Should you buy a $50 CPU??

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    At just $50 AMD's new Athlon 3000G looks darn compelling - but can we overclock it enough for it to make sense for gamers?
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Comments • 80

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  2 months ago +182

    Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at

    • James Cooper
      James Cooper 3 days ago

      im still rocking my Ryzen 5 1600 at 3,6 mhz XD

    • LorD WhySoSerious
      LorD WhySoSerious 28 days ago

    • MrInsert
      MrInsert Month ago

      Linus Tech Tips bruh my whole gaming pc is the price of that little thing

    • StevieTech
      StevieTech Month ago

      @Nigel Smith I did it in mine, turns out memory speed does nothing to Cinebench, but overclocking does. Video if you're interested -

    • StevieTech
      StevieTech Month ago

      @LordIron Couldn't wait for him any more, did it myself.

  • Christopher Francis

    This vs I3 go

  • Yeet Yeet YEET
    Yeet Yeet YEET Day ago

    i have been thinking of building a pc, but not clue what motherboard to buy. thinking between 100-200 dollars, want to use it for gamin like r6 and rust. what are recommendations???

  • curt
    curt 2 days ago

    Full of hate on the ole AMD

  • Dwed746
    Dwed746 2 days ago

    I'm surprised they didn't mention the Ryzen 5 1600 AF, it's only 85 dollars but performs about as well as a 2600 with the same number of cores. Way better bang for your buck.

  • Xenumason
    Xenumason 3 days ago +1

    I bought intel pentium CPU for 60 dollars. Works fine with gtx 1050 ti.

  • Ahmed Kadem
    Ahmed Kadem 3 days ago

    You should try dual chanal ram with amd cpu . It should beahave way better .

  • Communist Trash
    Communist Trash 3 days ago

    Yeah but you could get the Athlon 2 for $9:56


    Use single ram on a ryzen Apu.
    LowSpecGamer:"Wait thats illegal"

  • MrEmmi
    MrEmmi 4 days ago

    Maybe you can do the same thing again with a Amd fx6300 it can also be overclocked for example my fx 6300 is overckocked to 4ghz with the basic cooler this is why i cant push it further

    • MrEmmi
      MrEmmi 4 days ago

      And it is also 50$

  • Quinn Ridin
    Quinn Ridin 5 days ago

    1:50 dont talk out your ass Linus the gazoo racing Yaris is very quick

  • Axiomatic
    Axiomatic 8 days ago

    "Just how badly it can shred Intel's equivalent" This is what its come to Intel, it not even a matter of which CPU is better 😂

  • stalwartGRUNT
    stalwartGRUNT 8 days ago

    Me with an amd athlon 200ge: oop

  • Farglior X
    Farglior X 9 days ago

    **runs Zen+ APU in single channel mode**

    LowSpecGamer wants to know your location.

  • Hapi hap
    Hapi hap 10 days ago

    should have used 2 sticks of ram for the vega igpu test.....
    "we overclocked the ram to 2400mhz" no you overclocked it to 1200mhz single channel

  • Random Ops
    Random Ops 10 days ago

    Linus, AMD processors run better with multichannel memory

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 11 days ago

    I am watching this on a one-day old, little machine I built for fun, with an Athlon 3000G on an ASRock ITX motherboard. :)

    INAKOTE HD 11 days ago

    Yes and please SHUT UP

  • Alex Rose
    Alex Rose 11 days ago

    Would be really good to see a retest of this using dual channel memory (2x 4GB) v 1x8GB for example.
    There's sometimes some really good deals on cheap memory sticks and these are probably the same things that people with the extreme budget (or low income/country average wage) may want to look at :) even if thats NOT what the western world would chose, and that extra memory bandwidth can do wonders for these cheap, integrated systems.
    I think a lot of ULTRA budget, will go for 2 smaller sticks than 1 larger stick. Places often do clearance on the smaller sticks as demand is lower :)

  • Deryan
    Deryan 11 days ago

    So basically it's a 50$ i3 7100

  • S Tushin
    S Tushin 12 days ago

    My god he did a budget cpu review.

  • Jason Tank
    Jason Tank 12 days ago

    I just recently built a PC for under $330 that blows this out of the water.
    20gb Ram
    R9 390x 8gb
    2tb HDD
    700w Thermaltake PSU
    Runs most modern games including The Division 2. Fuck this Athalon piece of shit, just scout eBay and Amazon and you can get much better for cheaper. Yes it's older tech but it works just fine.

  • Sam C
    Sam C 13 days ago

    That background music was so dang distracting. Just me?

  • Revan Fernando
    Revan Fernando 13 days ago

    A night at the movies is $50 in Canada! Its like 15USD with all snacks in Sri Lanka 💀

  • Magdziuk64
    Magdziuk64 13 days ago

    Bruh im gaming on a phenom ll x4 b95 & a strix r9 380oc. amd ftw

  • Woodsy
    Woodsy 14 days ago

    $50 a night at the movies? You’re full of it lmao

  • Daniel Hetherington
    Daniel Hetherington 14 days ago

    A $200 CPU is no comparison for a $50 CPU. Simply a pointless argument

  • Nafets
    Nafets 14 days ago

    linus, i think its already good for us gamers that have average monthly salary of 220$. That's most of 3rd world country

  • Shawn Mowrey
    Shawn Mowrey 16 days ago

    I enjoy content like this alot, love seeing low end hardware oc and seeing how it does. Thanks

  • William Gonzales
    William Gonzales 16 days ago

    This is the kind of vid I love from LTT

  • Dragon Systems
    Dragon Systems 16 days ago

    I just dont see the point of buying a new system in this price point, the used market is too saturated with decent components at this point to justify it

  • Versatility
    Versatility 17 days ago

    I have an rtx 2060 with an i7 9700F and in csgo I get skips sometimes, anyone know why that can be?

  • PapeOfficial
    PapeOfficial 18 days ago

    Would rather have 100 fps than 30 lol. And i could play games on 30 also but man how the heck is 100 fps bad

  • megamanyoutuber
    megamanyoutuber 20 days ago

    yes you should buy

  • ermocrate
    ermocrate 21 day ago

    I bought an used 1150 socket PC for 50$(it included a 500w power supply, a 128gb ssd, a 1tb hdd, a Samsung SyncMaster BX 2450 and M/K - yes that was and HECK of a deal) and added an i5 4670 for 40$, 4gb more ram for 20$ and a GTX 960 for 60$... Man that was the cheapest system I ever built and it runs just great for a second gaming PC.

  • Michał Chełminiacki
    Michał Chełminiacki 22 days ago

    I have pc that have Radeon RX570 and processor AMD Athlon X4 840 and it's very good for me.

  • Aven Ninja
    Aven Ninja 22 days ago

    Lol. I still can't believe manscaped is a thing.

  • Marek Durina
    Marek Durina 22 days ago

    my amd turion x2 and gt9600m now leave from youtube :D

  • Gibson299
    Gibson299 22 days ago

    Really missed the point here linus. All you did was compare it with a dedicated gpu against a much more powerful chip, nobody really wanted to see that. It's a 50$ APU and people wanted to see it tested (with more then 1 5 year old game btw) wanted to see it tested with games it is made to handle alone without a dedicated gpu, such as Overwatch, World of warcraft, Diablo 3, Rocket league, CS:Go, Fortnite even! games AMD advertises to be playable in low/medium settings with this chip all by itself!, ofc a video card will help but that wasn't the point here. The point that needed to be made was how good of overall performance you get out of the Box. I've seen Doom 2016 witch is a respectable title even today run On low with 60fps witch impressive for a 50$ chip and it looked good and very playable. The overclocking can also be done to the Vega 3 Chip, albeit it's not much, but it does give enough of a performance jump to justify doing it, and ofc probably say a 15-20$ aftermarket cooler on the chip itself instead of stock.

    Please next time test alot of the more popular common titles that this chip would be geared and sought after to play with by itself and with a gpu added gpu (later on)

  • Hawqe
    Hawqe 23 days ago

    This video is similiar to the Verge build.

  • FlockofSmeagles
    FlockofSmeagles 23 days ago

    It's 13 US dollars where I live to go watch a movie.
    I guess that's low pricing?

  • JordonAM
    JordonAM 24 days ago

    $50 Athlon and then saying more bang for your buck for a CPU 4 times the price. Yeah aight Linus

  • Farid Yar Khan
    Farid Yar Khan 24 days ago

    Why everything is all about gaming. Productivity and workstation performance are also mojor contendents.

  • MrPopeljack
    MrPopeljack 25 days ago

    wait what? how expensive is it to go to the movies over there ?? 50 bucks ? in germany its a bit cheaper i guess :DD

  • Damian Bushay
    Damian Bushay 26 days ago +1

    Lmaoo he wasn’t satisfied with over 100+ FPS ? Wtf

  • Michael Kemm
    Michael Kemm 26 days ago

    Linus: Comparing a $50 cpu to a $180 cpu
    Also Linus: *Uses s i n g l e c h a n n e l 2 4 0 0 m h z ddr4*

  • humnaset
    humnaset 27 days ago

    Testing a lower end iGPU on 1080 and single channel RAM...
    You should know better....

  • EvlQuaker
    EvlQuaker 27 days ago

    I am really hoping you get sponsored by Segway... just so you can do a segue to your sponsor Segway =)

  • No eye Deer
    No eye Deer 27 days ago

    2 Words: Single Channel.

  • Conecat
    Conecat 28 days ago

    Is everyone just ignoring the part where Linus said that it is probably better to have a single 8GB stick for upgradability. Everyone is whining about having single channel when he explained it in the beginning

  • Ares
    Ares 29 days ago


  • Henry Ezra
    Henry Ezra 29 days ago

    Movie ticket at 50 dollars??? Crazy.

  • SynthGD
    SynthGD 29 days ago

    Should you buy a $50 cpu...... sweats while watching on the Athlon 3000g

  • Shabe
    Shabe 29 days ago

    i put an amd athlon 200g in my $800 build instead of a ryzen 3 lol

  • Santiago Relañez
    Santiago Relañez Month ago

    Ryzen 5 3600: is 200 dollars
    Linus:bAnG fOr yoUr BuCk

  • David Beers
    David Beers Month ago +3

    "You could rock this for 2-3 years..."

    Me still using an fx 6300 -_-

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    No matter how far linus goes in life, he stays true to his roots and still makes his money with his mouth mouth B======D 👄 😥😂

  • Henry
    Henry Month ago

    You compare a $ 50 processor with one of more than $ 200 and you are wrong in many things, both are aimed at different audiences and different budgets and the difference in gaming is not SO noticeable if you use dedicated graphics considering someone who wants to play 60fps and graphics -medium -high
    Anyway, I think that those of us who are really in that situation know things and see things that are very different from your perspective.

  • Smellbringer
    Smellbringer Month ago

    Honestly, whoever is coming up with the tests for this shouldn't be fired, but they shouldn't be allowed to do APU tests anymore. Single channel? SINGLE CHANNEL??

  • Гумар Карама

    Im from Russia and most people i know have salary about 300-350$. You cant spend more than half of your month salary on buying a ryzen 5 3600, so i think for russia athlon makes great sense

  • Bear Puns
    Bear Puns Month ago +28

    Who else is here after LowSpecGamer's video?

  • Breezy X
    Breezy X Month ago

    What about the Ryzen 3 1200

  • Kes2006
    Kes2006 Month ago

    ik have a $98 cpu and it works fine its the amd ryzen 3 2200g

  • BishBashBen
    BishBashBen Month ago

    What about ryzen 3 1200

  • saiyan prince
    saiyan prince Month ago

    What about destroying intel?

  • misterPAINMAKER
    misterPAINMAKER Month ago

    Why you did not use Dual Channel RAM? 2x8GB?

  • Bill Weisser
    Bill Weisser Month ago

    Anyone know what motherboard stand / test bench that is? Also, does anyone recognize the power supply?

  • Anurag Rao
    Anurag Rao Month ago

    Hey linus!
    Can you please provide me the link to download the background music on this video.
    Your videos are great! I have watched almost all of them!😀

  • Trevor Romney
    Trevor Romney Month ago

    You guys garroted the Athlon by giving it only single channel memory...

  • Kyler
    Kyler Month ago

    Lol I got my 2600x for $80

  • Muhammad Irfan
    Muhammad Irfan Month ago

    Linus advertisement in linus video

  • Xian Loong Chan
    Xian Loong Chan Month ago

    Should had done it balls to the walls too, everything component better and the only bottleneck is how high you can get the CPU to run at

  • badanimator67
    badanimator67 Month ago

    yea linus but the 3600 is a lot more expensive so it's not a fair comparison for people who have a tight budget.

  • John_Smith Chiropractor

    a Clone"d" Guy: Get a prebuilt and installl a AIO 60fps@1080p and never break 40c in high settings is all you need.

  • Will Plays
    Will Plays Month ago

    The 3600 is £100 ik

  • sunny steve
    sunny steve Month ago

    I remember as a broke student I bought a GTX 560SE for 20 bucks that shreds all games at 1080p low graphics 60fps

    • sunny steve
      sunny steve Month ago

      But my electricity bill sky rocketed

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen Month ago

    You know what you need? MORE POWER!!!!! Lol

  • Darko Stojkovic
    Darko Stojkovic Month ago

    Such a biased review.... Linus you are starting to get on my nerves...

  • Dj Reverse
    Dj Reverse Month ago

    Single channel ram aaaaaaaa

  • Rumple Stiltzchen
    Rumple Stiltzchen Month ago

    I love the ram