I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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    This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  Month ago +2771

    Subscribe y’all! Much love and thank you for watching ❤️ - Thomas

    • Game Gameplay
      Game Gameplay 23 hours ago

      Wish you complete all tings whats in mind, you really are on the right path :)
      Subscribed xD

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      100 subs no video challenge 3 days ago

      Always seek discomfort....
      please like my comment so I would see this again... and also feel free to subscribe without any reason. thanks.

    • Seaf Halabi
      Seaf Halabi 3 days ago

      Hey , im going to palma de Mallorca

    • Berserk Studios
      Berserk Studios 11 days ago

      Dude if u carry ur pizza delivery guy y can't u get ur subscribers a trip

  • Rebecca Gatt
    Rebecca Gatt 2 hours ago

    yo guys you should really visit Malta one day. it is the jewel of the mediterranian!!!!

  • Leggie Meggie
    Leggie Meggie 4 hours ago

    Lesson to everyone.. GET YOUR PASSPORT!! 😂 ....even if you have no money to travel.. cause you never know!!

  • Aexception
    Aexception 11 hours ago

    How can you not have a passport?

  • chris
    chris 22 hours ago

    Why didn’t he have a uniform on??

  • Hisham Zaza
    Hisham Zaza Day ago

    10:05 I died 😂😂😂😂

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi Day ago

    He doesn't work at a pizzeria tho? He works for postmates, not the same thing, right?

  • Himnish Ishaan
    Himnish Ishaan Day ago +1

    Please come to India vellore

  • User Bots
    User Bots Day ago

    My nigga got free pizza

  • SammySingally
    SammySingally Day ago +1

    When you didn't realise you were part of that 54% till now when you actually looked.......over a year after you started watching their videos.

  • Veronica Leandri

    I was born in Venice, I live and study in Venice and this video really touched me. All of the thing you saw and were amazed by are everyday life for me and sometimes I take them for granted, so thank you so much to have reminded me how beautiful is the city where I live!

  • RÆ G
    RÆ G 2 days ago

    You guys should do a world tour go literally everywhere

  • S J
    S J 2 days ago

    Wait what did the Australian say when Matt asked him if he was having a good time?

  • AliAsghar
    AliAsghar 2 days ago

    i want to start my business and ace it !!!!

  • Matthew Perron-Tennant

    This is the second Yes Theory video I've watched so far. You guys are amazing!!

  • nathan butler
    nathan butler 2 days ago

    I’ve be to Venice

  • Lon LO
    Lon LO 2 days ago

    I love this guys! Hit me up when going to venice again I can walk u aroud!

  • SBroS
    SBroS 2 days ago

    7:45 NEVER

  • Aviriia
    Aviriia 2 days ago

    Next video: Take one of your subscribers on a holiday!

  • Othman Al S
    Othman Al S 3 days ago

    salam alaikm my journey is to read all the reglious book Jews christians Muslim ,curiosity

  • Mariana Marimarimariana

    I am truly blessed to say that everything I saw during this video I got to see in person!

  • sayuj rana
    sayuj rana 3 days ago

    Alease? typing mistake at the end ?

  • Jessica Liang
    Jessica Liang 3 days ago

    the place where peter Parker film the movie 🎥

  • Marsh P
    Marsh P 3 days ago +4

    Okay I’m going out now and I have my passport with me! Who knows

  • alezx22
    alezx22 3 days ago

    Why guys didn't you pass in Milan? :-(

  • Geir Fossaberg
    Geir Fossaberg 3 days ago

    Wauw this is soo inspiring 🤪 He is soo happy 😃

  • DanTheDino
    DanTheDino 3 days ago +6

    Who else is getting Spider-Man vibes from this

  • Loreta Brunton
    Loreta Brunton 3 days ago

    The editing is unreal wow

  • 100 subs no video challenge

    Always seek discomfort....
    please like my comment so I would see this again... and also feel free to subscribe without any reason. thanks.

  • Alessandro Micheli
    Alessandro Micheli 3 days ago

    Like se sei italiano

  • DavidSriracha
    DavidSriracha 3 days ago

    Keep on making video 😁

  • Britzz
    Britzz 3 days ago

    It’s pizza time

  • Ally Woolley
    Ally Woolley 3 days ago

    Hi. I just spun my globe and landed on, the ocean....bummer, I really wanted a chance to travel with you to a far off land.

  • Chloe Feldmane
    Chloe Feldmane 3 days ago

    Woooow so glad I found you guys! I find you respectful to the places you visit, you arent rowdy and loud like most vloggers. Much love!!

  • martijn koks
    martijn koks 4 days ago

    5:38 water boat?😂😂 I thought a boat was for in the air😂😂. Sry guys love yall

  • Azazel
    Azazel 4 days ago

    In the country I live in it's illegal to go around without your passport after the age of 16

  • oh my lawd
    oh my lawd 4 days ago

    If I had the chance I would love to visit the alps in Europe , I live in England so its acessable, it's just traveling alone is the problem.

  • Sam Cashit
    Sam Cashit 4 days ago

    Fun thing im close to italy rn at vacation 😂😂

  • Claro Austria
    Claro Austria 4 days ago

    This is like Spider-Man far from home recreated

  • r e t r o m o m
    r e t r o m o m 4 days ago


  • holidayonion
    holidayonion 4 days ago

    If I was given this opportunity, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone would have been my pick. I've wanted to go for years!

  • Pixie MacCarthy
    Pixie MacCarthy 4 days ago

    This is brilliant! :D

  • monivideosable
    monivideosable 4 days ago

    Can you take to me to London? to enjoy the things i didnt enjoy because i thought i would be living there, my boyfriend dumped when preparing the visa.

  • Zak Zaid
    Zak Zaid 4 days ago

    I mean who don’t got a passport 😕😕😕

  • anotherjourneyman
    anotherjourneyman 4 days ago

    Have an Internship interview today. Ill say thats ok timing to watch this?

  • NeverNedDead
    NeverNedDead 4 days ago

    I mean it is nice! But god the flight takes so long for just one weekend :D You must love the way to do that XD

  • Katie Haupt
    Katie Haupt 5 days ago

    my first step: meeting with a Marine Corps recruiter tomorrow

  • Noah Kelley
    Noah Kelley 5 days ago

    These videos make me feel good about the world and the people in it.

  • Laura Clark
    Laura Clark 5 days ago

    If I went to Italy with the guys, I don't even know. Wow.

  • alex santiago
    alex santiago 5 days ago

    Get him a job with you guys pizza man got some photo skills

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 5 days ago

    Take a homeless person on a dream holiday

  • Jakeymach06
    Jakeymach06 5 days ago

    My first step is passport lol

  • SwiftStar Games
    SwiftStar Games 5 days ago

    10:08 LMAO

  • SwiftStar Games
    SwiftStar Games 5 days ago

    One day I will be on yes theory.
    Like he said only one life and I got some shit to do. I wanna see some bucket list. Comment atleast 3 things on your bucket list as a reply!
    Mine are:
    Say yes to anything yes theory asks
    Go on the show survivor
    Have 1 million in my savings
    Bonus goal of mine:
    Adopt atleast 6 kids and have an at home animal shelter by 40

  • Sten PlayZ
    Sten PlayZ 5 days ago

    Well i met the heat wave im dutch THATS Europe to and in the Netherlands normally it’s 27° celscius in the summer this summer it was 47° Celsius

  • axo1
    axo1 5 days ago

    Wow, the Americans just entering Europe whenever they please.
    I wish most of us Europeans could do the same...

  • joost lamink
    joost lamink 5 days ago

    Every time my friends ask me to go out, they say that I cant let down a adventure. And so I go with them and its fun and all, but gosh... adventures hurt the next day

  • Regan Stewart
    Regan Stewart 5 days ago

    man i think i should get a passport incase i meet these guys. awesome video, i subscribed!!

  • Martina Cartigiano
    Martina Cartigiano 5 days ago

    You guys were having breakfast at my fav place (DolceVita) and partying at the most students-populated area and I didn't know WHYYYY

  • Adam Lev
    Adam Lev 5 days ago +1

    13:55 You uhh... ya made a typo.... hehe

  • Megz Bartsch
    Megz Bartsch 5 days ago

    Alease subscribe guys!

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    Innerheart Reachme 5 days ago

    The Honda Helpful guys of this video.

  • Beau Ockley Oare
    Beau Ockley Oare 5 days ago

    Dude. I'm subscribed. I just want to throw an amazing birthday party for my mom this month! In August. She has been through so much I.. cried. I want to give her the world but if you all could help I will do the rest! I would give her the moon and more!

  • jamarus jackson
    jamarus jackson 5 days ago

    New York pizza is better

  • KekeLew
    KekeLew 6 days ago

    My hub and I need to travel more, so the first step is to get passports! Yall seemed like you were all old buddies, so happy for JP (?)

  • engkvist
    engkvist 6 days ago

    was at the exact same cocktail bar with smoothies, ahah they are so good at getting customers its ridiculous

    CIA AGENT 6 days ago

    MrBeast but a group

  • we are spartan's
    we are spartan's 6 days ago

    Make him your professional photographer

  • Xavier GamingEx
    Xavier GamingEx 6 days ago

    When he said water boat I was like hold up there is a land boat

    FBI:Wait that's illegal

  • Stefan Edlund
    Stefan Edlund 6 days ago

    I wish I was your pizza delivery guy..

  • Sarah Ball
    Sarah Ball 6 days ago

    Wait what, is it common for people in America to not have a passport?

    DJB GAMING 6 days ago

    20 More Minutes until the Doc! Been watching the clock for a week.

    DJB GAMING 6 days ago

    "What's up Dude! You ready to go to Italy!" Face Palm Thomas!

  • Taran Smith
    Taran Smith 6 days ago

    Guys at the start happen to be hunted by ICE.... get deported from your video

  • joshua777 aaa
    joshua777 aaa 6 days ago

    Moving to Japan one of my ultimate dreams.