Nissan Kicks | India Drive Review | Autocar India

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • We drove it in Dubai a while ago but now it's here in India, in a slightly different spec. Shapur Kotwal heads to the Rann of Kutch to sample the Nissan Kicks and tell you if it's a worthy rival to the Renault Captur and Hyundai Creta.
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Comments • 353

  • Ashwin T.
    Ashwin T. 23 days ago

    It's a nice car. I like it. Wonder why it's not selling in good numbers.

  • Raj M
    Raj M 25 days ago

    No sun roof

  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar Month ago

    Flopped rip Nissan

  • Rahul Selvam
    Rahul Selvam Month ago

    TATA Nexon

  • Amit Hardikar
    Amit Hardikar Month ago

    How is it in petrol.

  • sohil baria
    sohil baria 2 months ago

    Nissan Juke . Check it out. Any time soon nissan Juke coming to India ?

    • Tadasivar
      Tadasivar 2 months ago

      The Juke was discontinued. The Kicks is basically the replacement of the Juke

    FARIDA A.BAIG 2 months ago

    Is it worth buying test drive cars like kicks model 2019

  • mathotmi jajo
    mathotmi jajo 3 months ago

    Nice one

  • kkk yyy
    kkk yyy 4 months ago

    Nissan kick n reynold capture has the worst bumper ... Their bumper looks sooo weird ... Y d hell Nissan choose such kind of bumper irritating ..

  • M5 racing
    M5 racing 4 months ago

    Terrible mumbai

  • abraham binu
    abraham binu 4 months ago

    stylish but no cvt

  • abraham binu
    abraham binu 4 months ago

    no atomatic

  • TravelingTrend-Setter Vids

    That drive kicked butt 👌

  • WhateverNevermind
    WhateverNevermind 6 months ago

    Should have 6-8 airbags and a better gauge cluster

  • Nesavo Vese
    Nesavo Vese 6 months ago

    Fog lam falls down on off roads....

  • Bhadresh Vyas
    Bhadresh Vyas 8 months ago

    In nissan kiks no space to put lag at near clutch, break it is really shame shame and no automatic diseal available

  • Navratn Chaudhry
    Navratn Chaudhry 8 months ago

    Kicks diesel is an embarrassment by Nissan, it’s very very bad , I took test drive thought to change with Nissan terrano but this car doesn’t stand anywhere, hand brake system to use is little uneasy seats are tough, it at best compares with Hyundai i20 , and premium finish looks cheap in this car , very bad designed a big thumbs down 👎

  • Madhumita Sarkar
    Madhumita Sarkar 8 months ago

    What's the top speed?

  • Ashwin
    Ashwin 8 months ago

    No automatic?

  • Aslam Bhai
    Aslam Bhai 9 months ago +3

    Over Priced For this New Attempt From Nissan

  • Google User
    Google User 9 months ago

    All cars in this mini suv range are better than the suzuki brezza. I personally liked the kicks and most probably will buy it. But as they explained in video. Handling issues on high speeds are like unstable. May be due to light steering. That issue will clear after a test drive. Being a fluidic verna owner at present, i understand the disadvantages of a light steering on high speeds.

  • hj
    hj 9 months ago

    Similar to renoult capture

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 9 months ago

    Automatic. Is not yet abl i called. Today to. Showroom they said. Not comes yet. With automtic

  • Sarb
    Sarb 9 months ago

    Kicks is the same car as Renault capture with a different name. So, I assume it'll be NCAP4 (as capture). But Capture with smooth curves and floating indicators, looks much sexy, unless you're just looking for SUVish features. And the ride n handling quality is the best in the segment. Have a back to back test drive of Nexon, EcoSport, Creta and Kicks or Capture, things will be evident. But with 2.5 lakh discount on capture and higher price of kicks, why should one pay extra 3 lakhs for buying Kicks (top model) instead Capture (top model), which is theoretically and practically the same car?

  • suresh ambi
    suresh ambi 9 months ago

    Location please....where was this video shot??

  • Deepak Dubey
    Deepak Dubey 9 months ago

    i think it is over price , can't beat creta.

  • Raghu Rallabandi
    Raghu Rallabandi 9 months ago

    Super flop model...I hate that AC control design, they can never make a proper urban car

  • Living in Himalyas
    Living in Himalyas 9 months ago

    It looks like a full mixture of baleno.. I20... Nd....ecosport🤣

  • Rushikesh Mahanubhav
    Rushikesh Mahanubhav 9 months ago

    What song is playing in the background

  • Vikash Sharma
    Vikash Sharma 9 months ago

    nissan kicks nice car creata se best hai.

  • M goutham M deerag
    M goutham M deerag 9 months ago

    Nissan kicks off in the year

    DRAGONSLAYER 9 months ago

    It still has the same old tired engine though .... They seriously need to update that. What's the marketing department doing ? Don't they give feedback to the engineering department?

  • Anand Asinkar
    Anand Asinkar 9 months ago

    People sitting outside India, designing for India

  • Richard Jeremiadoss
    Richard Jeremiadoss 9 months ago +1

    Why are hatch back called SUVs these days???

  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 9 months ago

    Kicks base variant > Creta base variant

  • Mohit Arya
    Mohit Arya 9 months ago

    Nissan is a part of Renault group which is already known to make unreliable cars. Nissan cars are notorious for their pathetic Automatic transmissions. Nissan india is already in a very bad shape, just like GM and Fiat ran away from Indian market similarly Nissan and Renault are going to do the same. Save your money and go for any other established brand....

  • Blue
    Blue 9 months ago

    this looks ugly

  • Santhosh John
    Santhosh John 9 months ago +7

    Neat car, looks good in flesh

  • Abner John
    Abner John 9 months ago

    Is it available in automatic?

  • siddhartha jain
    siddhartha jain 9 months ago

    The looks aren't to die for... I wont be caught dead in this old style

  • gagz singh
    gagz singh 9 months ago

    interior copy of ecosport

    ATMA GUJARAT 9 months ago

    As per Nissan say its a intelligent SUV with Nissan intelligent moboility with 4 Cameras , its true? Is it eqipped with 4 camera front,behind, left & right sides.

  • One
    One 9 months ago

    I don’t want to spend more than 7 lakhs on any car - that’s why I would only buy used cars , if at all I want to buy

  • Sandeep Padmanabhan
    Sandeep Padmanabhan 9 months ago

    We need newer engines turbocharged petrols, less polluting diesels, hybrids, automatic transmission cars and more safety features. Sticking with the 1.5 diesel is not the way forward. Why skimp on safety? Nissan has not saved much by offering 4 airbags instead of six or seven.

  • Navigator
    Navigator 9 months ago +2

    S-Cross anytime....hope maruti launches old 1.6 S-Cross again in market

    • One
      One 9 months ago

      Navigator - neither s-cross nor Brezza were ever released in petrol, which is very sad

  • Gaming With Me
    Gaming With Me 9 months ago

    this nissan kicks is not better than Hyundai Creta

  • Gaming With Me
    Gaming With Me 9 months ago

    mohd ishaq raini you should buy maruti suzuki dxire vxi model.

  • Aristocrat Subrat
    Aristocrat Subrat 9 months ago

    Electronic Power Steering ?
    Handling Better than Ford Ecosport ?
    What is the after service ?
    Plz , bring the automatic variant.

  • Mohd Ishaq Raini
    Mohd Ishaq Raini 9 months ago

    I am planning to get a car
    Can you please suggest me which is best in automatic and luxury and less maintenance charge.
    For family only
    Budget 7-8 Lacs.

    HEMAL PANDYA 9 months ago

    The top variant is priced at 14.65 lakhs rupees (ex- showroom).
    No automatic transmission in any of the variants. I feel that it's better if car makers provide automatic transmission variant atleast in top models, considering the traffic situation in most cities in India. Whereas top model Creta provides a sunroof, an automatic transmission, wireless charging and feels solid in terms of quality. I don't think Nissan kick will have that kind of an impact, considering the fact that's it's kind of late in the market with nothing really new to offer.

  • Vabhilash Crazy
    Vabhilash Crazy 9 months ago

    Does it come with a automatic transmission??

  • TJ Devil
    TJ Devil 9 months ago

    Worst name for a crossover ever.

  • Ayush Saxena
    Ayush Saxena 9 months ago

    Tata Harrier kicked Nissan kicks so badly 😂😂

  • Jack Philip Yong
    Jack Philip Yong 9 months ago

    Larger than original Kicks. So chassis code will be different. Original kicks is P15, but this one is P16.

  • Gagan Ragh B R
    Gagan Ragh B R 9 months ago +1

    This is going to be the next utter failure after Renault captur

  • Abhishek Roy
    Abhishek Roy 9 months ago

    I drove the petrol variant of it. And m disappoint. Nodoubt that look is fabulous. But it misses out few basic and functional things. Firstly their is no electronically adjusted OVRMs. To close ur side mirrors one has to go back to 15 years and roll their windows and manually shut the side mirrors. What?? R u serious?
    And let me talk about the driver seat. It feels that I am in a very tight position and body feels trapped. Their is no foot rest beside clutch pad. And no matter how much u try but u feel the area to be so small in space. Driving comfort is definitely sacrificed massively.

  • vivek anand
    vivek anand 9 months ago

    Why does a great company like Nissan commit such blunders?
    They cloned the Duster (and didnt do as well) and now the Captur, which itself is not doing well. Only way to go is lower prices now.
    If they cannot bring a smaller SUV such as Brezza, they may find the going tough in India.

  • aravind yadla
    aravind yadla 9 months ago

    It's Datsun go bodyframe added features and modified can't fool indians

  • Pranav Khanna
    Pranav Khanna 10 months ago

    Sir when will the CVT version come ?!

  • Abhijit Pradeep
    Abhijit Pradeep 10 months ago

    Visited Nissan showroom yesterday..and yes its larger than creta