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  • Published on Nov 19, 2017
  • Following his time with Polybius, the Nerd is reborn as "RoboNerd", whose prime directives are to play bad games, and keep gamers safe from them. These include a selection of NES games based on the original RoboCop film series. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 151
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Comments • 7 182

  • Asinix
    Asinix 2 hours ago

    Please do my Homework.

  • man person
    man person Day ago

    robocop 2 is commander keen but terrible

  • I'm Okay ,
    I'm Okay , 2 days ago

    Robocop is a Jesus figure.

  • OG Diablo
    OG Diablo 5 days ago

    Gotta love the psychedelic references because they must be on some to release it haha

  • CasperTheMarioForeverFan

    Nintendo was forcing family-friendly content way before RU-clip

  • Ynffy
    Ynffy 6 days ago

    RoboCop 2 on NES is fucking awful and it looks like a shitload of fuck.

  • AUsDorian
    AUsDorian 7 days ago

    + Bonus features

  • u_nob xd
    u_nob xd 7 days ago

    lol this is so funny

  • Za Az
    Za Az 10 days ago

    That was good police work though..

  • S. David H.
    S. David H. 10 days ago

    That opening is some MDE Hypercube level shit

  • Bruno da Silva Brandão

    Red forman

  • barabaraparts
    barabaraparts 11 days ago

    Robocob vs terminator super nintendo , was a funny game

  • Jennelle Furnace
    Jennelle Furnace 11 days ago

    Can't wait to see a Dirty Harry review! 😂

  • delete
    delete 13 days ago

    Robertcop the furniture of law enforcement

  • gluserty
    gluserty 13 days ago

    I love that Officer Nerd Robocop still has his pocket protector; always so practical, and ready to ink some citations.

  • Casper van Doorn
    Casper van Doorn 13 days ago

    Wow. Death really is'nt an escape.

  • Chance Johns
    Chance Johns 13 days ago

    My all-time favorite episode right here. I'm living for that costume 😂

  • Martin Andrade
    Martin Andrade 13 days ago

    Can you do crossover game reviews like robocop vs terminator, avp

  • Red Anarchy
    Red Anarchy 14 days ago

    What happened in the polybius video

  • Luis Montalvo
    Luis Montalvo 17 days ago

    0:00 headache:curse of binding

  • Bruno da Silva Brandão

    Ed 209 ficou muito bem detalhado

  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott 19 days ago

    RoboNerd & Re Cyclops vs Polluticon and Fred Fucks

  • TopAces
    TopAces 21 day ago

    Didn’t look bad

  • I like to play Video games

    There’s one on the gameboy

  • REAPER-25 Grim
    REAPER-25 Grim 25 days ago

    I hope you guys restock the AVGN X2 and X3 blu rays

  • Stormrage
    Stormrage 27 days ago +1

    He is a robot, he is a cop, he is robertcop

  • elephant35e
    elephant35e 28 days ago +1

    Robocop 2 doesn't look that good, but Robocop 1 and 3 actually look pretty fun, not gonna lie.

  • Mattyfresh Universe
    Mattyfresh Universe 28 days ago

    I remember playing the arcade at Pizza Hut.

  • Joona Knuutinen
    Joona Knuutinen 29 days ago


  • ANueUtsuho
    ANueUtsuho Month ago +1

    Clarence was arrested after he died. He got afterlife sentence.

  • lawrence scott
    lawrence scott Month ago

    Robocop vs terminator

  • MoonMoon
    MoonMoon Month ago

    I want the NES Robocop helmet.

  • Delta Plays Things
    Delta Plays Things Month ago

    Real nerd is gone, only robonerd is left

  • Horror From Below
    Horror From Below Month ago

    Robocop is one of the classic action movies of the 80’s. So many classic quotes and top notch action

  • Cain Nuke
    Cain Nuke Month ago +2

    This episode needs a sequel! Please!

  • Muhammad NaserEddin
    Muhammad NaserEddin Month ago +1

    Back when AVGN episodes had numbers...
    Anyway, thanks James =D

  • rjtheripper931
    rjtheripper931 Month ago


  • JAPHY Does minecraft

    Me: Oh no!!! This video is a cognitohazard!!!!!

  • Sonic Ranger400
    Sonic Ranger400 Month ago +1

    Robonerd... you`ve done your duty...

  • dasmegacool
    dasmegacool Month ago

    Not to Assey I’ve seen worse.

  • Shane
    Shane Month ago

    Awe I was hoping for Robocop soccer

  • Diorm
    Diorm Month ago

    Whats with the Retro Wave usic at the end? It's really good! Where can I find it?

  • the kombat fan
    the kombat fan Month ago

    AVGN: A S S

  • Kostantinos Koufogiannis

    Omfg i used to play this game on the play power 3 ( a console with like 200 nes games and it had super Mario bros, contra, 007, RoboCop, and some other great games) oh and i forgot this game is awesome

  • TheN1ghtwalker
    TheN1ghtwalker Month ago

    Anyone else wants a new RoboCop game?

  • colm ivers
    colm ivers Month ago

    Could never get past the hostage bit in the second level

  • John Towner
    John Towner Month ago

    that helmet prop, the use of the flip up cartridge port door, and your facial expression are spot on funny as hell,

  • TheSegacampGamer and Werecamp

    6:41 and this was made for the NES? this looks like something I can play on Sega Master System!

  • prince jeirl Saturno

    Nice costume though

  • tmorh
    tmorh Month ago

    I think the nerd never played Robocop vs Terminator on Sega Genesis.

  • Tony Gotti
    Tony Gotti Month ago

    4:stroke it

  • Luis Leon Mendez
    Luis Leon Mendez Month ago +1

    Do those Blu Rays have Spanish subtitles?

  • William Handy
    William Handy Month ago

    I love that game lol

  • tony Perez
    tony Perez Month ago

    This shit had me laughing at work hard

  • YZStudiosTV
    YZStudiosTV Month ago

    Shit coming out of a goose's asshole

  • Eliem does stuff
    Eliem does stuff Month ago

    So the nerd died in the polybious episode and was brought back as a robot nerd?

  • Yui koike Svenkatesan

    Kamen rider zero one Japan sun TV show

  • Yui koike Svenkatesan

    Happy Diwali 27

  • Yui koike Svenkatesan

    NRI Dr Deepak Tanwar rider build ex aid serviceman rider t v d m c u u a

  • RainbowDroidMan
    RainbowDroidMan Month ago +6

    While I am watching the beginning, all I can think of is: I JUST GOT SEDATED BY THE GAMEBOY