Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy (Official Video) |REACTION| Ft. Davine Jay 🔥

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • Mai TV
    Mai TV  26 days ago +11

    • Ariel Young
      Ariel Young 16 days ago

      Aye you gotta listen to Teyana Taylor HYWI man that shit is fire

    • Lalo Mojica
      Lalo Mojica 18 days ago +1

      Blueface and cardi B thotiana reaction

  • Genesee Lowe
    Genesee Lowe Day ago

    Damn Doja deserves more respect than what y’all are giving her :/

  • Sheanna Darmalingum

    “Hold on Tyga we gon run yo words back” 😂

  • Kailala Junior Rass
    Kailala Junior Rass 2 days ago

    OFC TYGA HIT DATT A$$🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Glen Garcia
    Glen Garcia 2 days ago

    Yall sound rapey as fuck, like fuckin rapey RAPEY...

  • Kendra Jennings
    Kendra Jennings 2 days ago

    next time dont keep stopping it so much its kinda annoying

  • samantha Xo
    samantha Xo 3 days ago

    bruh they put the petite girl for the point of the music video about natural beauty n shit don’t b fucked up.

  • joselyn Rodriguez
    joselyn Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Most of the shit yall saying is disrespectful as fuck lmao grow up

  • Jenny Sincere
    Jenny Sincere 4 days ago

    Lol she has a boyfriend

  • Undisputed_Truth
    Undisputed_Truth 4 days ago

    Unfortunately this chic does not like the BBC. her Boyfriend is white and looks like a 15 year old beiber wanna be. apparently he is a musician on youtube too

  • Tajourney Wallace
    Tajourney Wallace 5 days ago

    Eating all up in my face in the beginning

    Rude ass.😑

  • Helen Goodman
    Helen Goodman 6 days ago

    Why is they honestly wildin

  • Vianey Reyes
    Vianey Reyes 6 days ago

    sorry if im rude *^*

  • Vianey Reyes
    Vianey Reyes 6 days ago


  • Vianey Reyes
    Vianey Reyes 6 days ago


  • Destiny
    Destiny 6 days ago +1

    Doja cat is a libra not a gemini

  • Stevie Haydn
    Stevie Haydn 7 days ago

    Flicking creeps

  • Sarah Richards
    Sarah Richards 7 days ago

    I lost brain cells watching this

  • Suhaima Khan
    Suhaima Khan 7 days ago

    Url are the typical pervs😂😂😂😂👌

  • Knook Turnher
    Knook Turnher 7 days ago

    She dont like black men bru

  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham 8 days ago +1

    Wow I’m only 3 minutes in and this is already annoying af

  • Danijulianne Santos
    Danijulianne Santos 8 days ago

    This video messy and disgusting as fuck

  • IDream OfAj
    IDream OfAj 8 days ago

    Y’all are sad

  • Andreea Marcu
    Andreea Marcu 8 days ago

    She ain’t copying Cardy boys, she’s Doja, show some respect.

  • Mrs Tajah Walker
    Mrs Tajah Walker 8 days ago

    Stop pausing the flip in video

    SONG LYRICS SL 8 days ago +1

    This is how many people think they didn’t make it without getting a boner...

  • officially.kiara
    officially.kiara 8 days ago

    Yall rudeeee. She had the "skinny" one bc it's ab all beauty. Damn I hate being skinny bc all the guys only like "thicc" gurls

  • Rachel haha
    Rachel haha 9 days ago

    They DEFINITELY sucked each other's dicks when they finished filming

  • Rachel haha
    Rachel haha 9 days ago


  • Failedpuberty6x
    Failedpuberty6x 9 days ago

    The song is literally called "Juicy" and she's talking about admiring bodies but smart RU-clip comments still be like..."why you talking about her body, so gross. What man talks about a woman's body when she wants him talk about it, grow up!" 😂😂😂.
    Some of these same people have no problem with women being called "bitch" on every other word or getting paid millions to shake their butts more than they're paid to speak their minds though. Aight, fake woke niggas.

  • Pamela Harris
    Pamela Harris 9 days ago +1

    No one should subscribe to yo y’all are inappropriate to girls and I’m a girl yo I just think it’s not right that’s my Opinion

  • Pamela Harris
    Pamela Harris 9 days ago +2

    Y’all just disrespecting us girls really it’s just her butt

  • Naynay Jordan
    Naynay Jordan 9 days ago

    You should be ashamed of yourself you got a whole girlfriend why you saying all this when you know she'll get mad and the boy next to you I don't even know if you have one but it's okay for him probably but still back to you the one that have the hair looking like a bottle of Honey or either mustard still that's very messed up like what you just did like does you should have just did another video like. Like you should never did that Period pooh!!

  • sully baby
    sully baby 9 days ago

    shes my favorite too (x

  • pretty pills
    pretty pills 9 days ago

    pahahahahaha they talking ab how nice her body shape is and complain ab the other girl with a different body type like they both too ugly to get both of those girls lmaooo gotta sit there watching the video and wishing ppl would respect them while they wank to this with their 3 inch peanuts

  • ᗪ乇卩尺乇丂丂丨ㄖ几

    Dude stop fucking pausing grow up u act like u never seen a woman before

  • Janiya Jones
    Janiya Jones 10 days ago

    Mai: about to hit start on the video

    lil Wayne high as f: you are going to fall

  • tanisha monde
    tanisha monde 10 days ago

    Y’all sound thirsty asf like y’all never seen a thick female before. Not even listening to her lyrics just focused on her ass, ofc when it came to Tyga y’all was actually tryna listen to them some lyrics. Y’all kept pausing to dam much. I rarely comment on videos but y’all sounded corny asf .

  • silence me
    silence me 10 days ago

    You keep your hands off Doja! She's mine!

  • Aubrey Dickinson
    Aubrey Dickinson 10 days ago +1

    actin like they ain’t seen no girl in their life

  • Lazola Khanyile
    Lazola Khanyile 10 days ago

    I never got so annoyed watching a reaction video... like stfu

  • melos2836
    melos2836 10 days ago

    They not even paying attention to the actually song and video... Just lusting after ass...rubbing your hands together and licking lips uggghghh not professional at allll...go watch a porn video instead... Denggg

  • PurpleExplosion
    PurpleExplosion 10 days ago +1


  • HiltonPosts
    HiltonPosts 10 days ago

    Did y’all just compare her to cardi? 😂😂😂 I love cardi but really 😂😂😂 dojaaaaa is unbelievably talented

  • Julxay
    Julxay 10 days ago

    That song and video is lit already but yall made yall reaction seem like a party and made the song even more lit 😂 good shit i was cracking up the whole time

  • Rihanna Brown /
    Rihanna Brown / 11 days ago

    you should react to “bottom bitch”

  • Kimora Flowers
    Kimora Flowers 11 days ago

    Don't play me you tryin it she is not like cardi b and i love cardi she is so diffrent yall just horny ass nigga

  • LemexTheGreatestVEVO
    LemexTheGreatestVEVO 11 days ago +1

    Yall snapped on that if you can see it from the front joint😂
    She hard tho ayyy 🍑

  • Mimi
    Mimi 12 days ago

    Y’all are lame as fuck acting like you never seen a woman’s body acting like Complete VIRGINS. change the damn tittle to “reacting to dojas body instead “ shitttt

  • Tony Perez
    Tony Perez 12 days ago

    Yall saying these fools are gross when they are just reacting to what they see and hear. This is a song about thickness. Big booty and thighs. This aint a song about being modest and conservative. They showing natural beauty. But also ASs.

  • Olivia
    Olivia 12 days ago

    this makes me mad!!!!

  • Rona Mose
    Rona Mose 12 days ago

    Doja cat beeeen had body lol she was blessed wit a big booty n small waist

  • The Eater Of Bums
    The Eater Of Bums 12 days ago

    There’s some salty girls in the comment section

  • V Valdivia
    V Valdivia 12 days ago

    Yall got me weak af

  • • amii • • rose •

    These bitches are small minded, niggas only attracted at bodies and not skill. They only talk about her ass and not how amazing the song is.

  • WitchMoonstone
    WitchMoonstone 12 days ago

    I cringed watching this y’all act like you never seen a woman before y’all are gross

  • Save the turtles Bitch

    I wish we could post memes in the comments. Bc i would have posted the “ *They finna drag you* “ in here bc lord father God. These comments came with facts 😳😂😂 wasn’t expecting that lmao

  • Aieshja Khitanea
    Aieshja Khitanea 12 days ago

    Too many replays and pausing 😩

  • TheShadaeShow
    TheShadaeShow 13 days ago

    u hear that lol we know you men don't hear shit when you like what you see ll

  • Sun flower Orgy
    Sun flower Orgy 13 days ago

    Damn y’all talking about her like a piece of meat for real. No he didn’t “hit that” she’s a professional man