The GOD Of CS:GO! BEST OF s1mple! (2019 Highlights) - CS:GO

  • Published on Aug 5, 2019
  • A compilation of s1mple's best pro plays throughout 2019 as he still dominates the competitive scene as arguably the best player in the world. I gotta say he definitely has gotten alot of insane plays and performed really well this year so far, but can he continue? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you will like the video. #s1mple #natusvincere #bestplayer #best #plays
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  • Badri narayan About science and other stuff!

    Snipe2die if you pin me now , you will get a chance to play for Navi

  • Zammad DK
    Zammad DK 2 minutes ago

    why so ads

  • Aldi Raynaldi
    Aldi Raynaldi 4 days ago

    0:32 "that's what we like from simple" best part of this video

  • swamp thing
    swamp thing 4 days ago

    Well everything is simple for S1mple

  • TheEverythingKing85
    TheEverythingKing85 6 days ago

    0:30 NOOERR

  • 柴犬
    柴犬 7 days ago


  • Gamers ZoneTv
    Gamers ZoneTv 8 days ago

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  • Vineet
    Vineet 9 days ago +1

    So basically simple has to kill 3-4 people in a round so his team can win that round

    • Bob Bobington
      Bob Bobington 2 days ago +1

      And sometimes they don’t even win the round xD

  • Clutch 14
    Clutch 14 10 days ago

    Why dont he just move to another team?

  • Setiaji Games
    Setiaji Games 11 days ago

    I need to see him win a major

  • Jessica Tale
    Jessica Tale 20 days ago

    He deserved a better team.

  • ThePaner43
    ThePaner43 20 days ago

    s1mple vs Get_RiGhT

    make your bets

  • Federico Silvestri
    Federico Silvestri 25 days ago

    9:51 KNIFE?

  • Ангел Боянов

    s1mple is the new markeloff ❤️ :D

  • Valix
    Valix Month ago

    Why u bully me

  • 爱新觉罗筐
    爱新觉罗筐 Month ago


  • Game Time
    Game Time Month ago +1

    Why you... what is he doing....
    wHy yOu bUlLy mE

    • DanBeatseye
      DanBeatseye 29 days ago

      You facking b*tch why you bully me everyone askin'?

  • Broly 92
    Broly 92 Month ago

    look 4.54 how come when he shot the legs its marks headshot please explain how

  • Fort Ress
    Fort Ress Month ago

    Shroud shredded this dude in a 1v1

    • ExTraX GaMer
      ExTraX GaMer 12 days ago

      That was long time ago Fort he was still at Liquid that time,i mean the first time he got to the biggest stage

    • Islam
      Islam Month ago

      Shroud lost

  • artiomas melnikov
    artiomas melnikov Month ago

    s1mple why you bulling me

  • Gayuk
    Gayuk Month ago +1

    Imagine the relief when the opponents kill s1mple early in the round.....yep hes a handful

  • George Deliyiannis
    George Deliyiannis Month ago

    MJ of CS:GO

  • Clean Shirt
    Clean Shirt Month ago

    He needs to shake more, the shakier it is the more accurate his shoot is

  • SimpleAnimations
    SimpleAnimations Month ago +2

    11:19 wall hack confirmed

  • slasher04
    slasher04 Month ago

    Wai ju buli mi

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma Month ago

    Someone please explain the kill at 11:11, Stewie clearly ducked before s1mple shot

    • Nexus Wolf
      Nexus Wolf Month ago

      Bullets can go through wood. He shot him through the edge of the box. Through.

  • Broly 92
    Broly 92 Month ago

    @4.54 Blow on his knee or on his head

  • Broly 92
    Broly 92 Month ago

    4.54 how headshoot ???

    • Nexus Wolf
      Nexus Wolf Month ago

      He flicked. That is just before the scope closes away he flicks up to the head to fire.

    • Broly 92
      Broly 92 Month ago

      @Nexus Wolf look 4.54 how come when he shot the legs its marks headshot please explain how?

    • Nexus Wolf
      Nexus Wolf Month ago +1

      Is it the REZ kill? He flicked.

  • Дмитрий Залевский

    Как будто с читами играет:)

  • Gogo学健身
    Gogo学健身 Month ago

    1 shot 1 kill

  • blessing sogbetun
    blessing sogbetun Month ago

    I'm sorry

    Why u bully

  • SwitCheRoos
    SwitCheRoos Month ago +1

    its s1mple we kill them and then we go home.

  • xYouJik
    xYouJik Month ago

    Крутая нарезка . Nice compilation

  • Dota 2 highlights
    Dota 2 highlights Month ago +1

    giveaways Knife

  • Han
    Han 2 months ago

    cs:govno bullshit Gaben©

  • Vishnu Kamdar
    Vishnu Kamdar 2 months ago

    which mode is this?

  • RedZone Stay Alive
    RedZone Stay Alive 2 months ago

    this is my collection @

  • inanew tongue
    inanew tongue 2 months ago +2

    It's almost as if this man's been using hax his whole life. I mean look at his angles, cross hair placement and awareness during matches. He's just too good

  • inanew tongue
    inanew tongue 2 months ago

    Hands down. God of cs

  • GenoPlays
    GenoPlays 2 months ago +1

    Freaking cheater look 12:26 this is a aim lock

  • Sauron
    Sauron 2 months ago


  • S1mple
    S1mple 2 months ago

    Whyyyyy Edward still in the teamm ? he is so skilless

  • Necmi TURK
    Necmi TURK 2 months ago

    bu dalyarağın cross u vururken neden hep titriyor

  • Ben lagman
    Ben lagman 2 months ago

    FAZE clan is patiently waiting for s1mple's decline so they can sign him in 2027.

  • Nhật :3 Hoàng
    Nhật :3 Hoàng 2 months ago


  • taliwakka27
    taliwakka27 2 months ago

    Is it possible to own on this game using an assault rifle?

  • Ryan Santos
    Ryan Santos 2 months ago

    S1mple is really good in rifle im glad Guardian signed with navi again

  • Ficti Ficti
    Ficti Ficti 2 months ago

    me is the yes

  • Ritvik Chitram
    Ritvik Chitram 2 months ago +1

    S1mple is an insane awper, probably the best in the game right now, but noscopes are more luck than skill.

  • 스트라우트.
    스트라우트. 2 months ago

    zeus is trash.

  • Amer Salih
    Amer Salih 2 months ago

    ZaywOo is better than S1mple

  • Djordje Grbic
    Djordje Grbic 2 months ago +3

    Simple is a great player, but IRL he's cocky and full of himself

    • Reliction
      Reliction Month ago

      @Nexus Wolf Ye okay that was one month ago
      I know he was never not cocky but it has been worse last few weeks

    • Nexus Wolf
      Nexus Wolf Month ago

      @Reliction Nah dude. S1mple is the best, but he has a massive ego to go with it, in game.

    • Reliction
      Reliction 2 months ago

      Cocky irl????? He has such a nice personality wtf are you talking about

  • officialkotor
    officialkotor 2 months ago

    2:38 that shot looks suspicious, and the lock on after

    • ExTraX GaMer
      ExTraX GaMer 12 days ago

      Can you guys shut up? And bro how can he hack in a fcking big tournament like that,that have many server admin to check,even small event like f0rsaken got bann by admin brah...comeon the admin will stand behind them near their coach to look stop being stupid,if you dont even enter the fcking tournament.who the dumb here??

    • officialkotor
      officialkotor 2 months ago

      @Believe R6. I said it looks suspicious you ignorant fuck, get your head out of his ass and admit. You know full well you're just an NA scrub who can't pull more then a 2k on s1's

    • Believe R6.
      Believe R6. 2 months ago +1

      loverollison yeah If I was stupid and thought that was cheats like you do

    • officialkotor
      officialkotor 2 months ago

      @Believe R6. Come on now, we know you're the real silver here.

  • Thiago Ferreira Lucena
    Thiago Ferreira Lucena 2 months ago

    Crazy skills

  • Smile `y
    Smile `y 2 months ago

    Am i the only one who thinks this guy uses some aim assist

  • Legendás Harcos
    Legendás Harcos 2 months ago

    S1mple Da noob

  • anabiosistem
    anabiosistem 2 months ago

    In the end of the day, only the best team matters. And it's Australis

  • RealBigG HD
    RealBigG HD 3 months ago

    s1mple: *gets killed in a match*
    Viewers: :O

  • Előd Szabó
    Előd Szabó 3 months ago

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  • MLEK احمد
    MLEK احمد 3 months ago

    I won’t be surprised if he was using a reader hack