Nerf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Nerf trick shots at a whole new level!
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  • Jeddah
    Jeddah 11 hours ago

    i got a dude perfect tour ad before the video even started

  • Rayan Abdallah
    Rayan Abdallah 12 hours ago

    What if there was a mirror

  • Guilhon
    Guilhon 13 hours ago

    it all fake

  • William Bible
    William Bible 13 hours ago

    Would like to see you guys do some hacky sack tricks are something. Bring in the 90s...

  • Royal Prince
    Royal Prince 14 hours ago

    Who came here by seeing his name on Google in famous youtubers and.not interested in his video

  • Emrik Cycling
    Emrik Cycling 14 hours ago

    3:03 watch the floor when they switch scenes

    MARS KUNDAN PARIYAR 15 hours ago


  • 100 Subs Without any vids

    0:17 Wow worst nightmare if the cameraman didnt rec xD
    Like if u agree
    Btw You saw my name. Pls do it i beg you sub to me and ill sub i promise just comment Subbed! And ill sub! Road to 100 subs

  • Agent Spécial Oconor
    Agent Spécial Oconor 17 hours ago


  • defaulTovv
    defaulTovv 17 hours ago

    3:04 how many shots lul

  • Ian Friswell
    Ian Friswell 19 hours ago

    More nerf trick shots!

  • Clash with Han
    Clash with Han 21 hour ago

    sub to me same to you

  • Jdware21
    Jdware21 Day ago

    Like so they can see

    YUJI JK Day ago


  • The callum family

    Why was the editor hiding behind the sign at 1:48

  • Peter Gaskell
    Peter Gaskell Day ago

    Attempt #

  • Eliot Thompson
    Eliot Thompson Day ago

    Running out of trick shot ideas I see? Welcome to... finger nail trick shots! Landing the nail paint brush on the finger.

  • 1 million subscribers with no videos

    You read my name

  • Ghost md ksa
    Ghost md ksa Day ago

    I want ask you! Do you love me after 10 years?

  • Kontol Junior
    Kontol Junior Day ago

    How many u tries for this trics?

  • Hardtest
    Hardtest Day ago

    Woow super mind blowing

  • Ammar Inaaya
    Ammar Inaaya Day ago

    Hey do a golf ball trick shot

  • Jonathan & Priscilla Baxter

    Dude perfect should do a blowgun trick Shots.

  • Emanuela Bulgaru


  • Nicolas Almazan
    Nicolas Almazan Day ago

    Why does he say "Let's do this" when he has just done it?

  • The only Sheld
    The only Sheld Day ago +1

    Dude perfect are perfect

  • carljhen Iniego
    carljhen Iniego Day ago +1

    This isthe best video

  • Akansha Nagar
    Akansha Nagar Day ago

    Hi dude perfect I am the biggest fan of your I had download your game it is brilliant

  • Samuel Nuñez
    Samuel Nuñez Day ago

    Yes tes now

  • Mitchell Smith
    Mitchell Smith Day ago

    Cricket trickshots

  • Vaishnavi RAGHAVENDRA
    Vaishnavi RAGHAVENDRA 2 days ago +3

    This is how many days it would take them to do this

  • Upset Iguana
    Upset Iguana 2 days ago

    You guys should play golf up a mountain

  • EliHi I love your vid’s Street

    First one look at camera

  • Cody Campbell
    Cody Campbell 2 days ago

    These guys are on NZT

  • YeetMasterGaming
    YeetMasterGaming 2 days ago

    School stereotypes i have been waiting and i am still waiting

  • Phillip Cowen
    Phillip Cowen 2 days ago

    Hey guys! I'm a producer that works for the U.S. Air Force. How would I get in contact with you all to talk about a collaboration?

  • Mac Gaming
    Mac Gaming 2 days ago

    Air soft stereotypes perhaps?

  • Coohy 314
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  • Milan Srbija
    Milan Srbija 2 days ago


  • Eissa Ghorab
    Eissa Ghorab 2 days ago


  • beagles329
    beagles329 2 days ago


  • sister vs brother
    sister vs brother 2 days ago

    i am nazh

  • Ejhar Production
    Ejhar Production 2 days ago

    I recommend dude perfect plays games at festival as tricky game like if you want it too

  • fani's gaming
    fani's gaming 2 days ago

    Gila perfect

  • Emmanuel Mambei
    Emmanuel Mambei 2 days ago

    Dude perfect you are perfect

  • tejpal singh
    tejpal singh 2 days ago +1

    Shot at 1:18 was fake. Watch at 0.25x speed. The dart flew at the left side and video was paused an a new dart was put in the hole.

  • sakil ahameed
    sakil ahameed 2 days ago

    Nice video

  • Tns Jqtody
    Tns Jqtody 2 days ago +1

    Trop le trick shots

  • Don’t look at my channel

    Don’t look at my name

  • Jameson Beck
    Jameson Beck 3 days ago

    Wen I was younger I shot a Nerf dart at my friend and it stuck to the lens of his glasses. Once in a lifetime money shot. I'm glad he wore glasses. . .

  • C3 Reality
    C3 Reality 3 days ago


  • Tyler Smeltz
    Tyler Smeltz 3 days ago

    Extreme Weather Field Goal Contest

  • Daniela Velázquez
    Daniela Velázquez 3 days ago +1

    Pinches putos

  • Amazing Ace
    Amazing Ace 3 days ago


  • Cross Chara arte gamer

    Dude perfect yo soy de Chile

  • Quinn Erlandsen
    Quinn Erlandsen 3 days ago

    Dude perfect has become so lame over the years. It used to be videos full of trick shots people thought were impossible. Now they’re just videos of trick shots you could do with a few tries. Bring back the old dp.

  • Yrel y Neox
    Yrel y Neox 3 days ago


  • Gage Franklin
    Gage Franklin 3 days ago

    i love this youtube channel

  • Gage Franklin
    Gage Franklin 3 days ago +1

    christmas anyone