• Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • I went head to head against one of the greatest NFL wide Receivers to ever do it.. Antonio Brown!
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  • Deestroying
    Deestroying  Month ago +1359

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    • Dkickz 007
      Dkickz 007 5 hours ago

      AB come to Bmor we help you out !!! We loyal we stayed by ray Lewis so you no we can stay by you ass the shit you did dont compared to ray ray !! YET !!

    • slikk well
      slikk well 10 days ago

      Your a fucking loser just like Antonio Brown

    • Black knight
      Black knight 13 days ago

      Deestroying did you gotta give this nigga bread for this video?

  • Greatest ever
    Greatest ever 2 hours ago

    this man in padsss!!!

  • Guppi Milo
    Guppi Milo 5 hours ago +1

    While Wearing A Soccer Jersey Nah Bud

  • Will Lindsey
    Will Lindsey 5 hours ago

    He's actually lining up against the best receiver OUT the league.

  • Dkickz 007
    Dkickz 007 5 hours ago

    AB come to Bmor we help you out !!! We loyal we stayed by ray Lewis so you no we can stay by you ass the shit you did dont compared to ray ray !! YET !!

  • Tony lee
    Tony lee 5 hours ago

    Tried you're balls of and still got burnt lmao 💀😂💀

  • Breaking Chris
    Breaking Chris 6 hours ago

    Who’s throwing? Christian Ponder??

  • The Secret Infiniti
    The Secret Infiniti 8 hours ago

    Obj, tyreek, I feel I'd watch that.

  • Michael Charlino
    Michael Charlino 13 hours ago

    Ab the cry baby

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H 17 hours ago

    Anyone that makes to the NFL is an athletic freak, you did a damn good job keeping up with him.

  • savage for days
    savage for days 20 hours ago

    Bru im only 10

  • Musmus28
    Musmus28 Day ago

    So nobody gonna talk about how bad the thrower of the football is?

  • Doin it With Damian

    everyone knows Michael Thomas is the best wide receiver in the NFL.

  • Jack Renner
    Jack Renner Day ago

    Jamarcus Russell is the qb in this video

  • Zach Blackburn
    Zach Blackburn Day ago

    How in the world is he comfortable with that tight long sleeve shirt over the top of his pads and not under them?

  • Noah Wells
    Noah Wells Day ago

    Stop saying OMG 50 x a video please

  • aidan
    aidan Day ago +3

    who’s here after he got arrested

  • Edwin Ocampo
    Edwin Ocampo Day ago +1

    Who's watching after he turned himself in?💀

  • Zack Amig
    Zack Amig Day ago

    And now homeboy is held up in his house with a felony warrant for his arrest.... what a terrible year for him

  • Jaxon Moore 2026

    You should tryout for the xfl

    YBD DAMIAN Day ago

    Man got pads on an still faster than you

  • Kevin Ober
    Kevin Ober 2 days ago

    how can you say this is the best WR in the league....dudes not even in the NFL and is nuts.

  • Braydon Arnold
    Braydon Arnold 2 days ago

    Get those hands off your hips, I know you have your hands on your hips while your reading this Dee.🙂

  • Samuel Sique
    Samuel Sique 2 days ago

    U dumb af he is not the best if is he would be in the league lmao

    MIGGYME1 2 days ago

    Best receiver in the league? Which league? Last i heard he is a free agent.

  • Preston Cherry
    Preston Cherry 2 days ago

    emphasis on the TRIED in the title

  • Charlie Swails
    Charlie Swails 2 days ago

    He not in the league

  • OTKP
    OTKP 2 days ago

    Shows you the type of athleticism that is in the NFL DAMN!

  • Jared Reed
    Jared Reed 2 days ago

    Who’s throwing to him?

  • Jeremy Jones Jr.
    Jeremy Jones Jr. 2 days ago

    You should go against my boy Tariq Hill

  • Jeremy Jones Jr.
    Jeremy Jones Jr. 2 days ago

    I thought bro was finna fall off dat scooter i was like oh shii😂

  • Andrew Alvarez
    Andrew Alvarez 3 days ago

    So from sprinting we shouldn’t put our hands on our hips

  • Josiah Nino
    Josiah Nino 3 days ago

    Who ever dislike no one likes you

  • Antonio Chacon
    Antonio Chacon 3 days ago

    This nigga not even in the NFL anymore......🤨🤔🤔

  • george hennon
    george hennon 4 days ago

    11:50 lmao

  • Reem_Nyc
    Reem_Nyc 4 days ago

    Need some kids merch my son loves ya page

  • Syphic Killer
    Syphic Killer 4 days ago

    Jesus man, who was throwin the damn ball ?

  • Khaotic
    Khaotic 4 days ago

    Nahhhh Larry Fitzgerald my guy

  • Krypticcz
    Krypticcz 5 days ago

    You need to go against tyreek hill that would be interesting

  • Don Dada NYC
    Don Dada NYC 5 days ago

    Who the fuck is throwing that ball? They suck

  • Football FAN
    Football FAN 5 days ago

    even yoboypizza can pic him off

  • Harrison Pagan
    Harrison Pagan 5 days ago

    i played in that field before 😃😃

  • Matthew Mack
    Matthew Mack 6 days ago

    What league?

    Also what’s up with that gear?

  • Aidan Ellis
    Aidan Ellis 6 days ago

    Surprised he wore the helmet, must of been the right size.😂

  • Luke Oodm
    Luke Oodm 6 days ago

    U low key fye any tips for starting wrs?

  • Nasir Felder
    Nasir Felder 6 days ago

    That move almost cross u

  • Friend R FOE
    Friend R FOE 6 days ago +1

    Antonio Brown had his hand on his hip 8:57

  • Slayton Graham
    Slayton Graham 6 days ago

    Antonio brown has talent but he really needs to find that chill... hopefully his kids if they have a career in sports can agree to comply with the rules and “blend” in with everyone else in terms of do what they have to do considering the NFL is about business and not just football

  • Sawyer Miller
    Sawyer Miller 6 days ago +1

    *1v1 against rapist*

  • Nathan Burns
    Nathan Burns 6 days ago

    Your hands go on your head not your hips

  • John Stevenson
    John Stevenson 6 days ago +1

    Hummm Wearing the Steelers colors, maybe he is missing them?

    IIKHALAII 7 days ago +1

    If current Antonio Brown is who dee is looking up to that is just sad

  • Justin Barzakay
    Justin Barzakay 7 days ago

    Antonio Brown was just on my school

  • 1Young Rudy
    1Young Rudy 7 days ago

    Keep them hands off them hips

  • PS4 Gaming DK
    PS4 Gaming DK 8 days ago

    Like for AB 84

  • jack cooke
    jack cooke 8 days ago

    Meet up with dk

  • Diffuse
    Diffuse 8 days ago

    u might as well keep ur hands on your hips, cuz u are his cheerleader LOL

  • Brendon Bolden
    Brendon Bolden 8 days ago +2

    5:43 whos silver Lamborghini Urus in the background 🤔🤔

  • TTV Senio
    TTV Senio 8 days ago


  • Enz0
    Enz0 8 days ago

    Lol look where Antonio is now.