10 Times Rappers Got Embarrassed On Camera

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Here are some of the world's biggest rappers' not so cool moments, caught on video.
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    Commentator: ru-clip.net/user/BaerTaffy
    10 Times Rappers Got Embarrassed On Camera
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  • Psyclops
    Psyclops 2 days ago +3

    Bro I don't care about their biography just show the fails

    • Stevie Johnson
      Stevie Johnson 13 hours ago

      Psyclops lol he had to stretch the video to 10 minutes

    LLAC SHAM 2 days ago

    You should actually show the clips with the sound it defeats the purpose of the video

  • Dj Boss
    Dj Boss 4 days ago

    I ain’t never heard Kanye say anything racist?

  • ryan barros
    ryan barros 4 days ago


  • dicang limuel
    dicang limuel 4 days ago

    its so ironic when he say HE FOUND PEACE IN MUSIC but their music does'nt seem fit in the word PEACE.

  • Jay Zepeda
    Jay Zepeda 4 days ago +1

    i only knew Budden because of eminem HAHAHAHA

  • stewie bhn
    stewie bhn 5 days ago

    instrumental song, anyone ?

  • King D117
    King D117 5 days ago

    Really stretched this out for that ten mins fam 💰

  • 564markis
    564markis 6 days ago

    Do the waka flocka sign language lol

  • BigTymin
    BigTymin 6 days ago

    Khalid is a clown

  • BigTymin
    BigTymin 6 days ago

    wtf is bragadoughchio?

  • NichHollywood : My instagram


  • According2Chelsea
    According2Chelsea 7 days ago +1

    7:01 - 7:03 ..... did I just see a boob?!!

  • Katerina Parker
    Katerina Parker 7 days ago

    Ok when Kanye west hit his head on the sign he shouldn’t be embarrassed on that it wasn’t his fault it was the paparazzis fault they would get out of is way he just wanted to do something with his wife but the paparazzi has to go and be in there business where ever they go next the paparazzis gonna put in the magazine when they are using the bathroom and what they are doing in the bathroom the paparazzi NEEDS TO BACK OFF THEY HAVE A LIFE TOO

  • yuchao liu
    yuchao liu 7 days ago

    Wait is Erin Andrew the same person that ignored John Cena?

  • Joshua Pegrum
    Joshua Pegrum 8 days ago

    I can't wait for kanye to die or commit suidice or something. Stupid prick @kanewest

  • Nino Anthony
    Nino Anthony 9 days ago

    What waka did was epic

  • Nino Anthony
    Nino Anthony 9 days ago

    ... raised in New York to an upper middle class family???

  • Nino Anthony
    Nino Anthony 9 days ago

    These dickheads did not capture what would have arguably been the most popular meme and gif ever with kanye hitting his head on that sign

  • Jaylen Cool
    Jaylen Cool 12 days ago

    I love that he said he did the 100 yard dash 3:05

  • Danesh Burnett
    Danesh Burnett 15 days ago

    N 3rd f2f 23rd t:hth :

  • j n
    j n 17 days ago

    When will rap die already FUCKING stupid

  • Diamond Knight
    Diamond Knight 21 day ago

    Lame video

    DENsWELL FORRest 23 days ago

    Waka flacka saw some lit moves

  • Bruns TV
    Bruns TV 24 days ago

    Jay-z the king of brooklyn rap? you must be fucking kinding dude xD

  • derrick smith
    derrick smith 24 days ago

    Damn vulture

  • Lady V
    Lady V 24 days ago +1

    Kanye is a fashion designer....got me cracked up lol

  • Demitrius L.
    Demitrius L. 25 days ago

    06:17 Damnnnn!! Shots fired!!! Lmao 😂

  • Mouse Media
    Mouse Media 25 days ago +1

    6:00 anyone gonna realize that isn't the Indy 500, at all

  • epic_raisin
    epic_raisin 26 days ago

    Yooo lil Uzi the fucking goat he just there like what u gonna do then lmao

  • Jay Million
    Jay Million 26 days ago +2

    Probably should’ve added the clips in the video💀💀💀

  • IMadeYouReadThis
    IMadeYouReadThis 27 days ago +1

    6ix9ine doesn't know how to crowd surf you don't do a massive jump onto them

  • IMadeYouReadThis
    IMadeYouReadThis 27 days ago +1

    0:12 look at drakes face

  • KiLLZ
    KiLLZ 27 days ago

    Waka flocka an idiot dog

  • Darknet Fortnite
    Darknet Fortnite 27 days ago

    Explain how 21 savage isn’t In this from when he said he was born in America and was really born in London.

  • nico hossain
    nico hossain 28 days ago

    Wtf this Video is so trash talking

  • thenerf rapper
    thenerf rapper 28 days ago +2

    Yu forgot about sixnine tryna treat ugly god about fake gold and sixnine gold was fake😂

  • Sid Sharma
    Sid Sharma 28 days ago

    You should have added Ace Hoods watch falling apart during an interview on this list

  • Visto Official
    Visto Official 29 days ago +6

    How bout ja rule when he shouted :"are we ready??" on stage and nobody answered

  • ᴅ ɪ s ᴀ ᴘ ᴘ ᴏ ɪ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ᴅ ᴍ ᴏ ᴏ ɴ

    I dont like this vid cause it wont show the vid in sound

  • Gleck O. Dunn
    Gleck O. Dunn 29 days ago +1

    see proof white people have displaced anger also. How can you think waka was making fun of the lady? Not many people who do what she does in the hood. That's the first time I even saw one at any concert. He was having fun with the lady. That's insensitive but a cop shooting a kid is a cop doing his job. Yes I brought up crooked insecure cops, and what?

  • Antwon Blue
    Antwon Blue 29 days ago

    Lmmfao at 69

  • next up
    next up 29 days ago

    You need to do some actual fact checking

  • Anthony Gotschall
    Anthony Gotschall 29 days ago +6

    It’s not 69 it’s snitch 9

  • Ice Slim
    Ice Slim Month ago +1

    6ix9ine 😂😂
    Did anyone check if the ground was ok ? 😂

  • Robert Dircks
    Robert Dircks Month ago

    Kanye hitting his head was the best

  • Bo The flash
    Bo The flash Month ago +5


  • The JD experiment
    The JD experiment Month ago +2

    Give that sign a contract. Dude is solid. Almost knocked out kanye

    SLN SHOTTA Month ago

    Kanye is a bitch it don’t hurt

  • Lyrical Ape
    Lyrical Ape Month ago

    On jah Lil uzi kinda scary but he is funny as fuck

  • Old Skool Beaten
    Old Skool Beaten Month ago

    This dude tried to do a stage dive and the crowd literally was not moving! ........lmao

  • T m0ney
    T m0ney Month ago +2

    Hahahaha rich the kid ran from a dwarf?! That’s hilarious

  • ImRaw Youtube
    ImRaw Youtube Month ago

    69 stupid

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago

    2:02 I was fuckin rolling 😂

    5IFTY4OEPOOH Month ago

    Fuck stitchnine

  • shawn0md
    shawn0md Month ago +1

    *Have you done a video highlighting 10 times country musicians got embarrassed on camera?* Just curious.

  • Kitty Catt
    Kitty Catt Month ago

    I'm a female rapper from Alaska!
    Please check out my remix to Tyga Taste
    Thank you

  • Supergirl Christina


  • Supergirl Christina


  • Supergirl Christina

    Wrong way boom lol😀face up please