Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Opening

  • Published on Mar 11, 2014
  • Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.
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  • Leo19rash
    Leo19rash 2 hours ago

    Rugged dirty pretty good dirty not bad dirty lol

  • 평범남B
    평범남B 2 hours ago

    8:16 my favorite pary!

  • Ramon LeBlanc Harts
    Ramon LeBlanc Harts 4 hours ago

    Ellen's performance here was PHENOMENAL!!

  • Jerome Gentes
    Jerome Gentes 20 hours ago

    It's not Will Smith's laugh!

  • GeneTec
    GeneTec 20 hours ago

    This is soooo hilarious !!!

  • Danial Tabumi
    Danial Tabumi 21 hour ago +3

    To much lgbtq and gay community watch this over and over again 😂😂😂

  • Mon Zazo
    Mon Zazo 23 hours ago +1

    Ellen probably is the best host so far

  • Tiziana Iuorio
    Tiziana Iuorio 23 hours ago +1

    I watch this every once in a while whenever I need to laugh. And let me say it always does the trick 😂

  • Tiziana Iuorio
    Tiziana Iuorio 23 hours ago +1

    I watch this every once in a while whenever I need to laugh. And let me say it always does the trick 😂

  • Andrija Pervan
    Andrija Pervan Day ago

    Akward clap 00:47

  • brenda jackson
    brenda jackson Day ago

    She is gorgeous!😍😍😍

    DIOND Day ago

    Why is this in my recommended in 2019??

  • The TRUTH
    The TRUTH Day ago

    Speaking about the sex at the rudios we have 😂😂

  • DebInfo
    DebInfo Day ago


  • DebInfo
    DebInfo Day ago

    Symbolism will be their Downfall

  • DebInfo
    DebInfo Day ago


  • Fortnite Slayer
    Fortnite Slayer Day ago +1

    Anyone from 2019

  • Aria Zalez
    Aria Zalez 2 days ago +2

    I think the internet is no longer working. You tube only has stuff to offer that is two years older or more.

    NINA SNIMA 2 days ago

    1:24 X-men fans (Michael Fassbender)

  • joe hartsock
    joe hartsock 2 days ago

    I guess asian nvr understand her

    ELISE ENNETTE 2 days ago

    I want her hosting every year ❤️ 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • مسلسلات و أغاني ايّام ‏زمان

    I hope that ellen will be hosting the oscars 2019 shes the best comedian she deserve to be at the oscar

  • Sama Retro
    Sama Retro 2 days ago

    Ellen is just hilarious. For anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously anyway looool

  • F.Z. Efzede
    F.Z. Efzede 2 days ago

    Ellen is the best

  • Mohan MK
    Mohan MK 3 days ago +1

    Lupita is unbelievable beauty!!!

  • Matt Deans
    Matt Deans 3 days ago

    what a terrible routine!

  • LIJO M
    LIJO M 4 days ago

    Oh i just didn't want this to end 😂😂

  • Andre Crosby
    Andre Crosby 4 days ago

    i don't think anyone can top her as a host

  • Tim W
    Tim W 5 days ago +5

    Imagine that, an award show host who keeps it non-political yet funny.

  • Diyu
    Diyu 6 days ago +10

    I swear, I could listen to Ellen talking and making jokes in the Oscar forever! She should have been a host for all Oscars :-)

  • harold sarmiento
    harold sarmiento 6 days ago


  • Michael
    Michael 7 days ago

    Craig Federighi was there? 😂

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James 7 days ago

    Lupita is so beautiful.

  • Rodolfo Avitia
    Rodolfo Avitia 7 days ago +1

    I felt embarrassed by her comment on Liza Minnelli... I imagine how she had felt with that comment.

  • Pedro Rayas
    Pedro Rayas 7 days ago

    Belive it or not Lupita is Mexican !!!

  • Cest Lina
    Cest Lina 8 days ago

    Watching this over and over again even in 2019, I know I'm going to watch it again in 2020 and 2021

  • Regina Huang
    Regina Huang 8 days ago

    I’m ditching college, so that I can be successful! Obviously you won’t be rich if you go to college

  • Charlie Martinez
    Charlie Martinez 8 days ago +1

    It's 7-10-19 and I can't believe so many comments have over a thousand likes...looks badass to see a 'K' next to a number...
    Guess it's respect to the words typed by the person to express feelings about the video...
    Ellen is funny. She kewl 😎✊

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz 8 days ago

    My God Amy Adams.. my childhood crush..

  • Colleen Kelly
    Colleen Kelly 8 days ago

    Only five years since this was made...yet look at all the secual predators in the crowd that are now gone gone gone!

  • Gc0rD
    Gc0rD 8 days ago

    She Really Killed This Shit & Her Stand Up Special Was Amazing

  • Dilya Zan
    Dilya Zan 8 days ago

    Incredible person!

  • 3DCGdesign
    3DCGdesign 9 days ago

    How is she so funny? That Liz Taylor bit slayed me.

  • Igor
    Igor 9 days ago

    I must be the only person who doesn't think Ellen is funny. Who's with me? 🤣

  • Buzzman
    Buzzman 9 days ago

    I thought it was Beiber

  • sign543
    sign543 9 days ago

    She has made me LOL since she burst on the scene in the early 80s. I didn’t think she’d go this far, but I knew that she was different than most comedians I’d ever seen...the witty way she can ramble and sound clueless, but so very clever...and she didn’t even dream of being a comedian until she’d been through terrible tragedy. I’d love to see a film about her life and rise to stardom.

  • Blue Davis
    Blue Davis 10 days ago

    2019 anyone ?

  • Jey Kent
    Jey Kent 10 days ago

    Let's bring Ellen back next year!!!

  • Navjot Kaur
    Navjot Kaur 11 days ago

    Ellen you sooo funny

  • BTD Warrior
    BTD Warrior 11 days ago


  • Nicholas Kamencu
    Nicholas Kamencu 12 days ago


  • Парусник Жора

    Я далбаёб. Держу в курсе.

  • sdpsapkota80
    sdpsapkota80 13 days ago +3

    Anybody in 2019?

  • Joker Aj
    Joker Aj 15 days ago

    Ohh laugh laugh laugh good for your health, but laughing on someone miserable condition is not at all funny for him🤭🙏

  • Anjesh nair
    Anjesh nair 15 days ago

    Ellen , stop it😂😂

  • Mehedi Hasan Abeer
    Mehedi Hasan Abeer 15 days ago

    6.04 best moment

  • Yodit Brhane
    Yodit Brhane 15 days ago

    Pls ellen I want can USA and meeting you

  • Leo leo
    Leo leo 16 days ago +2

    She was so wonderful that I enjoyed the way of talking funny

  • Tahira Bhat
    Tahira Bhat 16 days ago +4

    Here i am,,,, watching it the 99999999....th time. Who else is???

  • An Na
    An Na 17 days ago +5

    Who is the actor next to jennifer lawrence again? (Not bradley cooper) 😁😁

    • Abigail Britian
      Abigail Britian 16 days ago +1

      Nicholas holt, he plays beast in the newest xmen movies

  • Abhirup Bhattacharyya
    Abhirup Bhattacharyya 18 days ago

    best oscar opening of all time!!!

  • Zhypargul Abdimazhitova
    Zhypargul Abdimazhitova 18 days ago +1

    I can't believe all these talk can be done in 9 minutes...

  • maya summers
    maya summers 18 days ago +8

    1:19 you hear Will cracking up 😂😂😂😂 That man i swear

  • Andrea
    Andrea 19 days ago

    I found him! 3:50

  • Roxann ier
    Roxann ier 19 days ago +1

    She’s amazing!

  • amanda collins
    amanda collins 19 days ago +2

    4:57 Angelina and Brad Pitt holy moly favs♥️🥰🥰🥰

  • GodMother333
    GodMother333 19 days ago +1

    Love Elen! She's so authentic and natural! She should do Oscars every year.

  • Lex Ite
    Lex Ite 20 days ago +1

    3:50 I finallly found Will Smith after hearing his laugh only for almost 4 mins straight

  • WiTh mE
    WiTh mE 20 days ago +1

    Love u ellen thatz the prettiest thing i can ever say 😘

  • Hanane don't know
    Hanane don't know 21 day ago +1

    Whay isn't she hosting evry year???????
    WHAY ?!?!?!?!