10 Years of iPhones | iJustine

  • Published on Jan 10, 2017
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  • iJustine
    iJustine  2 years ago +6665

    sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol

  • Ivane Bregvadze
    Ivane Bregvadze 18 hours ago


  • Catnap
    Catnap 3 days ago

    one year of samsungs

  • Sobble In Comments
    Sobble In Comments 3 days ago +1

    Her eyebrows have gone a long way.

  • Steve Trelles
    Steve Trelles 4 days ago

    3:52 ya I know it is, no big deal😏

  • { gen0cide }
    { gen0cide } 4 days ago

    Back when they didn't have cases anna ou-

  • Sofian Hsini
    Sofian Hsini 7 days ago


  • Caleb Dineen
    Caleb Dineen 10 days ago

    Justine: Oh my god here he is
    Iphone: dId YoU jUsT aSsUmE mY gEnDeR

  • Lyrixa 0824
    Lyrixa 0824 10 days ago

    Justine’s first video was the oatmeal project 13 years ago

  • I'm Too Sexy For My Cat

    6:41 I Thought That Was My Door

  • DuckieMOTV
    DuckieMOTV 12 days ago

    1:37 2007?

  • Joseph Mooneyham
    Joseph Mooneyham 13 days ago

    So she just said screw the se

  • Cici Murky
    Cici Murky 14 days ago

    First iPhone was 4s and I still have it and iPhone 8 too

  • Roblox Guest Cool
    Roblox Guest Cool 14 days ago

    7:04 it activated my Siri lol

  • Marcus Sanchez
    Marcus Sanchez 14 days ago

    Wow it’s been so long

  • GachaNikki Funny
    GachaNikki Funny 19 days ago

    Oml that part when she said "why you no send me fone" is hilarious

  • Reuben Singh
    Reuben Singh 19 days ago

    I just bought I phone 4 👌👌

  • II nataliaII
    II nataliaII 20 days ago +3

    Everyone is talking about 2007 but then I was literally 1 YEARS OLD😂😂

  • Rapha's Life
    Rapha's Life 21 day ago

    3:11 = the date of my birthday
    Hahahah lol

  • It’s_ YogirlClara
    It’s_ YogirlClara 26 days ago

    Cody was on sbsk omg

  • Tyler Lipman
    Tyler Lipman 28 days ago

    Don’t touch my stylus

  • Twitch _Baze-z
    Twitch _Baze-z 29 days ago

    1:39 , it says january 2007

  • AndresOfficial
    AndresOfficial Month ago

    justine got mad cause she didnt get her 4s and justine said WHY U NO SEND ME FONEEEEEEE!!!!

  • Mr_Tristan06 RBLX
    Mr_Tristan06 RBLX Month ago

    7:00 she said hey Siri, literally my Siri cane on 😂

  • Dolls Everywhere
    Dolls Everywhere Month ago

    We’re in 2019 and now we have the the iphone xr

  • Inês Gama
    Inês Gama Month ago +1

    You have not changed physically during these last years !

  • Inês Gama
    Inês Gama Month ago +2

    You didn't change anything whoa

  • Elmer Lit
    Elmer Lit Month ago

    She 35 Damon son

  • Ellie gray
    Ellie gray Month ago

    Ijustine looks soooo Different

  • Danyah Abed
    Danyah Abed Month ago

    wait was that joey graceffa

  • XxTaniaIzReactingxX
    XxTaniaIzReactingxX Month ago +2

    Miss Jamie Lynn Spears.😂

  • iAddrian Channel
    iAddrian Channel Month ago +2

    Ijustine:10 years of iPhone
    Me:4 years of Android
    And what yours

  • Jill Manny
    Jill Manny Month ago

    i am 11

  • Georgia Cosgrove
    Georgia Cosgrove Month ago

    Lol when you said hey Siri it activated my phone

  • Blankman !?!?!
    Blankman !?!?! Month ago


  • Dukeljk
    Dukeljk Month ago

    Do an underwear haul then and now!

  • Ready Dot
    Ready Dot Month ago

    The original iPhone came out when I was born

  • norma rodriguez
    norma rodriguez Month ago

    10:45 was that justin bieber

  • LunarSnowy
    LunarSnowy Month ago +3

    Yea I wasn’t here at the beginning I wasn’t alive till 2008

  • Obviously Olivia
    Obviously Olivia Month ago

    @ 7:05 *it made my siri go off lol*

  • mrs.donut &apple
    mrs.donut &apple Month ago

    Sameee the old phones survived everything

  • Will Buschmann
    Will Buschmann Month ago

    the video from 2011 at 7:13, wowzers

  • Kaelyn Marais
    Kaelyn Marais 2 months ago

    Ow my gosh!! you started to film videos a few months before I was born

  • Partha Jyoti Baishya
    Partha Jyoti Baishya 2 months ago

    #Just Awesome ❤️

  • Anish Jambhale
    Anish Jambhale 2 months ago

    U look too cute as the time pass😚

  • Steve Govea
    Steve Govea 2 months ago

    How many phones have you scattered in the 10 years.

  • Tony Phones
    Tony Phones 2 months ago

    She looked like a nerd on 2008 November

  • Tony Phones
    Tony Phones 2 months ago

    😪I feel bad for cody

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn 2 months ago

    Watching this in 2019 and when you said “Hey Siri are you better than...”, Siri popped off

  • Mr Entertainment Chef poopy talk

    2018 oh ha I know how to use an I phone
    2007 oh crap an smartphone how do I use this crap k Im staying with my flip phone

  • Mr Entertainment Chef poopy talk

    I kept my flip phone and I’m still using it

  • # Mishaal.forever
    # Mishaal.forever 2 months ago

    7:41 so funny😂😂

  • LIYU Kath
    LIYU Kath 2 months ago

    Sheep sheep go to sleep

    Anybody know which game that's from?

  • Bao Cheng
    Bao Cheng 2 months ago

    I love the iPhone 7 plus it's nice

  • Heatherlily Shiver
    Heatherlily Shiver 2 months ago

    Bro I have an iPad (not the one I’m one) does not have a front or a back facing camera

  • Jason Daniel Chiera
    Jason Daniel Chiera 2 months ago


  • Gamax Vamp
    Gamax Vamp 2 months ago

    Wonderful! Great memories 😱😍

  • Gamax Vamp
    Gamax Vamp 2 months ago

    Wonderful! Great memories 😱😍

  • mayo2001
    mayo2001 2 months ago

    I like the iJustine excitement over new iPhones up 6s. Then it gets lower and lower. Which can only mean there is less and less of innovation in newer models.

  • Natalie Sipes
    Natalie Sipes 2 months ago +5

    Did anybody else notice that she put 2007 instead of 2017

  • Octo Guy
    Octo Guy 2 months ago

    1:37 i didn't knew justine had an iPhone 7 plus in 2007

  • Khyra A
    Khyra A 2 months ago

    I love ❤️ a new apple 🍎 📱

  • Khyra A
    Khyra A 2 months ago

    Wow 11 years

  • J &
    J & 2 months ago

    Uhhhh in 2009 I was 4 years old and my parent had Nokia phones LOL

  • Silly Little Goof Balls

    We need one with all apple products

  • NOOB
    NOOB 3 months ago

    Who wants to know something ironic?

    2000's kids rule

  • Maddox Coletti
    Maddox Coletti 3 months ago

    It’s 3D Touch

  • Yeşim Ka
    Yeşim Ka 3 months ago

    In 2007 she looked like Zoey from Zoey101 😂❤️

  • Minecraft pro 2010
    Minecraft pro 2010 3 months ago

    Why skip 9

  • Jehlene Jepoy
    Jehlene Jepoy 3 months ago

    its been 10 or more yrs....but u dont have vdeo giving iphone , much better other people ive watched, they gave iphone.

  • tommy bakes
    tommy bakes 3 months ago +4

    2017: apple gets rid of home button
    2117: apple gets rid of lock screen

  • Jamya Crawford
    Jamya Crawford 3 months ago

    she has 4 computers for what ??!!!??!!!

  • Hey It's Nikki
    Hey It's Nikki 3 months ago

    5:45 what are you doing justine

  • fell like the sky
    fell like the sky 3 months ago

    This is the 10 year challenge with iPhones

  • ccyn042
    ccyn042 3 months ago

    I don't know what's worse, the sparkle armwarmers or that AT&T bill 😵

  • Sienna Freidenberg
    Sienna Freidenberg 3 months ago

    “THEEE IPHONE” omg it’s so funny to see how excited people were for the 1st iPhone

  • MissRubi Cate
    MissRubi Cate 3 months ago +1

    2019 anyone????

  • Legend 07
    Legend 07 3 months ago

    Can you hold me like you hold the phones on the thumbnail? 😂🙏

  • Danay Garcia
    Danay Garcia 3 months ago

    In June 2009 when you were with a friend my sister was probably days old depending on when you were recording

  • Erica Huerta
    Erica Huerta 3 months ago

    How much her brows have changed

  • Samantha Hawkins
    Samantha Hawkins 3 months ago

    Lol WHY U NO SEND ME PHONE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samantha Hawkins
    Samantha Hawkins 3 months ago

    When they showed the comparison with the iPhone 6 Plus, I liked the smaller one cuz I like small phones. Big phones hurt my hands. Like if u agree.

  • It’s Sage
    It’s Sage 3 months ago +2

    I’ll give you a IPhone X if you hit this:

    • Farzana Simi
      Farzana Simi Month ago

      First my phone

    • It’s Sage
      It’s Sage 3 months ago

      Maria Ye from meee

    • It’s Sage
      It’s Sage 3 months ago

      Maria can u hit it anyways??

    • Maria
      Maria 3 months ago

      It’s Sage oof I already have one 🤘🤷🏻‍♀️

  • It’s Sage
    It’s Sage 3 months ago +1

    2019 anyone?????

  • Brice shultz
    Brice shultz 3 months ago

    I loved it

  • Lucy Anderson
    Lucy Anderson 3 months ago

    I was born aug 2007

  • Ann T
    Ann T 3 months ago

    I never had an Iphone

  • Xayny Xena
    Xayny Xena 3 months ago

    1:35 it’s 2017 not 2007 xD

  • Anne Bond
    Anne Bond 3 months ago

    Anyone watching in 2019?? Like if you did

  • RebelBelle
    RebelBelle 3 months ago

    This is so funny because I’ve always wanted an iPhone and I didn’t get it until a few years ago and I’m so happy lol I like apple

  • D'Andre Sterling
    D'Andre Sterling 4 months ago

    2019 with the iphone xr anyone?

  • Computer 168
    Computer 168 4 months ago

    Justine's voice in 2014 is like she is drinking helium!

  • Razorshot5698
    Razorshot5698 4 months ago +1

    2017:*apple is slowing down phones* I can’t do this I just can’t
    It ain’t right

  • Dimitra
    Dimitra 4 months ago +1

    Hi frends 😂🙀

  • FrankTDG
    FrankTDG 4 months ago

    2019 anyone?

    VJULO 4 months ago

    She is immortal, like literally 10 years no change in appearance

  • Luke Attard
    Luke Attard 4 months ago

    HAHA the best part is watching your eyebrows get thinner and thinner

  • cierra roann
    cierra roann 4 months ago

    The only reason i was not here in the beginning of your channel is because im 10...i was born in 2008?? So yea

  • The Life Of Molly Elise
    The Life Of Molly Elise 4 months ago +7

    In the video when you said”hey Siri” all of my apple devices went crazy