Beyond Scared Straight: In Your Face All Day (Season 8 Flashback) | A&E

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
  • Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!
    Kerina is used to following her own rules, until she gets a dose of jail life where the rules are set by the officers who yell in her face in this clip from Season 8, Episode 1, " Tears of a Clown". #BeyondScaredStraight
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    "Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.
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Comments • 2 521

  • A&E
    A&E  2 months ago +1262

    Like Beyond Scared Straight? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!

    • TheLegoButton
      TheLegoButton Month ago +1

      -Aiden Tyler

    • Zach Games
      Zach Games Month ago +2

      Dang this make me shiver

    • Aiden Jang
      Aiden Jang Month ago +2

      Of course we like it ( thought of this in a super sarcastic way)

    • Ocean Rose
      Ocean Rose Month ago +2

      A&E that sad

    • Juana Moreno
      Juana Moreno Month ago +2

      yall need to stop screaming in kids face

  • Field Of Carnations
    Field Of Carnations 2 hours ago

    If Kerina and the girl behind her fought that would be interesting.

  • 사랑해_Crissy Alvarez

    I feel like my mom would send me here because I have 73826464 empty water bottles in my room bruh hispanic parents

  • Jeon Sophikook
    Jeon Sophikook 7 hours ago

    The police officers are so nice but harsh at the same time

  • Paeshyncep Pohoiwi
    Paeshyncep Pohoiwi 8 hours ago

    I really wanna know if they changed..

  • Isabel Balderas
    Isabel Balderas 9 hours ago

    I want rounds with those 2 clowns 💀

  • Shaddap UrMouth
    Shaddap UrMouth 11 hours ago

    She sound like a cod zombie

  • Johnny Rep
    Johnny Rep 12 hours ago

    Karina's gonna end up in the United States Marine Corps:
    "One, Two, Three, Four, United States Marine Corps"

  • Username
    Username Day ago

    LOL wtf

  • Brooke Glines
    Brooke Glines Day ago

    dude i’m sorry but they look like fetuses 😂

  • Stone Spark
    Stone Spark Day ago

    if a police yells at me im probably going to be the person to yell back at them

    "starts crying"

  • Cutey Fox
    Cutey Fox Day ago

    OMG poor girls

  • toenail eater
    toenail eater Day ago +1

    Who knew pennywise had sisters lol

  • Naz Kiwi
    Naz Kiwi Day ago

    Are these not the same gang of peeps in child sevices🤣🤣

  • Al Wyatt
    Al Wyatt Day ago

    1:22 yall really r clowns especially for making icp look like trash

  • hannah mitchell
    hannah mitchell 2 days ago +1

    who else clicked on it because if the lol girls face?

  • Auria Lewis
    Auria Lewis 2 days ago +2

    For a prison they have clean bathrooms .cleaner than my school

  • Spammers
    Spammers 2 days ago

    Kerina look like she 13 😂😂😂

  • Fluffy unicorns Rocks

    You guys are sick

  • Tiffany Evans
    Tiffany Evans 2 days ago

    She was faking when she was fating she was lahphing

  • My Name Is Cole Coufal _yt

    Almost every kid on this show
    I SmOkE wEeD AnD I aM DiSREPECtFuL

  • Flynn TheKitten
    Flynn TheKitten 2 days ago

    What was that red stuff?

  • Shelerian Walker
    Shelerian Walker 2 days ago

    This is sad

  • Foggyleaf Exist
    Foggyleaf Exist 2 days ago

    Those poor snakes, Jesus Christ!

  • Xll-RandomCookie- llX

    I hate Kerina

  • SaDqUeEnBoIyEeT G
    SaDqUeEnBoIyEeT G 3 days ago

    Officer: DO U UNDERSTAND THAT!!!
    Kerina: YASSS!!!!
    Officer: yell at me again..see what happens. DO U UNDERSTAND!!!
    Kerina: YASSSS!!!
    Officer: 👁👄👁

  • Panther OG
    Panther OG 3 days ago

    Why did she we all black in here we care ab you 😂

  • Takwa Gamaleldin
    Takwa Gamaleldin 3 days ago

    Why the grandmother talking like she’s proud of them or something 😒

  • Tipsy Asian
    Tipsy Asian 3 days ago

    How they explain it tho 😂

  • Sandi Mc
    Sandi Mc 3 days ago


  • Eclipse_ Sleeps
    Eclipse_ Sleeps 3 days ago

    Hi my name is roxy and I didn’t wash the dishes and now I’m here

  • KxNG うSCxR
    KxNG うSCxR 3 days ago +3


  • theresaaa F.
    theresaaa F. 3 days ago +2

    @1:33 when they said “wHoOp WhOoP” dresses as clowns i died🤡💀

  • Tasha Rose
    Tasha Rose 3 days ago

    I genuinely feel sorry for these kids but I guess it’s what they deserve tho if they’ve done stuff that’s bad🥺❤️

  • eko
    eko 3 days ago

    she said:
    /\ 🐍

  • Jimin_does_got_jams_namjoon

    Them at 16:drinking smoking doing drugs listening to clown music

    Me at 16:still drinking apple juice eating a happy meal and fangirling over BTS

  • MacyPooh196
    MacyPooh196 3 days ago

    Officer: We care about you!
    Officer next to her: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

  • glitter bomb
    glitter bomb 3 days ago

    If you mad at her just put her in a quiet room with none people and just give her food and water

  • Peyton Poirier
    Peyton Poirier 4 days ago

    Kerina looks 8

  • Josh Swetman
    Josh Swetman 4 days ago

    They really clownin out here

  • Ramona Pena
    Ramona Pena 4 days ago

    Omg so funny

  • Jessica Ramirez
    Jessica Ramirez 4 days ago

    0.03 that was EXACTLY my mama when she would tell me to clean my room and I say “YES!!”.... “yell at me again and watch me knock your teeth out” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Night raptor
    Night raptor 4 days ago +1

    Been bullied her whole life, wears clown makeup, and is now a homicidal maniac who cuts the heads off of snakes. She's literally the Joker minus the likeability

  • Meghan Walters
    Meghan Walters 4 days ago

    And mean

  • Meghan Walters
    Meghan Walters 4 days ago

    You guys are bubbys

  • Meghan Walters
    Meghan Walters 4 days ago

    What the heck

  • Gabby Pacheco
    Gabby Pacheco 4 days ago

    16?!? I thought she was 12

  • Arow Bagola
    Arow Bagola 4 days ago

    Shii 😂

  • Stock Watsonn u
    Stock Watsonn u 4 days ago

    1:22 Joaquin Phoenix is not impressed

  • Janice Andama
    Janice Andama 4 days ago

    IT 3 but the roles are reversed

  • Mia Brook
    Mia Brook 4 days ago

    😯 wow they are mean that’s not respect or prison.

  • Lizzo̸
    Lizzo̸ 4 days ago

    Why yelling at them where is this ima bing a Gucci belt and every hurtful thing all the cops are ganna get wiped UwU

    • J. P
      J. P 3 days ago

      owo quirky you're not like other kids owo so edgy owo

  • MarQuel Middleton
    MarQuel Middleton 5 days ago

    This is what happens when you don’t focus in school

  • Amiracle Collins
    Amiracle Collins 5 days ago

    0:14 she can’t fight ngl 😂😂

  • Amanda Cortez
    Amanda Cortez 5 days ago +1

    Thumbnail looks like a girl version of Carl from TWD 😮

  • isabelle a
    isabelle a 5 days ago

    They actually look pretty cute with clown faces


  • El canal de jose tv
    El canal de jose tv 5 days ago

    When she said she was 16 ,🤣 i was and i opp

  • S p o o k e d
    S p o o k e d 5 days ago +1

    karina looks like she 10

  • Hailey mead
    Hailey mead 5 days ago

    These people need some hlep thoso poor kids I no this might be right but they just got food put on there face all because they wanted to be clowns

  • _SugarThrillz
    _SugarThrillz 5 days ago +3

    They don't even need makeup to be a clown they are one.