up Michigan - name a more iconic duo.

    • rapidpolitico
      rapidpolitico Month ago +1

      Every year with him---has a love affair with Harbaugh.

  • michael newbill
    michael newbill Month ago +1

    TUA will win the heisman

  • Pablo gomez
    Pablo gomez Month ago

    Joel klatt really is the best out there, speaks pure facts

  • JoshCT K
    JoshCT K Month ago

    Awesome clip and show. This is a big reason why FS1, in my eyes, is better TV than ESPN. I wish FS1 had the rights to the bowl games, then we all wouldnt have to put up with ESPN.

  • lewisbeeman
    lewisbeeman Month ago

    So the winner and runner up of the SEC goes to the playoffs and Clemson? What a joke. They should just have a playoff of southern teams. Then have the rest of college football have a playoff. Then the winners play each other.

  • lewisbeeman
    lewisbeeman Month ago

    If the ACC is so horrible, why does Clemson get a pass for a playoff bid?

    • lewisbeeman
      lewisbeeman Month ago

      Max Rothgaber previous years don’t matter. This year is this year. That is the thing with college football.

    • Max Rothgaber
      Max Rothgaber Month ago

      lewisbeeman because Clemson has proven that they can whoop any top team including alabama. UCF lost to an offense less LSU

    • lewisbeeman
      lewisbeeman Month ago

      TheGogetassj that is just it. It is established that the ACC is not good and possibly the weakest conference in the Power 5. We discount UCF because we view their conference as weaker. Yet we lift Clemson up. Do you see the issue there.

    • TheGogetassj
      TheGogetassj Month ago

      lewisbeeman undefeated in any power 5 conference is an automatic playoff bid. UCF does not play in the power 5

    • TheGogetassj
      TheGogetassj Month ago +1

      lewisbeeman i thought you asked why they were in last year. But yeah, of course, last year record should not matter for this year. However, we all expect them to go 13-0 again this year that’s why they will be in

  • Keepyourheadon
    Keepyourheadon Month ago

    Hawkeyes will swarm!!🤙

  • Nick F
    Nick F Month ago +1

    It was "now or never" last year.
    It'll be "now or never" next year.

  • ProfessorChaos
    ProfessorChaos Month ago

    Heisman Trophy is a joke. The only players that will ever win it again is a QB.

    • Max Rothgaber
      Max Rothgaber Month ago

      ProfessorChaos nah, a RB is winning it this year. Etienne

  • William Gray
    William Gray Month ago +1

    Not only are Chris, Nick, and Jenna the best hosts on any TV sports talk show, their guests and substitute hosts are the most interesting and intelligent you could possibly hope for: Joel Klatt, Chris Brussard, Sarah Kustok, Chris Canty, Chris Mannix, even the smirky Eric "Coach" Mangini. What a cast of stellar commentators!

  • andy borowitz
    andy borowitz Month ago

    Ohio State should lose 2 games this year.

  • The Clutch Nation
    The Clutch Nation Month ago

    Joel the championship game was past year and this is a new year

    • The Clutch Nation
      The Clutch Nation Month ago

      @Max Rothgaber you don read do you, because I think I said when talking about sports last year means last season

    • Max Rothgaber
      Max Rothgaber Month ago

      The Clutch Nation and yet, 2019 is 2019

    • The Clutch Nation
      The Clutch Nation Month ago

      @Max Rothgaber way to be a smartass because you know when you talking about sports year means season

    • Max Rothgaber
      Max Rothgaber Month ago

      The Clutch Nation actually the championship game was this year. It was played in 2019

  • K Martinez
    K Martinez Month ago +4

    But aside from the Michigan prediction, I Love Klatt most accurate, stat proving and understanding anything can happen analyst in College Football. Also YES !!! Sam Ehlinger is the best player in the Big 12

  • K Martinez
    K Martinez Month ago

    One more thing, Clemson will lose 1 game this year. Just My prediction. and Bama drops 1

  • K Martinez
    K Martinez Month ago

    I love Joel Klatt, but he pre-season ranked Michigan at 5, I don't get Michigan's hype, they lost their whole defensive production too the draft. Their offense will be good, but they too me are a replica of 2018 Oklahoma w/o a Heisman Candidate. Clemson, Bama, Georgia and a Toss Up from there.

  • Monte Sackchasing
    Monte Sackchasing Month ago +1

    Ohio state every time over Michigan let’s be real y’all want every Ohio team to lose

  • Timmy Long
    Timmy Long Month ago +2

    As long as Trevor Lawrence lays off the weeeeduh he can do anything he wants..

    • Timmy Long
      Timmy Long Month ago +1

      Max Rothgaber haha you have no idea what you’re talking about

    • Max Rothgaber
      Max Rothgaber Month ago

      Timmy Long he doesn’t so drugs, he’s a strict Christian

    WILLIE OSBURN Month ago +1


      WILLIE OSBURN Month ago +1


    • ProfessorChaos
      ProfessorChaos Month ago

      WILLIE OSBURN Nope. They will lose at least 2 games again this year. Ohio State and wither Penn St or TTUN.

  • For REAL
    For REAL Month ago

    Do NOT talk up Mich St. like you have. EVERY TIME they look like they are going to do something they fall apart and drop down and have to restart. They are not even as good as Oklahoma St. The coach is not a finisher for Okie St and neither is Mich St.

  • For REAL
    For REAL Month ago +1

    Ohio St will be DROPPING in the polls. Remember that Nebraska was WITHIN a TD of beating Ohio St. They are NOT that good.

  • jonny utah
    jonny utah Month ago +1

    Ohio state corn nuts

  • jonny utah
    jonny utah Month ago

    Colin is Tom greens brother

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson Month ago +3

    CC:"The SEC is STRONG"
    proceeds to name the only two teams that are any good.

    • ProfessorChaos
      ProfessorChaos Month ago

      David Montgomery Depends on what you mean by good. College football is the only sport where 1 and 2 loss teams are treated like they are garbage.

    • David Montgomery
      David Montgomery Month ago

      To be fair there is only typically about 3 to 6 teams in cfb that are any good on a given year

    • Aggresive_Hef
      Aggresive_Hef Month ago

      we have atleast 6 solid teams that we know for sure about some could rise as the season progresses

  • Eric Christopher Jackson

    As long as Michigan beats Ohio State, I'm good. Doesn't matter if the Wolverines have a poor Record. Just beat the Buckeyes. Finally. Before the World ends would be nice.

  • KingSavageGamin
    KingSavageGamin Month ago +4

    Everyone sleeping on LSU y’all gone get woken up

    • RubTheRock64
      RubTheRock64 Month ago

      KingSavageGamin you said the same thing last year

  • maniac15
    maniac15 Month ago

    Go! Green! Don’t sleep on the spartans

  • Vicious Species
    Vicious Species Month ago

    1. Alabama
    2. Michigan
    3. Texas
    4. Utah
    Clemson loses a game this year in the weak ACC. Bank on that.

  • Craig Gambles
    Craig Gambles Month ago +3

    Can Michigan win the Big 10?? They can't even win their DIVISION!! hahahaha

  • Hunter Nixon
    Hunter Nixon Month ago +3

    1: Clemson
    2: Georgia
    3: Oklahoma
    4: Washington

    • doggydog933312
      doggydog933312 Month ago

      @Hunter Nixon Auburn always beat 🐘 and Georgia always lose to 🐘 😂😂😂😂😂

    • doggydog933312
      doggydog933312 Month ago

      @Hunter Nixon nope only team beat 🐘 is Auburn in the regular season then Ohio State beat them in the playoffs this season 🤔🤔🤔

    • Hunter Nixon
      Hunter Nixon Month ago

      doggydog933312 I think bama loses two games. Texas A&M and the SEC championship game to Georgia

    • doggydog933312
      doggydog933312 Month ago +1

      1: Clemson 2: Ohio State 3: Alabama 4: Texas

  • SKeletor99999
    SKeletor99999 Month ago +2

    every year they hype up Ohio State. Most overrated team ever

    • Stephen Smith
      Stephen Smith Month ago

      We won a national title a few years ago

    • Robert Cherry
      Robert Cherry Month ago

      Do whaaaa?
      You're trppin.

    • jonny utah
      jonny utah Month ago

      Ohio state corn nuts

    • doggydog933312
      doggydog933312 Month ago +1

      Go Bucks We reload not rebuild 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰

  • Prick Flair
    Prick Flair Month ago +18

    Joel “I only speak facts” Klatt 💯

  • Zachary Klinger
    Zachary Klinger Month ago +2

    Everyone is sleeping on Penn State. Coach Franklin demands the best out of his players. PSU has good young players and talented senior and junior leaders.

  • The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

    Ohio State has won fourteen of fifteen against Michigan, with their one loss being when Luke Fickell was the coach. Michigan has won just three games against OSU in the 21st century. This is not a Harbaugh issue. Michigan is simply not on Ohio State's level, and the media and the Wolverines' delusional fanbase need to realize that.

  • E VH
    E VH Month ago +2

    Trevor Lawrence in the Next Big Thing

    • Trey
      Trey Month ago +1


  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods Month ago +2

    Finally college football is back

  • Seahawksforlife WhydoIhavetoputalastnameonthis

    Michigan isn’t gonna beat Ohio state 😂 they aren’t even the second best team in the big 10. I’ll take Wisconsin, Michigan state and Iowa over them. Massively overrated every year

  • Joel Tilson
    Joel Tilson Month ago +5

    Longhorn network should be the Big 12 network.

    • Ben Ivey V
      Ben Ivey V Month ago

      Joel Tilson as a longhorn fan I agree it would have kept a&m and would make getting Nebraska back more likely. The problem with the big 12 is we only have 2 national brands we don’t need to be adding a team like Cincinnati or Houston

  • Paul Byron
    Paul Byron Month ago +5

    Sam Ehlinger is not a heisman candidate. Joel is all 420 on this one.

    • Uncle Fester
      Uncle Fester Month ago +2

      Paul Byron don’t sleep on him! You need to pass the J!

    • Jose Johnson
      Jose Johnson Month ago +3

      Bro you tippen look at the numbers

  • Notoriouskage1804
    Notoriouskage1804 Month ago

    Thank u ppl talk shyt abt Alabama and shyt but dnt say shyt abt that pathetic conferences that is the acc damm i thought nfl afc east was bad

    • Max Rothgaber
      Max Rothgaber Month ago

      Notoriouskage1804 nice spelling 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez Month ago +19

    Colin’s daddy is back!

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago +10


  • Zachary Rizzo
    Zachary Rizzo Month ago +2

    Colin bringing his daddy on the show today. It’s been awhile

  • Kennedy Nguyen
    Kennedy Nguyen Month ago +23

    I forget Joel Klatt exists until college football SZN comes back every year

    • Jeffrey Elliott
      Jeffrey Elliott Month ago

      I love joe klatt he's real and plays no favor for the sec

  • TimmyS27
    TimmyS27 Month ago +10

    Ayyy Klatt is back!!! It's football season!

  • Charles Stevenson
    Charles Stevenson Month ago +6

    Remember the Titans "Sunshine from California"

  • JETSTEEL TheRealDeal
    JETSTEEL TheRealDeal Month ago +2

    Who's watching in 2025...heck yeah!!!

  • Wayne A. W.
    Wayne A. W. Month ago +1

    If Clemson, as a team, fails to live up to Trevor Lawrence's own expectations, and that of his Coach, will that hurt Trevor's chances of getting his first Heisman as a Sophomore?

  • Steven Irvine
    Steven Irvine Month ago +9

    Can't wait for Klatt to Klap Colin

  • John Russell
    John Russell Month ago

    I love Joel but he makes it seem like the ACC is just pathetic...last year was a down year and the conference was mediocre. In 2016 you could argue it was better than the SEC. it’s more narrative that fact....PAC12 is awful but we know Fox has money invested in that conference so you won’t hear too much disparaging commentary.

    • John Russell
      John Russell Month ago

      @Trey Yeah, since preseason rankings by sports press really carry so much weight in August. When you apply results and not polls, the Big 10 is a one team conference..who hasn't won a playoff game since Ohio State won the natty almost 5 years ago...and gets smoked in most bowl games. Get outta here bro. Nonsense.

    • Jon Carlos Herrera
      Jon Carlos Herrera Month ago

      I love how people are bashing the ACC when it was one of the strongest back in 2016 and there has only been two total games played so far in 2019. Where are you guys getting your information from? The ACC may have another down year but I believe they start to bounce back this season so the rest of the powers better be on notice.

    • Trey
      Trey Month ago +2

      The acc is a joke dude, only 1 ranked team in the acc. When the 2nd best team is SYRACUSE thats not good😂😂 the acc is a one team conference right now.

    • Ed Holleran Jr
      Ed Holleran Jr Month ago

      John Russell Oregon, Washington, Utah, Stanford and USC maybe? Idk There like Florida state talented but the program is a mess the acc only has Clemson the next best is Syracuse and they have historically great programs like Miami, Florida State, Pittsburgh, Virginia tech and Syracuse also Georgia Tech is a pretty good program but most of them are a shadow of there former self but I hope that changes I’m sick of the same programs winning every year in all the big conferences

  • detailsmove
    detailsmove Month ago

    Might pay attention to college fb this year

  • champ dante
    champ dante Month ago +53

    My favourite guy to listen to is back. Can’t wait for him to be on the Herd.

  • Hero Ball
    Hero Ball Month ago +1

    *FOX there’s more then 1 power 5 OSU be more clear!!*

  • Brett Krajewski
    Brett Krajewski Month ago +3

    Yesss! The legend has returned!

  • Prestige Steeler
    Prestige Steeler Month ago

    I’m getting the popcorn for when Klatt rapes Colin