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BTS (방탄소년단) 화양연화 pt.1 '花樣年華' Comeback Trailer

  • Published on Apr 17, 2015
  • BTS (방탄소년단) 화양연화 pt.1 '花樣年華' Comeback Trailer
    BTS 3rd Mini Album will be released on April 29.
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    DADDY KINK 20 hours ago +1

    Vaya hace tanto tiempo... Ya ni recordaba esto

  • Stephanie Consunji
    Stephanie Consunji 23 hours ago

    I'm here after reading Save Me 😂

  • Mika Lo
    Mika Lo Day ago

    I played the album to try to figure out the webtoon.

  • ivica Bautista
    ivica Bautista 3 days ago +3



  • Sarangapani Mridula
    Sarangapani Mridula 3 days ago +1

    After boy with LUV?

  • MsuGa 93
    MsuGa 93 4 days ago

    So talented

  • F.B.I.
    F.B.I. 5 days ago +1

    My favourite anime opening

  • Oriana Aguayo
    Oriana Aguayo 6 days ago

    Suga ? Omg

  • stan loona
    stan loona 6 days ago

    hyyh is coming back!!!

  • - ѕerendιpιтy
    - ѕerendιpιтy 6 days ago +1

    *_Teorías,amo las teorías 💖_*

    KATARINARCE 8 days ago +1

    Army in 2019??💜💜

  • Pork Cutlet bowl :3
    Pork Cutlet bowl :3 8 days ago

    This is really good :0

  • park Karen
    park Karen 8 days ago

    Beautiful Memories ❤
    Someone in May 2019?

  • nikki j
    nikki j 8 days ago

    I watch this when i feel sad and depressed. This song help me a lot. Thank you bts.

  • Anh Nguyễn Phương
    Anh Nguyễn Phương 10 days ago

    Can never get over this masterpiece

  • Manalisha Thakuria
    Manalisha Thakuria 10 days ago

    I was not an army in this era I'm an after wings era army I missed it I really like this era so much 😭💜

  • Dr. Seyyida
    Dr. Seyyida 12 days ago

    this is 4m but now their songs are over 100m

  • Bad 123
    Bad 123 15 days ago


  • nochuu
    nochuu 16 days ago +2


  • :스테시
    :스테시 19 days ago +4

    *anyone here in 2019?* ☁️

  • Mario Ramirez mercado
    Mario Ramirez mercado 20 days ago

    Cómo es que no conocía está joya

  • MinYong KPOPERA
    MinYong KPOPERA 21 day ago +2

    2019 ?

  • 모구모구
    모구모구 21 day ago +1

    Anyone after 'Boy With Luv'?

  • Fidha Thidil
    Fidha Thidil 22 days ago +1

    RM on fire🔥

  • certified fan
    certified fan 22 days ago +1

    4 yrs gone so fast but still and forever an army even am at the last stage of death but still remembering when was they debut and make so much inspirational songs and when I'm healthy and can walk can go to buy their new albums and can go to concerts ,can go to their fansigh event those were the most precious moments even in my the doctor said I can die any moment so I just come here to bring back some memories
    One last my wish: bts and army and everybody stay healthy, wealthy,happy,do what u want, achieve ur goals

  • Crybaby Loves
    Crybaby Loves 23 days ago

    They r writhing the name of the song in Korean can someone tell it in eng?

  • Дима Самец
    Дима Самец 23 days ago +1


  • Victoria Kister
    Victoria Kister 24 days ago

    Anyone here because this is a masterpiece we miss?

  • army's de corazón
    army's de corazón 25 days ago

    My life not is a fail
    X bts

  • WhalienS2
    WhalienS2 25 days ago +1


  • Chim's Yeon kim in
    Chim's Yeon kim in 26 days ago

    AHHHHHHHHHHH MY THERE'S BUT.... My recommended bringi my out oldies. But goodies and.... well Boy with Love is a mix of oldies yet goodies.... my thoughts are our boys r bringing back the older songs and mixing them to make amazing and new songs.... again just theories
    Like if u agree at least somewhat 👇👇👇🖒

  • 하이소행복
    하이소행복 26 days ago

    마음을 치는 가사에 숨이 턱 !!!! 아~~~~~멍해진다.

    BTS I PURPLE YOU 26 days ago +2


  • Cirque du Creep
    Cirque du Creep 26 days ago

    *intro: yoongi breathes*
    *2019: i see you, villain* 💋
    this track is literally still on my running playlist 💭 so calming.

  • taehyung is my ikigai
    taehyung is my ikigai 29 days ago +1

    I'm back from the webtoon and damn they've been planning this for a damn long time, it's impressive.

  • Breno Santana
    Breno Santana 29 days ago +1

    This is the most beautiful and emotional song that i ever listen ❤❤❤ thank you Min Suga.

  • kettle belle
    kettle belle Month ago +4


  • Kook_ 97
    Kook_ 97 Month ago +2

    Abril 2019

  • Уляна Жилка
    Уляна Жилка Month ago +3


  • Milagros Sanchez
    Milagros Sanchez Month ago +2

    Éste es el comentario en español que buscabas ;v ...

  • Park Ji Yoon
    Park Ji Yoon Month ago +1

    this is the best bts album i think

  • Lara I love nekos
    Lara I love nekos Month ago

    My sugaaaaa!! My baby!!

  • Татьяна Хребтова


    J HOPE NOODLES Month ago +1

    Awww my babies growed so big im so proud of them

  • Angela
    Angela Month ago +5

    Can’t believe this was released exactly 4 years ago! My first ever comeback with BTS😭💜

  • Niharika doesn't care
    Niharika doesn't care Month ago +1

    happy 4 year anniversary!!!!!!

  • Mai Yen Dang
    Mai Yen Dang Month ago +1

    Xin chào mình đến từ 15/4/2019 đây 👋👋

  • 《Melanny 》
    《Melanny 》 Month ago +3


  • Armelyn Pascual
    Armelyn Pascual Month ago +2

    I'm scared

  • Nastia Lovely
    Nastia Lovely Month ago +1

    Почему меня смущает, что цветок появился ещё здесь? Хмм, загадки БХ. ㅋㅋㅋ

  • nicolee pA
    nicolee pA Month ago +2

    omg this rap was awesome

  • julio oculos 2
    julio oculos 2 Month ago +5

    Suga rap

  • NeverLeave Tae
    NeverLeave Tae Month ago +2


  • Hwajeong Jeong
    Hwajeong Jeong Month ago +4

    This is BTS, they make music that's gonna be still the best 4 yrs later....

  • Hwajeong Jeong
    Hwajeong Jeong Month ago +3

    요즘 이것만 맨날 들어 ㅠㅠ 너무 좋아 슈가

  • Drag Kawaii
    Drag Kawaii Month ago


  • Soyeon is a cutiepie
    Soyeon is a cutiepie Month ago +2

    Heeeeh, Why I never knew about this? and I am subscribe to BigHit since early 2014 :.. DAMN YOU RU-clip!!

  • Leni King
    Leni King Month ago +1

    Is there someone else who came here after Map of the Soul

    TAE TAE Month ago +3

    Any one here after boy with luv ? 💜

  • Vlog dos retardados
    Vlog dos retardados Month ago +1

    Mano.....tô entendo é nada;-:

  • Janice Barbajo
    Janice Barbajo Month ago +2

    APRIL 2019?

  • Hey There
    Hey There Month ago +1

    Just like in the webtoon, what if it becomes a series?^○^

  • Jung Kook
    Jung Kook Month ago +2

    تمر ساعات انتظر
    وتمر ايام اتمنى
    ويمر عمري وانا

  • Y. S.F.
    Y. S.F. Month ago

    Full of soul in this rap

  • eym revilla
    eym revilla Month ago

    Fck all of a sudden all bts teasers and trailer are all in my recommendation

  • aryan sameer
    aryan sameer Month ago +1

    any one here after boy with luv teaser 2?

  • Miriam Dukes
    Miriam Dukes Month ago

    Who's here after the last Save Me episode? My mind can't wrap around the intricate universe Bighit has created! Also stream Persona on April 12!!!

  • Bae Joohyun’s Wife
    Bae Joohyun’s Wife Month ago +2


  • A pinch of disappointment

    Now that more people are watching this, I feel that it’s important for people to understand the meaning of the song. Credit to @Lynn Eksonyeondan for the trans.
    The rim looks farther away today
    Sighs are building on top of the court
    The boy is afraid of reality
    But his heart is at peace
    only when he throws the ball,
    Throwing the ball by himself.
    What I’m shooting at the rim
    Are my countless thoughts and worries
    I pretend not to know the world,
    But my body’s still not ready
    The court is my playground.
    With my small movements,
    A small ball bounces next to my feet.
    The results are as low as the floor,
    But I just shout out loud to the world that
    Everything’s gonna be alright.
    But the world gives me fear,
    Then nonstop thoughts fill my head.
    And instead of the ball,
    I throw my future.
    Because of other’s standards of success,
    My worries spread like cancer again
    ((GOD DAMNIT))
    With the thrown ball,
    Laughter starts to spread,
    My breathe rises to my chin,
    My dreams squirm about.
    The dribbles get faster,
    My heart happier,
    feels like this moment’ll last forever.
    But the sun is setting
    The night comes again
    Reality gets destroyed.
    When I nap out of it,
    I’m a scared idiot again.
    I keep getting scared at the looming
    Sense of reality.
    Others are running ahead
    But why am I still here?
    Breathe on, dream
    Row the oars with your own heartbeat.
    If you are trapped in others’ judgements,
    The sun will set on your life like a court.
    This moment won’t ever come again.
    I’m asking myself again;
    Am I happy right now?
    The answer is already there:
    *I’m happy*

  • Jikook Moon
    Jikook Moon Month ago +2

    Persona is here in two days. lets get it.

  • Little Min Yoongi
    Little Min Yoongi Month ago +1

    I LOVE YOU! 💜💜💜

  • Jyoti Mishra
    Jyoti Mishra Month ago

    Anyone from 2019?

  • iness So
    iness So Month ago


  • Ris Yumiko
    Ris Yumiko Month ago

    Be aware of Bighit
    They drop a Bomb!!!! 😂😂👏👏👏

  • ara
    ara Month ago

    Esta canción pocas personas la conocen... Pero lentamente tomará el reconocimiento que merece

  • dita kh
    dita kh Month ago

    Suddenly i see it in my recommendation.......

  • hannahbianca
    hannahbianca Month ago

    Here to prepar myself for the comeback this friday. Djdmdhjdhc

  • Marieanne Itchon
    Marieanne Itchon Month ago

    Recommendations? 2019? Days before the comeback?

  • Hannah Zimmerman
    Hannah Zimmerman Month ago

    In the beginning it sounds like they're whispering Hannah and that's my name

    SUGAR Month ago

    Stay Loyal to Hobi
    Stay Loyal to Hobi
    Stay Loyal to Hobi
    Stay Loyal to Hobi
    Me: 1:04

  • Umaima BANGTAN
    Umaima BANGTAN Month ago

    How come it released 3 years ago and I am seeing this now in recommended ?

  • ruby arellano
    ruby arellano Month ago

    2019? Ahre

  • Grecia Veliz
    Grecia Veliz Month ago

    2019 ?

  • Leonardo Ravinci
    Leonardo Ravinci Month ago +2

    4 years ago and this anime still hasnt been dropped im sad now

  • Ness Winter
    Ness Winter Month ago

    I want to scream this needs English subs! This is emotional and I don't know why but it has the flowers too

  • 소비
    소비 Month ago


  • TaeJin 52
    TaeJin 52 Month ago

    intro hyyh pt.1 dan pt.2 animasi smua 😂 yg nyanyi suga smua pula

  • Micaela Sangari
    Micaela Sangari Month ago


    LOVE STORY Month ago

    *سبحان مغير الاحوال* ❤


    Why this is recommended 😭😭

  • Frohar Mashhad
    Frohar Mashhad Month ago

    This is really good🥵

  • Mariale Ayala
    Mariale Ayala Month ago

    Im crying

  • Ran ea
    Ran ea Month ago

    انك تمزق قلبي يا صغيري ╥﹏╥💔👉

  • Ran ea
    Ran ea Month ago

    كم مره علي ان امزق قلبي 😢💔

  • 전씨걸
    전씨걸 Month ago

    하아... 와 추억이다 진짜..

  • Hoài Phạm
    Hoài Phạm Month ago


  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim Month ago

    ARMY!!! You know what you should do on 04/12😉

  • Queen Ramirez
    Queen Ramirez Month ago

    Imma die wtf

  • 정국전
    정국전 Month ago

    1:59 Was Jin too late to save his friends?