2019 World Championships: São Paulo - Women's Super Crown Final LIVE

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • LIVE from São Paulo, Brazil!
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  • Jinkie Calvo
    Jinkie Calvo 5 days ago

    Mariah Duran is the best athlete for me... go Mariah!!

  • Jinkie Calvo
    Jinkie Calvo 5 days ago

    madulas ba...

  • Emphasize
    Emphasize 6 days ago

    Are they all sponsored by Nike!? With the exception of the obvious DC chick but man...this is like a big Nike ad

  • Kevin Spolarich
    Kevin Spolarich 10 days ago +2

    Wow crazy that some of the best female competition skaters in the world are literally children

  • Alive Skateboarding
    Alive Skateboarding 10 days ago

    @1:16:28 isn't that an overcrook rather than a nose grind?

  • Bobby Zee
    Bobby Zee 14 days ago +1

    really proud of all these women...but these damn Brazilian women are dominating like crazy lol

  • Percival Ulysses
    Percival Ulysses 15 days ago

    Had the commentators gone home for the first few skaters? It's not the same without it.

  • Karrieem Dixon Jr
    Karrieem Dixon Jr 19 days ago

    Best fans that will steal your skateboard after you win or take a pic with them lol

  • tom wynn
    tom wynn 21 day ago +1

    aori 1st run 2.6 - falls and does basic tricks...... mariah also 2.6 perfect run with hardflip, big kick flip etc....NIKE vs Adidas....lmao obviously rigged

  • Julia, I guess
    Julia, I guess 22 days ago

    That was amazing! WOW

  • UrbanLikwid
    UrbanLikwid 22 days ago +1

    It took an 11 year old Brazilian girl to finally start seeing the pushing/progression in women's skateboarding. No reason why women can't do the same tricks as the men. I feel like it will finally match up in a few years.

  • Chris Leskowsky
    Chris Leskowsky 22 days ago +1

    I don't like how they scored the runs so far

    • Chris Leskowsky
      Chris Leskowsky 21 day ago

      At the end of it i think they should have different outlook on there judging i would like to know how there judging the women compared to the men cause there some runs in here that were great.

    • Chris Leskowsky
      Chris Leskowsky 22 days ago

      Yeah your scoring is so whack i hope they replace the judges for the Olympics

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson 23 days ago

    Rayssa level is light years behind the other female she should just compete with the boys that's all and I'm not even kidding

  • Gary Lauten
    Gary Lauten 23 days ago +5

    this scoring system is brutal

  • HimTannes Stein
    HimTannes Stein 24 days ago

    Great skating... but i dont like that the run section finally doesnt matter. For me rayesaa leal is Champion!!‘ 😁

  • Combat Bananas
    Combat Bananas 25 days ago

    Insane how young they are skating that well.

  • Jason Dashney
    Jason Dashney 25 days ago +1

    34:50 Pamela can not stop touching her hair and fixing her hat. She does it in the background when the camera isn't on her as well. It's weird.

  • jerylyn dayaganon
    jerylyn dayaganon 25 days ago

    Wheres leticia

  • WeezyFire
    WeezyFire 26 days ago

    lets fucking go pamela

  • Jimmer Seiber
    Jimmer Seiber 26 days ago

    This is Leticias home town...why isnt she skating?

  • display eyed
    display eyed 26 days ago

    I hate to be that guy but this shit is laughable comparable to the mens lol

  • Bradley Balgos
    Bradley Balgos 26 days ago

    Wtf that was an overcrook

  • Ayiri Irone
    Ayiri Irone 26 days ago +1

    Big props to Pamela Risa, she dug deep and took risks to win, Rayssa is a beast and I expect big things from her, Aori has the bag to win but the levels were high today.
    Really disappointed with with Mariah Duran she is probably the most tech skater in the women's category but she lacks consistency, however she got robbed on her first run score.
    All in a great contest its best one so far (I feel like I keep saying that)
    Looking forward to the next one.

  • MP9l
    MP9l 26 days ago +2

    Disappointing to see a Legend like Sablone having such poor performances...
    She did 2x frontboard and 2x front 50-50 in the same run and bailed on a kickflip Smh

    • stevo3938
      stevo3938 24 days ago

      Salome a legend.... ahahahahahaha

    • Hayden a
      Hayden a 24 days ago

      MP9l sadly she hasnt been turning it out in the last couple years.

  • Don Lawson
    Don Lawson 26 days ago

    So much more tricks to put on smaller boxes and rails with ramps

  • Don Lawson
    Don Lawson 26 days ago

    Pretty much I think courses should be smaller than bigger courses

  • Don Lawson
    Don Lawson 26 days ago

    I know these girls are good at skateboarding but if thu courses get any bigger the girls might have a little trouble. But good job yall yall got some tricks and pop on y'alls skateboards.

  • Don Lawson
    Don Lawson 26 days ago

    Good skateboarding

  • LifeSucks_LetsSkate
    LifeSucks_LetsSkate 26 days ago

    Pamela fucking rips

  • George Rodrigues
    George Rodrigues 27 days ago +1


  • Colin Peterik
    Colin Peterik 27 days ago

    Great celebration

  • James Handley
    James Handley 27 days ago

    They scored leal a lil low but she killed it

  • philipp hess
    philipp hess 27 days ago +16

    Pamela Rosa is a real athlete's soul.
    And a great great human, she doesn't evwn care about the trophy. Im always happy when pamela rosa skates. She looks so free and so good on a board, especially after good tricks. Celebrating with raissa was soooo nice to see! Great great skating!

  • David Castillo
    David Castillo 27 days ago

    hahahahahahaha hahahahah

  • Marcelo Mariano
    Marcelo Mariano 27 days ago

    Fui até o hanhebi eu sou um skatis ta desse mundo

  • True Cuckoo
    True Cuckoo 27 days ago +4

    Amazing to see them all raise the level throughout the whole competition.. And just seeing Rosa clear the way for speed, to make that epic boardslide was such an awesome signal, like “ok I’m going all in, move it”. I think all of these skaters are gonna have an even higher baseline next year. 💪🏼

  • Ismael pineda
    Ismael pineda 27 days ago +3

    What a great final !! So emotional and so so entertaining!!
    This is amazing for skateboarding and I’m in love with all of this ! SLS ! SLS !

  • Majin Bu
    Majin Bu 27 days ago

    Brasil representa no skate parabéns Pamela e Raissa the best of skateboards words

    Dan SPECTOR 27 days ago +3

    Congratulations pamela,you are the best 🇧🇷

  • angel aguilar
    angel aguilar 27 days ago

    Girls should get better tricks more often like bufoni.....
    I mean every Woman SLS all their tricks are board slides,crooked grinds 50-50 I mean really basic tricks not like man competition with way better tricks.

    • ph1am
      ph1am 25 days ago

      Rosa won without ever flipping her board. It didn't leave her feet. She's a beast but that raises a big question about what should be expected of world champ.

  • Mi-Styk Flow
    Mi-Styk Flow 27 days ago +2

    runs start 14:00

  • music_tv_movie_addict
    music_tv_movie_addict 27 days ago +6

    Love the support rosa has for leal... The other ladies need to step up their game.

  • Marcelo Mariano
    Marcelo Mariano 27 days ago

    Não virá para mim não vou ter condições para viajar PL #pais

  • Mr Lesir
    Mr Lesir 27 days ago +5

    7.2 for back smith is some corrupt judging, frontside nosegrind is just as hard

  • pao bobiles
    pao bobiles 27 days ago +1

    Duran and nishimura❤

  • Wep Star
    Wep Star 28 days ago +1

    im gegensatz zum erste sls woman wird es immer besser

  • Scratch Beats
    Scratch Beats 28 days ago +2

    Great on all of them, but the problem is the same as last year's -*they keep copying each others tricks*
    It gets hella boring after a while.

    • Scratch Beats
      Scratch Beats 20 days ago

      @Jason Dashney But at least they don't copy each other at the same comp

    • Jason Dashney
      Jason Dashney 25 days ago

      Most of the guys are super predictable as well. I usually have at least a 50/50 chance of knowing what they will try on the runnup. They do the same tricks contest after contest.

  • stevo3938
    stevo3938 28 days ago +2

    Should have to keep at least one run score, poor format to determine a world champ

    • Jason Dashney
      Jason Dashney 25 days ago +1

      I don't get why you can do a flawless run, but have it overshadowed by single tricks that very well could've been done during the runs. You should have to score a run and the run should be weighted higher.

    • bonza haja
      bonza haja 27 days ago +4

      thought about that too, it's kind of stupid that you can win titles with just best tricks :/

  • kifli2345
    kifli2345 28 days ago +2

    Wierd kitchen.

  • skategardena
    skategardena 28 days ago +9

    Leal little kid points. 7.2 for a back smith?

    • skategardena
      skategardena 24 days ago

      Read what I wrote again.

    • Dicat
      Dicat 24 days ago

      @skategardena when it's the same trick, yeah... Same reason why Tiago Lemos got Trick of the Year with a simple switch back tail on a flat ledge... Does it sound like a Trick of the Year to you? No, but his high pop made it TOTY

    • skategardena
      skategardena 27 days ago

      @Dicat so the taller you are the less points you get? OK GOT IT! You kinda made my point. ..LOL. 7.2 for

    • Dicat
      Dicat 27 days ago

      Do you know how big these obstacles are?? They're high for the male skaters, imagine for an 11 little girl... Of course she gets more points for tricks, her pop is basically equivalent to Tiago Lemos lmao

  • T- Skater
    T- Skater 28 days ago

    If your a skater Subscribe to me y’all

  • Larson Houston
    Larson Houston 28 days ago

    Everyone only cares about number one

  • Ry dean
    Ry dean 28 days ago +16

    damn dude, oda is definitely going places. just hucking a kickflip down a Chris Joslin sized drop at such a young age!

  • fastplant44
    fastplant44 28 days ago

    Scoring is all over the place, judges suck.

  • God Rocksha
    God Rocksha 28 days ago

    Shout out to the DJ it wasn’t this hype on the men’s

  • God Rocksha
    God Rocksha 28 days ago


  • Cheese Burger
    Cheese Burger 28 days ago

    . Damn Zitzer just stfu please u ruin the commentary tslkin so much sh1t

  • Francisco Kendy
    Francisco Kendy 28 days ago

    sumemo só manobra que voa bruxão ;)

  • jhonatan chi baas
    jhonatan chi baas 28 days ago +14

    Leal remember nyjah huston kid in the x games ❤️

  • Daniel Page
    Daniel Page 28 days ago +5

    That was amazing. Such good skating and such good support for each other. Great vibe. Go Brazil!!!