LaMelo Ball Drops CRAZY Dimes in front of SOLD OUT Crowd! 👀 | SLAM

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018
  • LaMelo Ball and Spire Institute had a 9AM scrimmage this morning and to no surprise, they had the gym packed to the max. The Ball show continues and this year his partner in crime will be 4-star guard Rocket Watts. Together they form what could be the most entertaining backcourt in high school basketball this year!
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    LaMelo Ball Drops CRAZY Dimes in front of SOLD OUT Crowd! 👀 | SLAM
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Comments • 368

  • SLAM
    SLAM  Year ago +97

    Melo vs. Zo...who you got?!? 🤔

    • Yvng Flame
      Yvng Flame Year ago

      I think Melo got worse

    • MusicKnowledge1
      MusicKnowledge1 Year ago

      @Car Adverntures Melo would be if old enough

    • Vinny
      Vinny Year ago

      @Avi Peretz zo was cold in highschool but not the 2nd best maybe 2nd most hyped

    • rash b
      rash b Year ago +1

      Melo plays zero D, Lonzo is solid NBA defender. So while Melo has a way more potent and well rounded offensive game, Zo is more valuable and disciplined to fit on any team. Melo has to get rid of some really bad habits. He has more raw talent so it will be exciting to see what happens if he actually gets pushed and coached.

  • Alexis Negrete
    Alexis Negrete 3 months ago

    Like if lamely ball dope 🖕🏿

  • LilUni-
    LilUni- 5 months ago +1


    A.M.D MUSIC 5 months ago

    Why is the camera in 2k mode

  • Robert Coram
    Robert Coram 5 months ago

    He cant jump and his defense is suspect NBA I don't know I would like to see how he does against d1 players

  • CityboY BriaN
    CityboY BriaN 6 months ago

    Did homie just tackle him? 11:25

  • Conceited Chris
    Conceited Chris 6 months ago +1

    Melo lazy as hell 😂😂

  • clean_ nissans
    clean_ nissans 6 months ago

    Melos defense is trash

  • Young Jay
    Young Jay 6 months ago

    Bro melo need to stop passin and get some points on the board no wonder why he only got 1offer

  • Chanelle Morel
    Chanelle Morel 6 months ago

    Yo that pass in the beginning 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • DangerNoodle
    DangerNoodle 9 months ago

    Yo number 34 a baller

  • Djukedu88
    Djukedu88 9 months ago

    Overrated chants are overrated for the simple fact that noone can beat em.... plus if you have to chant it at the person isn't it because you know he good. Noone chants overrated to jake delhomme or matt moore.

  • FudgeCooking
    FudgeCooking 9 months ago +2

    0:05 listen closely for his scream

  • EL OSO
    EL OSO 9 months ago

    Wooou ouuu yeeeaa

  • hi im donell
    hi im donell 9 months ago


  • Prior
    Prior 9 months ago

    I saw someone with a Lithuania top following the crowd shouting “overrated”

  • Joseph Koulouvaris
    Joseph Koulouvaris 9 months ago

    good ass camera man

  • Cloudram
    Cloudram 9 months ago

    Who else noticed that dumbass squeaker in the background?

  • Nedu Dee
    Nedu Dee 9 months ago

    Spire # 0 nees to start passing the ball.

  • Adriatic
    Adriatic 9 months ago

    Number 22 swatting flies hahah

  • Cold Water
    Cold Water 9 months ago

    the knights uniforms looks like they have a track meet after the game

  • Ksmok3 Gsmok3
    Ksmok3 Gsmok3 9 months ago

    At 8:54 .. Number 34 went for the dap and got left hangin.. We catch those things on video man lls

  • Shaniqua Perez
    Shaniqua Perez 9 months ago +1

    Spire has the best team chemistry I’ve ever seen 😤👀👀👀

  • Hoe Sway
    Hoe Sway 9 months ago +3


  • Damion Magee
    Damion Magee 10 months ago

    @3:11 MASSACRE

  • Ron Coleman
    Ron Coleman 11 months ago

    Melo has zero effort on D and does t even box out . The kid just wants to play wild and loose , he will never play big time D-1 or make the league .

  • Tori Fraser
    Tori Fraser Year ago +1

    Here for rocket go green hoe

  • D Thomp
    D Thomp Year ago

    For real stop pumping this guy up...i watch the first game with the team and he's not even close to being the best player on that team! Smh

  • ummm...
    ummm... Year ago

    22 is nasty 😱

  • flovous
    flovous Year ago

    yo no.22 from spire is good

  • Elijah Black
    Elijah Black Year ago

    Why #15 on spire look like Giannis Antetokounmpo when he run

  • Chief Sosa
    Chief Sosa Year ago

    What's the song at 0:16

  • Deepsoullive
    Deepsoullive Year ago

    Childs play. Melo was playing at 30% at best.

  • Rari
    Rari Year ago

    Lamelo only cares for the high school senior year experience, he's not about to give %100 against some kids who will get nowhere while he just has to keep marching to the league.

  • DChoi Poker & Hay Day

    LaMelo is trash

  • The Skeptic
    The Skeptic Year ago

    So does spite travel or just want play teams in Ohio?

  • Joe Metcalfe
    Joe Metcalfe Year ago

    Anyone trash talking Lamelo needs to watch videos of him at chino hills when he was 16 playing with his brother and a bunch of other 20 year olds when he was actually trying

  • Taco Rio
    Taco Rio Year ago +2

    Melo needs better cardio to be honest

  • Dan Park
    Dan Park Year ago

    the way he plays defense is cringe. Put ur hands up u aint that special

  • Matthew Skelton
    Matthew Skelton Year ago +1

    Anyone going to acknowledge how raw #0 is?

  • King In My Own Mind

    Hate watching this culture of ball allowed at this level...the nonsense yelling and posing after every basket is absurd...if you are pumped cool, but staring down your opponent and screaming after every play?? shit is lame and it is even worse in AAU...all that pride on one side of the ball.

  • FA1A2
    FA1A2 Year ago

    2019 Draft: Melo gets picked by Golden State for being the Curry without the limitless range. #JustAssistIt

  • arlichar11
    arlichar11 Year ago

    im still waiting see him play against some actual competion... cause hes not that good... will get eaten up when or if he ever does...

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Year ago

    #0 too RAW

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Year ago

    Passing exhibition

  • Dylan John
    Dylan John Year ago +2

    That dude at 6:20 swatted the ball away like he blocked it 😂 Couldve just grabbed the ball smh

  • Shaun Wallace
    Shaun Wallace Year ago

    No 5 on red team got the John Stockton shorts. Smh

  • Jourdan Chaney
    Jourdan Chaney Year ago

    That second team looks like they can play some good basketball.

  • Tyrrell Brown
    Tyrrell Brown Year ago

    The next Austin rivers

  • Curtis Lee
    Curtis Lee Year ago +3

    Lamelo's dunks be weak as hell. He's 6'4 and barely getting to the rim.

  • Jay Cameron
    Jay Cameron Year ago

    this kid sucks as does his whole family. They aint no Ballers.

  • Curtis Lee
    Curtis Lee Year ago

    Lamelo can't play defense. I have actually never seen him play defense or even attempt to.

  • That's My Two Cents
    That's My Two Cents Year ago +1

    Never seen him pass the ball so much.......

  • 8kings23
    8kings23 Year ago

    Where’s the 7’ 7” kid? He’s the only reason why I’m watching these highlights.

  • Danny Noel
    Danny Noel Year ago

    just watched zion highlights.....

  • Kim Honkaniemi
    Kim Honkaniemi Year ago +2

    I don't call this basketball. There is no DEFENSE. And LaMelo is overrated.

    • Kim Honkaniemi
      Kim Honkaniemi Year ago

      @Taco Rio How do you know?

    • Taco Rio
      Taco Rio Year ago +1

      Kim Honkaniemi BETTER Than you and don’t @

  • Will Haynes
    Will Haynes Year ago

    Nigga still don't play no defense

  • Lowgun
    Lowgun Year ago

    This man Melo running like Jesser lmao

  • James Charles
    James Charles Year ago

    Whoever did the Orange Team laundry, should be fired... What's up with them Dazy Duke s

  • Isaac Watson
    Isaac Watson Year ago

    #0 nice