How to make ● A TIRE SWING ● That's Safe and Easy to Make !

  • Published on Oct 3, 2015
  • This is one of the safest and easiest tire swings to make for your kids. Super cheap to make and saves you money. Other tire swings are made with chains, metal, steel hooks and brackets and all of those things can hurt your kids. They can pinch fingers, chip teeth (after all that money on braces) and some parts can loosen and cause injury. On this tire swing, there is no steel parts exposed to harm your kids fingers, legs and especially their teeth. It's an all rope (almost) tire swing design. It's very strong, and will give your kids years of fun and play. This tire swing holds 3 kids and can take many years of fun and abuse.
    ROPE .... Go to a mountain equipment climbing store or search Arborist store. It's worth the extra money and safety to get good strong rope.
    TIRE .... Just go to any car dealership or tire store and pick a good tire from their scrap tire heap for few bucks.
    PARENTS .... Everything wears down and will eventually fail after many years in the sun and elements outside. This design is way better than other tire swing designs but be vigilant as a parent to always check that your tire swing is in good working order and is safe to play on. Inspect your playground equipment on a regular or annual basis. Be smart, be safe.
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  • Chris Notap
    Chris Notap  Year ago +4

    Find my favourite tools here!

  • Daniel Mccausland
    Daniel Mccausland 3 days ago

    Thanks very much! My son loves his new swing :D

    • Daniel Mccausland
      Daniel Mccausland 2 days ago

      @Chris Notap thanks for the tips!

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  3 days ago +1

      Very cool! Once he gets a bit older, you may want to remove the inner web of rope. It then allows your son to sit with his heals on the lower tire bead and plus he can hold the ropes better since they are now slanted ahead of his body while sitting that way (when he is turned around like he is in the video, the ropes are slanted away from him making it harder to hold on) I love your ingenuity though with the webbing. My sons used this tire swing until they were 15-16. Endless entertainment. They also figure out that they can twist it and wind it up and then hop on and have it spin.

  • D Y
    D Y 12 days ago

    Great video, thanks, and good ideas to avoid using metal parts. Genuine question though: if you're happy to use knots in the rope above the swing to suspend it, couldn't you use knots as a stopper inside the tire, instead of washers and clamps? Wouldn't a figure-8 in the rope provide enough surface area to prevent the rope from pulling through and weight on the knot keep it tight?

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  12 days ago +1

      Great question.........yes, it would work with a figure eight.......... the problem is as weeks go by, the tire becomes uneven and lop sided because the knots have tightened and snugged up from the weight of the kids. With the clamps and washers, it's super easy to loosen and adjust it back to level or increase the height from the ground as your kids age and get taller. Thanks.

  • Thomas Wassink
    Thomas Wassink 20 days ago +1

    This was great!!! I got a used tire free from the tire shop, a used rope from my son who climbs, a throw away tube from the bike shop. Spent about $11 on the hardware, and it went together easily. Grandkids played on it and love it. It swings wide but not high, spins as much as the kids want. Perfect. Thanks!

  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada Month ago +1

    Now all I have to do is steal a tire from my car

  • Amel B
    Amel B Month ago

    Thanks for the video. May I ask you a question? Does it work with a natural rope? Thanks for the answer.

  • hobopiesforeveryone

    Damn union boys with their m12s. Heard about this from a friend for a laugh

    GUGUCI ИБРОГИМ 4 months ago

    Что за н**** почему их лента не синие не по-русски

  • Abderrazak Khalidi
    Abderrazak Khalidi 5 months ago +3


  • Brian Chantler
    Brian Chantler 5 months ago +10

    Definitely after watching a few tire swing videos this was seems like the simplest and the best! Thanks for the idea!


    I have a tire but not tree

  • Brittany Shaw
    Brittany Shaw 6 months ago +3


  • MrJoelgides
    MrJoelgides 6 months ago +3

    Well done and great video. I decided to give this a try and works great!!! There are a few points in the video that more clarity would have been helpful but I was able to figure it out. We didn't have a long spool of rope so we had to get ours cut to length and had to guess...thankfully it was enough. Also, wasn't sure how long the ropes needed to be once I put it the two ropes through the final knot. But still... job well done! Thank you for this video!!!

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  6 months ago +1

      Glad it worked for you. It's hard to estimate since it depends on limb diameter and height that the limb is off the ground. All trees are different. Thanks.

  • Morgan Mendieta
    Morgan Mendieta 7 months ago +1

    Would a good measurement be from ground to the limb plus 10 feet 2x5ft for each additional tie to the tire seem good?? Also, thank you this was a great tutorial. Would you burn the ends to keep them from fraying or is tape good enough?

  • Morgan Mendieta
    Morgan Mendieta 7 months ago +1

    Very great tutorial. Is there a way to find out how much rope to purchase?

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  7 months ago

      No unfortunately because every tree is a different diameter and height off the ground.

  • tt
    tt 7 months ago +2

    Mine came out perfect! Thank you so much. Really clear and to the point! Your directions are so easy to follow

  • Manish Sawant
    Manish Sawant 7 months ago

    thanks bro good job need ideas i want too make more safe tyer swing how about wire rope 4.5 mm steel rope use in gym

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  7 months ago +1

      If you use wire rope then you need steel clamps, which can have sharp edges, pointed parts on the end of the wire, pinch points etc. This is why all rope is best to reduce any injuries especially with kids and their teeth.

  • Andrew Felipe
    Andrew Felipe 7 months ago +1

    Thanks we wanted to know how to make it bc we have a hang out place and we wanted that so thank you

  • Julia
    Julia 7 months ago +1

    Thank you! Such a great and simple-to-follow tutorial. Going to buy the materials today; I'll post an update when finished to let y'all know how it turned out!

  • Marilyn B
    Marilyn B 8 months ago +2

    I have Rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and still found this very easy to make. It took me 2 days of 2 hrs each day and ... done. Very durable, safe. The neighborhood kids simply abused it, standing, jumping, spinning , swinging with no ill effects. I did have to adjust it after the rompust as the knots tightened, the swing was then almost touching the ground. very easy to adjust back up and straighten it out. Highly recommend this method. I added a seat by cutting and then inserting a composite vinyl lattice, drilled some holes around the top of the tire and then wove clothesline rope in and out of the tire and lattice, the kids love it! I love it , it is safe.

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  8 months ago

      That's great that it worked for you. Yes, it's very easy to re adjust after the first few days of use once everything tightens up. I like your update with the seat. Thanks!

  • Jeffrey Tuckerman
    Jeffrey Tuckerman 8 months ago +1

    I made this for my 3 year old daughter and she loves it! Thank you for such brilliant and easy to follow instructions.

  • Werner Schwanert
    Werner Schwanert 8 months ago +1

    Drill holes in bottom to drain rain water. Tires notorious for breeding mosquitos

    • Matt Clark
      Matt Clark 6 months ago

      @Chris Notap, you actually covered that in your video. Thanks for putting that together!

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  8 months ago +1

      Yes. I forgot to mention that when I did the video.

  • alex collado
    alex collado 8 months ago

    Just did this right now.. came out great! Used a 300 lbs work force Rope..

  • Square Mouse
    Square Mouse 8 months ago +3

    Had to relocate one made a year ago from these instructions today. Never had a problem, kids, adults all been on it. New one up and running in 20 minutes. Thanks!

  • Jeffrey Tuckerman
    Jeffrey Tuckerman 8 months ago

    Sorry to be an idiot, is that poly prop rope?

  • Reggie Adam
    Reggie Adam 8 months ago

    Just put one up this weekend, everything worked great, really good design. Only gripe is that after the initial stretch came out of the ropes, the knots at the top went from ~6 feet off the ground to ~3.5 - 4 feet off the ground. But thanks to the design the tire height is adjustable, however the knot will limit how high I can adjust it in the future

  • kenneth jones
    kenneth jones 8 months ago +5

    Instructions unclear and made a coffee table, help

  • Abdul Nasir Valappil
    Abdul Nasir Valappil 8 months ago +3

    Thanks for the idea, today I made exactly same for my grand kids and they love it.

  • brillobox1964
    brillobox1964 9 months ago +3

    Thanks!!! I made one exactly as instructed. My kids love it!

  • Shoban Sriram
    Shoban Sriram 9 months ago

    looks good, but I don't like it as it is not safe because if the holes get bigger, you will be screwed.

    DJDDDTECH 9 months ago +1

    Did this in 20min for $30...already had tire...very simple and straight forward directions...thank you for sharing

  • The Funny Bunny Show
    The Funny Bunny Show 9 months ago

    My kid loves tire swings and he has a very eye catching routine. I'll make one in our back yard because he is outgrowing the public one. The trick is to set it to the right height off the ground, to match the height of the kid. Then the kid can spin really fast.
    { ^_^}

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  9 months ago

      Yes. That's the beauty of this swing, you can adjust it to any height and get the tire to sit level plus as the rope stretches and settles in you can also adjust it. Thanks.

  • Bob Ellis
    Bob Ellis 9 months ago +1

    Terrific instructions. Couldn't be more clear and easy to follow.

  • Anon Smith
    Anon Smith 9 months ago +6

    Sweet! The only think I would add is to drill holes in the bottom so that water drains out... of course we get close to 200 inches a year, so maybe you don't need to worry about that... :)

    • tt
      tt 7 months ago +1

      He said that

    • Daniel Pelletier
      Daniel Pelletier 8 months ago +1

      Im pretty sure he said to do that in the video.

  • VR Lolathan
    VR Lolathan 9 months ago

    You can have a dog or cat swing on the tire swing

  • Riyas Panathodi
    Riyas Panathodi 10 months ago

    Loved it.. thank you dear😍

  • Manjunatha MDS
    Manjunatha MDS 10 months ago


  • Cwsing 7
    Cwsing 7 10 months ago +3

    I want yr garden and house it’s so perfect

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  10 months ago

      Thanks for that nice compliment!

  • Bill Thompson
    Bill Thompson Year ago +4

    Great method, mine turned out good. I also drilled some drain holes on the bottom for rain water.

  • Chuck Han
    Chuck Han Year ago +1

    Great instructional video. I did mine just like how you instructed in this video. Thanks for sharing

  • br3wskee
    br3wskee Year ago +2

    Just finished mine! Thank you! New sub!

  • John Limongello
    John Limongello Year ago +2

    I made this tire swing exactly like the video and my kids love it. Great video by the way.
    After having the tire swing for a couple of months I would recommend spending the extra money on purchasing rubber coated tire swing chains from Amazon so you don't have to routinely tighten and adjust the ropes on the tire swing.

  • WON TV
    WON TV Year ago +1

    Good idea Subs

  • Khaled Meftah
    Khaled Meftah Year ago +5

    You thought not only about the safety of children but you thought about the tree as well!. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nathan Mace
    Nathan Mace Year ago +2

    Why can’t you just tie a strong knot

  • Joseph Allert
    Joseph Allert Year ago +4

    Great design, well done.

  • John Limongello
    John Limongello Year ago +4

    Good video... Going to make a tire swing using your instructions.

  • AN.KW. Gallagher
    AN.KW. Gallagher Year ago +3

    Fantastic ! Thank you for sharing this :-)

  • A Person
    A Person Year ago +3

    Those knots are atrocious.

    • Brian Hall
      Brian Hall 7 months ago

      @A Person What knot would you suggest for tying on the tree?

    • A Person
      A Person Year ago

      John Limongello But they are dangerous and not very strong.

    • John Limongello
      John Limongello Year ago

      The knots do the job.

  • دلوعة ابوهه

    واو روعه عاشت ايدك وصارت احلامرجوحه اريدمثله اسوي😢😢😢😢😢👍👏🌹

  • Diesel Maniac
    Diesel Maniac Year ago

    Thanks for a great idea and video!

  • Cmule
    Cmule Year ago +1

    Worked perfect for me. Thanks Chis!!

  • John Keith
    John Keith Year ago +1

    Good video, thanks Chris!

    • John Keith
      John Keith Year ago

      Went out and found a free used semi-truck tire from a nice fella on facebook marketplace. He has tons more. Too bad I can't use them!

  •  Year ago +5

    Great video. All went as planned for me. I purchased 3/8 400lb rope (in a bundle) from Lowe’s. Total costs of everything, including medal was under $30.

  • Jeff Wallace
    Jeff Wallace Year ago

    My friend was hospitalized for weeks when a large branch fell on him. It had an inner tube to “protect” the bark, too. At least inspect the branch regularly for signs of life. Nice video, though.

  • oton oton
    oton oton Year ago +12

    One of the best instructional videos on RU-clip. No gabbing and wasting time about things that have nothing to do with the project. Straightforward simple instructions. Thank you

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  Year ago

      That is great feedback. I try to get right to it in all my videos. Thanks.

  • lisa starves
    lisa starves Year ago +2

    I havint seen this swing .. EVER since the 80$

  • dbsnt s
    dbsnt s Year ago +3

    Wow I am searching this type of swing for my kids and yeah I like your video and this became very perfect thanks

  • Jason Gaudet
    Jason Gaudet Year ago +4

    I really appreciate your time to do this this way, I was also thinking the same thing about the metal clamps and brackets. im definitely going to use your design. Thanks!

  • Nicholas Goodroad
    Nicholas Goodroad Year ago +2

    I installed this yesterday and the kids are having a blast. Finding high-test rope like that was tricky. We sacrificed and installed 310 working weight 5/8" poly rope. It has stretched quite a bit but I think if I make adjustments a few more times, we'll be good.

    • Chris Notap
      Chris Notap  Year ago +1

      Anywhere they sell mountain climbing gear is best for finding really strong rope. A bit pricey but it's for the kids. Worth it.