DIY Farmhouse Dining Table w/ Epoxy Inlays Using Reclaimed Barnwood

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • This week I show you how to build a DIY farmhouse dining table using reclaimed barn wood lumber, featuring epoxy inlays. My friends asked me to build them a Parsons style table, and I came up with the idea to use reclaimed lumber, and pour pigmented epoxy into the voids. Let me know what you think about this DIY farmhouse table. Thanks!
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Comments • 2 362

  • c kohar
    c kohar 2 hours ago

    awesome vid. People (including myself) have no clue what goes into a handcrafted table like that. Good work man.

  • Crystal Ellis
    Crystal Ellis 14 hours ago

    DIY, sure let me just sale my house right quick to go buy all those tools and equipment

  • Barry Linkiewich
    Barry Linkiewich 20 hours ago

    Loving all the complaints that "it's not DiY cuzz I can't do this project with a clapped out hand drill and mah teeth"
    What do you want? Jonny demonstrated how to utilize outside resources (using the lumber yard's specialized industrial machines) and how to use fairly basic wood working power tools (router sled, table saw, jointer)
    It doesn't take a genius to realize that even "pros" sometimes need to borrow or rent a specialty tool to complete a job.

  • David Scales
    David Scales 3 days ago

    Learned your mistakes and put them right the next time, your on hell of a craftsman thank you for sharing this.

  • hamstersampson
    hamstersampson 3 days ago

    Agreed. This one stretches beyond the definition of DIY. All those fancy tools and the legs aren't parallel. You can see it in final pic. I don't like that method of leg attachment for that reason. Crank the bolts down too much or twist the block and the legs are splayed. Epoxy fill is nice though. Wouldn't run that crap lumber through those tools unless you like buying and changing blades. Getting all the nails out can sometimes be impossible. Worked for a commercial mill shop and the toll on the planer and jointer knives was really costly.

  • Chris -
    Chris - 7 days ago

    Very peculiar story?

  • Rock Fish
    Rock Fish 13 days ago +3

    Ill take the 1st table if you dont want it.

  • DIY Crafts LQH
    DIY Crafts LQH 13 days ago

    Your workshop is wonderful, spacious, clean and full of machines

  • Ry Rf
    Ry Rf 14 days ago

    I was shocked at 00:39 for a sec. LOL

  • David Quintero
    David Quintero 15 days ago +1

    "DIY" Just buy $10,000 worth of tools first

    • Jonny Builds
      Jonny Builds  15 days ago

      No, you can totally build this with two popsicle sticks and a broken hacksaw blade. That’s “real” DIY!

  • Gabrial Khan07
    Gabrial Khan07 15 days ago

    Very good annotation Video is really fun

  • Kenneth Boyer
    Kenneth Boyer 16 days ago +1

    Only issues with reclaimed wood is it's rarely straight and way overpriced.

  • Meaner Kat
    Meaner Kat 16 days ago

    WTF we sit through all that and then you don't show us the end result? So what, did it not turn out?

  • Сашка Бульбаш


  • boyeatsworld
    boyeatsworld 21 day ago

    Is he saying dominos or dowels. I mean hes using dowels so it seems obvious but I swear hes saying dominos

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas 22 days ago

    Do it yourself!! All you need is $100k in tools and equipment and you can achieve🙄

  • David McKinney
    David McKinney 23 days ago

    Looks great thanks for your videos my friend..

  • HAUL
    HAUL 26 days ago

    Just glue them together than use a router across them to even it

  • Death Пулович
    Death Пулович 29 days ago

    Holliwoody Woodpecker.

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris 29 days ago

    This man raised in the hood. He played with enough dominoes to make some good cash lol.

  • Joex51
    Joex51 Month ago

    Tyvek or house wrap tape works well

  • raphaelhernandezs
    raphaelhernandezs Month ago

    Nice table, just not so sure that wood is 50 years old though, maybe 20 or so

  • Sporty
    Sporty Month ago

    table saws scare me, my art teacher was missing a thumb lol

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James Month ago

    how much did you spend on epoxy

  • Za S
    Za S Month ago

    Wow! Impressive 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sandra Grimes
    Sandra Grimes Month ago

    You are so talented and did a beautiful job. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’m quite impressed

  • Chaz Milski
    Chaz Milski Month ago

    Table was ugly, just my honest opinion. He should watch how Japanese make their tables because you have to be a lot more artistic than that

  • Christian Salas
    Christian Salas Month ago

    Maybe all the gear to do this worth more than a table.

  • anson boisvert
    anson boisvert Month ago

    Wow expected a little more looks like an 8th grade wood shop project. Sorry for the harsh criticism but omg

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    could be just me, but i dont see any beauty of this project using blue epoxy basically as filler. the water based finish on top, further takes away from recycled timber.
    additionally, nobody goes above 400 grit before applying any finish.
    i think you would have ended up with a much nicer result by using black resinous filler and finish with some oil or mixed oil/varnish, to make the character of the wood stand out. water poly is not quite fully clear/transparent, so has this "look" about it that is not quite right.
    the colored epoxies look ok on live-edge projects that dont sacrifice expensive reclaimed wood.
    it's your call of course. that's my opinion.

  • Danny Lee Martinez
    Danny Lee Martinez Month ago

    Dude, I like your style, bruh

  • Marcus Jamal Fields

    Where did you get the casters for your joiner?

  • Joseph Domenic
    Joseph Domenic Month ago

    Thank you for sharing this video and it's really helpful that you show your mistakes so others can learn. Love the video and the table came out great!

  • Peepers 47
    Peepers 47 Month ago +1

    Enjoyed the build and hearing what worked or didn’t work. Learning what doesn’t work is half of battle.

  • gary hart
    gary hart Month ago +1

    That flawed table would convert into a nice carpenters bench. You know the kind with the peg holes and the wooden vice on the end. Go ahead and bang that out dude.

  • Cai Kween
    Cai Kween Month ago

    Can anyone else smell the sawdust while watching? 😂

  • Condogz
    Condogz 2 months ago

    I think ive got it.... my table needs more dominos

  • Oldschoolwoodpecker
    Oldschoolwoodpecker 2 months ago

    Awesome work mate, i can see you enjoy what you do and it is rare this days. I started wood working in garage, il see where that will bring me.

  • James Bon
    James Bon 2 months ago

    I messed up the joints and gaps on this table, but no worries, it just so happens that I was building a second table all along! And I fixed the mistakes on that one. Erm...sadly, I can't show you the resolved mistakes, but I did spend the whole time recording the table that did not workout....for some reason.
    Lol, Yeah, sure Bob. Nice work either way.

  • Julie Pruitt
    Julie Pruitt 2 months ago

    You are an extremely diligent worker and precise artist.

  • Desertsnake Zerke
    Desertsnake Zerke 2 months ago

    Great craftmanship

  • Kevin Pelitera
    Kevin Pelitera 2 months ago +1

    Love the honesty of mistakes..good man, that’s how we all learn.

  • JC.
    JC. 2 months ago

    I think you could park a SHERMAN TANK on it, well built !!

  • Kaki Kerol
    Kaki Kerol 2 months ago

    Very nice

  • kevin manthey
    kevin manthey 2 months ago

    Shouldn't mix sawdust and epoxy

  • Mel Lio
    Mel Lio 2 months ago

    very nice work! 👍 but why green epoxy? is that a trend?

  • I'm Jerome and YES, I can fix it!

    Great looking table, inspired me but will cut some corners! 👍🏻

  • Fav Colorcamo
    Fav Colorcamo 2 months ago

    Come epoxy my floor, I’m in Oklahoma. 😂

  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie Warlie 2 months ago

    Great project, but I think you sanded too much of the reclaimed wood character

  • King Minhvuong
    King Minhvuong 2 months ago

    Very nice video! Thank for sharing !

  • Sue Maddox
    Sue Maddox 2 months ago

    Very nice!!

  • Randy Reed
    Randy Reed 2 months ago

    Well done, sir. And I appreciate the honest sidebars about length of time for certain processes and unforeseen complications/mistakes

  • whiners131
    whiners131 2 months ago +1

    Came here for a table building video, left with a Shymalan like twist at the end.

  • The Offical RLAS
    The Offical RLAS 3 months ago

    "DIY" video where you use thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make a table that doesn't even fit together correctly, then say you were worked on another table "in the background" yet never show the finished product. hmmmmmmm. not gonna lie, you suck a wood working. shame this has 8 million views.

  • Lewis Casey
    Lewis Casey 3 months ago

    Inspiring carpenter here found this video very cool and will be watching many more thank u

  • Mark Ferrell
    Mark Ferrell 3 months ago

    ~~~ Great video, lots of food for thought, I think I would put the epoxy in squirt bottles. Save up all your empty condiment bottles so you can probably throw them away when you’re done. I’ve been a house painter for years and I’ll tell you don’t use them damn foam brushes. Get the chip brushes it’s so much easier. Lots of love and pride went into your work great job.

  • Yolie 202sum
    Yolie 202sum 3 months ago

    That is AN absolutely gorgeous table... I wish I had the skill to make such creations.. simply masterful. Thank you for sharing!

  • Anthony Lemanski
    Anthony Lemanski 3 months ago

    Great video 💯

  • berner
    berner 3 months ago +1

    Handling all that wood without gloves is giving me anxiety D:

    • HAUL
      HAUL 26 days ago

      Panzie hands lol

  • Mr. Plainview
    Mr. Plainview 3 months ago

    I envy creative craftsmen like this. I've been thinking about trying something like this for a while but I find it very intimidating for some reason, especially after seeing this! Great job and awesome to hear you live in Oklahoma.