I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money? These Xbox One S and X consoles came from a liquidation company. I'm hoping to be able to make money off this salvage lot but there are several problems with Xboxes that I've never been able to fix so wish me luck!
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    About This Video: Xbox One S and X consoles are usually not too hard to fix. That being said there are several problems that they have that I've never been able to figure out how to fix. I took a chance and bought 18 broken Xboxes from a salvage liquidation company to see if I could fix them and it I could make money on them.
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  • TronicsFix
    TronicsFix  5 months ago +3943

    How many do you think I can fix?

  • colin ewen
    colin ewen Hour ago

    You seem very knowledgeable and competent to me.
    Hope you made your money back.

  • QMT JinX
    QMT JinX 3 hours ago

    its pretty fun watching you trying to fix all them xbox s

  • ZayC1lpz YT
    ZayC1lpz YT 5 hours ago

    Hello I have a serious question I’m 17 and like to fix on things do u know where I can go to school or what subject in school I can do to do these type of thing or learn

  • Steven Massey
    Steven Massey 9 hours ago

    At 17:15 what was that stuff he used to free the chip and seal the replacement?

  • Szãm A
    Szãm A 12 hours ago

    Have tried turning it off and on again

  • Jaden McCourt
    Jaden McCourt 12 hours ago

    5:20 why you bully

  • Stefan Ræbild
    Stefan Ræbild 19 hours ago

    Try it with iPhones, 18 📱 = 18 lawsuits😂

  • diesel92kj1
    diesel92kj1 23 hours ago

    My mate has had 4 Original Xbox Consoles, 5 Xbox 360 Consoles & 2 Xbox One consoles and every single one has done the same thing, the disc tray stops reading. He could have kept buying but he gave up as they would only work a month or two. His second Xbox One's disc tray didn't even last a month.

  • Unbox Mania
    Unbox Mania Day ago

    This is why you get a PlayStation

  • sieyk
    sieyk Day ago

    I never knew you could fix a mobo that has blown smoke. That's awesome!

  • Alexander Barcelona


  • David Stenhouse
    David Stenhouse Day ago

    this video is excellent you are the man

  • sirkickassalot123

    moar thermal pastes needed!

  • Liam Klein
    Liam Klein Day ago

    Does no one else cringe when he scrapes the motherboard

  • thejbcrazy
    thejbcrazy Day ago

    Bake the motherboard

  • Chubby King
    Chubby King Day ago

    All this video does for me is my mouth starts drooling at the obvious knowledge that people are going to start having this thing cracked for mods online like the PS3 or Xbox 360. XBox1MODS here we come.....!

  • Trevor Hauck
    Trevor Hauck Day ago

    That thermal paste app tho

  • Nhằng Nhặng TV

    Should I buy xbox one now ? I owned Ps4, Xbox 360 and a quad core pc

  • Duke Favre
    Duke Favre Day ago

    Por qué estoy viendo esto?! RU-clip??!

  • Nathaniel Scott
    Nathaniel Scott Day ago

    What were they charging the 60 bucks for, their regrets lol

  • Jonathon T
    Jonathon T Day ago

    Why not test it powering on before you tear it apart...

  • DK1 dk1
    DK1 dk1 Day ago

    And the R.A.M

  • DK1 dk1
    DK1 dk1 Day ago

    Bet it'll take you 3 weeks to fix those xbox consoles

  • DK1 dk1
    DK1 dk1 Day ago

    That is loads of xbox consoles you have🎮🎮



  • Alex Sheno
    Alex Sheno 2 days ago

    Mad lad

  • todd scholefield
    todd scholefield 2 days ago

    Way to much thermal compound...... that’s wrong

  • flores23ization
    flores23ization 2 days ago

    Im looking through the comments....how many did he fix?

  • Brendan Lewis
    Brendan Lewis 2 days ago

    Easy on the thermal paste tiger.

  • telamindel
    telamindel 2 days ago

    So you can just dig out a chunk of the board without replacing any of the layers and it works? How...

  • Rise and Shine
    Rise and Shine 2 days ago

    Are you happy youtube? I watched it.

  • Adrian Gastelum
    Adrian Gastelum 2 days ago

    This is literally a "what's inside a Xbox" vid

  • Tyler Hulsey
    Tyler Hulsey 2 days ago

    where do you get the console

  • dpc179
    dpc179 2 days ago +1

    Gahhh the scraping sound when he's checking out the burned out motherboard.... cringe

  • Matt S
    Matt S 2 days ago

    12:56 Is it though? I've always placed 2 dots in the center, 2 mm apart. That way after it's clamped down and spread around, you can still see the IHS through the paste, and it doesn't spill over the IHS edges.

  • badnews 794
    badnews 794 2 days ago

    Can you please help me I want to know if my xbox is fix able a small chip fell off the mother board but it's not a black chip

  • lionchamp29
    lionchamp29 3 days ago +3

    I just hope he gets his money back

  • snakeye FPV
    snakeye FPV 3 days ago +1

    u are awersome dude!

  • dian pratama
    dian pratama 3 days ago

    True hackers 👍

  • AtteX
    AtteX 3 days ago +1

    Maybe some rice Could fix it

  • Caden
    Caden 3 days ago


  • Baerchenization
    Baerchenization 3 days ago

    Did I just watch this guy de-solder a chip and swap it BEFORE simply plugging in a known to work power supply?

  • George Bowden
    George Bowden 3 days ago

    I’ve got a question last week on a few occasions I was playing my Xbox One and I could smell a burning smell coming form my Xbox. It’s running completely fine but can’t work it out unless it’s dust. Would you or anyone know

  • oliver katona brawl stars

    17:41 xbox one x intro be like

  • Truxton Dogyuun
    Truxton Dogyuun 3 days ago

    4:07 haha.. i laughed.

  • Michigan Skinny
    Michigan Skinny 4 days ago +4

    This is boring.

    And yet so effing riveting I can't STOP WATCHING!

  • hou man
    hou man 4 days ago

    Why am i watching this ?, and why am i enjoying it ?

  • Oscar Perales
    Oscar Perales 4 days ago

    Steve you’re doing it wrong, you don’t know what you’re doing you’re a moron 🤣🤣 there y’all go

  • SwayD SkyKnight
    SwayD SkyKnight 4 days ago

    wait.... is there no northbridge on the XBOX Mainboard?

  • Brandon Noel
    Brandon Noel 4 days ago +1

    Who else went and bought 18 Xbox’s after this and couldn’t figure out how to fix them... fml lol

  • 欧零零
    欧零零 4 days ago

    Would you like to take some apprentice:)

  • Brum Brum
    Brum Brum 4 days ago

    why has xbox such a low quality?

  • Affordable Profitable

    i hate ads ughhhhhh

  • Justbase
    Justbase 5 days ago

    the short answer? no

  • name badpolicy
    name badpolicy 5 days ago

    My father does manufacturing; Instead of reballing you can just reflow them- liberal amount of flux+ heatgun or if you have a BGA heat plate and have some fun! You'd be surprised how often it is just one ball that just needed some more heat to get that solder flowing...

  • Didi Senpai
    Didi Senpai 5 days ago

    wow nintendo switch sure cost more than xbox

  • Bigzley
    Bigzley 5 days ago +1

    how else thought of being at the dentist when looking at this 5:02

  • Files
    Files 5 days ago

    the only way to fix an xbox one is to sell it on ebay and try to get the money you paid for it back

  • jayk ramsey
    jayk ramsey 5 days ago

    Have you tried putting them in rice