Destroying My Friends Sports Car With 10,000 Stickers..

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Im sorry man..
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  • Beki Roper
    Beki Roper Day ago

    You were in my hometown 😍 love your videos x

  • Jimmy Ellis
    Jimmy Ellis 2 days ago

    Did u go in the shrewsbury in this

    BUBI KING 4 days ago

    The car looks beather now

  • JosephMadeSMK _
    JosephMadeSMK _ 8 days ago

    What does just die trie mean

  • Jon Gillette
    Jon Gillette 8 days ago

    bold of you to assume your fans know how to read

  • Im too Saucey
    Im too Saucey 9 days ago


  • WojtekkVip
    WojtekkVip 10 days ago

    Nice video 🏅🥇

  • YummYummY
    YummYummY 10 days ago +1

    Car looks sick

  • fran H. G
    fran H. G 11 days ago


  • Gavin Holland
    Gavin Holland 12 days ago

    I would leave it like that and drive it as long as I can

  • biniam t
    biniam t 12 days ago

    bit mad how the dislike counter stays at 666... bookey

  • James Harbor
    James Harbor 12 days ago

    I’m finding this funny but at the same time im thinking about the pain to take it all off cause it’s paper stickers 😂😫

  • Patrick Hughes
    Patrick Hughes 13 days ago

    man when romell was finished the bonnet and the front bumper i was like that insane next thing he said was thats insane and like i rarely sane shit like insane and that i mean idk who wants to read this but meh

  • The Uso Penitentiary
    The Uso Penitentiary 14 days ago +2

    Someone tell me what Jay said he would do if Romell sold his books

  • Senap Är gott
    Senap Är gott 15 days ago

    I got this in my recommended today

  • TheEasyBoi
    TheEasyBoi 19 days ago

    Dat looks good

  • Yuki - Snow
    Yuki - Snow 20 days ago

    Hope Yiannimize comments on this.

  • j vlogs
    j vlogs 20 days ago

    Where you got stickers

  • TripzzMusic
    TripzzMusic 23 days ago

    1 year old today

  • Julien L
    Julien L 25 days ago

    xd m5 ista bmw 5 series with big engine

  • Newton Yu-Hsiang Hsiao

    I honestly think that the car looks way better with the stickers

  • zapanaphogus
    zapanaphogus 26 days ago

    Yall need to fix the kerning on that sticker.

  • matukaz
    matukaz 26 days ago

    5:03 - all those sticker backs on the ground looks so trashy, those will fly around with the wind man, gosh. Otherwise car looks dope.

  • B1u
    B1u 29 days ago

    *Task Failed Successfully*

  • The Grey Wolf Gaming
    The Grey Wolf Gaming 29 days ago

    power wash it

  • Jack Dyson
    Jack Dyson Month ago

    I wouldn't take it of bro

  • Simse's workshop!
    Simse's workshop! Month ago +4


  • Tyfus ventje ,
    Tyfus ventje , Month ago

    Hahahah damn idk if I would be smiling tho

  • Lewis Needham
    Lewis Needham Month ago

    How Mitch for my dads car

  • MJ Chadwick
    MJ Chadwick Month ago

    Yanny watch thise video

  • Dan Ked
    Dan Ked Month ago

    Bye bye clear coat lol

  • Tiny Galaxy gamer
    Tiny Galaxy gamer Month ago +3

    No joke it actually looks amazing

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow Month ago

    I actually liked the car with the stickers

  • Zexq
    Zexq Month ago

    it looks like a supreme wrap

  • Ewan Armstrong
    Ewan Armstrong Month ago

    i knew he would like it

    NO VISION Month ago

    They have enough subs to buy them self each lambo and they buy a bmw

  • Aaa Ddd
    Aaa Ddd Month ago

    7:17 wha nah u cant do that
    7:21 go buy the book

  • Smythy
    Smythy Month ago

    it honestly looks mad as though

    BROKENXELITE88 Month ago

    5:08 intro your welcome

  • Abdushakur Farah
    Abdushakur Farah Month ago

    That looks mad fam

  • Eddie
    Eddie Month ago


  • Princedevil66
    Princedevil66 Month ago

    BMW must sponsor this fucking vid man cause its look sick compare to other decals.

  • Fake Hacks
    Fake Hacks Month ago +1

    Yanimize these guys are coming for you people

  • coldy
    coldy Month ago


  • Boss Nazir
    Boss Nazir Month ago

    How comez u showed ur number plate 🤔

  • Konner Fulcher
    Konner Fulcher Month ago

    I like it

  • cLAY
    cLAY Month ago

    Destroying? thats dope!!!

  • Devin Pratt
    Devin Pratt Month ago

    If that was a wrap that would be intense

  • Oliver Kohn
    Oliver Kohn Month ago

    What about then buying him a new one, or just you can’t afford it 😂

  • AidanWentLive
    AidanWentLive Month ago

    They should of clear wrapped it

  • TJAsh
    TJAsh 2 months ago

    oi, you lads in shrewsbury

  • GedvisHD
    GedvisHD 2 months ago

    I thought you said 10,000 snickers

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    let me tell you 1 thing the m5 isnt 45k hahaha

  • Frankie Donnini
    Frankie Donnini 2 months ago +1

    They say we don’t know what there doing, it’s in the fucking title mate

  • Sammy
    Sammy 2 months ago

    Peel all the stickers off and then jet wash it

  • lolzzz
    lolzzz 2 months ago +1

    It looks sickkk

  • Akim Da Silva
    Akim Da Silva 2 months ago

    Romell: honestly if someone did this to me..
    Also Romell: stops talking because he realises that its HIS book so he wouldn't be annoyed

  • Siany louisa cooper
    Siany louisa cooper 2 months ago

    And like I'm having shit come.and go

  • spongy buttons
    spongy buttons 2 months ago

    The look on that lady's face 😂haha

    JUNTITS GAMING 2 months ago

    they should have put gloss on top to keep it waterproof and it would look sick