Isaac Hempstead Wright on Game of Thrones Spoilers & Bran's Creepy Stare

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Isaac talks about playing Bran on 'Game of Thrones' since he was ten years old, getting the sex talk right before they shot the scene where Jaime Lannister pushes him out of the window, show spoilers, and he reveals why his stare is so intense.
    Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kid Who Shaved Siblings Heads

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    Isaac Hempstead Wright on Game of Thrones Spoilers & Bran's Creepy Stare
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Comments • 3 352

  • Yi Ting Ang
    Yi Ting Ang 9 hours ago

    He wants to study neuroscience, good on him. Why are there people being unssuportive? He's clearly going to make the most out of college unlike Kimmel and some of the commentators here

  • Alex B
    Alex B 3 days ago

    Jaime could have pushed a little bit harder

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 11 days ago

    The four eyed raven.

  • Ja Xe
    Ja Xe 12 days ago

    It’s so refreshing to hear somebody pronounce maths the way I grew up pronouncing it and have always known it. I watch so much American entertainment that I rarely ever hear it.

  • Daniella Park
    Daniella Park 12 days ago

    I remember him being so much cuter in S1. But she is still so down to earth. Love him.

  • Mohammad Umair Ansari
    Mohammad Umair Ansari 12 days ago

    Isaac: It's all down from now.
    D&D: Hold our kegs.

  • Emilia Carolina Catalan Morales

    Y love Isaac !!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜👍👍👍💕💕💕

  • Nikita Chauhan
    Nikita Chauhan 15 days ago

    But how beautiful he was when he was 10. I mean wow

  • JohnstasBACK
    JohnstasBACK 22 days ago

    He still looks like a cute kid even as a 20 year old man

  • Reuel V Anand
    Reuel V Anand 23 days ago +2

    Why the fook Jimmy not giving him chance to complete his sentences?

  • Axel
    Axel 23 days ago

    Bran can walk in real life but can’t see interesting

  • Bellatrix Silverly
    Bellatrix Silverly 26 days ago

    Notice me senpai

  • QueenMaxine
    QueenMaxine 29 days ago +3

    I haven't seen this man smile in 8 years

  • Galilea Ramirez
    Galilea Ramirez Month ago +10

    His hand patting his leg shows he's nervous and It's adorable😂

    • Galilea Ramirez
      Galilea Ramirez 19 days ago

      @Bipin Suwal I said it was adorable not funny :)

    • Bipin Suwal
      Bipin Suwal 19 days ago

      whats funny with being nervous??

  • Keanna Lautenbach
    Keanna Lautenbach Month ago +1

    I have only seen Season 2 and 3 I shouldn't be watching this!!!

  • T.M. Will
    T.M. Will Month ago +1

    Lets be honest, even this dork wouldn't have chosen Bran to win and he plays Bran. What a complete crock.

  • Punk’N Donuts
    Punk’N Donuts Month ago +1

    He would fit really well for another role as some kind of prince.

  • Sidra Aslam
    Sidra Aslam Month ago +2

    He is hot n cute

  • Hamzah Abbas
    Hamzah Abbas Month ago

    This boy is british and he just called football soccer

  • Sofikaa a
    Sofikaa a Month ago

    He's such underrated cutie

  • Lorena Walker
    Lorena Walker Month ago

    He looks like a white Jayden Smith.

  • Socrat Ha
    Socrat Ha Month ago

    And now we know he is the King

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago

    Why do you think he came all this way?

  • am —-
    am —- Month ago

    Can’t take him seriously now since I found out the secondary school he went to is like a ten minute walk from my house

  • Team Phoenix DK
    Team Phoenix DK Month ago

    Parents: "Go to college to be successful"
    Actors: "We dropped out of college"
    RU-cliprs: "We dropped out of college"
    Any succesful person: "We dropped out of college"

  • John Dominguez
    John Dominguez Month ago

    No way, he said soccer club instead of football club, isn’t that interesting?

  • domz nic
    domz nic Month ago

    why does he look like shane from buzzfeed unsolved

  • insanity prevails
    insanity prevails Month ago

    English calling football soccer😨😵😬😰

  • Quori Stewart
    Quori Stewart Month ago +1

    Love the actors. HATE the finished product.

  • Erik Martinez
    Erik Martinez Month ago +1

    Bran: who says the night king is dead
    Everybody : wtf he died???
    Everybody(after ep3): there is hope that he's still alive
    Everybody (after season finale): I don't want to live in this world

  • Mochi Chan
    Mochi Chan Month ago

    so hot

  • HiMyNameIsDannny
    HiMyNameIsDannny Month ago +2

    Notice Isaac gets nervous at 3:50 when Jimmy says "You're the key to all of this." Jimmy had no idea he was so close...

  • Juan Ignacio Yañez

    5:52, you're welcome!

  • Avinash Prabhakar
    Avinash Prabhakar Month ago

    Jeez Jimmy!! Let the guy talk.. stop interrupting!!

  • Sam b
    Sam b Month ago

    "I'm going to go now...."

  • PTM45 smi
    PTM45 smi Month ago

    lucky kid

  • Stranger Things happen in Riverdale

    He knew he was going to be the King of Westeros😂😂😂

  • Greensky02
    Greensky02 Month ago +1

    Must have been a little tough not to come out and say: "I won the game of thrones bitches!!! WOOHOO!!!"

  • RobsonSon
    RobsonSon Month ago

    Whose after finale ?

  • Say San
    Say San Month ago

    Oh my king

  • Ragged Company Recordings

    MCU Young Doc Ock

  • B. Germany
    B. Germany Month ago +3

    He is absolutely adorable

  • Kawfy
    Kawfy Month ago +2

    Snape kills dumbledore

  • IAmATanker TheTankerIsMe

    He called it soccer, traitor.

  • Pedro soliano
    Pedro soliano Month ago +1

    the only englishman who called football soccer.


  • Lahtirus
    Lahtirus Month ago

    cast him as Steve Jobs

  • Mao S
    Mao S Month ago

    Nice lad, I truly love him

  • Josephine Maniti
    Josephine Maniti Month ago +1

    Long live the King!

  • prncss rwa
    prncss rwa Month ago +3

    Bran the Broken, King of the 6 Kingdoms.

    ELENA Month ago +3

    *"help me HBO!!"*
    😂😂 love it

  • Leslie Lizaga
    Leslie Lizaga Month ago +1

    ughh so hot😍😍😍💜💜💜


    King Bran the Broken

  • jaan Rambo
    jaan Rambo Month ago

    4 eyed Moron.

  • Kimseungsoofan
    Kimseungsoofan Month ago +4

    I'm so in love with him 😍😍😍 such a gentleman

  • Elvis Van
    Elvis Van Month ago +1

    _A boy is very handsome, calm and polite. A boy likes a boy (:_

  • Chelou Villarta
    Chelou Villarta Month ago +4

    Now that the series has ended, Isaac Hempstead here is really being like the 3 eyed Raven in the real world: He already knows what has happened and just couldn't spoil that very big surprise - being the King of Westeros

  • Renato Miranda
    Renato Miranda Month ago

    He was the worst

  • robertg305
    robertg305 Month ago

    The things we do for love

  • Cooool
    Cooool Month ago

    Mark Ferris?

  • rosanna challis
    rosanna challis Month ago +3

    it disturbes me that jimmy is asking isaac questions but wont let him answer them before answering them himself??? god let the king speak

  • Mary Therese V
    Mary Therese V Month ago +1

    he's such a cute!

  • Simon Boccanegra
    Simon Boccanegra Month ago

    I was impressed with his acting over the course of the whole series, as the character changed so much, but actually most of all in the last couple seasons. He really seemed to be channeling Max von Sydow, who had played the S6 Three-Eyed Raven. It was never like an outright imitation, but the essential presence.

  • Ashley Tisley
    Ashley Tisley Month ago +1

    I cant believe he is only 20 he looks so much older

    • klausweasley
      klausweasley Month ago

      Older? I think he looks about that age. He could even still pass for 16.

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity Month ago +1

    Below average intelligence. Jimmy cracked him like a nut.

  • iluvharrypotter97
    iluvharrypotter97 Month ago +1

    Ok I love Isaac! He seems so cool!

  • Azwad Monowar
    Azwad Monowar Month ago

    Bran the broken

  • FireJach
    FireJach Month ago

    he should be Magneto in very long time

  • john cena
    john cena Month ago +1

    Worst character of the show

  • Dylan Gabriel Alfaro
    Dylan Gabriel Alfaro Month ago +1

    King of the 6 Kingdoms Long may He Reign.

  • Love 13
    Love 13 Month ago

    Jimmy's laughter scares me. It's so villainous 😲

  • grah55
    grah55 Month ago

    "HBO pilot."
    Hempstead: "Hm. I like planes."

  • Aakash Agrawa
    Aakash Agrawa Month ago +1

    Night king

  • eric wanyoike
    eric wanyoike Month ago +1

    Bran the broken

  • Axel
    Axel Month ago +1

    So glad he became king instead of Jon snow that useless puni

  • María Compañ Diaz
    María Compañ Diaz Month ago +3

    So he is the king. Wow.

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker Month ago

    He doesn't see things with contact lenses either?

  • lovebggggg
    lovebggggg Month ago

    Hes sweet

  • Wally Nicholas
    Wally Nicholas Month ago +10

    Bran the broken Long may he reign

  • Krystina Saragos
    Krystina Saragos Month ago +1

    He was so incredibly adorable as a child.

  • dai
    dai Month ago +4


  • Nhox sok ju Em
    Nhox sok ju Em Month ago

    Calculated, bitches!!!

  • nek8to
    nek8to Month ago +1

    i wonder if we would have believed him if he jokingly said he was way

  • Ray Light
    Ray Light Month ago +2

    Bran could've sort things out before Dany burnt out the city but he didnt because he knew all along that he will be the king and he WANTED it to happen. What a selfish king of wheelchair!! DRACARYS!!!

  • ArabianKnight7771
    ArabianKnight7771 Month ago +1

    Bran tyrent puppet king

  • jirihozpodebrad23
    jirihozpodebrad23 Month ago

    Lovely to see Isaac in a talk show but boy that interviewer was one of the worst...^^

  • ballsoutballistic
    ballsoutballistic Month ago

    Awww... he was lovely 💕

  • Fari
    Fari Month ago +2

    He went to my uni and then dropped out 😭😩

    FARIS Month ago +1

    someone tell this guy to get the fock off the throne

  • ZaraUchiha13
    ZaraUchiha13 Month ago +14

    Very brave of him to laugh and talk so lively fully knowing what happens in the end :))

  • Call More
    Call More Month ago

    M8 bran is evil think about it he may be like on the side of the night king or something idk wat u think?

  • leslieBass OnTheWay

    Can we all agree that all the conspiracy about bran, the night king and the three eye raven where te biggest disapointments this seasons? in terms of how it all turned out...

  • Garmdolf
    Garmdolf Month ago

    Bran "El tullido" ... thank you Spain, you did it again!

  • Evan Tyree
    Evan Tyree Month ago +43

    Congratulations Bran for winning the Game of Thrones

    • The Internet
      The Internet Month ago +2

      Too bad Drogon melted the Iron Throne, otherwise Isaac would have the full right to have the Iron Throne in his living room.

  • Jessica Emmas
    Jessica Emmas Month ago +11

    His smug little kingly face

  • Aqsa Khaliq
    Aqsa Khaliq Month ago +8

    He knew he was going to be king, because he knows.

  • Taaniya _14
    Taaniya _14 Month ago +10

    *who is here after bran became the king?*

  • ItsMeMLG
    ItsMeMLG Month ago +7

    Bran the broken

  • stephjovi
    stephjovi Month ago +26

    He doesn`t need college he`s the king of the 6 kingdoms after all :)

  • Doxford  Perlas
    Doxford Perlas Month ago +1

    Well he played us good.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago

    The charisma of a turnip