S1MPLE TOP PERFORMANCE! - NaVi vs Hellraisers - ESL Pro League - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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Comments • 89

    vLADOPARD 3  Month ago +8

    s1mple's rat. 1.58
    COOL SKINS FOR EVERYONE: p.skin.club/2of5Vao (UP TO 25% DEPOSIT BONUS)

  • WalkingW
    WalkingW Month ago

    1.01 - 11.00 those are the worst odds I think I've ever seen

  • siapa aku hayoo
    siapa aku hayoo Month ago

    Boombl4's huge

  • GokuSsj
    GokuSsj Month ago +4

    4:36 tf is this game broken ?

  • Immortal_Hades
    Immortal_Hades Month ago

    This video makes me feel like i need to clean my ears.

  • Taeja Sunshine
    Taeja Sunshine Month ago

    Is that machine commentating? Doesn't he sound super slow?

  • Ridhuan AB
    Ridhuan AB Month ago

    4:39 how the hell did that happened?? LOL

  • jf c
    jf c Month ago

    Boomits? its Boombl4, hard one

  • Owen
    Owen Month ago

    muito bom,

  • Owen
    Owen Month ago


  • Daniel Diez
    Daniel Diez Month ago

    the power of pink mouse

  • allbrosdjay
    allbrosdjay Month ago +5

    17:00 even with 4:3 and if he is playing with cl_righthand 0 you see simple there come on...

    • allbrosdjay
      allbrosdjay Month ago

      @Nguyen Duc Anh I don't think you get what I am saying. I know he didn't see him. I know he was focused on a short peek. I am saying he should have noticed s1mple. Stop trying to get over technical and sarcastic. Should of seen him right after he killed boombl4. He was literally just to the left of his crosshair. Getting tunnel vision and assuming that was the only place the last player could be is part of the fail. Huge misplay simple as that.

    • Nguyen Duc Anh
      Nguyen Duc Anh Month ago

      allbrosdjay have you ever heard of tunnel vision and how narrow the range of human vision is? If you dont know about that then i cant argue with you dude

    • allbrosdjay
      allbrosdjay Month ago

      @Nguyen Duc Anh I know he didn't see him and I know why. He can literally see him right after he kills boombl4 16:58. It is still a huge fail.

    • Nguyen Duc Anh
      Nguyen Duc Anh Month ago

      @allbrosdjay yes but when 1 was killed in that box, another player will immediately peeks from short to trades the kill, thats why he was so focused on short to win the upcoming dual as his crosshair was snap on the corner as soon as boombl4 was killed, thus didnt see s1mple, still s1mple, right? :)

    • allbrosdjay
      allbrosdjay Month ago

      @Nguyen Duc Anh Right but he was on his screen for a long enough time for him to at least react.

  • Bitte bitte geb mir gift

    Why so nextgen sound quality?

  • Pancakeee
    Pancakeee Month ago

    Maybe I'm thinking too hard but when guardian was behind electronic on dust 2 maybe it was on purpose

  • Dmitri Jakovlev
    Dmitri Jakovlev Month ago +2

    13:47 - tango

  • Contigen
    Contigen Month ago +6

    Man, this casting is really good

  • kilo
    kilo Month ago +1

    navi noob team, spirit best team

  • Live O
    Live O Month ago +1

    How's flamie now? XD

  • Данчик Данилов


  • dkgray wexa
    dkgray wexa Month ago

    fraging some underrated team and that line smiple top performance ggwp :D

  • Дьулус Миронов

    Одни иностранцы)

  • Fnatic Fortnite
    Fnatic Fortnite Month ago +1

    Ange1 is so bad wtf

    • Fnatic Fortnite
      Fnatic Fortnite Month ago

      @fps whore not playing fortnite since season 9

    • fps whore
      fps whore Month ago

      Says the guy with Fortnite in his name , go back to your Chinese game

  • deGamers
    deGamers Month ago


  • Andrew Chan
    Andrew Chan Month ago +9

    Boombl4 really has become such a solid teammate now then when he first joined. I like that

    • That Dude
      That Dude Month ago +1

      Andrew Chan his tits tho

  • Ez Bucks
    Ez Bucks Month ago

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  • meatball -
    meatball - Month ago

    What keyboard are navi using?🤔

  • Ryan Mai
    Ryan Mai Month ago +22

    He’s using the zowie again, he’s back

    • kotes hfzh
      kotes hfzh Month ago +1

      FireXosist 985 back to the og

  • Toan Dang
    Toan Dang Month ago +17

    Guardian looking good with NaVi!

  • know un
    know un Month ago +2

    s1mple got tk twice lolololol

  • Miro B.
    Miro B. Month ago +60

    He got team killed twice, are they trying to get him mad or what lol.

    • John Erwin Hilario
      John Erwin Hilario Month ago

      @Snowy nah flamie right clicked.

    • Snowy
      Snowy Month ago

      @Ridhuan AB 4:33

    • Ridhuan AB
      Ridhuan AB Month ago

      @Snowy timestamp?

    • Snowy
      Snowy Month ago

      Yeah. How did Flamie kill s1mple while inspecting a knife?

    • Anto
      Anto Month ago +1

      @ahmad rusydi it's a joke, man.

  • emperoru CSGO
    emperoru CSGO Month ago +7

    New HR is so weak...

  • DΣΣΖ ΝμΤS™
    DΣΣΖ ΝμΤS™ Month ago +1

    Where is the top performance lel. 1 clutch wow but he got 1v2d got rekt by Angel several times so a good game but nth special lul

    • Virush
      Virush Month ago

      @jaimolasCSGO I'm talking about a single map performance, you guys are talking like a 1.58 rating on a bo3 is the performance of the year or something. Against hellraisers no less lul

    • Virush
      Virush Month ago

      @Adi adi I'm not a pro. This is not a special feat among pros. I'd say ratings above 1.8 are starting to get special. www.hltv.org/matches/2336327/astralis-vs-vitality-dreamhack-masters-malm-2019
      Even 2+ ratings happen from time to time.
      Come on, you can do better than that

    • Adi adi
      Adi adi Month ago

      @Virush try doing 1.58 or 1 in a pro game

    • Josh Evasco
      Josh Evasco Month ago


    • jaimolasCSGO
      jaimolasCSGO Month ago +5

      @Virush idk If youre baiting or u just dont know shit about the game. Right nos the highest rated player is s1mple with 1.29 followed by zywoo 1.28 whilst the average player has 1.05-1.1 so i would say that 1.58 is not something common

  • Adam Hamdan
    Adam Hamdan Month ago +8

    How could ange1 see the player jump in the smoke at 6:45? Are his settings just better than the spectators for smokes or what

  • ZamX
    ZamX Month ago +47

    Damn, Boombl4 is THICC AF

    • Đỗ Duy Lê
      Đỗ Duy Lê Month ago

      @Adam Flexen his gravitational force is stronger than us

    • yo yo honey singh
      yo yo honey singh Month ago

      Like that of shroud

    • Adam Flexen
      Adam Flexen Month ago +12

      He has his own gravitational pull

    • Lum
      Lum Month ago +5

      Master Blaster he at least 3 mattresses

    • Master Blaster
      Master Blaster Month ago +8

      Thicc like a mattress

  • redX
    redX Month ago


  • flirth
    flirth Month ago +1