Five Nights of Freddy's VR - This game is NOT scary #2

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Playing the new Five nights at freddys vr game scary
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Comments • 20 913

  • _Ross
    _Ross 2 hours ago


  • Zumen
    Zumen 2 hours ago

    Nossa, que legenda bosta da porra

    HAALGARD GAMER 6 hours ago

    PewDiePie why are you bulling Norway idiot

  • sharkboi352
    sharkboi352 18 hours ago

    I bet felix doesnt even know the names

  • superlupita & excalibur 【Sub】


  • Lan Hà
    Lan Hà Day ago


  • Yeshi Tsering
    Yeshi Tsering Day ago

    "Chicken get a job you piece of crap."
    Me: well-

  • Fabiola Gonzalez
    Fabiola Gonzalez Day ago +1

    For a person who said FNAF wasn't scary anymore, you sure were scared. Also, PLEASE COME BACK SOON!

  • ØmgItz Trãsh
    ØmgItz Trãsh Day ago

    Oof, tho this is unrelated to everything, I luv Funtime Freddy’s voice XD

  • Smile C:
    Smile C: 2 days ago

    2:39 It's Me On the sign

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L 2 days ago

    Felix grabs Bonnie's eye yeets it across room

  • Erdenebat Garidkhvv
    Erdenebat Garidkhvv 2 days ago +1

    shadow bonnie

  • Dariana Ordonez
    Dariana Ordonez 3 days ago

    You should play more

  • vivi_the_furry
    vivi_the_furry 4 days ago

    Fizeram so a metade das legendas em portugues ;-;

  • Thien Vlog
    Thien Vlog 5 days ago


    OTTARCOPL btw 6 days ago

    people from norway ;(

    GET NOOB HAHA 123 7 days ago

    Mamacita brother

  • pog champ
    pog champ 7 days ago

    Felix: “You can speed run thi-“
    Bonnie: “REEEEEEEEEEE”
    Felix: “AAHHHHHHH”

  • CringyYoutuber 287
    CringyYoutuber 287 8 days ago

    finally discovers coins

    REAL_DOOM 8 days ago

    Did he say "uh I gott a big pp) 0:15

  • SplashingTails !
    SplashingTails ! 8 days ago +1

    Freddy: *stands in doorway*
    Felix: *turns light on*
    Felix: *speaks fluent Swedish with fear*

  • Sulley man
    Sulley man 9 days ago +1

    PewDiePie: gets married
    Chica: *exists*
    PewDiePie: *flirts for no reason*

  • Hiro And Zero Two
    Hiro And Zero Two 9 days ago

    Game: *Dont you have fun now*
    PewDiePie: *No*
    Game: *thats great too hear*

    Like wtf

  • Jacksyn Boswell
    Jacksyn Boswell 9 days ago

    Pewdiepie: this is easy closes the door HAHA opens it AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Marshgaming 20
    Marshgaming 20 9 days ago

    Look in the bins of parts and service for the secret tape

  • Marshgaming 20
    Marshgaming 20 9 days ago

    Find the tapes

  • Parsogross
    Parsogross 10 days ago

    If you haven’t seen the whole video most of it is PewDiePie flirting with Chica

  • Rihana ツ
    Rihana ツ 10 days ago +1

    *chica is so*
    *s e x y*

  • Nightbot
    Nightbot 11 days ago

    12:23 P I Z Z A T I M E

  • XxGucci_Chicken 777
    XxGucci_Chicken 777 11 days ago

    Pewds yeets eye
    Bonnie: BICH!!!

  • The_Fors_Kid
    The_Fors_Kid 12 days ago +1

    Part 3

  • KoolKeller
    KoolKeller 12 days ago

    Who else was sad he didn't call bonnie Rubin anymore 😂

  • Jim jim
    Jim jim 12 days ago

    *S E X Y M A M A C I T A*

  • Lip Succ
    Lip Succ 13 days ago

    He should do a face reveal

  • Eletrolar
    Eletrolar 14 days ago


  • Igor Zaczek
    Igor Zaczek 14 days ago

    Ja mam ps 4

  • limpan xd
    limpan xd 15 days ago

    you tack so much swedish

  • TTSheol
    TTSheol 16 days ago

    Pewds: I'm looking at you. I'M LOOKING AT YOU SO FRICKING HARD!

  • Julián Albarenga
    Julián Albarenga 16 days ago

    OMG in the first game he had just 5 battery and won xd

  • bonera athar
    bonera athar 16 days ago

    Why papupapuppapa

  • Nathan Huffman
    Nathan Huffman 16 days ago +1

    Bon Bon: Jumscares Felix
    Felix: Shut ur mouth I’m trying to play game
    Bon Bon: :(

  • シkayla
    シkayla 16 days ago

    i cant believe this was 7 months ago

  • OwO-tism
    OwO-tism 17 days ago

    7:50 I made the same mistake

  • OwO-tism
    OwO-tism 17 days ago

    "What does the fox say"
    Dum dum dum diddlie dum - step step step step raAAAhHh

  • Krsh 21
    Krsh 21 17 days ago


  • Anastas. ok
    Anastas. ok 17 days ago

    Guy: something is not right!!!
    Bonny: green color :)
    Pew: it is yellow!
    Bonny: ok, I give you a chance...
    Bonny:IT IS NOT!!1!11!

  • gp maximos
    gp maximos 18 days ago

    17:42 KARMAAA!!!!!!

  • Monster Muncher
    Monster Muncher 18 days ago

    I literally thought this was gonna be funny, but after a few minutes of watching I understood why this game is 12+ and I regret watching something I'm too young for.

  • Monster Muncher
    Monster Muncher 18 days ago

    LOL lmao xD

  • NiHiLiS
    NiHiLiS 19 days ago +2

    Literally No Children Would Play This Game.

  • Sk* LestY
    Sk* LestY 19 days ago

    Yo do pizzeria simulator

  • SlushMc TheReaper
    SlushMc TheReaper 19 days ago

    this game not scary

  • Lil Corbs
    Lil Corbs 19 days ago

    Pew die pie is my enemy because I’m from Poland

  • Lil Corbs
    Lil Corbs 19 days ago +1

    Me watching pew die pie play this is like me trying to explain technology to my grandparents

  • rutger
    rutger 19 days ago +1

    Pewds: Lets see what Chica has to offer...

    ...a pp..

  • rutger
    rutger 19 days ago +4

    PewDiePie: "this game is NOT scary"

    Also PewDiePie: AHHHH

    looks like we got a pussssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • UNride
    UNride 19 days ago


  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLover 19 days ago

    Markiplier: *puts his blood sweat and tears into getting it to 6am, probably burst something and started internally bleeding from all the stress
    Felix: **flirts his way through*

  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLover 19 days ago

    Felix: Where is everyone? I don't see a single soul
    Me: *Err, **_that's kinda the whole point_*