10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 64

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • 5 Survival Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed - ru-clip.net/video/kKO73C9jxMM/video.html
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Comments • 622

  • vineet chahar
    vineet chahar 3 days ago

    Pateta and tameta. 😂😂😂 God ! man.

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H 4 days ago

    Propane infused steam, Mmmmmmm!

    A butter brush works much better and is less of a mess to deal with!

  • Erick Jr Bruno
    Erick Jr Bruno 8 days ago

    best youtober ever

  • Tyler Crowe
    Tyler Crowe 15 days ago

    Did he just warm up a steak with mapp gas? Lol

  • 你妹的
    你妹的 15 days ago

    what is the name of the first gadget?

  • Blue Knight
    Blue Knight 16 days ago

    "Let's see if it works on the oven"
    Proceeds to sand the stove.

  • Bubba Clemson
    Bubba Clemson 16 days ago

    The torch would be great for Creme Brulee!

  • Harsh Jain
    Harsh Jain 21 day ago

    What happened to the laboratory

  • Rikkamae Sevalla
    Rikkamae Sevalla 23 days ago


  • TheBribri10318
    TheBribri10318 Month ago +2

    I’m a maid and I feel like I’m going to get fired just for watching this😵
    That poor stainless steel stovetop😭

  • Atul Lad
    Atul Lad Month ago

    the same cleaning sponge you can buy at dollar tree for one dollar

  • Lester Walit
    Lester Walit Month ago

    Petition to make the 69th part of the kitchen gadget testing have 69k likes.

  • Avak Astajyan
    Avak Astajyan Month ago

    If you attach it to your glass and drink your wine, your nuts will fall off...🤣

  • T Beckers
    T Beckers Month ago

    I'd use everything except the torch attachment. Keep reviews coming.

  • Memo1X
    Memo1X Month ago

    1:03 imagine a dude bringing this to a restaurant

  • Eric Belinc
    Eric Belinc Month ago

    Good job Taras you just ruined your pan with that sponge. You should really start reading instructions my friend. Odd ending 🤣 😂

  • booyaa kashaa
    booyaa kashaa Month ago


  • Daren Lee
    Daren Lee Month ago

    was up guy whats you all doing

  • DucknotChicken
    DucknotChicken Month ago

    He has made a stack of these videos

  • Richard Bekkers
    Richard Bekkers Month ago

    taras scrubbin for the wifey hehe

  • Boyba1002
    Boyba1002 Month ago

    Can I have the searsaw

  • Igotajumper 3
    Igotajumper 3 Month ago +2

    *scratches metal off kitchen appliance*
    “look at that dirt it definitely does works”

  • Cho Hwa?
    Cho Hwa? Month ago

    Taras: *buttering bread* oh one more...
    Buttering 5 more bread

  • Tina Mitchell
    Tina Mitchell Month ago


  • Nina Doble
    Nina Doble Month ago +1

    crème brûlée! with the blow torch!!!

  • Sabin Astralis
    Sabin Astralis Month ago

    Hahaha the end of the video. "User Error" Then just ends abruptly.

  • Lubana family
    Lubana family Month ago

    Put The patata in

  • LA Production
    LA Production Month ago

    Hahaha user error.. bye hahaha...
    Wine glass stick with that thing, how u pour the drink then? Wakakaka

  • Anna Foley
    Anna Foley 2 months ago

    More gajicks!

  • Sayan Ghosh
    Sayan Ghosh 2 months ago


  • Yassmine Shammy
    Yassmine Shammy 2 months ago


  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 2 months ago

    Pat the steak dry b4 using the searzall

  • jani ferjan pogačar
    jani ferjan pogačar 2 months ago +2

    Puts a potato in a machine...
    Look how many PoTatoS we got

  • Takeoff Takeoff
    Takeoff Takeoff 2 months ago

    poor stake :(

  • Juicemoose24
    Juicemoose24 2 months ago

    That was only six gadgets 🤔

  • lwolf1952
    lwolf1952 2 months ago

    I use a belt sander to clean my oven.

  • D4tC0m
    D4tC0m 2 months ago +1

    That’s a lot of airplanes

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 2 months ago

    95% of sponge
    5% of something else
    In the comments

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 2 months ago

    95% of sponge
    5% of something else

  • Karnvir Singh
    Karnvir Singh 2 months ago

    The 1st gadget is mainly used after you Sous Vide your food

  • The Dark Countess
    The Dark Countess 2 months ago +1

    My favourite gadjet was ''User error'' xD!

  • Random Dlanny
    Random Dlanny 2 months ago

    3:52 who else remembers that plate from his homemade potato chips video

  • Lindsay Truscott
    Lindsay Truscott 2 months ago

    Imagine it....Part 10635

  • Respectfully Critical
    Respectfully Critical 2 months ago

    dry the meat up with a paper towel before you try to crisp it up you absolute mong!

  • Henry Dinh
    Henry Dinh 2 months ago

    Instead of saying crisping the correct term is giving it a crust. Love the videos btw

  • Jake Zimmerman
    Jake Zimmerman 2 months ago

    Ruined a perfectly good steak. Why.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    9:50 "Well guys thats pretty much it" hahahahaha

  • Varchaswee Lakshminarayana

    He removes the first gadget, saying "the next gadget" LOL

  • Knight Rider89
    Knight Rider89 2 months ago

    Taking the coating off of everything with that sanding sponge.

  • Diego Encarnacion
    Diego Encarnacion 2 months ago

    Yup that’s definitely an oven my friend

  • Grievousnz
    Grievousnz 2 months ago

    Emery sponge... bye bye non stick teflon

  • Grievousnz
    Grievousnz 2 months ago

    Gadjicks... gadjicks... gadjicks...

  • T Sasso
    T Sasso 2 months ago

    Almost every kitchen I ever worked in for a job had one of those butter Wheels they are very useful

  • Chase The Inflatable God


  • Lisa Ann Harding
    Lisa Ann Harding 2 months ago

    Like the potato gadget awesome find

  • Linus Lennstring
    Linus Lennstring 2 months ago

    Love the taste of propane in my steak..

  • mike
    mike 2 months ago

    This guy one potato one serving

  • maxzzzie
    maxzzzie 2 months ago

    How to make your toast into a battery.

  • Tyler Tierney
    Tyler Tierney 2 months ago

    dry your steak first for better results