Chris Broussard on LeBron's MVP-caliber stats vs Harden's, Talks Kevin Love | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • In his reaction to LeBron James notching 37 points, 10 boards and 8 dimes in the Cleveland Cavaliers' win over the Brooklyn Nets, Chris Broussard compares The King's MVP-caliber numbers to that of Houston's Rocket Man James Harden, unveiling who he believes should win the 2018 NBA MVP. Additionally, Chris Broussard reveals why he believes Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love is an underrated star athlete.
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    Chris Broussard on LeBron's MVP-caliber stats vs Harden's, Talks Kevin Love | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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  • First Things First
    First Things First  Year ago +41

    How great have the Cavs looked in the 4-game winning streak since Love returned?

    • VT 24
      VT 24 Year ago

      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright lmao. Philly won last night, is Joel Embiid da MVP front runner now

    • Tyre Williams
      Tyre Williams Year ago

      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright I

    • Stephon Eley
      Stephon Eley Year ago

      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright MVP goes to Chris B. 🙅🏽‍♂️

    • Sports with Nick
      Sports with Nick Year ago +1

      What the G.O.A.T is doing right now is INSANE. We just take 37-10-8 as just a normal performance from him right now and in 5+ years we will realize how special this actually was. And oh yea, we are 26 days in and LBJ is averaging 31.5-10-10 in the month of March...just saying. Talked about this on my channel today.

    • Ryan Terry
      Ryan Terry Year ago +1

      Not as good as the Rockets looked when they won 14 straight when CP3 came back from injury

  • TheSandinator1
    TheSandinator1 Year ago

    Dirk over Dwayne Wade...what?!

  • Łpb šavøę
    Łpb šavøę Year ago

    All the game winners Lebron had this season and the way he carried the team against the Celtics with game 7 no K Love

  • Matthew Vides
    Matthew Vides Year ago

    Nick straight lying about "harden is the mvp" he said he doesn't have an mvp vote. He lying now so he can vote for lbj on the ballot if he ever gets to he a voter. If he gets to vote 15 years down the road then lebron will have a vote after he been retired for a decade. Thats how hard he sucks off lebron

  • Direk Sky
    Direk Sky Year ago

    I hate this people !!!
    All of you is blind !!!

  • Direk Sky
    Direk Sky Year ago

    In my place we don't like to watch boxing because boxing is gumbling mostly lot's of unfair winning result
    We love NBA in my country but if lebron will not become MVP nba is not a good sport anymore like boxing !!!
    It is very clear that lebron is better than harden the choke man ! million of people watching NBA
    How could NBA destroy this good sport ! Please be fair to lebron !!!

  • Hayley Mercedes
    Hayley Mercedes Year ago +1

    Nah.It's so clear that LEBRON is the MVP.You're giving an edge to Harden because of team accomplishments?Darn.MVP is an individual award and LEBRON proved that he's the MVP by carrying a not so powerful cavs team.How could you even said that?Funny.Lebron is the MVP.

  • Mo money In pocket

    It's Time! Lebron James should be 2018 MVP.

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R Year ago

    Basically this stat is pointless as there is no criteria to award it. It's a popularity contest ...

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R Year ago

    Y'all think Chris Broussard wear a hair piece? It's that old Steve harvey trick 😂😂😂😂

  • Jon Hipolito
    Jon Hipolito Year ago

    Shaq has something to say for that

  • J
    J Year ago +1

    Let’s imagine if Lebron and Harden switched teams...


  • J
    J Year ago +1

    You don’t have to say “to me MVP is...” like it has a meaning, “Most VALUABLE player” are we really going to argue that Lebron is not the most valuable player, like imagine the cavs without Lebron 😂 stop being silly

  • Batang Ala Eh
    Batang Ala Eh Year ago

    Lebron is making history for NBA mark that in your mind..

  • OhJackk
    OhJackk Year ago

    There should be a best player of the league and the most valuable player,

  • Yash Thumbunkel
    Yash Thumbunkel Year ago

    The only reason lebron ain't winning mvp is because people just don't want lebron to pass mj... I mean if he wins another mvp he will be tied with Jordan for 5 mvps.. And that people just can't stand..

  • Alonso Martinez
    Alonso Martinez Year ago


  • Josh Hartley
    Josh Hartley Year ago

    Dude harden missed games,that should make mvp race close

  • Eiji Louize Shimada

    Stats lebron is better, overall impact lebron is better, most value lebron is better, talking about historical marker? Whats better than the best player in the world playing his 15th year, losing kyrie, playing with 3 different teams and still making the playoffs, getting 30k,8k,8k. Passing mj's double digits record for reg season. Whats hardens story? Having a good coach, team, management? Vote wisely

  • seanvb6
    seanvb6 Year ago

    Chris Broussard talks lebron for mvp after swamping lebrons nut for the 6th time Today

  • yungvegar
    yungvegar Year ago

    Girl looks like a boiled horse

  • Deryl Minnich
    Deryl Minnich Year ago

    Ridiculous..."I think Harden should get the MVP...because everyone deserves a participation trophy"...please...a power forward is besting the guard in assists?...LBJ will be argued down the road as the not the GOAT because he didnt have as many rings...when people argue that Jordans team mates were far superior to the team mates LBJ had in the finals he lost...the argument will shift to MVPs...and this will be the 2nd MVP Lebron has lost to a guy because...he hasnt gotten one yet and...gosh...he deserves one too...even though LBJs all around numbers are superior...even though you take Lebron and Harden off their teams and one will still contend while the Cavs will be a joke. F participation trophies.

  • aldrin estocapio
    aldrin estocapio Year ago

    they made westbrook an mvp through stats and harden on winning games they just hate lebron james

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones Year ago

    He just started putting up numbers now but he wasn't at first.

  • C L Brock
    C L Brock Year ago

    Harden shooting 44% from field, 36%from three. 3pts more that lebron played 69 games. Less in assist n rebounds. Lebron 54%from field, 36%from three.
    This award has nothing to do with MVP, it's about spreading the wealth. In a run n gun offense Harden avg 30, Lebron avg 27 in reg offense, only stat that's better than Lebron. Houston won 8 games without harden. Do these guys know basketball? No

  • Temujin Erdene-Ochir

    Please make this Chris Broussard and Nick Wright.

  • Victor Tarin
    Victor Tarin Year ago

    Nick Wright is the best commentator. Very intelligent.

  • Kingston
    Kingston Year ago

    Give it to James.

  • Philip Adamek
    Philip Adamek Year ago

    LeBron is far and away the more valuable player to his team and the more valuable player to the league. And his stats are better than Harden's outside of the three-point difference in scoring averages. Whatever rationale these overthinking individuals have failed to articulate here by barking at one another, LeBron is clearly the MVP.

  • Vallecend
    Vallecend Year ago

    LeBron has played with literally 3 different teams this year
    1.Pre isaiah
    3.+4 new guys -6 guys
    Oh and don't forget guys getting injured every now and then, cavs are currently in the 3rd seed....
    More rpg, asg, fg%, triple doubles, 0 miss games, only 3 points differentiate between him and harden
    Who's harden's coach again? Oh yeah one of the best offensive coach, and who's LeBron's coach? Some random dude from Mexico
    Harden plays in a better system than Bron, better coaching, better teammates
    Bron 2018 mvp

  • Karim Geadah
    Karim Geadah Year ago

    Lebron is definitely the MVP he has singlehandedly carried this team to 3rd in the East. Harden has had a gr8 team and one that is tailored to his skills.

    • aj baller
      aj baller Year ago

      Karim Geadah capela was a nobody until harden became pg i seriously respect lebron and always though he should be MVP but this season its not even close harden has led rockets to over 60 wins rockets offense wasn't that great until harden became pg while lebron this season had so much team drams going around and are only 3rd seed in east it's seriously not even close this season

  • Aaron9
    Aaron9 Year ago

    You can’t be the MVP of the league when you had to switch rosters within the same year

  • G14able
    G14able Year ago

    The season is not about Harden. LeBron has been the principal topic of all conversation in the media all season.

  • G14able
    G14able Year ago

    There is a media preference for Harden over LeBron regardless of what the fans think. I think they just dont want LeBron to get that 5th MVP.

  • Vic Dannkk
    Vic Dannkk Year ago

    Lebron needs to stop crying and give James harden the mvp we all know he deserves

  • JJ Carver
    JJ Carver Year ago

    All I hear is “LeBron is doing WAY more... But James Harden deserves it cuz it’s his “turn”.”

  • thedude22
    thedude22 Year ago

    That fg% tho. 55% is ridiculous.

  • stephen joseph
    stephen joseph Year ago


  • rosalie luzon
    rosalie luzon Year ago

    the mvp of the regular season should come from the top team for both east and west.
    lj could not be the mvp.
    its just that nba should create a better player for bigger market...and lj fits that image...but not mvp.

  • ORLY Jr. Rabago
    ORLY Jr. Rabago Year ago

    No doubt! LJ can definitely get the MVP award. James Harden missed so many games - LJ on the other hand has not missed any. More so, in this season numbers don't lie. LJ surpasses them. In addition, LJ doesn't choke during playoffs. While James Harden could win in various playoffs but choked. Lastly, the point of MVP...if James Harden is indeed valuable, why hasn't he won any championship - playoffs or finals? - Just watch again the EAST vs WEST 2018's too far! #LJMVPin&outthecourt

  • Ayoo Hermidane
    Ayoo Hermidane Year ago

    Yall lebron literally had a week of good games and now of all a sudden he's the MVP? Didn't he lose half of the first season? And he's been losing since IT was on the team? So how does one week push you to be the mvp while harden has been doing it the whole season? Makes no sense

  • Yonis Ali
    Yonis Ali Year ago

    So your saying if you move harden from the rockets they wouldn’t fall badly especially in the west

  • Yonis Ali
    Yonis Ali Year ago

    Nick straight to numbers lol 😂

  • mac'n1980
    mac'n1980 Year ago

    I hate Nick Wright

  • Big Ern
    Big Ern Year ago

    If the MVP award isn't for the best player then it's next to meaningless. What exactly does harden do that's better? Getting buckets? Passing? Not even close. Better 3-ball? Nope... not by percentage. He's better at drawing fouls and making foul shots is what he is. That's not dominant. That's predictable. That's a weakness by comparison because when it comes down to it you can take away one of the greatest strengths of his game by how you defend him... just like Popavich did last year in the playoffs... When that happens... when he's not getting calls because they're staying off of him... he crumbles. They're going to reward this dude for playing inside a loophole of the rule book when Lebron is obviously the vastly superior player this year. The Rockets without Harden and just more CP3 are still very good. The Cavs without Lebron are never spoken of. The Cavs with Harden wouldn't be a threat to come out of the east. There is no scenario in which Harden provides more "value" to his team that Lebron.

  • Anthony Oates
    Anthony Oates Year ago

    its the most valuable player, key would is "valuable" is James Harden valuable to his team and is he more valuable to his team then Lebron is to his team? That's the question, I think Lebron is the more valuable player to his team than Harden is to his

  • TheNamesDitto
    TheNamesDitto Year ago

    I agree with Nick's view on the MVP(they should rename the award tbh). The historical marker thing is a pretty interesting point.

  • Max Gephart
    Max Gephart Year ago

    LeBron MVP no question

  • KillWorldDeception537

    LeBron is already in the MVP
    conversation but by far James
    Harden is the MVP of the season.

  • Giovanni Williams

    They are going to give the MVP to a guy who has missed games???? That's a shame...

  • Mektek19
    Mektek19 Year ago

    Kevin Love won't go down as an all time great?? He was a 26pts 13rebs person as a led, he's 20pts and 10reb as a second or third option. He's a MVP champion and perennial allstar. He will be in the hall of fame.

  • Mektek19
    Mektek19 Year ago

    I remember the formula was best player on the best team basically. There is about 30 years of precedent for it untill last year's b.s.

  • the sports guy with common sense

    they need to have an OPOY (offensive player of the year) and MVP. harden the OPOY but lebron the MVP

  • the sports guy with common sense

    im sitting here watching this video and thinking to myself “have I ever disagreed w chris broussard?” and I honestly can’t think of anything outlandish he’s ever said

  • Vu Pham
    Vu Pham Year ago +1

    Look if harden get robbed again I’m done watching NBA

  • Jeff Ree
    Jeff Ree Year ago

    We all know lebron has more value to a team than anyone since MJ. His stats are top notch, but his impact that dosent show up on the stat sheet makes him the MVP. Instead we have to justify harden by saying "it's his time". Harden does deserve it, but you're a fool if you think he's ever been more valuable then lbj. Their stats are very similar. What surprised me is everyone still says Lebron can't shoot but he's shooting a higher 3pt per then harden. The MVP campaign is broken anyways. It typically goes to the best statistical player on the team with the best record. Lebron may not be this years mvp, but his value to a team exceeds everyone's.

    HARDY Year ago

    You can give it to James Harden but we all know LeBron is the real MVP.

  • Ben Creagh
    Ben Creagh Year ago

    NW shouldn’t be able to vote until after lebron retires

    RODGERZ Year ago

    Coming from a lebron fan I say james harden deserves it this year. If lebron had a 55+ win season this year I would make a case because lebron numbers are a lil better than hardens except for harden leading the league and scoring. Lebrons Cavs probably won’t even win 50 games this year while hardens team in the West has already won 60 games. that’s how I see it but It will be cool to see cavs rockets finals maybe lebron can get that finals mvp who knows

  • Bryan
    Bryan Year ago

    for those saying saying Lebron should be mvp because if he fails his team fails... that same argument was used for harden 3-4 years ago when 3 starters were injured and carried them to 2nd best record in west & WCF. he had a bench full of no names and still lost the award.