Galaxy A80 Official TVC: Lip Sync

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Galaxy A80 is for Rotating Camera.
    Epic on both sides.
    Meet the New #GalaxyA80.
    Built for the Era of Live.
    Learn more:
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  • Karilene Lima Correia


  • JP_1423
    JP_1423 3 days ago

    Acho que não é muito normal ficar dançando com sua amiga no meio da rua com um celular que tem câmera giratória

  • sushi fish
    sushi fish 8 days ago


  • Jesus brayan Vargas tlahuetl

    Samsung en el segundo 27 tuviste un fallo y fue que la camara no giro lo dice tu gerente

  • Elliott Wright
    Elliott Wright 11 days ago +1

    At the bottom of the video it says "filming non stop while switching camera is not supported by all apps. The camera app does not support such function"🤣

  • wifisloser
    wifisloser 13 days ago

    What if this would have been an edge

  • إيمان الطاهر
    إيمان الطاهر 14 days ago +1

    This People Is Really FAT !!

  • filippos sap
    filippos sap 15 days ago +1

    iPhone 7 is better

  • filippos sap
    filippos sap 15 days ago +1

    iPhone X is better

  • filippos sap
    filippos sap 15 days ago +1

    iPhone c is better

  • filippos sap
    filippos sap 15 days ago +1

    iPhone 8 is better

  • filippos sap
    filippos sap 15 days ago +1

    iPhone XR is better

  • filippos sap
    filippos sap 15 days ago +1

    Iphone 11 is better

  • MWFAE924TGWL / Microsoft Windows XP

    TikTok be like.

  • ghubohan
    ghubohan 16 days ago

    This two dancers are so cute, I bought Samsung because I saw this commercial

  • Riccardo
    Riccardo 18 days ago

    Essas duas são cantoras mesmo?

  • Chronic arda
    Chronic arda 18 days ago

    triggerd apple

  • Mr.A27
    Mr.A27 18 days ago

    Watching on A80 👑👑😎

  • Giovana Silva
    Giovana Silva 19 days ago

    Aaaa que lindo queria

  • Bedava Oyunlar Türkiye

    *Nokia Left The Game*

  • prodolzenie
    prodolzenie 20 days ago

    Любая движущаяся деталь уменьшает надежность в разы.

  • Rosey petals
    Rosey petals 20 days ago

    Guys listen up(i will be in alot of the A80 comment section)so if the camera rotates then shouldnt we get slofies like it makes sense
    comment "slofies" if you agree

  • edi pro
    edi pro 22 days ago


  • D ragon
    D ragon 24 days ago

    Samsung is doodoo af iPhone is better

  • Ney Serafim
    Ney Serafim Month ago


  • Orlando Vídeo Juegos

    Puerto Rico no Samsung galaxy A80 tmobile at&t no galaxy a80 pliiis puerto rico

    ADILUX HD Month ago

    nice song and dance

  • lucasd Denis
    lucasd Denis Month ago

    Ainda tenho o j2 prime kk😭

  • Ste_ve RBX
    Ste_ve RBX Month ago

    I'm a Samsung fan but this one is a no

  • Frijo Frijocfv
    Frijo Frijocfv Month ago

    Choo***ya 2 dancing

  • Maria Elloany Santiago

    Qual o nome dessa música gente?!

  • Gabi Ketzy
    Gabi Ketzy Month ago +1

    I'm watching this on the A80, even Samsung themselves made a case that doesn't cover the top part of the phone .... but there are some Chinese ones that actually work and move with the camera.

  • Ayo Sogbesan
    Ayo Sogbesan Month ago +2

    This is really good like seriously I don't see how this is not better than any iPhone I've seen

  • Damla Bayram
    Damla Bayram Month ago

    Telefon güzel reklam🤢

  • William Moraes
    William Moraes Month ago +3

    Two delicious girls. I want them now.

  • Stuffed Belly Boy
    Stuffed Belly Boy Month ago


  • Dome aser
    Dome aser Month ago


  • Julian Paul Attard
    Julian Paul Attard Month ago

    ok its kinda rly ugly tho.

    • blognewb
      blognewb Month ago

      The iPhone 11 is uglier with their scary back like an ingrown.

  • black wolf
    black wolf Month ago

    минус чехол

  • Willian Santos
    Willian Santos Month ago

    foda-se o celular, eu gostei foi da música kkkk

  • Efrain Amador
    Efrain Amador Month ago

    me encanta 😶😍💙❤❤❤❤💙❤

  • Nigmatullaev Hikmat

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 хочу хочу хочу хочу

    • black wolf
      black wolf Month ago

      Нооо только без чехла

  • moiz mohammad
    moiz mohammad Month ago


  • joseluis chavez
    joseluis chavez Month ago

    El lector no me funciona bien q desepcion

  • Jobbya Dafne
    Jobbya Dafne Month ago

    Que música é essa ?

  • Juan Leonardo
    Juan Leonardo Month ago

    My A80, still have a problem with the Videocall mode, When i put it in my pocket, and there is an incoming videocall, the Camera rotating in automatically, even i didn't answer that incoming call. Anybody pls help me with this issue ?

  • Tithi Tapodhan
    Tithi Tapodhan Month ago

    But there is big problem in this mobile. If the phone is in over pocket and someone video call as so the camera was automatically open in the pocket and there is a chance to break phone so plzz you can find a solution...

  • Sulamita Soares
    Sulamita Soares Month ago

    Amo esse comercial

  • Nicolás Torres
    Nicolás Torres Month ago

    What's the name of song?

  • Sulamita Soares
    Sulamita Soares Month ago

    Alguém poderia me dizer que música é essa?

    IKA KUSUMA DEWI Month ago +1


  • Theodra Tewodros
    Theodra Tewodros Month ago +1

    Anyone else watching this on an A80?
    👇 if u are

  • sherin
    sherin Month ago

    Ugly dance

  • Чингиз Чина

     Научиться произносить
    the best advertisement of 2019, especially the gesture that emphasizes the leaving camera)

  • Berat Göktaş
    Berat Göktaş Month ago

    Şunların hesabını bulacak koca yürekli adam var mı

  • aldemir nunes duarte nunes

    Does anyone knows what music is this ??

  • Santiago MARTÍNEZ
    Santiago MARTÍNEZ Month ago

    Like a music

  • Жаке Джоке

    музыка какой

  • Вяленая скрибятина

    The ad should've been about a person getting out of his wheelchair and dancing.

  • Maria Algecira
    Maria Algecira Month ago

    Que gomelancia esas dos chicas,no me canso de ver ese comercial