The race for the MVP:Lebron James vs Kobe Bryant 2009mix ( must see video)

  • Published on Apr 5, 2009
  • The race for the MVP...Lebron James vs Kobe Bryant....some of the best plays of lebron and kobe.2 amazing players..maybe the 2 best players in the world!!! enjoy it...
    songs are: let it rock by lil wayne and kevin rudolf
    and requiem for a dream
    By Matty_19
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  • Death Row
    Death Row 6 years ago

    kobe cant make the plaoffs and lebron will so my pick is lebron ..

  • trevon sickler
    trevon sickler 6 years ago

    kobe all day long

  • Reggie Fajardo
    Reggie Fajardo 7 years ago

    Everybody hates Kobe and LeBron but for me Kobe is better by the way he plays and the way his plays are. :)

  • Matty19Giaky15
    Matty19Giaky15  7 years ago

    Yes i love lebron!!

  • Tilted Thug
    Tilted Thug 8 years ago

    @AnAProductions151 lmfao biggest hater.. LeBron even on the Heat doesn't get the ball every posession and is doing better than Kobe

  • brunolrhl
    brunolrhl 8 years ago

    thumbs up if you're rooting for the Mavs just so Lebron remains ringless.

  • brunolrhl
    brunolrhl 8 years ago

    guys check out "Kobe Bryant - Where Amazing Happens (best Kobe video ever, MUST SEE!!!)"

    you wont regret it!

  • tyong omng
    tyong omng 8 years ago

    I hate Lebron because LEBRON JAMES SUCK!

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    @clearlight16 Plus I can't take you seriously anyways because of your horrible grammar, you're probably some little kid who doesn't know what he's talking about. Either that or you're just plain retarded.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    @JohnnyFlyn Are we talking about teams or players? Cuz if you wanna talk about trophies, let's talk about teams. If you wanna talk about rings, let's talk about teams. If you wanna talk about STATS, then we can talk about INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS. And stat-wise, Lebron beats Kobe. I don't have anything to say to you about Kobe, believe me, I know he's a great player, I've been a fan of him for a really long time, but I also have been a fan of Lebron since the year he came into the league.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    @clearlight16 How the FUCK is Lebron SELFISH when he averages so many assists per game? More than Kobe, more than a lot of players in the NBA?! Do some research on stats before you start saying shit like that.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    Plus, lebron switched onto a team with Wade and Bosh.. and he's STILL putting up the same numbers from Cleveland, if not better. That should tell you something to. It should tell you that no matter what team Lebron goes to, he WILL improve the team game by FAR, and will still be putting up the same numbers individually.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    @JohnnyFlyn Did you know that Lebron has more last second clutch plays than Kobe?
    Kobe is playing his best basketball right now, he even admitted it himself in a recent interview.
    LeBron can play any position and be just as good as anybody else, that's really what makes him impressive.
    All of Lebrons stats at the moment are higher than Kobe's, except for free throw percentage. Doesn't that tell you something?

  • HoustonRocket281
    HoustonRocket281 8 years ago

    the song fucked this video...

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    @clearlight16 I'm sorry but how is this possible then.. He's one of only three players in NBA history to average at least 30 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assist in a season, and one of only two players in NBA history to post at least 2000 points, 500 rebounds and 500 assist in a season at least four times. He is most definitely NOT selfish. Kobe is the selfish one.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    Anyways, long story short..
    Better team, more rings - Bryant.
    Better player, better stats - James.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    After all, MVP DOES stand for Most Valuable PLAYER. Obviously, according to stats, LeBron is the better player. Yes, Kobe has more rings. Yes, Kobe is more experienced. Yes, Kobe has a stronger and smarter mentality than LeBron probably, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the better player. Even on the USA team, LeBron was over every other player. I guarantee you whatever team LeBron plays on, he will put up the same numbers, with a wingman or without. But Kobe, he needs help from teammates.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    ...And he's still putting up numbers close to the ones when he was on the Cavs. Kobe has rings because of the MASSIVE HELP he's received from his teammates. If LeBron had Shaq (when he was in his prime), and if LeBron played on the Lakers, NO DOUBT he would have the same amount of rings as Kobe, if not more. If Kobe played on the Cavs, they'd be the same team, if not worse than when LeBron played for them, because of the fact that LeBron's stats are higher than Kobe's.

  • Rain City Studios
    Rain City Studios 8 years ago

    So when you're talking about rings.. aren't you comparing teams over players? If you want to compare players, look at stats. If you want to compare teams, then you look at the amount of rings. Kobe didn't get those rings by himself. He had shaq, and now look at who he's got to support him. Lebron didn't have a good wingman on the Cavs that supported him, and yet he still exceeded over most players; That's why he's MVP. Now he's on the Heat with Wade and Bosh..

  • Methadone4Life
    Methadone4Life 9 years ago

    Kings have rings and Bron has none! No comparison.

  • Andre Andre
    Andre Andre 9 years ago

    lebron won over kobe 2x anyway!

  • Stavros Karlatiras
    Stavros Karlatiras 9 years ago


  • EggplantDaddy
    EggplantDaddy 9 years ago

    the only reason why lebron got the mvp last year is because kobe is injured and he's old not like lebron he's bigger, young ,and stronger

  • Adam10
    Adam10 9 years ago

    Dude, mad props. Amazing video! It should have way more than 15k views!

  • kevin moua
    kevin moua 9 years ago

    mbenga has more ring then can james b better than kobe hahahahhaha

  • kevin moua
    kevin moua 9 years ago

    mbenga has more ring then can james b better than kobe hahahahhaha

  • ltachi526
    ltachi526 9 years ago

    If LeBron had the same team mates as Kobe and was on a winning franchise surrounded by winners like Magic, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [all people who are still active with the Lakers managing] then he would go 70 wins every year. Instead of Pau Gasol he has Jamison, instead of Bynum he has a 38 year old Shaq, instead of Fisher who is a prime-time playoff performer he has Mo Williams, instead of Odom he has Delonte.
    If you switched Kobe and LeBron you'd get Lakers with 70 wins, Cavs with 50

  • jugglerman7
    jugglerman7 9 years ago


  • deepikafan1
    deepikafan1 9 years ago

    o.o kobe deserved it!

  • Puntje
    Puntje 9 years ago

    Yo know I think Kobe would get eaten by a lion and we all be a WITNESS

  • habrakadabra3
    habrakadabra3 9 years ago

    LeBron MVP 10-11 !!!

    MOISTTOWLETS 9 years ago

    kobe has been injured all year, lebron has not. The lakers will coast through the regular season as usual and dominate in the playoffs. The cavs will do exactly what they did last year, play hard have a great regular season and lose in the playoffs. Lebron may win regular season mvp but kobe will win finals mvp so whos the real winner?

  • frank LBJ
    frank LBJ 9 years ago

    i bet bron's gonna win 8 agen ds season!
    cmon people!lets get over it,bron's way way btter than kobe.dsagree???gve me facts then...

  • Brigid Dayon
    Brigid Dayon 9 years ago

    hahaha nice one man,,,!!!

  • dadoman7
    dadoman7 9 years ago


  • MeloMan
    MeloMan 9 years ago

    @Shahzab123 lebron just gets the ball every possesion, KOBE>LEBRON

  • 20yrsofgreatness
    20yrsofgreatness 9 years ago

    Lebron hands down.

  • lebroncash23
    lebroncash23 9 years ago

    both players are good..but i would take LeBron James.

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher 9 years ago

    lebron all the way

  • xpo213
    xpo213 9 years ago

    Twenty Four.

  • allen catacutan
    allen catacutan 9 years ago

    kobe rocks!

  • Somar Nedle
    Somar Nedle 9 years ago

    How are game winners airballs?

  • jeff derkach
    jeff derkach 9 years ago

    wtf are you talking about

  • JimmyC023
    JimmyC023 9 years ago

    personally i like lebron better

  • BrunoLS09
    BrunoLS09 9 years ago

    Great! Awesome edition!

  • Matty19Giaky15
    Matty19Giaky15  9 years ago

    this video is very big i can't send you it....but you can download youtube downloader HD ( it's free ) and than you download this video on your computer with a very good quality

  • habrakadabra3
    habrakadabra3 9 years ago

    LeBron is # 6 now >!!!!

  • nick oliver
    nick oliver 10 years ago

    Dont even mention D wade!

  • lebroncash23
    lebroncash23 10 years ago


  • knightofdoo2
    knightofdoo2 10 years ago


  • west93
    west93 10 years ago

    0:41-0:43..........look at the fucking hangtime!! his head is above the damn rim smh

  • Bk Allday
    Bk Allday 10 years ago

    lbj got the mvp, but kobe got the all-star game mvp & finals mvp not to mention THE CHAMPIONSHIP BABY!!!! kobe the best!!!!!!!

  • ebz24
    ebz24 10 years ago

    yap... but whos the champ and finals mvp :)

  • Leak Bey
    Leak Bey 10 years ago

    L B ALL DAY. Even though they lost LB is still MVP.

    CAVS 2010

  • Jorge De leon
    Jorge De leon 10 years ago

    lebron the king

  • Max Druso
    Max Druso 10 years ago

    lbj = mvp

  • Thetruekilla2009
    Thetruekilla2009 10 years ago

    Kobe is winning this for sure

  • Asim
    Asim 10 years ago

    Lebron will win