I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money? These Xbox One S and X consoles came from a liquidation company. I'm hoping to be able to make money off this salvage lot but there are several problems with Xboxes that I've never been able to fix so wish me luck!
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    About This Video: Xbox One S and X consoles are usually not too hard to fix. That being said there are several problems that they have that I've never been able to figure out how to fix. I took a chance and bought 18 broken Xboxes from a salvage liquidation company to see if I could fix them and it I could make money on them.
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  • TronicsFix
    TronicsFix  2 months ago +3403

    How many do you think I can fix?

  • ZeekPlayz
    ZeekPlayz Day ago

    can I buy one?

  • Yusuf A
    Yusuf A Day ago

    Love it !

  • James Mudie
    James Mudie Day ago

    I guarantee, the guy with the first Xbox, got shot and hulk smashed his xbox...

  • Sabeel Shaikh
    Sabeel Shaikh Day ago

    10:00 that's why they call you a moron 😂😂

  • Harfounet HFG
    Harfounet HFG Day ago

    All I need is a ClickBaitFix.

  • Badrush
    Badrush Day ago

    Why is it okay to just scrape off those layers on the first Xbox? Wouldn't it damage the circuitry?

  • Dangerna
    Dangerna Day ago

    Steve you're doing it wrong, you don't know what your doing, you're a moron.

  • asdasdasd dasdasdasd
    asdasdasd dasdasdasd 2 days ago +1

    The next recommended video spoilers that he will only fix 2 xboxes so its pointless and less fun to watch after half of the video. My oppinion.

    The FR LEGEND 2 days ago

    #2 I know the solution unplug the power supply blow on it and plug back always works for me :)

  • Dillon
    Dillon 2 days ago

    1:20 into the video, wow Microsoft has gotten cheap with their xbox's, they are just cheap plastic with tabs? what happen to metal/plastic back plates with small screws that were hard to break? Lol. 2:00 in, ok plastic shell, but still.

  • Hyperfeather
    Hyperfeather 2 days ago

    Steve please. Your doing it wrong. God🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Hhg Snjz
      Hhg Snjz 2 days ago

      Honestly, he's such a moron.

  • nivodeus
    nivodeus 2 days ago

    i always cringe at the click, despite knowing it mean i was doing the right thing, whenever opening electronic device case to fix them.

  • SnowPulse
    SnowPulse 2 days ago

    If you have an extra one ill buy it from you

  • Knight
    Knight 2 days ago

    I have a cuestion, hopefully you'll read: What happens if i replace my 500g HD to a 2TB HD? (XBOS model) it still have the full OS running correctly? Or there's something important on the original HDD?
    Greetings from Mexico City my man

  • Estêvão Alvarenga
    Estêvão Alvarenga 2 days ago

    thats so cool
    youre amazing!

  • Vinicius Borges
    Vinicius Borges 2 days ago

    Nobody: How many broken Xbox can you fix?
    TronicsFix: Yes!

  • David DM
    David DM 2 days ago +1

    I was thinking "hey, this could be a good side-hustle" and then gave up by 6:20.

  • MistweaverJC
    MistweaverJC 2 days ago +5

    Did you check the flux capacitor? i think it's suppose to be set to 1.21 gigawatts

  • Stanzb
    Stanzb 2 days ago

    sTeVe YoU'rE dOiNg It WrOnG

  • Ollie
    Ollie 2 days ago

    my fan on my xbox is really annoying

  • HomeSchoolSquad
    HomeSchoolSquad 2 days ago

    This was a lot of fun to watch. I love seeing the Xbox one down to the system board. Thanks for posting this. Subscribed for sure.

  • Thunderbird
    Thunderbird 2 days ago

    too much thermal paste

  • Mississippi Audits
    Mississippi Audits 2 days ago

    15:12 what is a motherbode?

  • SVTsupercharged Hi
    SVTsupercharged Hi 2 days ago

    Have fun selling them... Nobody buys Xbox's anymore. Interesting video though.

  • Man Animal
    Man Animal 2 days ago

    Should have used a load tester to check your power supply and wheter it could support the typical current draw as well as using a regulated 12VDC bench supply so you don't some more than the component that is already blown.

  • Breacher Jr
    Breacher Jr 2 days ago

    Why is it that 5 and 6 are perfect for each other?

  • theanonymous
    theanonymous 2 days ago

    Was an interesting one, and you look like an indian actor

  • Joan Pons
    Joan Pons 2 days ago

    The poor quality of Xbox really surprise me. Probably Ps4 is the same trash. And they called this the next gen years ago... hahaha let me laugh. Even with a trash hdd xd

  • Mobin Babu Chirackal

    Beat it like how you do it with remote first

  • The vloger 1.2
    The vloger 1.2 2 days ago


  • onebozo4u
    onebozo4u 2 days ago

    Where do you sell you items?

  • Moritz Korsch
    Moritz Korsch 2 days ago

    I had an uneasy feeling when you were pointing at something under the running fan with your graphite pencil. If it hit the fanblades, I imagine some of the conductive material getting broken off and dispersed onto the electronics. Could this actually be a problem or are the particles too tiny to do anything?

  • Aiden fucking Obrien

    I love your videos so much lol they always intrest me tons and im not even much of a tech person

  • gottfer
    gottfer 3 days ago

    60$ the broken Xbox lmao idiot

  • Kingofkings_YT
    Kingofkings_YT 3 days ago

    can you fix my laptop XD

  • Aart Jansen
    Aart Jansen 3 days ago

    I wonder how many carcinogens are in the toxic smoke of burning electronic

  • Deathwalker
    Deathwalker 3 days ago

    kys plz

  • bighemi57
    bighemi57 3 days ago

    eBay ad: original owner mint condition used only twice. No controllers & no power cord. No refunds.

  • Ludvigdreng
    Ludvigdreng 3 days ago

    The layers you were scraping, what are those made of?

  • Gamer Rodz
    Gamer Rodz 3 days ago

    5:30 my God i could only think of the dentist

  • J T
    J T 3 days ago

    number 4 owner wasn’t patient

  • JimiJop Woodstock
    JimiJop Woodstock 3 days ago

    Turn them into ps5s , Xbox suck

  • McNasty
    McNasty 3 days ago


  • WickedHandzz
    WickedHandzz 3 days ago +9

    Who the hell forgot Rainbow Six Siege in it's console? C'mon, show yourself!

  • Insomnus_
    Insomnus_ 3 days ago

    Song? 11:20

    • Insomnus_
      Insomnus_ 2 days ago

      Nvm, I found it....
      "Just Don't Get Enough of Me" by MindMe

  • Big Fudge
    Big Fudge 3 days ago

    why didn't he try hitting them with a hammer, that usually fixes things?

  • Moonpie Spotlight
    Moonpie Spotlight 3 days ago

    Because you have background music, no I could not hear the fan hitting anything.

  • Brokemechanic FPV
    Brokemechanic FPV 3 days ago

    What scope you using?

  • Odeo
    Odeo 3 days ago

    the motherboard is bleeding because it didn't floss

  • Kingpin
    Kingpin 3 days ago

    Just use ramen to fix them

  • Wren Dooley
    Wren Dooley 3 days ago

    Do you fix controllers?

  • Santander Black
    Santander Black 3 days ago

    No.2 & no.3 to much cpu paste comes out on capacitors.

  • khayelihle mthembu
    khayelihle mthembu 3 days ago +4

    You should have just plugged the cable to the Xbox power supply first before switching it on

  • Orlando Bravo
    Orlando Bravo 3 days ago

    you don't know shzt the f you're talking about

  • David
    David 3 days ago +2

    Good video to show why I dont buy "refurbished" electronics. You never really know if it is really fixed or not.

  • BaasB007
    BaasB007 3 days ago

    04:20 you are a morron

  • vida segun richie
    vida segun richie 3 days ago

    wow man really interesting

  • ZK Videos
    ZK Videos 3 days ago

    you need to learn to apply thermal paste...

  • Burgerletsplayz
    Burgerletsplayz 3 days ago

    Is it just me or does the Xbox One S look bigger on camera.

  • MrBabygirl85
    MrBabygirl85 3 days ago

    You going that long

  • WackyFlappyBobb
    WackyFlappyBobb 3 days ago +8

    14:16 "One down, 17 more to go." I'm glad I watched this in 2x speed.

    • barkley128
      barkley128 Day ago

      Yeah, the amount of work to just do this all the time.. I seriously got sweaty and was cursing, just while changing the thermal paste on this damn thing. It demands patience.

  • Evlordez
    Evlordez 3 days ago +65

    Who else is in the comments looking for the people who he said were going to say “Steve you’re doing it wrong”

  • JakeXXXJeff
    JakeXXXJeff 3 days ago

    Why would they register something trivial like a disc drive to the motherboard!? Oh, right... planned obsolescence.

    MACK ATTACK 4 days ago

    Is it worth the time

  • Ty Morgan
    Ty Morgan 4 days ago

    Did you try rice?

  • nebi lahu
    nebi lahu 4 days ago

    you do not know what your doing

  • Richard Friedlander
    Richard Friedlander 4 days ago

    Great video. I noticed that aputure led array light you were using. What was the model of that. Thanks

  • Mritbs HD
    Mritbs HD 4 days ago

    Please give me one fixed

  • Woodrow Barry
    Woodrow Barry 4 days ago

    you put to little thermal paste. put more.. eheheh