The Try Guys Bake Gourmet Cookies (ft. Gabbie Hanna)

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • The guys and Gabbie face off in a bake off! Who will make the most delicious, original macarons and become an honorary French pastry chef?!
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    Gabbie Hannah
    Fabien Brunet, Ladurée Pastry Chef
    YB Chang
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Comments • 10 270

  • Felicia Soto
    Felicia Soto 4 hours ago

    I love this chef he’s my favorite because his little smile and his accent 🥺

  • Renzel 13
    Renzel 13 5 hours ago

    I love the chef's accent😍

  • Emily Burke
    Emily Burke 7 hours ago

    zachs shirt is so cute

  • Julianne Ryce Uy
    Julianne Ryce Uy 20 hours ago

    Keith’s actually looks SO FUDJINH A U T H E N T I C

  • MasterNite
    MasterNite 22 hours ago

    Gabbie: That's a cat hair, bro.
    Zach: *looks slightly shocked as well as guilty*

  • Fluffy_wolf
    Fluffy_wolf Day ago

    I really wanted to see Eugene's alcoholic macaroon..

  • GameRex
    GameRex Day ago

    did they just
    they just did the chord progression to jump jive and wail.

  • keshang vlsco
    keshang vlsco Day ago

    The chef is so handsome ❤️

  • AmyAwesomeFtw
    AmyAwesomeFtw Day ago

    As a British, i believe


  • Orlando Gonzalez

    the chef's accent is so sexy!!!

  • U call me sweet like i’m some kind of cheese

    someone tell me y the first shot of Zach makes him look like Elton John lmao

  • kaylee dumbbitch

    Holy fuck... Gabbie is so unlikeable...

  • Hana St. Claire
    Hana St. Claire 2 days ago

    Anybody else here absolutely hate Gabbie Hanna?

  • tide pods 13
    tide pods 13 2 days ago

    Macorons are like the fancy counter part to oreos

  • Koala Plays
    Koala Plays 2 days ago

    France Has Left The Chat 🇫🇷

  • shathi saha
    shathi saha 2 days ago

    where is Eugene???????? / :(

  • Aaron Le
    Aaron Le 2 days ago

    Where the fudge is Eugene???

  • Young MA 420
    Young MA 420 3 days ago

    Gabbie is bae💕💕😍

  • Airplane Child
    Airplane Child 3 days ago

    Okay so if you go on to Google and you type in GIF definitionthey had like a little voice thing and if you click on it it'll say GIF not jif

  • Ivy Janese
    Ivy Janese 3 days ago

    0:50 reminded me of the convo Gabbie and Irene had lol. It was the same conversation but instead of Keith it's Irene

    • Ivy Janese
      Ivy Janese 3 days ago


  • becs
    becs 3 days ago

    where is eugene is he ok?

  • Cj B
    Cj B 3 days ago

    Man I love the try guys but god I hate gabby hanna

  • ena de guzman
    ena de guzman 3 days ago

    wait gabbie looks so short-

  • Dylan Enman
    Dylan Enman 3 days ago

    “Mac-a-ron” pfft. Pathetic. It’s pronounced “Mac-a-ROON”

  • Bopster123
    Bopster123 3 days ago

    No one at all:
    Not even a single soul:
    Keith: “SQUAND!”

  • Chris Agnew
    Chris Agnew 4 days ago

    So can I just say I freaking love you guys and this channel! I discovered your series yesterday and have binge watched every single episode. Thank you for the laughs and tears and knowledge, consider me a fan and subscribed! Keep it up try guys and try wives you are awesome!

  • Meredith G.H
    Meredith G.H 4 days ago

    My favorite part of every video is the genuinely concerned faces of the experts as they observe the Try Guy's behavior

  • Darta Pole
    Darta Pole 4 days ago +3

    Me, when I'm trying not to laugh about somebody:


  • Gabrielle Green
    Gabrielle Green 4 days ago

    Ned looked more excited to won then he probably did on his wedding day lol

  • Lauren Cox
    Lauren Cox 4 days ago +2

    Okay so between this song, the song about knitting, and the rank king theme....I need Keith to just have a whole video of him singing random, mundane tasks please and thank you

  • Charlie Rosenthal
    Charlie Rosenthal 4 days ago

    Soooo... Eugene is just never in videos anymore?

  • SweetT Taylor
    SweetT Taylor 5 days ago +2

    Thank you! I hate when people say macaroon when they mean macaron. I get it their names are almost the same but they are definitely different.

  • Thatonechick 1981
    Thatonechick 1981 5 days ago +1

    I’ve been making Macarons since I was 14

  • Genny Rose
    Genny Rose 5 days ago

    I love the Mickey macaroon!!!🐭⭐️🎆🏰🎠🎢

  • Chris Henty
    Chris Henty 5 days ago

    gabbie is my least favorite human being right next to keemstar and justing beiber

  • Seedney Hale
    Seedney Hale 5 days ago

    No you cannot say macaroon

  • ClankyBeef516
    ClankyBeef516 5 days ago

    1:55 It’s actually pronounced as jift🤷‍♂️

  • Summer Meredith
    Summer Meredith 5 days ago

    gabbies here for 5 seconds and already ruined the vid

  • Isabella Williams
    Isabella Williams 5 days ago

    It’s pronounced macaron not macaroon

  • carley walker
    carley walker 5 days ago

    can we talk about how zack looks like a dad?

  • Quinn Bacoka
    Quinn Bacoka 5 days ago

    Wear is Zack hair

  • Jordan Alexander
    Jordan Alexander 5 days ago

    When Ned said strawberry jam I literally smelled strawberry jam it sounded so good

  • Kimberly Theora
    Kimberly Theora 6 days ago

    I'm literally in love with the chef he's so sweet! Definitely gonna visit that bakery one day

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe 6 days ago +1

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Gabbie: IT'S PRONOUNCED _"JIF"_

  • Ivona Kozakova
    Ivona Kozakova 6 days ago

    omg the chef's accent is amazing

  • Phaedra
    Phaedra 6 days ago

    Ok ima say it. Every time Keith bites into something good he looks like a food porn star, lol.

  • xX_Random_Student_Xx


  • Shae Cogswell
    Shae Cogswell 6 days ago

    Zach- this looks like the crunchy slime-
    Keith- 𝗦𝗾𝗨𝗮𝗡𝗱!

  • Lovely Disaster
    Lovely Disaster 6 days ago

    I have the weirdest crush for the chef, his accents lures me in :v

  • Itz _KawaiiWolfie
    Itz _KawaiiWolfie 6 days ago +2

    Eugene would’ve put alcohol and some Asian thing in and win 😂😂

  • Jessi CupcakeFace
    Jessi CupcakeFace 7 days ago +1

    GIF - Graphic Interface Format. Pronounced with a G for Graphic and not a J.

  • vahanbabighoul
    vahanbabighoul 7 days ago +1

    chef is insanely hot though 👀

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith 7 days ago +1

    I'm surprised Zach made something at least edible.

  • Shetasen
    Shetasen 7 days ago

    I screamed for Ned's victory!

  • Nicole Peng
    Nicole Peng 7 days ago +1

    damn the internet is evolving... people arent going into spelling war of "macaron not macaroon"

  • sleepy sarita
    sleepy sarita 7 days ago +1

    Tell me why the chef looks like the food critic from Ratatouille!

  • Miriam Svenson
    Miriam Svenson 7 days ago

    Gabbie.. gif stands for graphic image file... It's not pronounced like a j at the beginning

  • Lemon Star
    Lemon Star 8 days ago

    Yay Ned!

  • Sangwoo
    Sangwoo 8 days ago +1

    I don't like gabbie

  • Yvonne Lozano
    Yvonne Lozano 8 days ago

    7:10 7:16 you're welcome

  • IdiotGenius
    IdiotGenius 8 days ago

    Bro Ned’s plating is A1😍👏🏼

  • Deflated Hypnotist
    Deflated Hypnotist 9 days ago

    Zach was still swollen from the hair transplant surgery, now that I know what I'm seeing it's impossible to ignore

  • crystal gaming
    crystal gaming 9 days ago


  • Bethany Milligan
    Bethany Milligan 9 days ago +1

    why is no one talking about zach’s OUTFIT

  • Queren Ngiay
    Queren Ngiay 9 days ago

    I’m I the only one that thinks the chef is rather cute

  • Meredith Aguilar
    Meredith Aguilar 10 days ago

    why would you guys associate yourself with her.

  • Ruby Lopez
    Ruby Lopez 10 days ago

    Is it just me or does Gabbie look like the girl from ratatouille 😂

  • Dennis Perreault
    Dennis Perreault 10 days ago +1

    Gif has a hard g as it is an acronym for graphic interchange format. Both pronunciations are accepted but jiff is wrong. ;-)

  • Melissa :-D
    Melissa :-D 11 days ago

    It's missing Eugene

  • Jacqueline Chen
    Jacqueline Chen 11 days ago


  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 11 days ago +1

    I LOVE that chef’s smile.

  • Abrianna Rodriguez
    Abrianna Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Gosh I love this Chef sm !! Best vibes ever

  • Jasmine Rubillar
    Jasmine Rubillar 11 days ago

    That face hahaha

  • sugita taiki
    sugita taiki 11 days ago +2

    Chef: 7:17

  • Kelvin Schneider
    Kelvin Schneider 12 days ago

    The chief looks like that guy from ratotoe