$80 Chinese Watercooling Kit - How bad is it?

  • Published on May 10, 2019
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  • cgrant26
    cgrant26 Day ago

    Well, that's at least a good way to pre-warm the water.

  • Ron Dela Pena
    Ron Dela Pena Day ago

    Linus said "Aw Man" so many times you could've made a Creeper video

  • Luna Lytele
    Luna Lytele Day ago

    Brandon suffered for our viewing pleasure of this stream ❤️ Thoughts & Prayers

  • Azi
    Azi 2 days ago

    How did he warm the water up so fast , in that container as well?

  • Migroz Tyrmann
    Migroz Tyrmann 2 days ago


  • john doe
    john doe 2 days ago

    It literally took you 5min to figure out you didn't plug in the fan's MY GOD

  • 伍庭曄
    伍庭曄 2 days ago

    BLUE dabadee dabada aha!

  • kumbandit
    kumbandit 4 days ago

    40:08 - That Corsair AIO is awesome, it takes 4 nuts to tighten it, and only 1 to remove it :D

  • Michael Zahran
    Michael Zahran 4 days ago +1

    The PC gods are watching over you Linus there's no need to worry

  • Felix Mathison
    Felix Mathison 4 days ago

    For aroud 120$ you can do a very legit custop loop

  • Signature
    Signature 8 days ago

    So no offense, I’m watching this and I’m like, well.. maybe a shout out to Jay is kind of in order..” Like I love LTT And the LMG team but also i come here for a lot of the missed stuff I go to Jay for the water cooling stuff along with another good review to compare! I also believe you guys should collaborate for a good water cooling versus air cooling and or pc build off not like scrape yard wars. Even through I hope one day Jay and Jerry versus you and Luke could be a good series you guys doing a 1500 dollar build going anyway you guys felt comfy with. Water cooling vs air... idk I’m drunk but I have ideas and I would like arch the whole thing! Thanks for great content though

  • TC Computer-Tech
    TC Computer-Tech 10 days ago

    Linus, this is the most painful video (movie length) I have ever watched..
    Your good and all, but holy hell!
    I cringed every time you turned that ifixit right o_0
    I've also used these parts and more..
    & loop order does matter..

  • Remington Greer
    Remington Greer 12 days ago

    Linus, can you please invest in a #gimball_mount for you live streams?

  • Joshua Gomez
    Joshua Gomez 12 days ago

    15min... something funky in the bios ... just calling it

  • Matt Bryce
    Matt Bryce 13 days ago

    Actually wondering if I tuck the cover off my water block now

  • Ilijas Ramic
    Ilijas Ramic 13 days ago

    Oh boy that was bad

  • thedataflo
    thedataflo 14 days ago +1

    this was one of the worst tests u guys ever did whit the stupid thermal pad a cheap ass waterblock cant preform for shit is thermal paste to expensive now or to much work too put on ? and just plug the fans into the mainboard whitout knowing if thermal management is on or howfast the fans spinn .... and then whining like i have no time to swap fans ...0 for effort if u dont have the time let someone else do the test

  • Peter Maardananders
    Peter Maardananders 16 days ago

    Would a car radiator be worth giving a try for you guys, with multiple silent ventilators?

  • David Powers
    David Powers 16 days ago

    As a 35 year old semi intelligent office associate, being the ad hoc IT person in my department, watching Linus have to do Live troubleshooting is very satisfying.

  • Benjamin Perry
    Benjamin Perry 19 days ago

    didn't craft computing do this a while back?

  • Lionel Ruiz
    Lionel Ruiz 20 days ago

    I was hoping linus forgets to apply the thermal compund.

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings 22 days ago

    No. Bangbad. Just like Linus.

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr 25 days ago

    Um instead of running the screws in from the back couldn't have have put the nuts on first, then a waster/spring/washer and run the nuts in from the top. Then use the nuts to take up the slack you had? Would have saved you a lot of time.

  • Aenigmaticus
    Aenigmaticus 26 days ago

    23:00 or so - I have additional heatsinks on my 990FXA VRM's to improve cooling. Impressively, I have a 30 degrees Celsius drop after installing on my VRM's!

    • Aenigmaticus
      Aenigmaticus 25 days ago

      Linus, count yourself lucky with the tech you have to play with

    • Aenigmaticus
      Aenigmaticus 26 days ago

      I'm running a FX-8350 AMD CPU

  • T3Kgamer
    T3Kgamer 27 days ago

    mixed metals make me cringe

  • Gismo TB
    Gismo TB 29 days ago

    Thats why I use MacOS-X 1:06:40. Windows is to much work, and to much waiting.

  • mad dawg
    mad dawg 29 days ago +1


  • Chuzz Bot
    Chuzz Bot Month ago

    A bit of preparation next time...? Thumbs down

    GE PLAYER Month ago

    Those little VRAM heatsinks were a nightmare in an SLi system, mine fell off a few times and landed on the GPU underneath, shorting the system out. Luckily nothing died though

  • travis berry
    travis berry Month ago

    Jay did a vid on water cool order, long story short no noticeable difference

  • Orlando Tm
    Orlando Tm Month ago

    Did u try to put car coolant instead of water?

  • Nyazuru
    Nyazuru Month ago

    took me a while to realize how long the video was

  • BigMoneyTexas
    BigMoneyTexas Month ago

    Why do you always complain about everything all the time!🤔

  • Martin Houlton
    Martin Houlton Month ago

    I have found a company that make water-less coolant. As there's no water, no need to worry about galvanic reaction, corrosion & short-circuit if it leaks. www.evanscoolant.com/

  • S_II_N_I_S_T_E_R
    S_II_N_I_S_T_E_R Month ago

    And yes Linus I sat through the whole video just like all your other videos. I do enjoy them thoroughly and learn a lot from all yall.

  • S_II_N_I_S_T_E_R
    S_II_N_I_S_T_E_R Month ago

    Whoever the person was that said "fack you linus" in the live chat just want you to know I laughed a solid 20 damn minutes lmfaooooooo!!!!

  • nope
    nope Month ago

    "And now, a word from our sponsor, IFIX IT, a brand that fixes everything "Bang Good", even cross threaded stuff, check out the bad(ass) stuff in de video description."

  • anomonyous
    anomonyous Month ago

    I don't get watercooling (apart from it looking cool), it's always cooled by fans (air) anyway. So, it's basically just an extra gimmick on top of air cooling.
    The only thing is... I still want it somehow... and rgb.

    • Landon Parks
      Landon Parks Month ago

      Water cooling is not a gimmick on all circumstances. There are places where it truly is better than air... However, most of these cases come when talking about a full-custom loop that is designed to dissipate the heat you have in the case, and also CPU's are not usually the most beneficial to water cool.
      For example, The Radeon VII I have throttles once it reaches a certain heat load at the junction... On air cooling, once the GPU gets to around 1,700MHz it starts hitting 110c on the junction and starts throttling down the clocks. However, with that GPU in my new custom loop, running off its own 560mm radiator and high-performance D5 pump, The card reaches over 2,000 MHz before it starts to throttle, and that is without an overclock. 300MHz is a large performance advantage and one that would be impossible with air. JaysTwoCents also saw an almost idential result with his Radeon VII on a custom loop vs. air.
      So the idea that air is always better than water is simply not true. In most cases, yes, water cooling is sometimes more for looks than performance, and most AIO's are not going to cool better than an air cooler. But even in cases where an AIO is used, there could still be some advantages... For example, the great thing about water vs. air is that air will immediately reach its heat limit, and this causes the CPU to 'spike' in performance as it keeps clocking up and down... Water, however, takes a lot longer to saturate... So when the CPU spikes, it doesn't immediately saturate the loop, thus resulting in 'smoother' performance for the CPU in terms of clocking spikes.
      there is also a lot to be said about keeping the other components in your case cool... Air coolers throw the heat directing into the case, while you can make an AIO exhaust the heat outside the case... While both use fans in this instance, one is keeping the inside of the case much cooler than the other.

  • GamerNerd71
    GamerNerd71 2 months ago

    Windoze is what's happening.. lol

  • John Chryst Francis Sandoval

    You are not short on fittings cause that suppose to be on the one hole on the reservoir and the filling hole is one of the two hole on the other side of the reservoir sir linus 😉

  • Hollow Dog
    Hollow Dog 2 months ago

    Tec for the obsessed

  • videomania666
    videomania666 2 months ago

    Could you recommend a decent tower to house my NZXT Kraken X62. I've had it packed up for about two years because it did not fit my tower by about half an inch, so archived it and haven't got round to sorting it. Any idea's would be great. Thank you

  • gabe yogi
    gabe yogi 2 months ago

    oh linus why dont u proper clamping that out.
    u say fair but its not, it seem like ure playin with that cheap costum watercoolin

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 2 months ago

    Or 60% Copper 40% Aluminum.

  • 537trevor
    537trevor 2 months ago

    What is the tubing size inside diameter?

  • TheHB'STech JZ
    TheHB'STech JZ 2 months ago

    Pro gamer move

  • vkturbo .
    vkturbo . 2 months ago

    Adopt lightning payment system to use crypto for payment solution with next to no fees for it

  • Zes Jerome
    Zes Jerome 2 months ago

    no such thing as borinx or not, any be infinx interesting nmw

  • SunnyAustria
    SunnyAustria 2 months ago

    Had the same problems with stuck at 80% Cpu Utilization and only 2.2 Ghz Clock Speed. It was the Windows Energy Setting in Balanced Mode. Go to High Performance and it works.

  • Akhay Biswal
    Akhay Biswal 2 months ago

    Inside a case there is quite a difference in air cooler and liquid cooler. I guess liquid cooler directly blow heat out of the case.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 months ago

    Wasn't even 1 minute and he say changing the fans does nothing?

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 months ago

    I went to banggood once, but left because it was something other then I thought.

  • G3
    G3 2 months ago

    banggood is a bitch for shipping time, takes 2 months for my stuff to arrive, meanwhile aliexpress takes like 1 month or less

  • Lee Gibson
    Lee Gibson 2 months ago

    Things break around Linus... We've never noticed. 😂

  • MonzaRacer
    MonzaRacer 2 months ago

    Ever use Water Wetter in cooler?

  • arrows tf2 hut
    arrows tf2 hut 2 months ago

    for once someone testing a bang good product

  • salistyan simanungkalit

    If the product has orginal, good performance, good built quality, durables.
    I don't care, even coming from Taiwan or China😀😀😀👍👍

  • Starscreamious
    Starscreamious 2 months ago

    I can't believe Linus played CrossCode. I just finished it 2 months ago. Great game.

  • Starscreamious
    Starscreamious 2 months ago

    @Linus Loop order doesn't matter _IF_ you reach thermal equilibrium. If you're not reaching thermal equilibrium...ie stop/starts...then whatever is in your loop after the radiator should be receiving the coldest water. (And then there's loops with chillers...)

  • Alex Carrillo
    Alex Carrillo 2 months ago

    Well looks like you got hose again. You think that you pay for this item, and seems did not work fully. Buyer Beware.....

  • rwiersema
    rwiersema 2 months ago

    I still think you're supposed to connect the reservoir directly to pump

  • Harris Papadopoulos
    Harris Papadopoulos 2 months ago

    Could you plz do the ultimate aircooler video?

    • dena ibrahem
      dena ibrahem 2 months ago

      the ultimate toaster would be better

  • Place Holder
    Place Holder 2 months ago

    BangGood.com....LOL what?

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström 2 months ago

    Oetiker clamp? :p

  • tanase gabriel
    tanase gabriel 2 months ago

    You can try this: ru-clip.net/video/6sZMYK9laME/video.html ?

  • 2spooky
    2spooky 2 months ago

    Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee...except Brandon

  • Paolo Cavatore-Ercole
    Paolo Cavatore-Ercole 2 months ago

    Really I don't understand why Windows users aren't rebelling in mass against the lack of control this OS keep refusing to provide. I think in 2019 it's simply unacceptable to have to wait for an update with no option to quit it. Incredible.

  • Rakesh Raj
    Rakesh Raj 2 months ago

    I slept when widows started to boot up 😅

  • abc
    abc 2 months ago

    Had the same issue with my CPU speed aka baseclock and clock boost only going up over 1.0GHZ in total after waking my computer up from sleep state (W10). had to restart the computer to solve it.

  • Sir Shotgun
    Sir Shotgun 2 months ago


    ERGOMED ASa 2 months ago

    Say bang good agian but this time with a little bit more pause between the words

  • The 3D Printing Corner
    The 3D Printing Corner 2 months ago

    I would be curious to see how it performs if you put a set of high end fans on the radiator. It would still be cheaper than a lot of AIO coolers.

  • HOkayson
    HOkayson 2 months ago

    It's sad to hear Steve be wrong, loop order absolutely does not matter for a custom loop.

  • Primož Resman
    Primož Resman 2 months ago

    Water to air heat pumps are not air cooling. They are ground cooling!!

  • sickbailey21
    sickbailey21 2 months ago

    I have yet to see jake make a single useful contribution to this show.