Mo Vlogs Just RUlNED His Image

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • Mo Vlogs Really Got Away With This...?
    Mo Vlogs in his "Taking Deliver of Worlds First Bugatti Divo" Just Flatout misleads everyone.
    Mo Vlogs -
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  • Nic Thomas
    Nic Thomas Day ago

    and what are you doing? Sound as if you are just another hater with a trash channel using click bait

  • Daniel Bia
    Daniel Bia Day ago

    Mo Vlogs is full of Shit

  • Ben Beckman
    Ben Beckman 3 days ago +2

    You can’t just blame him for everything there’s people who enjoy his kind of videos

  • Faisalabadi Vlogger
    Faisalabadi Vlogger 3 days ago

    Bai main b vlog video banata hon please sport Karo mujy b...😜

  • Ali Asif
    Ali Asif 5 days ago

    He fucking suck indian kid

  • Tanvi Shetty
    Tanvi Shetty 6 days ago

    Mo and his sis ,delivering ,yet again !!!! "Cringeworthy ,A-grade crap "
    Never fail to disappoint !!!!!
    For once expections and reality match up perfectly 🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝

  • Bolly TV Shows
    Bolly TV Shows 11 days ago

    One day MO VLOG will do Adult stuff in Adult sites for views with her sister . That kind of personality he has

  • Bolly TV Shows
    Bolly TV Shows 11 days ago

    Mostly importantly he ruined Islams image . I think mo force Lana to wear such stuffs for views

  • Vikramjeet singh
    Vikramjeet singh 12 days ago

    I just realized this fucker Mo Vlogs has the worst genetics for bodybuilding I have ever seen. One of the worst should to waist ratio (super narrow shoulders and wide waist) his arms look like he definitely can not curl more than a 15 lbs dumbbell. God just did not want him to look athletic at all LOL.

  • Lisa
    Lisa 13 days ago

    mo is joker and blind leader of bling people

  • Jacob Bean
    Jacob Bean 14 days ago

    he clearly said his friend didn’t want him to show too much detail bud

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 15 days ago

    Keep posting 💯

  • car bersz
    car bersz 16 days ago


  • car bersz
    car bersz 16 days ago

    Shut the fuck up

  • Tracy Thomas
    Tracy Thomas 16 days ago

    His personality trait is just being rich.

  • Bleu
    Bleu 16 days ago +1

    did you use an “l” instead of a capital “i” in the Title

  • denizkoyun
    denizkoyun 17 days ago

    Ill count 50k cash within an hour lol wtf

  • Colonel Walter E.
    Colonel Walter E. 17 days ago +1

    Haters everywhere, you are all just jealous

  • Batiar Rahman
    Batiar Rahman 19 days ago

    Mo use his sister just to get more views.

  • Creazioni di Realta
    Creazioni di Realta 20 days ago

    Anyone who brags about what they have and money don't have shit and never have.....look at the click bait, let's be honest if a person is really dumb enough to pay for a car in small currency then yowass is dumb.... as for the delivery, they only made a limited edition and you got to be a very special person to be in the list to buy one...his Chanel should be called BS VLOGS

  • Anders
    Anders 20 days ago +1

    The first Bugatti Divo haven't gone in production yet, still he takes delivery of one?

  • A dd
    A dd 20 days ago +39

    He’s like that kid in school who keeps bragging about imaginary stories and over exaggerates stuff

  • HRH Kashogghi
    HRH Kashogghi 20 days ago +1

    Mo and his sister always lied when asked what nationality they were but Mos dad is from Iran and his mother also and Mo and his sister were educated in England and they moved to Dubai and tried to pass off that they were born there but then Lana finally let the cat out of the bag and so did the grandmother when she came to visit them and she was coming from India so Mo and Lana Rose and Mommy mo are from India! I could never understand why anyone would work so hard to throw up smoke screens to people who only wanted to like them for themselves but it didnt matter to any of us if they were rich or not rich or what country they were from but it sure matters to Mo. Too bad he cant be as honest with his viewers about who and what he is as he is with all the information on cars etc.

  • HRH Kashogghi
    HRH Kashogghi 20 days ago

    well now that you mentioned that the car isnt there look at the reflection from the front room window and you can see Mos arms and torso in the reflection but you dont see the rooftop of the car!...MMMMMMM

  • HRH Kashogghi
    HRH Kashogghi 20 days ago

    if you watch Mos vlogs you will notice that he is saying he is taking delivery on a bugatti because one of his friends is a car dealer and he specializes in exotic, expensive cars and Mo never keeps any of the cars but they are kept at his home for a short time but he isnt telling you that. He once bought his own mother a bentley and she too asked him if he was lying and then a few months later the car was gone making room for a nother car in his driveway but his videos are all about materialism and he never says how he makes money nor do any of his so called friends and they are all quite dodgey when asked they change the subject but you never get the truth and even his own father said that they do not get money from him and that the daughter was once married to a rich south african and the mother has some sort of arrangement too and rumers have it that Mo and his friends are secretly gay but in their country it can be a matter of life or death so its a dont ask dont tell situation. but he has always lived on half truths.

  • My Dad
    My Dad 21 day ago

    Fuck you white boy 👦 you are nobody compare to Mo!!! Get life bitch

    • eternal W crusade
      eternal W crusade 19 days ago

      Pls do yourself and everyone else a favor, don't procreate.

  • shuayb Ahmed
    shuayb Ahmed 21 day ago +3

    How did it ruin he’s image im still confused

  • Soo pia199xemi
    Soo pia199xemi 21 day ago

    People want to have a rich lifestyle so bad

  • zain hussain
    zain hussain 21 day ago

    why are you hating

  • Trevis Schiffer
    Trevis Schiffer 22 days ago +5

    That guy and his sister seems scam to me.

  • MrSuwaidi
    MrSuwaidi 22 days ago

    The worse thing with mo vlog that he’s pretending that he’s from Dubai, and the truth is he’s fucking indian living in dubai

  • Nene Rawrs
    Nene Rawrs 22 days ago

    Who's the blond? In the thumbnail.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 22 days ago

    at least he is not sitting in a room and commenting on other videos😂 u really suck dude

  • Sirsnaggalot-
    Sirsnaggalot- 23 days ago +2

    You can’t use google to back up yourself 😂😂

  • M 2
    M 2 23 days ago +2


    Full stop‼️

  • Amin_Sav Gaming ❿
    Amin_Sav Gaming ❿ 25 days ago +4

    Never really liked that guy

  • Simon
    Simon 25 days ago

    I couldnt agree with you more, in particular Lana is the biggest air head bimbo, good VLOG keep up the great work

  • Regine Hella Midtun
    Regine Hella Midtun 25 days ago

    This is the reason I subscribe after the video

  • Amber Roy
    Amber Roy 26 days ago

    If this actually happened I'd expect a military helicopter to drop it off haha! It's his, then it's his friend's and then it's their's. Look how uncomfortable she is when he introduces the car lol. He also said my friend doesn't want me to show too much of the car because he can't! You'd also redo the video if it came out that blurry if it was really the car. The car was 4 million, then 5 million and finally 6 million. Laughable actually, actually, actually.

  • Amber Roy
    Amber Roy 26 days ago +4

    If you brag then why don't you brag about donating and doing good thing's with your $$.

  • MiG Vlogs
    MiG Vlogs 26 days ago

    Get a hair cut-in don't be a p****'s little girl chatting shit about that the people

  • MiG Vlogs
    MiG Vlogs 26 days ago

    Doesn't matter what-ever the fucky you say at the end of the day hes got 10 times more than you have on subscribers so usd shut up and get a job

  • MiG Vlogs
    MiG Vlogs 26 days ago

    Should look at yourself your f*****' disgusting get a life make use such are all my card no words you're disgusting and disgraceful and Georgia as a people we other one was probably got no life and nothing to do get a f*****' life bro don't be a d*** but if you are 1 live with-it but don't be a fuckall to other people

  • Loser Dumby
    Loser Dumby 27 days ago

    at the time mo's video was uploaded only one bugatti divo had been made and other were still in prototyping

  • obs_ Community
    obs_ Community 27 days ago

    A girl used to say she was Hannah Montana on my bus 😂😂😂😂

  • Zombie Queen
    Zombie Queen 28 days ago

    I would laugh if he drove it and then crashed

  • Dulo Niji
    Dulo Niji 28 days ago


  • Raphael Hanna
    Raphael Hanna 28 days ago +1

    Thing is he is Arab. And most Arabs flex things they have so it’s normal in Arab culture

  • The Hitman
    The Hitman 29 days ago

    And no matter what you are making him more relevant by arguing how cringe he is or isn't. This video was made about another guy that you dislike...smells like hate spirit. But if you dont undercover like his channel....ok 🤣

    • sleepyseeker
      sleepyseeker 26 days ago

      Yeah I think he’s saying that a RU-clipr is clickbaiting. I mean it’s 2019, not exactly news. Lots of top you tubers clickbait. RU-clip used to love the clickbait masters the Paul brothers.

  • Delcardo Sweeting
    Delcardo Sweeting Month ago

    Your white ass is click Bait to shut up

    • sleepyseeker
      sleepyseeker 26 days ago

      He’s flaming a clickbaiter but I just checked his channel and it’s all hating on famous people. Clickbaiting ain’t cool but if your content is just to roast others wtf?

    • Stephania
      Stephania 27 days ago

      Calm down💦

  • Daaci Muhsin
    Daaci Muhsin Month ago

    You guys hating cuz he makes money daily😕😎😶😏🤣
    That shows the sign of a real boss😎😎😎😎

  • Creazioni di Realta

    His rented car gets vinyl wrapped and he calls it his new Lamborghini......the big question is what's the link between 69 and mo for them to know each other, is this money from illegal activity because three years ago this family lived by my cousin in Essex on there arse in a rented house...

    • Creazioni di Realta
      Creazioni di Realta 20 days ago

      sleepyseeker I'm aware of this, he uses people to make him look big, in Chelmsford uk England they were a broke ass family, suddenly acting like millionaires, the house is rented much like the cars.....

    • sleepyseeker
      sleepyseeker 26 days ago

      Creazioni di Realta I think he’s just got connections. Two of his friends are actual billionaires.

  • Creazioni di Realta

    He needs to hang off a cliff bait, his whole BS is click bait .....
    People like him who brag have nothing, most of the cash is fake, as a Muslim so he claims he is he sees his sister practically naked, his vocabulary is of a poor education.
    His persona and body is as good as his intelligence .
    Anyways, his main viewers are kids.
    The cars belong to a garage in Dubai , they let him have them a week or a day to advertise the garage

  • yuri
    yuri Month ago

    this dudes voice annoys the SHIT out of me

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    And yeah bloody I am trolling u
    Cuz u can't make ur own S***

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    Ur jealous as F***
    Bloody it shows on ur face 😏
    This is just a "reason" for him to get his frustration out cuz he's broke AF

    • sleepyseeker
      sleepyseeker 26 days ago

      Stephania You need to wake up. Watching videos hating on others? I’ve already seen people like you spread your hate on Mo’s comment section. Most of you never even heard of him but because of what this guy said you go to his videos and comment all kinds of insults. Hate army wow get a life.

    • sleepyseeker
      sleepyseeker 26 days ago

      It’s obvious though. Look at his other videos. All flaming others. That’s his content. Find something to hate on because his viewers love it. Mo might be cringey and clickbaiting but he doesn’t make content to hate on others. I guess in this video that was his point that Mo was cringey and used clickbait.

    • A K
      A K 27 days ago

      @Stephania 😴

    • Stephania
      Stephania 27 days ago

      Ur a loser

  • Iam3P.
    Iam3P. Month ago +1

    I realised he is an asshole a long time ago.

  • Tanbir Alam
    Tanbir Alam Month ago

    Stop being jealous @atozy

  • Memphis xl
    Memphis xl Month ago

    First video to come across to this channel. my mans u is on fire💣

    HRJ KINGS Month ago

    Subscribe my channel HRJ KINGS