World of Tanks - The Little Tank That Could

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Today we present the little tank that could, even though technically it almost certainly shouldn't.
    WOT intro by:
    "Trainwreck" by Martin Carlberg, used under license.
    All music licensed from and
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Comments • 811

  • Jon Gabriel Velasquez Johnsen

    I wish there was a way to control eaht videos show up in my feed. I like your wot videos, but i dont care for your other content. Thats why im not subscribed.

  • Adam Symons
    Adam Symons 5 days ago

    I think jingles and quickybaby should attempt this

  • Doomsdaydue
    Doomsdaydue 15 days ago

    Hmm sounds a lot like British light tanks.... ammunition load out and all

  • Devin Aschenbrenner
    Devin Aschenbrenner 17 days ago

    Le Quack

  • james watson
    james watson 17 days ago

    No, not ALL of us have left all the ammo at home.

  • Kreativity OP
    Kreativity OP 20 days ago

    how can anyone dislike this video

  • Jannes Meier
    Jannes Meier 21 day ago

    id say 6k

  • Datwuzfun !!
    Datwuzfun !! 29 days ago

    NO, not everyone has gone to battle without ammo... Gotta be quite stupid to ignore the warnings when clicking battle button.

  • Ridiginal
    Ridiginal 29 days ago

    10 vs 10? What mode is this? I'm a noob

  • Shining Darkness
    Shining Darkness Month ago

    That poor fool in the III J, if only he had realized Dave was not returning a single shot he may have been able to actually do something that game.

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill Month ago

    ive done it were you forget 2 put a repere kit/ fire extinguisher then get anhailated

  • killswitch95
    killswitch95 Month ago

    Can't get ammo racked if you have no ammo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

  • Venator-Class Star Destroyer -

    The amx 40 doesn't spot enemies by seeing them, it spots them by feeling them

  • Cicak Kobeng
    Cicak Kobeng Month ago

    New to the channel and I'm already enjoying it!

  • mILOS88pND
    mILOS88pND Month ago

    I want to hear PHJ's opinion on this result xD

  • Sable Hund
    Sable Hund Month ago

    There is no way, no way there could be a funnier WOT Duck video than this, the music, commentary, everything! Thank you Jingles!

  • Jeronix
    Jeronix Month ago

    10vs10?? What is this? And BOTS? WTF?

  • Davtwan
    Davtwan Month ago

    Considering the checkmark for reloading ammo stays on by default these days, that’s an amazing mistake to make now.
    Nevertheless, we can’t doubt Dave’s enthusiasm for wanting to get closer to the enemy in order to hit them with their sword.

  • Dane B
    Dane B Month ago

    Haha what an amusing match! Thank you for sharing

  • Gangfire
    Gangfire Month ago

    In this video we see a6zero1 driving around the French countryside, a half dozen tourists taking holiday snaps out the firing ports while little Timmy is in the gunner's seat, where he can do absolutely no harm to anyone.

  • Dan Chesser
    Dan Chesser Month ago

    60_plus: This is GREAT!!! Thanks Jingles for a really entertaining video, very funny

  • SirMan McDude
    SirMan McDude Month ago

    *Aggressive Reconnaissance Intensifies*

  • fox 6
    fox 6 Month ago

    i had personally one of my best fights in this little duck tank

  • WII 2
    WII 2 Month ago

    hey jingles big fan of your videos ... im not sure how to send replays to you could you assist me please ?

  • NZ MLN
    NZ MLN Month ago

    He inflicted 5 whole damage to the cruiser... oh Jingles...

  • BOchamp01
    BOchamp01 Month ago

    He's french so he obviously tried to surrender with no ammo loaded and it just failed for once.

  • Jim Park
    Jim Park Month ago

    Shades of the Doom Turtle!

  • wEight
    wEight Month ago +1

    The feeling when you're the luckiest player in the game just because you didn't load ammo.

  • Rogue4Buttons
    Rogue4Buttons Month ago

    I hate running into these. Takes so much effort to hit the weak points

  • LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone

    With automatic ammo reloading as an option, and a warning when you try to enter a battle without ammo, how does anyone but a retard enter a battle with no ammo?

  • caseyycaseyy1
    caseyycaseyy1 Month ago

    Light tank players play better without loading ammo anyways. The best game I ever had in a light tank was in the BT-7, where I ran out of money buying the tank and had to go into a match dry to scrounge up some extra to load up with. It was ensk, and I proceeded to scout the entire enemy team through the train tracks and then get a ram kill on a Medium 3 that would've likely otherwise derped my entire team. Did I die? Well, is the BT-7 fast? Of course I popped like a Toyota getting hit by an Abrams the instant I touched that medium tank, but it was the free honor that made it all worth while. :D

  • Wiremunky1
    Wiremunky1 Month ago

    In the AMX40, the ammo is just for show anyways! Nice job Dave! Putting the T 95 to shame!

  • LeeRoy Jenkins
    LeeRoy Jenkins Month ago

    Very unique match. Well done Dave!!!! Sweet!!!

  • Xenon Arkovick
    Xenon Arkovick Month ago

    fair play = no one can pen you, you won't pen anyone

  • Radu Ceausu
    Radu Ceausu Month ago


  • SouthTexasPrepper
    SouthTexasPrepper Month ago +1

    "Jingles," Loved the song, "Trainwreck." It was very appropriate for this video. "Dave" did a great job spotting, despite not having any ammo. Great Video! Keep up the good work, "Jingles."

  • FireLine2the9
    FireLine2the9 Month ago

    goofy armor angles allow for better OH wait this isnt warthunder, its the dog shite version.

  • Hiker Dude
    Hiker Dude Month ago

    A little experience shooting the captains hatch would've helped that Pz3J and Dave would've been roast duck.

  • Owen Mayes
    Owen Mayes Month ago

    Hi Jingles. Anything recent to show by DrNeckBreaker?

  • Pikkabuu
    Pikkabuu Month ago

    Jingles. Doing 5 damage IS impressive considering that he entered the game without ANY ammunition. Remember that many players WITH ammo do 0 damage in games!

  • vtr0104
    vtr0104 Month ago

    Guys, come on... He was tanking for his Team.
    Get it? Tanking :|

    I'll show myself out......

  • nikola jaksic
    nikola jaksic Month ago

    Jingels that is not a tank that is a duck

  • Joe Noname
    Joe Noname Month ago

    lmao I think we all can agree on one thing - everybody loves Dave:)
    A typical case when the term "wot-clown" gets a completely different meaning!

  • Oscar Jimenez
    Oscar Jimenez Month ago

    I blocked 1500 on my tier 3 bt sv

  • Super_
    Super_ Month ago

    To be honest, situations like these are far easier to get blocked damage. Tier 10, everyone has big guns and can spam apcr at you. Players are also better and can aim for your broken weakspots.

  • Almar AZL9S
    Almar AZL9S Month ago

    One of the most unique WOT videos I've ever seen on this channel. Congrats Dave for surviving that.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Month ago

    They removed this in blitz

  • ThriftStore Hacker
    ThriftStore Hacker Month ago

    Epic fail win.

  • Daniel Zajíc
    Daniel Zajíc Month ago

    shooting in this tank is pointless and you can't get ammoracked without ammo so smart move by Dave

  • emaildavidlehman
    emaildavidlehman Month ago


  • Ian Murdoch
    Ian Murdoch Month ago

    It's like the TF2 "fatscout" subclass

  • Robert Owen
    Robert Owen Month ago

    Ive called him "Teflon-Tank".

  • Lenzabi
    Lenzabi Month ago

    auto-resupply is your friend!

  • Zefanja Eysbroek
    Zefanja Eysbroek Month ago

    I loved playing this tank. Its slow. But my opponents weren't smart either (back then on the beginning on Xbox 360).

  • Gamer Pus
    Gamer Pus Month ago

    Подпишись на меня я подпишусь в ответ.

  • smefour
    smefour Month ago

    The Hotchkiss H35 is also a similar beast in tier 3 (40mm in all directions)

  • LikaV1996
    LikaV1996 Month ago +2

    This is tier 4 bouncing everything
    I sent a replay to jingles of my p2w Obj 252 U
    It's almost the same, except you had to drop 50€ for it

  • AutoFox1
    AutoFox1 Month ago

    This is the most low-tier French thing I've ever seen. Eet eez gloire!

  • steve kolarik
    steve kolarik Month ago


  • Jzolt
    Jzolt Month ago

    I remember a battle on my brothers account in the AMX 40, blocked Just over 4k bcause AT-2 spamming HEAT bounced a whole bunch of shots off me, died, but Nearly killed him too.
    Also remember on my account when i got the covenantor for the first time, and got it fully upgraded with Free exp that i spent weeks saving up cause no premium time pleb, still like that actually, I didn't have enough money for ammo. so.. i camped in the back on airfield at D2.. the joys..