Words You Can't Call Trump

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Donald Trump kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign in Orlando, Hope Hicks appeared before the House Judiciary Committee, and Jimmy interviews the ranking Republican on the committee who has a list of words that violate long standing congressional rules against impugning the integrity of the President. #FredWillard
    Jimmy Kimmel Honors Viral Pizza Hero ru-clip.net/video/vfC8_xH7NNU/video.html

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    Words You Can't Call Trump
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Comments • 4 006

  • Richard Olson
    Richard Olson 8 hours ago

    3.5% sustained growth has not and will not happen

  • Mike Gesy
    Mike Gesy 2 days ago

    God he’s beyond stupid

  • Matchbox twenty
    Matchbox twenty 3 days ago

    Get him out the white houuuuseeeee, Impeach!!!!!!!

  • crimsonblade25
    crimsonblade25 4 days ago

    It’s funny how Don Je mentions 3% since his daddy has yet to get 3% annual growth.

  • Russell Bublitz
    Russell Bublitz 5 days ago

    Last night he said he was going to put a man on the Moon . Louisiana MAGA rally 10/11/19

  • MusicByDeeY
    MusicByDeeY 11 days ago +1

    Eric's Dad or Donald's Son

    Wonder what's more insulting 😅

  • B. Calderon
    B. Calderon 13 days ago


  • join the fist 10
    join the fist 10 15 days ago

    whoah, curing caner and sending aids to mars

  • True Life Average Jane Vlog

    Trump and his supporters are CLUELESS lol

  • Santosh Joshi
    Santosh Joshi 22 days ago

    Call him.any name you can but as Arnie said in Terminator He will be back!

  • Michael Quarry
    Michael Quarry 24 days ago +1

    Keep America Great vote that Crazy Bastard out of there. That Stupid bastard there no way ignorant Clown can send a man to mars. Hey stupid Trump My Favorite Martian was just a TV Show. Impeach this dumb ass. Low IQ Trump.

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor 28 days ago +2

    2:59 Ahh.. "Magic Wand".. That's what Trumple Thinskin call his "Eenie Weenie Teenie Peenie", isn't it.?

  • Jesus Salvador
    Jesus Salvador Month ago +2

    Jimmy kimmel always obliterating Donald J Dump

  • Dee Dee Hawk
    Dee Dee Hawk Month ago +1

    Can I get a full list of names to call Trump. I mean seriously some of those were just pure poetry. XD

  • Duaa Sabah
    Duaa Sabah Month ago +1

    Does he hire ppl to be there and were those hats and scream??!

  • Skye Aengel
    Skye Aengel Month ago

    All those ignorant people behind Trump!

  • HEK 293
    HEK 293 Month ago

    Hope hicks? Holy hooters! Meow!

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain Month ago +2

    President lazy dumb ass pussy?

  • MadPriestFather
    MadPriestFather Month ago +1

    "Human Chernobyl" 8:55

  • mystifymymind
    mystifymymind Month ago

    Cringe worthy

  • Willie Baker
    Willie Baker Month ago

    hey trump, why are you so hateful???????????

  • John William
    John William Month ago +2

    trump is the deadliest cancer here on Earth.

  • Simi Owen
    Simi Owen Month ago

    The only desease is trump

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain Month ago +1

    Old lazy baster.

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones Month ago

    That was f****** great

  • jobless.bum7
    jobless.bum7 Month ago +1

    I hate Dumbass Donald Trump JR.

  • David Watson
    David Watson Month ago

    Impeached comes to mind. Libs can't call him that.

  • Michael Bross
    Michael Bross Month ago

    “Keep America great” lmfao

  • spikealee Baker
    spikealee Baker Month ago

    Donald and his entitled kids...BARF

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango Month ago

    Trump is dumb as a rock...his supporters are a bunch of dumb little rocks

  • mkbxtr44
    mkbxtr44 Month ago +1

    Fred Willard, forgot about him, wonder how he and Martin Mull would have played off trumpy, lol.

  • Don Havard
    Don Havard Month ago


  • kathy Turner
    kathy Turner Month ago

    Honest, human, healthy, normal do I need to go on?

  • Gold Gold
    Gold Gold Month ago +1


  • T Slap
    T Slap Month ago

    You ready? Make America great again by getting rid of this orange clown.

  • robert veloz
    robert veloz Month ago


  • Bryndon Crowder
    Bryndon Crowder Month ago

    Trump 2020 Keep America great!

  • Joshua Lawrence
    Joshua Lawrence Month ago

    7:22 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • w41duvernay
    w41duvernay Month ago

    How the hell is he going to cure cancer? At the same time, he couldn't do the simple thing and Fix healthcare in America. He had later said "Healthcare is complicated".

  • Albert Huynh
    Albert Huynh Month ago

    I need a full list of all these insults

  • Sonia Sanchez
    Sonia Sanchez Month ago +1

    Keep america going again going broke

  • Snakesborough
    Snakesborough Month ago +1

    Kimmel is pissed off that Trump is funnier than he is. Thank you most graciously Kimmel for being a such a bore, best wishes from the Netherlands. Trump for president in 2020!

  • shakey balls
    shakey balls Month ago +1

    Trumps way to irradicate aids is to take everyone with aids in this country an send them to Mexico or somewhere else the ocean

  • Stephan Koenig
    Stephan Koenig Month ago +6

    Even if theres a cure for cancer developed somwhere in the future, it isn't trumps achievement

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith Month ago

    You better use it Jr because you are worse than your father

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith Month ago

    How could anyone do this if you are the President

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith Month ago

    At an AMWAY hall

  • cocosongo1
    cocosongo1 2 months ago +2

    No wonder Tramp hates you: you keep pulling his pants down...all the way down 🤣😂😆

  • trick noon
    trick noon 2 months ago

    What an idiot he lives in a dream

  • Jaswant Kahlon
    Jaswant Kahlon 2 months ago

    He can't even read !!

  • FR Z Tzayawan
    FR Z Tzayawan 2 months ago

    I hate this guy

  • Hafid Asri
    Hafid Asri 2 months ago

    hillbilly rally

  • morgan green
    morgan green 2 months ago

    Stupid is ,is stupid does.

  • Rafael Mira
    Rafael Mira 2 months ago +1

    Liberal tears. Keep on crying for 5 more years. This use to be a fun show. Now it’s just politics all the time.

    • Bryndon Crowder
      Bryndon Crowder Month ago

      President Trump's biggest opponent in 2020 will be voter fraud by the libtards.

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert 2 months ago

    Gag me with a spoon LMAO HAHAHAHA I haven't heard that for a long time!

  • TBD
    TBD 2 months ago +1

    I always confuse Trump's 2 sons with each other despite them being equally stupid.

  • Gerald Sanchez
    Gerald Sanchez 2 months ago

    There it is sodomite you insult the president to make a few bucks on your crappy jokes then you turn around and insult Americans at a presidential rally why don't you go f*** yourself your sodomite commie bastard

  • DLTD
    DLTD 2 months ago

    Hicks is hot. That is all.

  • Eric Willan
    Eric Willan 2 months ago +1


  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye 2 months ago +7

    Can we add 'president' to the list of words we won't call DT?