Words You Can't Call Trump

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Donald Trump kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign in Orlando, Hope Hicks appeared before the House Judiciary Committee, and Jimmy interviews the ranking Republican on the committee who has a list of words that violate long standing congressional rules against impugning the integrity of the President. #FredWillard
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    Words You Can't Call Trump
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Comments • 3 931

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura 16 hours ago

    So hes going to cure himself? Because he is cancer.

  • Ms. Vee
    Ms. Vee 21 hour ago

    Trump is a good snake oil dealer for his rally base, they all believe all his freaking lies.

  • Leroy Buffalo
    Leroy Buffalo 22 hours ago

    The only way all his promises could be true is to end the world.

  • West .Raz
    West .Raz Day ago

    would love to know how Trump plans to cure anyone

  • Edwin Maldonado
    Edwin Maldonado Day ago

    You mother f****** can't stand the depressant is doing really good

  • Dr. RG
    Dr. RG Day ago

    Seriously what's the IQ of Trump supporters? How dumb do you have to be to hear this speech and think this guy is fit to be in power? The scientist in me is just dying for a chance to conduct a study on this kind of stupid. This is proof of how utterly idiotic the voting process is in America.

    UNCLE SAM Day ago

    Pls let me slap him!

  • Peter Asbjørn Hansen

    MAGA = I Hate America Now

  • Peter Asbjørn Hansen

    MAGA = I Hate America Now

  • Peter Asbjørn Hansen

    MAGA = I Hate America Now

  • brian lizotte
    brian lizotte Day ago

    Moronald McDonald

  • Cici F
    Cici F 2 days ago

    Why do people support him... like how?

  • Amnon Meyers
    Amnon Meyers 2 days ago

    Co. Mandarin Chief ! ; - )

  • Debbie Fritts-Boyce
    Debbie Fritts-Boyce 2 days ago

    Words you can't call...smart, honest.

  • Candy Wilderman-Resler
    Candy Wilderman-Resler 2 days ago +2

    You can call him anything.....he's too "thick" to get it!!

  • Erika Garibay
    Erika Garibay 2 days ago

    Kimmel is a puppet I hope other people can see that

  • Nicole
    Nicole 2 days ago

    I never thought hope hicks was pretty. I think she has a very manly face.

  • gary delong
    gary delong 2 days ago

    Is this a comedy show or a smear campaign? Either way it's bad. Trump 2020 sheeple. Maybe Kimmel is on Epstein's list. Those who fight hardest have something to fight against.

  • Basquiat
    Basquiat 2 days ago

    Be best 🤣

  • Why so Serious
    Why so Serious 2 days ago

    Cancer, HIV ,Aids .. etc I’ll vote trump If it does happen 2019 - 2020 😂🤣

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz 3 days ago

    And he is all of the above.

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz 3 days ago

    He can stick that magic wand up ur !!!

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz 3 days ago

    Please someone shut this idiot up.
    He sounds like a dam fool!!

  • Will S
    Will S 3 days ago

    blah blah blah...Don't forget this pig was on the show titled: The Man Show. Type it in hypocrites, watch the filth he was a part of.

  • Tommy Vasec
    Tommy Vasec 3 days ago

    POTUS, as I call him Donald J. Dumb, is the 45th and last leader of the USA.

  • Ben Price
    Ben Price 3 days ago

    Wow a late night TV host who's paying out on Trump. So original.

    • Dusty Trails
      Dusty Trails 3 days ago

      @Ben Price being a US citizen makes what our president does personal, however "doing a lot of good" is a stretch, maybe the tariffs with China will work, the economy is going alright, immigration is a mess, NATO members need to pay their fair share but he could of been more diplomatic, he used our economic might to leverage our neighbors in a new trade agreement, we are blessed on having a great combination of natural resources that other countries don't have, he tweets comments on everything-things that don't involve him, and he is a rude name caller & panders to the alt-right

    • Ben Price
      Ben Price 3 days ago

      Every world leader is fair game. There's a bigger agenda here. I'm not from the US. However, he's doing a lot of good for the US. It's just boring TV to see him constantly being bashed by a very lopsided media. Anyway, have a great day! 😊👍🏼

    • Dusty Trails
      Dusty Trails 3 days ago

      trump asks for it all the time, his rallies, tweets, and interviews if he didn't lie so much he wouldn't be such fodder for jokes

  • paul meahan
    paul meahan 4 days ago +10

    Pity the syphilis that has infected the Don’s brain can’t be cured now. 😂

  • Oliviã øwø
    Oliviã øwø 4 days ago

    I call trump
    Mcdonald trumpet 😂

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 4 days ago

    One word: BUM

  • Blablabla Bla
    Blablabla Bla 4 days ago

    Why I see everywhere Trump?! I am not american. It's not my problem. Ugh

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz 4 days ago

    Design for bikini: a Red suit with Make America Grab Again in bold on front of bikini pants.

  • wayne montgomery
    wayne montgomery 4 days ago

    now that is ironic ... a con man has his campaign in a place named after a ponzi scheme....

  • Dave Frank
    Dave Frank 4 days ago

    Trump has successfully brought jimmy kimmel down to his level: middle school name calling.
    I can use those words to describe Jimmy.
    I see trump has lived in his head rent free for years now.
    Obama didn’t cure of those either, TDS man.
    It’s sad to what late night has became now that all of the good people retired a long time ago.

  • stranraerwal
    stranraerwal 4 days ago

    what an embarrassing ape.

  • Superior beast_23
    Superior beast_23 5 days ago +1

    3:00 the magic wand is called russia

  • Preston Pfeil
    Preston Pfeil 5 days ago

    Why have a president when this is how paid entertainers treat the office

  • Preston Pfeil
    Preston Pfeil 5 days ago

    What about killing muslim. Never hear people sticking up for Muslims. America - i thought politicians sent young people to a conflict to die to protect freedom of religion, race and all that other bullshit patriots talk about

  • crypto-world
    crypto-world 6 days ago

    this familly is worst like the adam famelly ....lololol

  • Sergio Rea
    Sergio Rea 6 days ago

    Sore losers

  • The Reckoner
    The Reckoner 6 days ago +5

    He is SUCH an embarrassment, and the fact that half of us can't see the obvious is the more depressing thing.

  • eye see
    eye see 7 days ago

    Ya know how a child pouts and sticks out their lower lip when they don't get their way? That's what trump looks like since the S. Court shot down his B.S. CENCUS QUESTION except he does it with both upper AND lower lips...

  • Samuel Houle
    Samuel Houle 7 days ago

    Wow, that video was not funny at all....

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy 8 days ago +5

    What a national disgrace and embarrassment. Bernie, Elizabeth, Pete 2020

  • Shawn Hierlihy
    Shawn Hierlihy 8 days ago

    So much bullshit, so little intelligence.

  • Pauly Shore
    Pauly Shore 8 days ago

    I love Fred Willard but I hate seeing his hands shake.

  • Bob Higbee
    Bob Higbee 8 days ago

    I'm not the biggest Trump man nor would I ever judge what someone finds funny, but if I'm being honest Jimmy Kimmel was only funny When he was playing off of Adam Corolla. Talk about low hanging fruit and especially hack material. Please consider firing your writers, sorry but their "jokes" are horrible, and bring in some actual funny talent if you are going to continue "clappingback" at your president.

  • Ghostem871 2K
    Ghostem871 2K 8 days ago

    Lmfao people in the comments look like this🤡🤡🤡

  • Ruth Bosquet
    Ruth Bosquet 9 days ago

    Granda grabass...lol

  • Di Ce
    Di Ce 9 days ago

    Keep the good work Jimmy !!!!

  • Raj
    Raj 9 days ago +8

    I know he's a joke, but this donald jokes are getting boring.

  • j g
    j g 9 days ago +1

    Well, in a nation T-bone steak eaters, I guess you need lots of beef cattle for slaughter. You got 'em.

  • maxing must
    maxing must 9 days ago

    Jimmy mamamamakes ma laugh, I wish I was there with the paid laughers

  • Hannibal Lekta
    Hannibal Lekta 9 days ago +1

    he won't live long enough to see man set foot on Mars

  • dart arkana
    dart arkana 9 days ago

    Donald plump🤣😂😅😆

  • nmeunier
    nmeunier 10 days ago +2

    Willard is just priceless! I saw him decades ago coming out of a Canadian Shoppers Drug Mart. His comedic delivery is one of a kind!

  • Calvin Brady
    Calvin Brady 10 days ago

    Cadet Bonespurs

  • Casey Reynolds
    Casey Reynolds 10 days ago

    Best president ever Donald Trump.

  • bruce tindal
    bruce tindal 10 days ago +1

    sespool trumpy

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 10 days ago +3

    "Vladimir Pumpkin" LOL.

  • Abishek Das
    Abishek Das 10 days ago

    Hahaha he wants to cure cancer. What a joke.
    He sucks because he wanted to cure cancer.
    Wow jimmy you tell em the truth.

  • dabong420
    dabong420 10 days ago

    I hope this Douchbag dies of a heart attack

  • Carrie See
    Carrie See 10 days ago

    Need to ignore this clown for my health

  • Carrie See
    Carrie See 10 days ago

    Christ he makes me sick. No lie. I’m nauseous

  • John Cook
    John Cook 10 days ago +1

    JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. Good to see snake oil salesmen still ply their trade in America. Trump has no shame and his foolish followers suck up all the conman dishes out and even ask for another bottle of the crap . God ( take your pick of which one) help America.

  • HannuKaleviElo
    HannuKaleviElo 10 days ago

    Focus on this instead! JP MORGAN CHASE BANK involved in a MONEY LAUNDERING connected to this criminal network WISE BANC! Read below my investigation for CIA, NSA, FBI and MI6...

  • Faith Rada
    Faith Rada 10 days ago +1

    LMAO.. all those names were SO Right On. Too funny.

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan 10 days ago +1

    Trump cares about Americans! Trump 2020! If he doesn't do anything on his agenda it's because the Democrats are holding him back like the wall.

  • stan webb
    stan webb 11 days ago

    You can't call him intelligent

  • theL81Again
    theL81Again 11 days ago

    Tick tock!!! Cure cancer!

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 11 days ago

    Hey Trump you un american