You Can't Make This Up Podcast: Making a Murderer | Episode 1 | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Making a Murderer creators and directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos discuss how the series impacted Manitowoc County, new developments in Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s cases, and so much more.
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    You Can't Make This Up Podcast: Making a Murderer | Episode 1 | Netflix
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Comments • 168

  • Matt s
    Matt s Month ago +1


  • JPS12
    JPS12 Month ago +1

    Highlight of season 3 will be seeing Steven and Ken Kratz swapping places 😅

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Month ago


  • Kayla Eugene
    Kayla Eugene Month ago

    I don't think he did it, nor did Brendan but regardless the evidence isn't there they say she was raped then cut in the bedroom while tied to the head board yet not a drop of blood was found. They found some bones right out side in the fire pit but just a small amount. Where is the rest of here body, and why just move a couple bones to the house pit. Not to mention that the cop reading her license plate number was reading it as if he was looking at it. And also avery lives on a car salvage place theres like a billion cars the plus a car crusher. So why not crush the car and get rid of it. I believe the cops told the aunt or cousin or whoever she was where the car was and where to find it because there's no way she could have found it on her own that quickly. there's not enough evidence they want to say there is but there isn't just because he was suing for money I believe somebody did something to her and pinned it on him. I also don't trust the room mate, brother or ex boyfriend. And may I just point out why in the beginning of the documentary of the first one; making a murderer is Teresa halbach speaking about if she would die she would have led a happy life and ect ect. This was like three days before she went missing who was she involved with, who was videotaping her saying that and why would she videotape about if she would die and then a couple days later go missing something is just fishy and I honestly don't believe it had anything to do with Stephen or Brendon. Brendon has issues they used him to get what they wanted off of him. They coerced a confession because they knew he was a weak link and could get him to say whatever he wanted then reward him with a treat like a drink and whatever else this is a horrible Injustice for the Averys and also for Teresa. if Steve Avery was smart enough, and able enough to clean up all the blood quote on quote from where she was in his bedroom when they cut her ( which no one especially a normal person Normal Man would never be able to do, but I guess they think he did then he would"ve be smart enough to get rid of the vehicle and all the other evidence plus police officers that weren't supposed to be there were and they're the ones who found the keys after 6 or 7 days with other officers looking around the home

  • C. Toman
    C. Toman Month ago

    Abit late this video no?

  • Shane Campbell
    Shane Campbell Month ago

  • A. Health & Beauty
    A. Health & Beauty Month ago +1

    The truth will prevail! The true murderer will be found with Kathleens help! And hopefully the oficers who withheld evidence and tampered with evidence will have to answer and pay for what they did. Averys parents need him and Brendan was sadly manipulated into giving his freedom away. The cowards who put them behind bars will be sorry and the true sick murderer will pay.

  • Mr. T.
    Mr. T. Month ago

    Clickbait garbage fuckshit. Season two's been out for fucking months

  • Benjamin Widen
    Benjamin Widen Month ago

    Part2 came out last year steve just got approved 4 restesting the bones

  • RP Mc'murphy
    RP Mc'murphy Month ago

    season 3 is going to be tv gold if the appeal goes well.even if not, this true crime doc will be groundbreaking

  • Mr P
    Mr P Month ago +3

    These dirtbags are right where they belong.

    • Mr P
      Mr P Month ago

      whatever that means+GreenLight Crypto

    • GreenLight Crypto
      GreenLight Crypto Month ago

      real killer loves ignorance like this

  • MeNow ADOS
    MeNow ADOS Month ago +1

    We need a resolution in this case, that young child was railroaded.

  • Lasty K
    Lasty K Month ago

    Gonna save this for my drive up to Oregon!

  • Linus Knight
    Linus Knight Month ago

    GOD i hope this entire episode doesn't stay on that still image of Brendan's stupid face. I'm in the minority in hoping Steven is innocent but hoping Brendan suffers for how stupid he was about changing his story a million times. Idc what IQ you have, if something nothing happened- say that and hold your ground

  • Linus Knight
    Linus Knight Month ago

    THIS IS A DOPE IDEA- THANK YOU NETFLIX AND HOST FOR THE PODCAST! I hope you'll do more netflix documentaries on the podcast!

  • Samuel Stalcup
    Samuel Stalcup Month ago +5

    You can make anything up actually.

  • Scott Hite
    Scott Hite Month ago +4

    I'd like to watch all of the nephew's interrogation by the police. It didn't seem like the kid had any idea what happened other than what was fed to him by the police. Is there anything the kid, Brandon, gave the cops that the police didn't mention first and was relevant?

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      OK, here is the link to all of Brendan"s interrogations, from Allie Apperson"s RU-clip channel..

    • Ronald D. Cass
      Ronald D. Cass Month ago +1

      +Rhonda South I have been following his channel from the first videos. His channel is "family friendly" he is devoted to the truth wherever it goes. His followers are international. He has a team of interview commenters that are expert quality. I have been following this case since 2006, & am convinced both are innocent.

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      +Ronald D. Cass yes, everything you ever wanted to know is available to us. I was going to share Allie Apperson's RU-clip link, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind, but I just felt funny about it so I just directed them where to find her. Rubber Ducky is also very good. As for watching LIVE RU-clip video's, "Erekose On Making a Murderer" is by far the best, in MY opinion, Thank you Ronald D. Cass, for promoting RD as well. Visit Erekose if you haven't already. He does a LIVE show nearly daily and the chats are really good. He has great co-hosts with exemplary knowledge including a criminal defense attorney. And then, if you find yourself wanting MORE, he has a program in Discord that you can ask to be invited to with countless rooms on every topic in the case. All very good stuff!.. If you go there, tell 'em Rhonda/peachesnana sent you. ;D

    • Ronald D. Cass
      Ronald D. Cass Month ago

      You can access videos, audios, transcripts, documents, at the new site
      There will be a library of EVERYTHING related to Avery & Dassey, & it already has hundreds of documents and photos as well as maps. It is easy to navigate too.

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago +1

      +SheridenV hello! I shared this same response with Scott Hite. I just wanted to make sure you see the information also. Let me know what you think when you're finished. Oh, and BTW subscribe to Allie's channel! She's awesome! Also, if you are looking for a great place/channel to listen and participate in great discussion, subscribe to Erekose Making a Murderer.

  • Ronald D. Cass
    Ronald D. Cass Month ago +3

    Since critics claimed bias, the documentary inspired me as well as thousands of others to try & research the facts. The series is just a catalyst to search for the truth. Check out several RU-clip channels if you also want to get evidence to determine what really happened. Try "Erekose on Making a Murderer", "Rubber Ducky", "Allie Apperson" as a beginning. These & several others have devoted thousands of hours to acquire original documentation & present it so you can see & review it for yourself. I am convinced from the evidence I have personally viewed that both men are absolutely innocent. In spite of the fact few or none that claim bias are willing to participate, the filmmakers went out of their way go try to present the "other" side through news reports etc. The bias comes in when you ACTUALLY HAVE innocent people & the evidence is solid to imply that fact, it leads you to a conclusion supported by the facts. "RUBBER DUCKY" along with a large group have created a LIBRARY of news articles, documents, photos, maps, transcripts & motions that you can download & read for yourself.

  • tennis89insomniac
    tennis89insomniac Month ago +27

    Hope the real killer is found soon because everything points to the facts that both Steven and Braden were framed

  • Daniel Butler
    Daniel Butler Month ago +3

    "Debunking a Murderer" by Dan O'Donnell is a much more accurate podcast in regards to this case. Making a Murderer is extremely biased and completely omits several facts about the case.

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      +balls breaker , now I can see that I somehow thought that you were the OP.

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago +1

      +balls breaker I AM SO SO SORRY! I have no idea how I did that, and even addressed you by name, but I am 100% agreement with you! I was reading and freaking out at some really ridiculous comments and somehow, I don't know how, but I got someone else's comment attached to your name. I too have done research, read, looked at photos, Twitter, Reddit and so on... I don't know if you were addressing ME with the deleted comment response but I am also annoyed AF that the coroner had all of the brick walls thrown up in her way!.. It was definitely not right! Forgive me? If not, I deserve it.
      If I knew who and where you are, I would by you an "apology drink"

    • balls breaker
      balls breaker Month ago +1

      Your reply seems to be deleted but do you understand what a coroner does? By law they need to be called and visit the scene not only was she not called she was told she would be arrested if she went there and she was told by officers and police who should not have been investigating this in the first place because of a conflict of Interest in regard to the avery pending lawsuit if that does not sound odd to you I dont know if any of the hundreds of other dodgey things will either and there literally are hundreds of remarkable things that do not add up

    • balls breaker
      balls breaker Month ago

      +Rhonda South I think I read close to 900 pages of court transcripts looked at I think every crime scene photo available it is all online and available to everyone, I must have read every reddit thread RU-clip videos countless hours to be honest and how anyone can safely say without a doubt he is guilty is just beyond me but then I realise people are sheep and quite stupid

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres Month ago +4

    The more you read the actual case, reports, tests, & transcripts, the more innocent they are proven to be, that's why the State won't give evidence for testing, that's why they destroyed & withheld exculpatory evidence. FREE AVERY FREE DASSEY Retrial NOW.

  • Rick Bailey
    Rick Bailey Month ago +21

    This case is full of corruption

  • Ernie Kowbel
    Ernie Kowbel Month ago

    come back see what happens

  • Robertson Tirado
    Robertson Tirado Month ago +3

    Still can’t believe the young man was released, clearly framed. the corruption is scary.

    • Maria Torres
      Maria Torres Month ago +4

      Robertson Tirado The young man wasn't released, Supreme Court ignored him. He's still in prison with only a false coerced confession as 'evidence'.

  • jason johnston
    jason johnston Month ago

    Anyone elses netflix keeps turning off in the middle of there show or movie that has a right wing view?? Also have russian alphabet instead of english even my smart tv keeps turning off my show and switching users by itself

    • jason johnston
      jason johnston Month ago

      +Rhonda South ?? I dont u derstamd gow it lost all credibility lmao . 2nd the facebook ads turned into russian too. Didnt Mark zuckerberg have to talk to the american government about all the liberal ads and msm posts?? Netflix and tacebook are a leftist company,s

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      Oh WOW! That truly sounds like a personal problem. I was almost thinking that there could be a Netflix issue and then you said the magic words and your comment lost all credibility.

    • Scandi Snowgirl
      Scandi Snowgirl Month ago

      *x-files theme song *

    • jason johnston
      jason johnston Month ago

      +Kristin H family guy was one of them .. wjen the credits showed it was russian

    • Kristin H
      Kristin H Month ago

      Can you give an example of some shows?

  • Arman Khan
    Arman Khan Month ago +2

    We want Baba Candir season 2

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay Month ago +22

    Didn't Season 2 already come out last year?

    • Discombobulated_Tomato
      Discombobulated_Tomato Month ago

      Cyberdyne Systems it was probably recorded before hand and then is just now being released

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay Month ago +2

      +Linus Knight Exactly, so why is this podcast being released now.

    • Linus Knight
      Linus Knight Month ago

      Cyberdyne Systems Part 1 Dec 2015 / Part 2 Oct 2018

    • Donna Lynn
      Donna Lynn Month ago +1

      Yes, watched it. Why is this person saying season 2 is coming out shortly? Are they in a different country or something? Heck, just do a search on RU-clip and you'll find tons of vids of people talking about the 2nd season ad nauseum.

  • وسیم طارق
    وسیم طارق Month ago +1

    Why Supernatural is no longer on Netflix?? Please bring it back with all seasons.

  • BJ
    BJ Month ago +1

    Shite 💩

  • watermelonkid
    watermelonkid Month ago +6

    SO STOKED for this podcast. I just subscribed! I have high hopes for this. Netflix has been stepping up their game these past years

  • Isaias Ticona
    Isaias Ticona Month ago

    We want TVD again.

  • The HoneyQueen
    The HoneyQueen Month ago


  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton Month ago

    To the 1% of people that reads this


  • jmqm - SMITE Videos
    jmqm - SMITE Videos Month ago +2

    This series is really dogshit and doesn't cover everything

    • A T
      A T Month ago

      Omg you are so stupid and clueless

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago +2

      well, jmqm - SMITE Videos you're absolutely right. It doesn't cover everything. But not for lack of trying. The producers asked the State if they would participate to offer fair and balanced facts but Ken Kratz refused, FOR THE ENTIRE STATE's side. So I guess everyone who is crying that the show is so biased and one-sided, and leaving out "important facts and evidence" to favor Steven... you can blame the disgusting, sexual assault criminal, lying, shady a** mother f***** for ALL of this wrongly perceived bias for Steven Avery. Ken Krayz and crew had the same opportunities that the defense had, but they opted out, most likely because they didn't want to risk people with no real vested interest to expose all of the dirty dirty that the State had created. So, when you're given an opportunity to participate, it's completely within your rights to decline, but by doing so you also decline to make any derogatory complaints about the end product. You know, just like voting.

  • Edward Durden
    Edward Durden Month ago +17

    People should realize the show is bias. They made the show to prove Averys innocent. It's like just hearing the defense and not the prosecution. The directors made the show so you are emotionally invested in him. So, no matter what, he's innocent.

    • My Name
      My Name Month ago

      Matt ST2 So basically you’re saying if you’re in jail then you’re guilty?? The 273 inmates exonerated since 2011 would probably disagree.

    • jimmy climer
      jimmy climer Month ago

      +Matt ST2 what's PMSL?

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      +Matt ST2 yep! You're right. Feel better now?

    • Matt ST2
      Matt ST2 Month ago

      +Rhonda South Look at how aggressive you all have become just because i have a different opinion to you. Whats funny is how you all gang up like your opinion is the truth, Yet steven is in PRISON for the crime.

      I have no doubt leftard pressure will make the rational people cave and end up letting this murderer out, But i know im right and up unto now the justice system knows im right.

      You lot can not grasp that you were watching a show on netflix for ENTERTAINMENT. It had a left leaning bias, No doubt about it, Avery is a murderer and guilty.

    • My Name
      My Name Month ago +1

      One sided does not equal wrong. Anyone who actually takes the time to look at the facts knows Steven is innocent. Ken Kratz’s book could be considered “the other side” and it amounts to nothing more than character assassination.

  • Edward Durden
    Edward Durden Month ago +2

    None of us know them. The one person who does is Steve Averys girlfriend. She says he's guilty.

    • Samuel Stalcup
      Samuel Stalcup Month ago

      Oh I'm sorry was she there when the crime took place?

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      OH! There you go again! Listening to someone else instead of doing your own research, thereby your own thinking. Just stop. You're starting to embarrass yourself and if you're not embarrassed then I don't what else to say.

    • Maria Torres
      Maria Torres Month ago +2

      LMAO. They harassed his gf & even threatened her lawyer after she kept saying he was innocent. They kept arresting her for drinking trying to make her flip. She finally accepted $$$ for an interview to say he's guilty, after Making A Murderer came out.

    • La La
      La La Month ago +2

      If she says it, it must be true.

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr Month ago +2

    Netflix should create an entire podcast app or extension. If they haven't already.

  • JRPG Nation
    JRPG Nation Month ago +1

    So you have not cameras? So I am suppose to just fap while listening to this?

    • Maria Torres
      Maria Torres Month ago

      JRPG Nation I listen to podcasts while driving.

  • Luis Agila
    Luis Agila Month ago +3

    What happen with mindhunter??

  • Paranoid Kalle
    Paranoid Kalle Month ago

    To the 1% of people that reads this

    They did it!
    They are all inbred

    • Paranoid Kalle
      Paranoid Kalle Month ago

      hey crazy if you burn a cat alive you are a fucking psychopath i don't think you know what that intails or even sounds like you have it be a cold heart person to do that if he did that what else did he do his whole family are pedos and weirdos even he tried to drive someone off the road +Rhonda South

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      +Paranoid Kalle wow! I don't care if someone, anyone throws a cat on fire and then turns around, laughs about it, does a jig and watches it burn!
      T H A T D O E S N ' T M A K E T H E M A M U R D E R E R !!!
      Your justification is flawed, in MY opinion of course.

    • Paranoid Kalle
      Paranoid Kalle Month ago

      he threw a cat on to a fire that's enough right there +Rhonda South

    • Nancy Dell
      Nancy Dell Month ago

      And how do u know that?? Any proof?? Or are you just speaking just because u can?

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago

      I tend to want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and hear them out but you are a ridiculous, jackhole whose opinion means nothing. And by the way, THEY ARE BOTH INNOCENT. How do I know? I've researched CASO and case files. Your choice of comment and words PROVE your lack of intelligence. Carry on!

  • Guillermo nuñez
    Guillermo nuñez Month ago +1

    Subs please

  • santanaoutlaw
    santanaoutlaw Month ago

    Avery did that shit bro. That mf guilty. The cops crooked, the nephew guilty, the brothers guilty... the whole town is fucking crazy.

  • Tashany Hines
    Tashany Hines Month ago

    Soy una RU-cliprs pequeña, subo pelicula.cuando tengan tiempo libre pueden pasar por mí y ver si le gusta mi contenido pueden aprovechar y se suscriben

  • Diego Alvarez
    Diego Alvarez Month ago +3


  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +11

    Dear Netflix Steven Avery is a murderer get over it.

    • A T
      A T Month ago

      Dear dipshit, try to open the brain i hope you have

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago +1

      donrainesoh yes, they definitely deserve fair trials. Trials without falsifying so-called evidence and coerced confessions.

    • Terry Scroggs
      Terry Scroggs Month ago +1

      The cousin did it. The new attorney has figured it out

    • Terry Scroggs
      Terry Scroggs Month ago +1

      He's as innocent as you

    • Kevin Harris
      Kevin Harris Month ago +10

      I admit, I was skeptical after season one. After the second series of episode though, the incredible lengths the state of Wisconsin, going all the way to the Attorney General over and over again, to completely quash even the opportunity for Avery and Dassey to have another trial, even in the face of very questionable and revealing new me, is very telling.

  • Jordaly Allen
    Jordaly Allen Month ago +12

    They deserve justice! They are innocent!

    • Jordaly Allen
      Jordaly Allen Month ago

      +Linda G Oh, I understood! I just want them to come out, it stresses me just thinking about it.

    • Linda G
      Linda G Month ago

      +Jordaly Allen did you find what I was talking about I wasn't sure if you were interested in it or not

    • Linda G
      Linda G Month ago +1

      +Jordaly Allen making a murderer buy rubber ducky there's an attorney that's helping him I believe that's the name of this site

    • Jordaly Allen
      Jordaly Allen Month ago

      +Linda G what are you talking about?

    • Linda G
      Linda G Month ago +3

      Checks out rubber ducky he won an appeal so hopefully they'll be another trial

  • Crispylimbs
    Crispylimbs Month ago +101

    We need a season 3 covering the retrial (if there is one!!)

    • jay jones
      jay jones Month ago

      when there is one. stay positive

    • donrainesoh
      donrainesoh Month ago +13

      Everclean I’m not saying he is innocent, but it is clear the state has railroaded this man and has clearly destroyed evidence to keep him from defending himself. In my opinion he should be exonerated and set free. If given a retrial I’m sure he will walk as the states actions of destroying evidence will have harmed the prosecution. Either way I want a season 3 and for them to find another case like Avery’s. There has to be many more innocent people they could document.

  • Damon Salvatore
    Damon Salvatore Month ago

    Perfection y love you

  • Robert Fisher
    Robert Fisher Month ago

    Cool idea

  • Admiral General Aladeen

    Steven Avery is innocent hope ken kratz roots in hell

    • Rhonda South
      Rhonda South Month ago +1

      +adampincente209 That's the best thing to do! Research the
      case(s) for yourself then you'll see that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are 100% INNOCENT!!!

    • Maria Torres
      Maria Torres Month ago


      DARKKISS Month ago +3


    • LazyLamont92
      LazyLamont92 Month ago +1

      I also did my own research and I feel the same way. Something fishy, incomplete, and inconclusive.

    • Bahaar Saleh
      Bahaar Saleh Month ago +2

      +adampincente209 and? What have you come up to?

  • H3ll B0Y
    H3ll B0Y Month ago +1

    we need futurama



  • TMD bekcson
    TMD bekcson Month ago +50

    To the 1% of people that reads this

    I hope you have/ had an amazing day😊and that all the greatness of the World would be given to you, just Remember to always smile and be yourself no One can change who you are, you are amazing❤️😊i give you A blessing AS A smal youtuber that is growing😁 i would love any support or Feedback🤞😻 . Just Remember to always be your self and follow your dreams❤️ everything is possible😻

    • Team Mayhue
      Team Mayhue Month ago

      Seems like one those stupid ass forwards I get on Facebook. No.

    • Tyler DeMasters
      Tyler DeMasters Month ago


    • Linus Knight
      Linus Knight Month ago

      TMD bekcson I really needed to hear this. Thank you!

    • H Johnson
      H Johnson Month ago +2

      +Morally_ Bankrupt 🤣😂

    • Morally_ Bankrupt
      Morally_ Bankrupt Month ago +2

      Don't you think 1% is a bit generous? Furthermore, don't tell me what to do.

  • saffron blu
    saffron blu Month ago +5

    I STILL dont know.But, once the cops set their sights on you- hang it up!

  • Nandinho gameplay BR
    Nandinho gameplay BR Month ago +1

    Se inscrever -se no meu canal ai mano rsrsrs.

  • Steedy
    Steedy Month ago


  • Chimichangas 12
    Chimichangas 12 Month ago +1


  • Dick Aprio
    Dick Aprio Month ago +1

    Why not

  • iDa Random
    iDa Random Month ago +1


  • junior. beatzzz
    junior. beatzzz Month ago +2

    I'm a very big fan

  • Killmodz
    Killmodz Month ago +2

    To the 98% that won’t that sees this ❤️🙃

    Your 2019 is cursed łïké this comment and śùbśćríbé to me to undo.
    I also do vids tell me wat u think

    • notagunfreak
      notagunfreak Month ago +3

      Tell me what you think: Fuck off with your clickbait shit. Go play some forkknife or something.

  • travel er
    travel er Month ago