The RB Committee Tries to Get Paid Like WRs | Gridiron Heights S4E7

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • The RB committee tries to figure out how to get paid like WRs 🤑 Watch a new episode Gridiron Heights.
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  • Depressed Florida Fan
    Depressed Florida Fan 12 hours ago

    Where is Fournette?

  • Jackson Powers
    Jackson Powers Day ago

    The patriots rb switches from Burkhead to Michel to White lmao

  • Chad M
    Chad M Day ago

    “Mariota vs. Tannehill, whoever wins, we lose”
    Ummm about that....

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer 2 days ago

    I’m dying at 0:54

  • Some Random Gamer
    Some Random Gamer 5 days ago

    0:23 who are the guys in the 10 and 11 jerseys?

  • Some Random Gamer
    Some Random Gamer 5 days ago


  • AmericanMetalhead100

    D E E P D I V E C I R C L E B A C K S Y N E R G Y

    *REDACTED* 6 days ago

    >Keep calm and Kerryon
    Actually I’d rather keep calm and Barryon

  • TheBamboozler
    TheBamboozler 7 days ago

    The Receiver Rule:
    “Throw the ball well enough to catch, but bad enough that we look cool!”

  • vandermixon
    vandermixon 9 days ago

    "We need qbs that don't do what we do."

  • Joe DeGrazia
    Joe DeGrazia 9 days ago

    DJ Moore is also good

  • icky kamoz
    icky kamoz 10 days ago

    deandre hopkins: “yo what do i pay the pizza guy like a million”

  • Colby Jack
    Colby Jack 10 days ago +2


  • Fionnbarr Casey
    Fionnbarr Casey 12 days ago +2

    Lol omg
    “Yo, what do I pay the pizza guy? Like a million?”

  • Joe
    Joe 13 days ago

    You know, this cartoon gave me a lot to think about.

  • TR1KZ Levi
    TR1KZ Levi 14 days ago

    “FEED ME FEED ME” Every running back besides Todd Gurley

  • Chase Berg
    Chase Berg 15 days ago

    Were Chris carson

  • Rheto12
    Rheto12 15 days ago

    Bells situation will never get old atleast you tried bubba

  • Balakae Indiana Jones
    Balakae Indiana Jones 16 days ago +1

    “If you can handle the heat don’t be Freddie kitchens 🤣 I’m dead

  • Balakae Indiana Jones
    Balakae Indiana Jones 16 days ago +1

    “Keep calm and Kerryon” 😂

  • Thechad201
    Thechad201 22 days ago

    Adrian Peterson should be the head of the committee. Gore has more experience and yards, but then if he's the head, he can't make old jokes.

  • SomebadCandy 933
    SomebadCandy 933 22 days ago +1

    fucking love how they all just demolish the wall

  • Jani Means
    Jani Means 23 days ago

    If frank gore acts if old and he is from the 2005 draft class then why doesn’t Tom Brady act like that

  • Vando F.
    Vando F. 25 days ago

    Had to watch this on 75 speed, didn't want to miss anything

  • jimmy barrett
    jimmy barrett Month ago

    Beckham still believes in Baker btw the browns just beat the bills so woohoo!

  • Themagicsuckbutistillloveem 34

    Lmao love all the clever snack names on the table "Byron Pringles, Trail Mixon" 😂

  • Rangerbobox1
    Rangerbobox1 Month ago +1

    *sigh* no Marlon Mack, as usual.

  • Max Muetzel
    Max Muetzel Month ago

    Josh Jacob's doesn't have this problem. 0:10

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    Chubb right. Lmao Tim couch was a better qb then the overhyped sucka they have now.

  • RC Headhuncho
    RC Headhuncho Month ago

    “NOSE PIERCINGS, ARM TAPES, AIRHEADS” Love My Saints On Here 😭😭😂😂 Kamara Is Dead On

  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina Month ago


  • Fionnbarr Casey
    Fionnbarr Casey Month ago

    I’ve been waiting for them to feature Nick Chubb in these haha. And they nailed it!
    (Man of very few words)

  • yeezyhendrix
    yeezyhendrix Month ago

    lmao frank gore

  • Philknight C
    Philknight C Month ago

    Keep calm and Kerryon 😂😂

  • Muz Kamal26
    Muz Kamal26 Month ago


  • Gabriel Cain-Martinez

    Philip Lindsay got disrespected in this episode

  • Schecter 7
    Schecter 7 Month ago

    No Chris Carson. Nice northwest anti bias.

  • Mastr Higgins
    Mastr Higgins Month ago

    Yo...Gurley saying "I'm not hungry right now" was lit.

  • Mason Westra
    Mason Westra Month ago

    Weres aaron jones the guys been an animal

  • detroit lions are next

    This shit is funnnnyyy🎃

  • ashkechum101
    ashkechum101 Month ago

    Shocked the leading rusher in the AFC isn’t here

  • John Budzinski
    John Budzinski Month ago

    The bills were the best in this 😂😂🤣

  • Caeden Emerald
    Caeden Emerald Month ago

    These are great, but god damn...make them a minute or two longer so they can actually be ingested and appreciated!!!!!

  • Dominique Richard
    Dominique Richard Month ago

    The ending tho

  • JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    This is actually hilarious 😂😂
    It's the same amount of 🍕 I just do more with it 😒😂he ain't lying tho!

  • M Go
    M Go Month ago

    The refs are worse than this show, btw this show is good

  • Love & Success Follows Me

    Where's Aaron Jones? The disrespect.

  • Andre Vartanian
    Andre Vartanian Month ago

    0:38 paper says "What sucks more, Refs or this Show?"

    Jones and Cooks in the background: This is nice.

    1:06 Eli: You can subscribe down below, whatever that means.

  • KingSnowman
    KingSnowman Month ago

    PLEASE tell me people caught Sony Michel having the “Representative” in front of him since we have So many RB’s & he’s not good enough to be the Main guy 😄😆🤣

  • Soccer JJ 10
    Soccer JJ 10 Month ago


  • newSomber Man
    newSomber Man Month ago

    Sam Darnold with the kiss on his cheek to represent him getting Mono was clever!

  • Merritt Turner
    Merritt Turner Month ago

    Le'Veon: So this is what happens when you hold out...
    Melvin Gordon looking through window😂😂

  • Audrie Lopez
    Audrie Lopez Month ago

    Keep on and Kerryon lol... Also did anyone see Melvin Gordon during Le'Veon's slide show?

  • Chiefers
    Chiefers Month ago

    0:26 the right corner of the screen

  • Jorge Corral
    Jorge Corral Month ago

    Probably my favorite one thus far

  • Gmo21 Cruz
    Gmo21 Cruz Month ago

    The Running backs probably don't like Lamar.

  • MightyMac21
    MightyMac21 Month ago

    Frank gore = elder statesman

  • Randall Foster
    Randall Foster Month ago

    Was that Frank gore with the crane 🤣🤣

  • Randall Foster
    Randall Foster Month ago

    Whose that beside Julio? Allen?

  • I Play College Football

    This is definitely a football version of Battlefield Friends