• Published on Mar 10, 2018
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  • Jayden Mcclellan
    Jayden Mcclellan 2 days ago

    The 1s

  • Jayden Mcclellan
    Jayden Mcclellan 2 days ago

    There sick

  • Steve Tan
    Steve Tan 7 days ago

    Do you only get one shoe from the vending machine?

  • Eddie Orender
    Eddie Orender 12 days ago

    Hahahahha lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan
    Ryan 13 days ago

    What are those shoes he was cleaning In the Intro

    • Julian Gorman
      Julian Gorman 11 days ago

      Off white x Nike Jordan's 1 eu exclusive

  • Atomic _Stickey
    Atomic _Stickey 14 days ago +1

    Y this vid not 7

  • Kano Fyhrus
    Kano Fyhrus 15 days ago

    I’m watching this when part 7 came out

  • TheBattlefront2
    TheBattlefront2 19 days ago +18

    Where’s Sneakerheads be like: Part 8

    • Adan Cortes
      Adan Cortes 7 days ago

      @therandomarcade No on sneaker heads be like part 7 he said there would be a part 8

    • TheRandomArcade
      TheRandomArcade 17 days ago

      TheBattlefront2 I think he said 7 was the last one 😭

  • joaquin ortiz
    joaquin ortiz 20 days ago

    yo I live by the coliseum

  • Namraxx
    Namraxx 26 days ago


  • Miguel Rulez1
    Miguel Rulez1 Month ago

    Your thumbnail looks like that barber iykyk

  • Baylin Costa
    Baylin Costa Month ago

    After sneakers heads be like do sneaker heads part 7.000001

  • ッ?edmar
    ッ?edmar Month ago

    Gay ass all the sneaker head vids are the same

  • Justin Hawkes
    Justin Hawkes Month ago

    Hype beast lmao

  • SyCokillzz -yt
    SyCokillzz -yt Month ago

    Tha hand shake y’all did in the airplane is also a gang handshake

  • TeamWaffles
    TeamWaffles Month ago

    They don’t show him winning the machine because it’s rigged and they can’t actually win lol

  • Shiba Gang
    Shiba Gang Month ago

    1:34 I have those shoes in real life they're lit

  • Darwin Mahaffey
    Darwin Mahaffey Month ago

    901 Shelby drive!!!! M town.

  • Ghostsoul_22 -
    Ghostsoul_22 - Month ago

    What is with his finger

  • James Evans
    James Evans Month ago

    What are the white shoes he’s wearing at the end?

  • Bailey Miller
    Bailey Miller Month ago

    This is literally me

  • Henry Harding
    Henry Harding Month ago

    Actually like 1:50

  • Henry Harding
    Henry Harding Month ago

    Did any body else hear him say goat x st 1:54

  • Ezra S
    Ezra S Month ago

    Fam just stay here im going to the atm to get a 20 comes back with a stack of 10's

  • Ligga Mckrevar
    Ligga Mckrevar Month ago

    Ur gf justed used like 4 times in a sentence

  • Jazz Hoare
    Jazz Hoare Month ago


    NOOBS FC! Month ago +2

    Anyone here August 2019

  • Logan Haggerty
    Logan Haggerty Month ago

    Look alive

  • JaJaMango
    JaJaMango Month ago

    3:43 i love that music what is it called please someone tell me

    • Eaplx
      Eaplx Month ago

      LDR-Mango_Mango i need to know to

  • murtaza malik
    murtaza malik Month ago

    How come you only get one shoe at the claw machine

    • murtaza malik
      murtaza malik Month ago


    • Bernie Curse
      Bernie Curse Month ago

      murtaza malik He didn’t actually win he had a pair of those exact yeezys and put them there to make it seem as if he won em

  • Lil Candy
    Lil Candy Month ago

    Ahmed/wajeeh where are from

  • Kay Felder
    Kay Felder Month ago

    My man said at 1:52 they are going for a 1000 on goatx

  • Aaryan Akhil
    Aaryan Akhil Month ago

    Wheres sneaker heads be like part 8?

  • Stephen Jackson
    Stephen Jackson Month ago

    those eqts have boost when I got my first pair of eqts they didn
    't have boost!!!:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Jodie Hope
    Jodie Hope Month ago

    isn't it stockx

  • Jodie Hope
    Jodie Hope Month ago

    What is gox

  • fRiXy:\
    fRiXy:\ Month ago

    I wish I had good shoes 😢😢

  • l a n i
    l a n i Month ago

    *3:36** Nah, he probably had the shoe on. 🤔🤔*

  • PokemonAssociate
    PokemonAssociate 2 months ago

    2:42 traaaash

  • tooms brother
    tooms brother 2 months ago +3

    me and the boys enjoying a bright summer day: 1:36
    my 5 year old mentally challenged brother after jumping in our cold pool: 3:34

  • SkinnyPepe33
    SkinnyPepe33 2 months ago

    I cant tell if this guys indian/pakadtani or hispanic

  • Jordan Da silva
    Jordan Da silva 2 months ago

    Oh you were on vacation too I’m going today

  • Jordyn Mcfly Williams
    Jordyn Mcfly Williams 2 months ago

    U from the bay?😳

  • Ethan Forstrom-Courtot
    Ethan Forstrom-Courtot 2 months ago

    Love the vids bro keep up the grinding

  • Awoken
    Awoken 2 months ago

    Lol part 8 pls

  • Alekeci
    Alekeci 2 months ago

    What’s the reference of the pants at 4:15 pleaseee

  • Jefferson Bajuyo
    Jefferson Bajuyo 2 months ago

    i think his the admin of 7k🔥

  • lil storm liliy
    lil storm liliy 2 months ago

    Hey qews

  • bLAcK ChInA
    bLAcK ChInA 2 months ago

    50% don’t know what sneakerhead is

  • Ryze1k
    Ryze1k 2 months ago

    When he goes imma beat yo ass

  • Cris Robert Felder
    Cris Robert Felder 2 months ago +1

    I have hyperdunk and thats how i treat it like in the intro

  • Bubba Gray
    Bubba Gray 2 months ago

    0:00 you forgot to clean the bottom

  • Adub
    Adub 2 months ago

    Click bait extraordinaire

  • Adub
    Adub 2 months ago

    So stupid and retarted, such shitty actors does anyone actually believe this garbage

  • XethanX Beats
    XethanX Beats 2 months ago +3

    I wonder how long it took them to film the scene where they were trying to get the yeezys from the claw machine 😂😂

  • Dude I like Asphalt 8
    Dude I like Asphalt 8 2 months ago

    Sneakerheads be like part 8

  • greatdiamond555
    greatdiamond555 3 months ago


  • Alberto Chavira
    Alberto Chavira 3 months ago

    4:29 voice crack

  • Christopher Ramirez
    Christopher Ramirez 3 months ago

    Haha the first skit was relatable I hate people who cut off the shoes.Got to show wtf I’m rocking

  • KamiyadaNotKamiyaha
    KamiyadaNotKamiyaha 3 months ago +2

    Always gotta keep the shoes clean👌 on rainy days I wear a plastic bag over my off white air maxs