Make The Shot, I'll Buy You *NEW* Iphone 11 Max!

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Who Ever wins the most basketball challenges wins the new Iphone!
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  • Jackson Purcell
    Jackson Purcell Day ago

    I have subbed,turned post notifications on and I watch all of your vids but, what basketballs do you use

  • Lori Jones
    Lori Jones 2 days ago


  • austin dulski
    austin dulski 4 days ago

    This is fun watching grown men playing for a phone

  • Kehinde Lamodqi
    Kehinde Lamodqi 7 days ago

    No I'm going to be honest I think Mitchell's the best shooter

  • Itz_Brian_YT
    Itz_Brian_YT 7 days ago

    Every time Jesse says “OI” like and reply and say “OI”

  • Debbie Sievert
    Debbie Sievert 7 days ago

    does jesser veen have the iphone11 cause he has gave away like 876 of them

  • RNG Legend
    RNG Legend 8 days ago

    Black hole made us wait again after update went live

  • Pro. Gaming
    Pro. Gaming 11 days ago +1

    Here are Mopi James Moochie JESSER what they as a 2k20 build
    Moochie: Pure stretch Four
    Mopi: Up & under
    James: Post Scoring Defender
    JESSER: Playmaking Stretch Five

  • jpmay
    jpmay 11 days ago

    if i had james's size up package in 2k, i'd delete my build.

  • jpmay
    jpmay 11 days ago

    anyone else ever notice that no one talks when jesser shoots, but he screams when other people shoot because he wants to win so bad he cheats a lil

  • Amar
    Amar 11 days ago +1

    Not a single soul:

    Jesse: OY

  • Ryan Gaming & More
    Ryan Gaming & More 11 days ago

    Draymonds jumpshot and jeidels jumpshot look the same 😂

  • iblueHusky 190
    iblueHusky 190 12 days ago +3

    Team mopi

  • Samantha Layne
    Samantha Layne 13 days ago

    It's called bump

  • Samantha Layne
    Samantha Layne 13 days ago

    No offense but fortnite sucks

  • Jonathan Crawford
    Jonathan Crawford 13 days ago

    What that song 2:37

  • TheBiggestNoob
    TheBiggestNoob 13 days ago

    Android is the operating system not a phone???

  • Tyson Shillito
    Tyson Shillito 14 days ago +1

    This was a good video nice job

  • Laurie Hagerty
    Laurie Hagerty 15 days ago


  • Ryanjr And Kaiden Gaming
    Ryanjr And Kaiden Gaming 15 days ago +1

    9:58 this whole time jesser did that 1st not u harden

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 17 days ago

    Ur ass get the f out here

  • Austin Cole
    Austin Cole 17 days ago

    Mitchell should get the iPhone Jesse

  • austerity
    austerity 17 days ago

    Moochie always gets the half court

  • Suni mathew
    Suni mathew 18 days ago

    Dos tres are u taking spanish

  • Young Bleu
    Young Bleu 18 days ago

    Next time don’t participate in your own channel

  • Dead Beat
    Dead Beat 20 days ago

    Just me or was Jidel taking ankles

  • Nicks the number 1 Thunder fan

    Mitchell is officially everybody’s favourite in the group he’s hella humble and a pretty good shooter

  • Trent Bohannon
    Trent Bohannon 20 days ago +1

    Jiedel plays like my dad 🤣😂🤣

  • The BlackJack
    The BlackJack 22 days ago

    In the 3 point contest the last person do the last shot its the mobile legends being defeat or win

  • Bell Family
    Bell Family 24 days ago

    Jester is so good

  • Anthony Smiley
    Anthony Smiley 24 days ago

    wow and i am his kid

  • Oliver Hazghiyan
    Oliver Hazghiyan 25 days ago

    Please stop putting music before someone makes a shot it honestly just ruins the suspense like for Jesse to see this

    MCG BREEZE 25 days ago

    Mitchel cheated in the relay race😂he missed the corner three and chased it and went straight to the deep three

  • SBG YT
    SBG YT 25 days ago

    James has the weirdest size up dribbles I have seen in my whole life.

  • Tyee Morris
    Tyee Morris 25 days ago

    jesser has the best form out of all cuz

  • Jared Altema
    Jared Altema 25 days ago +1

    2:36 He MaDe iT fIrSt TrY hOwWwWW

  • Noah Morrison
    Noah Morrison 25 days ago

    Jesser: oye

  • Cedric Dupins III
    Cedric Dupins III 25 days ago

    jesser talk to much when they playin b-ball

  • Delfin C TV
    Delfin C TV 25 days ago

    Jesse only challenged mopi jiedel ang mochie not kris ttg

  • Abdullah Mahmoud
    Abdullah Mahmoud 25 days ago


  • Antonio Rupeti Anderson

    40 k likes mean you have to surprise two of the boys

  • Danielle Moederndorfer

    Can i plz be in one of your basketball chaleges one day ? Plz it is my dream

  • Byron Sparks
    Byron Sparks 26 days ago

    I bet Jesser won't heart & pin this

    No balls! No balls!

  • Vishal Cheema
    Vishal Cheema 26 days ago

    Jidell plays like a 5,10 center

  • RyannnL 7
    RyannnL 7 27 days ago

    You think that Mopi and Moochie would be inside playing games

  • WarFetus 01
    WarFetus 01 27 days ago +1

    Bruh imagine kenny in the 3 pt challenge he’d clap some cheeks 😂 if u know u know

  • Jackson Franklin
    Jackson Franklin 27 days ago

    Jesser: *gives a good ass challenge with a great prize*
    2HYPE: bet
    Jesser: *wins his own challenge*

  • Danniel Alejo
    Danniel Alejo 27 days ago

    This not fair he’s the best one their

  • Anthony Tanguma
    Anthony Tanguma 27 days ago

    Jiedel looks like an Android user lmao

  • Shane Train
    Shane Train 27 days ago

    They hating on Razor phones, but I'd rather have one of those again!

  • Jaythan Arriaga
    Jaythan Arriaga 27 days ago

    Give it to Mitchell

  • Chemistify
    Chemistify 27 days ago

    Stop competing in your own challenges

  • aprilburton21
    aprilburton21 28 days ago

    Mitchel can shoot but his form is garbage

  • YoUR INsAnE jARviS
    YoUR INsAnE jARviS 28 days ago

    Who you givin the other phone to

  • Terrick Eng
    Terrick Eng 28 days ago

    Knockout? I thought it was called bump

  • Prince Playz_Yt
    Prince Playz_Yt 28 days ago

    When did Jesser grow a beard?????? He looks soo different

  • Flippy OnSticks
    Flippy OnSticks 28 days ago

    You will be better than Lebron James at basketball

    Go to the Gym to activate

  • Devinn Oselmo
    Devinn Oselmo 28 days ago

    Shave that ugle ass beard

  • Chahmar Hunt
    Chahmar Hunt 28 days ago

    How could I get in one of these videos... seriously tho