On My Block: Season 2 | Clip: Cold Opening [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • Time to cash in. Season two of On My Block launches March 29.
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    On My Block: Season 2 | Clip: Cold Opening [HD] | Netflix
    Soundtracked by 070 Shake’s “Glitter” - download and stream here: 070shake.lnk.to/GlitterSingle

    For more on 070 Shake:
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Comments • 17 925

  • Netflix
    Netflix  4 months ago +32611

    So I know this isn't the trailer you've all been asking for but.... I feeeeeeel like this should also make you happy.

  • Life as Eboni
    Life as Eboni 56 minutes ago

    Ohh I get this it said then I wanna get rich that’s Jamal then I wanna live that’s ruby then I wanna bring what I got to block to the block like this that’s cezer

  • Brenda Lara
    Brenda Lara 18 hours ago +1

    Ollé saldrá la tercera temporada de verdad la espero demasiado ♥️Me encanta tanto está serie

  • asapjason1 NG
    asapjason1 NG 21 hour ago

    This song is tooo dope I always bang this out 🤙🏾

  • iYunique
    iYunique Day ago

    Let’s just take a moment to consider that even though Ruby did all the nice things for Olivia she hardy acknowledges him

  • Mauricio Barocio
    Mauricio Barocio 2 days ago

    Law professor my

  • carolina santos
    carolina santos 4 days ago

    I wait for season 3 !! I need thus serie !!

  • Stacey May
    Stacey May 4 days ago

    Love the music :(

  • Mauricio Barocio
    Mauricio Barocio 4 days ago


  • Iz_smokez Hernandez
    Iz_smokez Hernandez 5 days ago

    Damn lot of people died FOR NO DAMN! REASON!! Like why why why WHY!!! Shit like what did they even do!!!

  • Iz_smokez Hernandez
    Iz_smokez Hernandez 5 days ago

    Thank you! For not letting ruby die thanks!

  • Melika
    Melika 5 days ago

    Who's chopping onions 😭😭😭😭😭💔

  • Random Edits
    Random Edits 6 days ago +1

    Did I wanna get rich? Jamal
    Did I wanna live? Ruby
    Did I even exist? Monse
    And I can't leave you this much just this Glitter! Ruby
    When did I lose my friend? 4 core and Jasmine
    Did I wanna bring what I got to the block? Cesar

    CALM DOWN. 6 days ago


  • Survivor God
    Survivor God 8 days ago +1

    Im moving to san diego in november. Im 11 years old. Sad this stuff mostly happens in California, especially in the souther n part. Could all you give me good luck over there?
    Love you all. I hope you all have successful bright future ahead of you.

  • R. A.
    R. A. 9 days ago

    3:13 so sad :/

  • Fawn Streeter
    Fawn Streeter 9 days ago

    Damn im on 4 holly shit

  • Mauricio Barocio
    Mauricio Barocio 9 days ago

    Why are you. Got shot and a movie TD and anyway he still alive

  • Mauricio Barocio
    Mauricio Barocio 9 days ago


  • Suhani Siva Chandran
    Suhani Siva Chandran 10 days ago

    I can conclude one thing after binge watching this show...Cesar is a literal player...as in playboy...(no hate)

  • Igor Silva
    Igor Silva 11 days ago


  • Soley Hernandez
    Soley Hernandez 11 days ago


  • Noe Gonzalez
    Noe Gonzalez 12 days ago

    This must be weird but I thought Ruby was in his coffin and like just Woken up

    Im creepy lol

  • Wayne Brown
    Wayne Brown 12 days ago +2

    Can I just say the director of this needs to win a lot of awards

  • guy who dont have voice
    guy who dont have voice 12 days ago +2

    Omg who waiting for season 3 trailer

  • Geografia C
    Geografia C 12 days ago +2

    Who’s waiting for season 3 too

  • Полина Дынькова

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  • thayna teilor De novo?
    thayna teilor De novo? 13 days ago +1

    Someone Know what is the name of this music?

    • Divine B
      Divine B 13 days ago +1

      Glitter 070 shake

  • Sam and Colby are my Parents

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 im cryin bc irl so many ppl even kids die from this gang stuff its terrible

  • Judith Martinez
    Judith Martinez 14 days ago


  • Shayna Goins
    Shayna Goins 14 days ago

    But wait.... Jasmine never talks about the little girl.... What if that's not actually for the show....?

  • Mauricio Barocio
    Mauricio Barocio 14 days ago

    Why she died like for no reason Olivia

  • Daniel Resendiz
    Daniel Resendiz 15 days ago


  • lala loopsy
    lala loopsy 15 days ago

    Damn this shit had me like at the end his real name is jason and i have the largest freaking crush on like look at his face... aint he just so cute

  • Nk
    Nk 16 days ago +1

    good evening guys and girls. how are you doing ? what is the next move ? hehe lucky men, yes sometimes men are lucky too. oh boy sleeping in the car.

  • Kerosene Sandoval
    Kerosene Sandoval 16 days ago

    Este pequeño intro me dejó empapado en lágrimas cuando llegó la parte de Jasmine. No me lo esperaba. Te venden un personaje super extrovertido, gracioso, que en ocaciones te saca de onda pero que conforme avanza la historia vas conectando con él y llegas a querer. Yo estudio Actuación y esta escena me hace pensar en la trayectoria del personaje que es lo que lleva cargando en su historia. No pude evitar llorar.

  • meeply123
    meeply123 16 days ago +2

    They got this so right, it was so realistic I started crying.

  • Wave Gaming
    Wave Gaming 16 days ago +1

    Ruby + Olivia 😍

  • demetrio rea
    demetrio rea 16 days ago

    on my block happen everyone dies

  • _.victoria._
    _.victoria._ 16 days ago +2

    I wanna know who that little girl was that jasmine visited cause Olivia's looked different, I wanna know what happened to her

  • Isabell Ramirez
    Isabell Ramirez 17 days ago

    Why is there liquid coming out of my eyes?

  • Teagan Marshall
    Teagan Marshall 17 days ago


  • boi yeet
    boi yeet 18 days ago

    This made cry this is the song they played when my baby brother died he was 1 years old he was ran over😭😭😭😭😭

  • Heartless Thoughts
    Heartless Thoughts 20 days ago +1

    It's been three months already? Tf why does it feel like a year.... HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA WAIT FOR S3

  • Ya girl queen 23
    Ya girl queen 23 22 days ago

    They had me on the floor crying cuz I thought ruby was dead

  • Jill Elrod
    Jill Elrod 23 days ago

    I stared crying when olivia and ruby got shot but how did Cesar broke his arm and why did jamal not worried

  • hay girl hay cousins Nielsen

    I love this song and I even watched all the episodes

  • Kyla Taylor
    Kyla Taylor 23 days ago

    Me and my bf love this show

  • Genni Glassglow
    Genni Glassglow 23 days ago

    💎💎💤💤🆗📶💨🔋🎯🏆♨💨🔋⚡🔥🌊💟💟🛑🛑💎💎 *Jesus Christ is the only true God!*
    *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.*
    *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.*
    *also heal their bodies.*) 💎💎💤💤🆗📶💨🔋🎯🏆♨💨🔋⚡🔥🌊💟💟🛑🛑💎💎

  • Vipers Un
    Vipers Un 25 days ago +1

    I like this song

  • Gustavo436gsg SeguraAhumada

    1:34 no matter how much times i see that i will always cry 😭

  • docfrmsp CEO
    docfrmsp CEO 25 days ago

    Jamal is very funny speaking for everyone 😌

    FORTNITE FREAK 26 days ago


  • rayconcepcion96
    rayconcepcion96 26 days ago


  • truthcuzii
    truthcuzii 27 days ago +1

    I hated Olivia

  • Valloleth Esquivel
    Valloleth Esquivel 28 days ago

    I can’t wait for season 3 it’s coming out on May 2020

  • HQY
    HQY 28 days ago


  • Lisa Horfrem
    Lisa Horfrem 29 days ago

    I wannna watch this but I don’t have Netflix 😖😩🥺🤧

  • Panda UwU
    Panda UwU 29 days ago


  • Christy Jones
    Christy Jones Month ago

    On my block season 3 hurry I cried

  • K&K sister's
    K&K sister's Month ago

    This was a sad moment When Ruby got shot and olivia that was sad i didny know that happened but im happy that he is alive

  • HotelHideawayLife Teehee

    Who else on this scene was like stfu we wanna know if Ruby’s alive or not

  • Aria Diablo
    Aria Diablo Month ago +3

    We need like 15 episodes per season that are 50 minutes long!!!

  • Andrea Esmeralda Medina Valdez

    Queremos temporada 3

  • Jei Sánchez
    Jei Sánchez Month ago

    SO GOOD.

  • alfredo alonzo
    alfredo alonzo Month ago

    Who is singing the song in the beginning

  • The Etrain
    The Etrain Month ago

    Did I wanna get rich-Jamal
    Did I wanna live-ruby/Ruben
    Did I wanna bring what I got to the block to the block like this-cecasr
    But the truth is I wanna find my self again-Ruben
    We’re is monse in this comment down below if she is in this song

  • IShootCrazy YT
    IShootCrazy YT Month ago

    Where’s season 3 at🥺

  • lena
    lena Month ago

    I cried when I first watched the trailer🙃

  • Simplement Esthxr
    Simplement Esthxr Month ago

    What music pleases