Kylie Jenner Plans Khloe Kardashian's Birthday Party! | Season 17 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
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Comments • 326

  • pepsi okurrr
    pepsi okurrr Month ago +1813

    me trying to hit high notes be like:
    0:17 expectation VS
    1:00 reality

    • Felivalda Lopes
      Felivalda Lopes 7 days ago


    • occurt john
      occurt john 13 days ago


    • Kirsty A
      Kirsty A 22 days ago

      i’m deadddd 🤣

    • daisilia
      daisilia 28 days ago


  • m l
    m l 2 days ago +1

    1:43 that was the cutest shit ever 😩😩💖💖

  • 777 P
    777 P 4 days ago

    Fuck off. That party looks pathetic for a billionaire. I could do the same with$ 300

  • Thomas Doherty
    Thomas Doherty 4 days ago

    Kim sounds like a screaming angry bird lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chloe Chitana
    Chloe Chitana 4 days ago

    i love how sia's there

  • * A.M *
    * A.M * 9 days ago

    2:12 omg SIA

  • Guess Guess
    Guess Guess 9 days ago

    Kylie is a best bestie nd sis that u recived khloe

  • Maru Nyambu
    Maru Nyambu 10 days ago

    We now know melika and trh baby daddy are in good terms.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 11 days ago +1

    Every year my birthday is a depress mess!

  • Rose Heartly
    Rose Heartly 11 days ago

    Khloe looks more like kris 🤣

  • Anika Jain
    Anika Jain 13 days ago

    Khloe and kylie are defo my favourite sisters
    They're so sweet and kind

  • Abisha Sivakumar
    Abisha Sivakumar 13 days ago

    Now we ain’t gonna gate any peace, she jinxed it

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 13 days ago

    They always show SIa's face even though she always hide it and doesnt want to show it! WTF

  • Mia Mendoza
    Mia Mendoza 17 days ago

    Ya no si sé es Khloe o Karol G
    Se parecen mucho !😅😅

  • Marlene Hof
    Marlene Hof 22 days ago

    From which brand is khloes throusers ?

  • Witny Read
    Witny Read 23 days ago +1

    Love you khloe and kylie

  • 효잭팟
    효잭팟 23 days ago

    every year birthday comes. whats so special? every 5 years of bday party? thats more special, which im still alive!!! im just sick of it..

  • BTSPaved TheWay
    BTSPaved TheWay 24 days ago +1

    Khloe's nose is kinda different.

  • Mina maziel
    Mina maziel 25 days ago

    You guys we finally saw sias face 2:13

  • Shreya Bharti
    Shreya Bharti 25 days ago +1

    Kylie is the most responsible in the family terms of family or her business

  • Michelle Liu
    Michelle Liu 26 days ago

    Me: hey Kim khloe wanna go to penny’s
    Then: what is that ....

  • yohi w
    yohi w 26 days ago

    She is so sad!

    BIGBADBLUE MAN 26 days ago

    Looks like khloe has a turd in her shorts.

  • emma ponyella
    emma ponyella 27 days ago

    AM i the only one who saw Sia's face at 2:14???

  • Bonaventure John
    Bonaventure John 29 days ago


  • Rokhaya Sadji
    Rokhaya Sadji Month ago +1

    2:10 That's Malika's baby daddy

  • Kate Riley
    Kate Riley Month ago

    I think khloe is the best aunt and mom from the kardashians

  • mneera18
    mneera18 Month ago +151

    I feel kylie did that because she thinks she’s responsible about jordyn and what happened to khloe..

    • Glenis goodchild
      Glenis goodchild 23 days ago

      Leah Kolawole I literally only comment once wtf

    • Glenis goodchild
      Glenis goodchild 23 days ago

      Leah Kolawole so it still happened

    • mneera18
      mneera18 24 days ago +1

      Leah Kolawole how was it ages ago🤦🏻‍♀️ true is with her.. the scandal happened before she gave birth

  •  Month ago

    its fucing shitshow with she devils yelling and fucing cameras

  • Lalique Lalique
    Lalique Lalique Month ago

    Kim doesn't even know how to hold that surrogates kid!!

  • Chrishaunty Evans
    Chrishaunty Evans Month ago

    Kylie's so kind with her SISTERS

  • Hi, Im a Comenter
    Hi, Im a Comenter Month ago +2

    the blond girl in min 2:12 playing witht he kids is SIA by the way

  • Lala Sisli
    Lala Sisli Month ago

    I think its not wow as they say it its waaay to simple

  • Avocado Luv
    Avocado Luv Month ago

    Khloe needs to stop the nose contour. It makes it looks worse. Muddy look

  • Online xoxo
    Online xoxo Month ago

    I swear khloes birthday is on June why is it uploaded now??

  • veronica waithera
    veronica waithera Month ago +3

    Imagine Sia attending your surprise party

  • Positive Vibe
    Positive Vibe Month ago

    I don't like khole's hair colour , she looks old in that gray hair.

  • mome Mayb
    mome Mayb Month ago

    What's going on with Chloe's noes

  • Pripri LePanda
    Pripri LePanda Month ago +1

    It's nothing but the way they moved their head was funny lol

  • gg sasa
    gg sasa Month ago

    they like big black cocks

  • Ikonic 07
    Ikonic 07 Month ago +1

    tHaT's So wAteRmELon

  • Girl Boss
    Girl Boss Month ago

    Thank u Kim for your sextape

  • - chelsea
    - chelsea Month ago +1

    Omg khloe quotes I want Chelsea quoted

  • Christian Velásquez

    2:21 what a sexy waiter!!

  • Alasie Herz
    Alasie Herz Month ago

    Ojalá tuviera
    Mucho dinero para hacerle lo mismo a la gente q quiero

  • Ashh Hosein
    Ashh Hosein Month ago +1

    lol let’s be realistic every party is literally the same with just extra props and decor lol nothing fascinating

  • Thaylla Galdino
    Thaylla Galdino Month ago

    I love Koko. She's my favorite one.

  • juul216
    juul216 Month ago




  • Amanda Campbell
    Amanda Campbell Month ago

    God bless u sweet

  • C .D
    C .D Month ago

    Khloe should sue the doctor who did her nose job because she looks unrecognisable

  • Shiloh King
    Shiloh King Month ago +1

    And here’s my youngest brother still asking me to spoil him 😂

  • MAC
    MAC Month ago +1

    1:58 You can tell they are real models when they all put their heads up at the same time 😂

  • S. Chap
    S. Chap Month ago

    What is it with rich woman and plastic surgery?
    It always makes them look like wax museum dolls

  • ldmdiazz
    ldmdiazz Month ago

    2:10 BITCH ITS SIA’S FACES!!!!!!!!! 🥰🥰

  • Irina Curca
    Irina Curca Month ago +51

    1:30 kim after 3 kids you should know how to hold the head of the baby. He is too little...

  • Älana Millione
    Älana Millione Month ago +111

    Omg kim holding that baby gave me anxiety. Why is she not holding his head omg

    • Ruby Nita
      Ruby Nita 6 days ago

      How has she had 4 kids and doesn't know how to hold them? lol

    • Dinah Kerage
      Dinah Kerage Month ago +2

      Me too like how the head was hanging without support

    • Sinekhaya Njovu
      Sinekhaya Njovu Month ago


  • ariane GUILLAMON
    ariane GUILLAMON Month ago +1

    Kylie is billionnaire ans thé rechiest discuter si that cool

  • Tomi Entertainment
    Tomi Entertainment Month ago

    Click here just once it helps allot 👇👇👉👉

  • Lottie H
    Lottie H Month ago

    Anyone else surprised no ones talking about Caitlyn?