Billie Eilish - bury a friend

  • Published on Jan 30, 2019
  • Listen to "bury a friend" from the debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, out now:
    Featuring Crooks
    Director: Michael Chaves
    Producers: David Moore, Michelle An, Chelsea Dodson
    DP: Tristan Nyby
    Editor: John Paul Horstmann
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  • Jessica  Paulson
    Jessica Paulson 8 hours ago


  • MaeveLily
    MaeveLily 8 hours ago

    love the vid

  • Snowypather Yt
    Snowypather Yt 8 hours ago +1

    *This is me when my mom is not home*

  • Sad Nation
    Sad Nation 8 hours ago

    when we all fall asleep, where we go?

  • Walther Miranda
    Walther Miranda 8 hours ago

    Esto es una mierda me cago en esta porqueria xd holi noilyn

  • Ale Arce
    Ale Arce 9 hours ago

    tus vídeos son muy buenos 👏👏🖤🖤🖤

  • Latricia Osorio
    Latricia Osorio 9 hours ago

    She used the needles in the back Scene from this in all the good girls go to hell. 😂 I just noticed 😂

  • Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    Melodramatic bullshit

  • Backyardmech1
    Backyardmech1 10 hours ago

    ME: She’s attractive
    ME: Get some blackout curtains for your urban loft apartment sleeping area.

  • MKT Mr
    MKT Mr 10 hours ago


  • Jesse Yslas
    Jesse Yslas 10 hours ago

    .....Care....Full .....Den

  • Pixelizzy 06
    Pixelizzy 06 10 hours ago

    I am the only one who gets Shigaraki vibes? Oh...only my weeb self? Alright.

  • ruth flores
    ruth flores 10 hours ago

    No aynadie que able español no ya que :(

  • King Internestt
    King Internestt 10 hours ago

    Epilsey warning

  • Andréia Manuela
    Andréia Manuela 10 hours ago

    Que coisa horrível meu Deus do céu mundo tá perdido

  • Simone Ferreira
    Simone Ferreira 11 hours ago


  • Simone Ferreira
    Simone Ferreira 11 hours ago

    Love Song

  • Dahlia Maynard
    Dahlia Maynard 11 hours ago

  • TheDrakeSisters
    TheDrakeSisters 11 hours ago +1

    The entire purpose of this song is because Billie Eilish wants to bury herself and when she says what do you want from me why do you care for me and stuff like that that means that there's a monster under her bed and that monster she is talking about herself Billie Elilsh just wants to bury herself that's the entire purpose of this song

  • Macaya Yut
    Macaya Yut 11 hours ago

    666 is iluminati your video is creppy sorry I said this.I am not haters

  • Lakayla Fitts
    Lakayla Fitts 11 hours ago

    Billie:When we all fall asleep where do we go
    Me:thats what i wanna know

  • tizi9 rosso
    tizi9 rosso 12 hours ago

    Apuesto que estas buscando un comentario en español y acá lo tienes

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 12 hours ago

    Think I saw her crawl out of a tv in a movie once.

  • Lisa Katz
    Lisa Katz 12 hours ago

    me: hey jack come watch this ( jack is my 9 year old brother)

    jack: ok!!



  • kamado tanjiro
    kamado tanjiro 12 hours ago

    عرب 😒

  • gaby jesus
    gaby jesus 13 hours ago


  • how-to-HALLIE
    how-to-HALLIE 13 hours ago

    Guess there aint any ocean eyes anymore

  • zulma alas
    zulma alas 13 hours ago +1

    Cuidado el de monio😊🤭🤫

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Ah va

  • Olivia Jowdie-Toombs
    Olivia Jowdie-Toombs 13 hours ago

    kingsman vibes

  • Noemy Lanza
    Noemy Lanza 14 hours ago +3

    Alguém no final de 2019??❤️🥰

  • Max Jacobo
    Max Jacobo 14 hours ago

    I'm more scary then you 😕😕🤫🤫😈😈 go to sleep haha

  • Ivanna Scorza Pereira
    Ivanna Scorza Pereira 14 hours ago +1

    Billie you are welcome to under my bed

  • Denisse Itza
    Denisse Itza 14 hours ago

    I love you billie eillish

  • Marinajessica 77
    Marinajessica 77 14 hours ago

    Billie makes Millions with this Video.... Me SCARED TO GO TO THE TOILET😂🚽😭

  • SJ Walt
    SJ Walt 14 hours ago

    And everyone wonders why kids are so fucked up in this day and age... I wonder how many children slit there wrists listening to Billy

  • Zee Zee
    Zee Zee 14 hours ago

    Creepy 😁

  • Noemí Mendoza
    Noemí Mendoza 15 hours ago

    The man was her boyfreind

  • Wolfox Kurosaki
    Wolfox Kurosaki 15 hours ago

    all of your songs are just a same and you are nothing more than just awkward. styling for just a stupid kids with mind capacity like a (everiting else will be censored!)

  • Bluesan Youtube
    Bluesan Youtube 15 hours ago

    elle parle d'un ami perdu en 2018 mais pas que de ca elle parle de 2 personnes je ne sais rien a propos de la 2eme psk je pense que c une personne de l'entourage de son frere je pense voila

  • Maria jose Lavado
    Maria jose Lavado 15 hours ago


  • Shrek Devito
    Shrek Devito 15 hours ago

    My 2 day goldfish: 2:57

  • JosianeMylla Alves
    JosianeMylla Alves 16 hours ago

    Garota é louca mais gosto da Billy ela é diferente das outras garotas

  • Amanda Dayara Pereira Lino

    Amor as música dela❤❤❤

  • star art
    star art 16 hours ago

    People say she's scary and the song is creepy, don't forget that whoever writes her the whole song is her brother, what's going on with this guy in mind. And Why he writes such texts to his sister, very strange.!!!!!🤔🤔

  • terry lafauci
    terry lafauci 16 hours ago

    As a metalhead...I gotta say I like this song. The video is more metal than alot of the actual metal videos I've seen. Props.

  • Randallbarber
    Randallbarber 16 hours ago +1

    epilepsy warning plz.

  • Izabela Craiu
    Izabela Craiu 17 hours ago

    Billie unter dem bett:👹

  • Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong Nguyen 17 hours ago

    Billie stop

  • luna Timoteo
    luna Timoteo 17 hours ago

    Me dio miedo

  • cookie playz roblox
    cookie playz roblox 18 hours ago

    Me: *sees the ppl stab billie with the needles*
    Me again: holy shiiii some get dr phil holy jeez owwww whyyyyyyyyyyy owwwwwwe DR PHIL WE NEED HELP

  • Eva Aislinn
    Eva Aislinn 18 hours ago +1

    An artistic genius in so many ways.

  • ღMich- kunღ
    ღMich- kunღ 18 hours ago


  • Saira Zaidi
    Saira Zaidi 18 hours ago

    I'm a kid

  • Saira Zaidi
    Saira Zaidi 18 hours ago

    I'm a .....

  • Saira Zaidi
    Saira Zaidi 18 hours ago


  • ღنوتيلاا متخلفهههღ

    iLove you🖤🖤

  • Monse Euan
    Monse Euan 19 hours ago +1

    Like por Billie Ashley

  • Mert Hakan
    Mert Hakan 19 hours ago

    I wonder what that guy's name says back there. 🧐

  • Ashai Lee
    Ashai Lee 19 hours ago +1

    Anyone here from the series Dickinson