FRIDAY THE 13TH: The HORROR Game (React: Gaming)

  • Published on Jun 6, 2017
  • Friday the 13th played by Reactors! Friday the 13th game link below! | Watch the second episode:
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    Reactors play Friday the 13th! Watch to see their reaction!

    Can you survive Jason?! Find out and play the game:
    This episode features the following Reactors:
    Ethan James
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    React Gaming #165 - FRIDAY THE 13TH: The HORROR Game (React: Gaming)
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    REACT  2 years ago +1507

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  • ZetoliMC
    ZetoliMC 2 years ago +1459

    can there be a part 2?

  • Darrell Cameron
    Darrell Cameron 2 years ago +1756

    *gasps* "A WALKIE TALKIE!"

  • Valeria Castruita
    Valeria Castruita 2 years ago +975

    i rewached this video 12 times literly i love this react

  • Lpcarver
    Lpcarver 2 years ago +1689

    Can y'all call that vianna girl to react she seems fit

  • Gr8tgamer 2
    Gr8tgamer 2 2 years ago +276

    You guys are right.

  • unicorn411
    unicorn411 2 years ago +537

    i love brandon

  • Business Gaming League
    Business Gaming League 2 years ago +482

    can we have more please this is too funny

  • Norma Garcia
    Norma Garcia 2 years ago +845

    Ethan and Tom though, LOL

  • Iam Bey
    Iam Bey 2 years ago +196

    Do we need Xbox Live/ PlayStation plus in order to play?

    • rode
      rode 2 years ago +28

      MLG King916 yes and buy the game aswell

    • Jorge Radilla
      Jorge Radilla 2 years ago +11

      MLG King916 I think so

  • Random Potato
    Random Potato 2 years ago +178

    I love this soooo much😄😊😂

  • Jack Allen
    Jack Allen 2 years ago +119

    That boi immortalhd?

  • Miguel Ruelas
    Miguel Ruelas 2 years ago +150

    I need a part 2 ASAP!!

  • Alice At Taco Bell
    Alice At Taco Bell 2 years ago +246

    This looks like so much fun..for about 30 minutes.
    Are there more maps? I really like games like this, but it definitely needs variety

    • Real Hefty Trout
      Real Hefty Trout 2 years ago +23

      Alice At Taco Bell There's only 1 map, but it's massive and has a lot in it, and there is lots of customization.

    • Alice At Taco Bell
      Alice At Taco Bell 2 years ago +1

      Oh, okay. Thanks!

    • OscarTheOtaku
      OscarTheOtaku 2 years ago +19

      Alice At Taco Bell There is more I think it just varies on the characters

  • BeautyQuinnTokes
    BeautyQuinnTokes 2 years ago +70

    cant wait to play this

  • Kira
    Kira 2 years ago +76

    Waste of $40

  • Jaramani Bowser
    Jaramani Bowser 2 years ago +88

    This game is amazing

  • Mitchel Blomquist
    Mitchel Blomquist 2 years ago +183

    The Jasons in this have poor etiquette. You are supposed to grab your victims.

  • Jordyn Overton
    Jordyn Overton 2 years ago +153

    I almost started crying that how scared I got...This is no...joke..I could never play this game

    • Jordyn Overton
      Jordyn Overton 2 years ago +60

      What is wrong with u people? Goddamn

    • nato 1510
      nato 1510 2 years ago +127


    • Jordyn Overton
      Jordyn Overton 2 years ago +49

      I mean I guess you could call me pathetic...but it takes one to know one :D

    • Daemonshade
      Daemonshade 2 years ago +96


  • Raven Winchester
    Raven Winchester 2 years ago +64

    this made me mad 😂😂😂😂but omw to buy an Xbox one now

  • Charlie Box
    Charlie Box 2 years ago +75

    Ki ki ki ma ma ma

  • Jamisen Wojcik
    Jamisen Wojcik 2 years ago +66

    i love this face (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jamisen Wojcik
    Jamisen Wojcik 2 years ago +29


  • Jamisen Wojcik
    Jamisen Wojcik 2 years ago +33

    maybe (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • RMaclin
    RMaclin 2 years ago +108

    Could we get a part 2 and 3. This was hilarious.

  • LaurenSalzGaming
    LaurenSalzGaming 2 years ago +59


  • Wings And TEARS
    Wings And TEARS 2 years ago +53

    no one survived? i was hoping though...WHYWHY JASON...this what your saying now no hope should be left....WHY

  • sal. Barr
    sal. Barr 2 years ago +28

    part 2

  • Will Bigger
    Will Bigger 2 years ago +66

    this is my way of seeing if the games are scary..anyone else?😂

  • baylock 11
    baylock 11 2 years ago +29

    React to Shawn Mendes

  • baylock 11
    baylock 11 2 years ago +31

    React to Shawn Mendes

  • Viktor Logi Guðmundsson
    Viktor Logi Guðmundsson 2 years ago +33

    why does this channel always invite idiots and screamers?

    • Curious Curious
      Curious Curious 2 years ago +161

      Viktor Logi Guðmundsson you're so jealous

  • Barbara Sipos
    Barbara Sipos 2 years ago +40

    I swear this is so funny part 2 please

  • Exhuume
    Exhuume 2 years ago +23

    PART 2

  • Loreen Rosarina
    Loreen Rosarina 2 years ago +77

    "I'VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED" Ohmygod chandlerrr😂😂

    RISE HUNTER 2 years ago +20

    Do overwatch

  • Elaf Alkazzaz
    Elaf Alkazzaz 2 years ago +18

    I have this game on my Xbox

  • Ixchel Ochoa
    Ixchel Ochoa 2 years ago +43

    I want to be on this channel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad I wish I was them

  • mhammad Amir
    mhammad Amir 2 years ago +15

    Please make part 2 please

  • wolfdragon190
    wolfdragon190 2 years ago +21

    PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Gomez
    Christian Gomez 2 years ago +13

    Part 2 please

  • Crybaby Fan
    Crybaby Fan 2 years ago +17

    Can you guys please do a part 2

    SUPER VIP 2 years ago +39

    Brandon is like me. He's a comic book geek, gamer, and we have the same name, Brandon

    • Brandon Mejia
      Brandon Mejia 2 years ago +10

      SUPER VIP do you got his beautiful belly?

  • Danuta Kalinowska
    Danuta Kalinowska 2 years ago +15

    do a part 2 of this please! not as jason tho I like watching them strategize and talk to people in the game

  • siimpleanita
    siimpleanita 2 years ago +29

    this movie was the exact reason i never wanted to go to sleep away camp.

  • Bosco L
    Bosco L 2 years ago +97

    Gets whipped through window
    "i think hes okay"

  • Rhianne Thomas
    Rhianne Thomas 2 years ago +10

    please play this again!!

  • Lunar Omega
    Lunar Omega 2 years ago +38

    Im pissed, they never got to play as Jason!

  • V
    V 2 years ago +6

    This is sooo fun

  • Jaquelin Loredo
    Jaquelin Loredo 2 years ago +19

    It's so hilarious to watch them play omg! 😂😂

  • no me queda mas
    no me queda mas 2 years ago +7

    lmaoooo he said merked love that word

  • DNB120
    DNB120 2 years ago +17

    Do me a favour...Replace the girls 😂 They didn't even know the basic...JASON IS IMMORTAL

    • wolfdragon190
      wolfdragon190 2 years ago +20

      YEP they are the comedy of the entire gaming, the producers wouldn't want the game to be straight foward all gamers, they would want some hilarious stuff in there

    • Vanilla Bean
      Vanilla Bean 2 years ago +1

      christian reyes not in the movies

    • wolfdragon190
      wolfdragon190 2 years ago +25

      Noo, the girls provide the comedy though

    • DNB120
      DNB120 2 years ago +2

      @Victoria Lopez Exactly haha

    • Vanilla Bean
      Vanilla Bean 2 years ago

      Dnb120 exactly lol he is immortal. Jason never dies, but idk maybe people were just tired?

  • Cameron Marter
    Cameron Marter 2 years ago +4


  • Alexis Perry
    Alexis Perry 2 years ago +2

    is the game free to play?

  • Andres Ortega
    Andres Ortega 2 years ago +4

    Why does it say the game isn't available untill 5/26/17

  • MusicxLover63
    MusicxLover63 2 years ago +7

    omg Part 2 please!

  • You ate all my Beans Nigga

    Part 2?

  • JoyousStarParty
    JoyousStarParty 2 years ago +8

    I really want this game!

  • Tophat man
    Tophat man 2 years ago +12

    I went to the camp Friday the 13th was filmed

  • TheLoneGunman26
    TheLoneGunman26 2 years ago +25

    brandon and labib need to start a gaming channel