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BTS (방탄소년단) 'Save ME' Official MV

  • Опубликовано: 15 май 2016
  • BTS (방탄소년단) 'Save ME' Official MV
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Комментарии • 347 709

  • PandaExpress
    PandaExpress День назад

    Unless they broke the rules

  • I Stan 7 angels And literal legends

    The only bad thing about this and all of Bts songs is that they end

  • buse naz yılmaz
    buse naz yılmaz День назад

    Jimin and jungkook 💜💙💚♥️🧡💛

  • Uyên Đặng Phương
    Uyên Đặng Phương День назад


    VKP PDA День назад

    Almost 3 years later and this song is still fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Suga oppa
    Suga oppa День назад

    Kim Nam Joon
    Kim Seok Jin
    Min Yoongi
    Jung Ho Seok
    Park Jimin
    Kim Taehyung
    Jeon JungKook
    BangTan boys

  • BTSxTxT JYP stan
    BTSxTxT JYP stan День назад


  • Jennifer Le
    Jennifer Le День назад

    Save me to 400M vi3ws!

  • Sunshine Hoope
    Sunshine Hoope День назад

    BTS, showing that they are the kpop kings and loves of my life

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park День назад

    100 M 🔓
    200 M🔓
    300 M🔓
    400 M🔐
    500 M🔐
    600 M🔐

    BTS JHOPE FC День назад +1

    Save me save me BTS☺️💜

  • Cong Le
    Cong Le День назад +1

    400M. A. R. M. Y. fighting

  • Jade Collins
    Jade Collins День назад +1

    This all makes sense because of the WEBTOON Save Me

  • karma rubten
    karma rubten День назад +1

    Beauty as you are my favorite and I miss you so much but I need to know when are you going to come to Bangkok please done I love you so much but I thought if you could be my best and I love you so much my sister she loves you too but she loves black pick the most so I like your song

  • Army Park
    Army Park День назад +2

    El poder de BTS Y ARMY dominara el mundo entero😇😍🔥

    • Army Nisa
      Army Nisa День назад

      Army Park pues claro 😏👏👏❤

  • Vibra Pertiwi
    Vibra Pertiwi День назад +1

    they're my most favorite idol❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Army Nisa
    Army Nisa День назад +1

    40m para los 4p0m

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin День назад +2


  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min День назад +1

    soon to 400M 💪💪

  • Shreyashri Pradhan
    Shreyashri Pradhan День назад +2

    Army's now let's make this 400m.It will be the 8th mv to reach 400m. Fighting 💜 💪💪

  • Tania Avila
    Tania Avila День назад +1


  • miguel torres
    miguel torres День назад +1

    Aa :v

  • Agung Gumelar
    Agung Gumelar День назад +1

    Road to 400 M view

  • Son Doan
    Son Doan День назад +1


  • Mrs Dragomir Belikov
    Mrs Dragomir Belikov День назад +1

    BTS already Save Me

  • Jocelyn Mallari
    Jocelyn Mallari День назад +1

    I love you I want to marry me

  • Bella Tobing
    Bella Tobing День назад +1

    I like save mee💜💜

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez День назад +1

    Save me, save me I'm dead because of bts bts

  • Lựu Nguyễn
    Lựu Nguyễn День назад +1

    I love bts pặcpăcj

    KLARAVP SUN HI День назад +2

    ARMY vamos por los 400 antes del 12 de abril, si se puede 😊🤩

  • adri gachas :3
    adri gachas :3 День назад

    like si eres army veterana

  • Leandro LIMA DE SOUZA
    Leandro LIMA DE SOUZA День назад

    Jim jimin suga rap monster jungkook v jp i you love

  • Poliana Ribeiro
    Poliana Ribeiro День назад

    Eu vou nos seus seus shows😭😭😭😭😍

  • Poliana Ribeiro
    Poliana Ribeiro День назад


  • Ebonycoolgir
    Ebonycoolgir День назад

    yall can go ahead and fall.

  • -Крутая- Вика
    -Крутая- Вика День назад +1

    Хоть я и русская, но я люблю вас BTS 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • jungguk love
    jungguk love День назад +2

    bruh these save_me webtoon episodes got me coming back to every mv 😭

  • I AM ME
    I AM ME День назад +2

    Yay army 360M!
    Next is 400M!
    Lets do it army!

  • Army BTS
    Army BTS День назад +1


  • chim chim
    chim chim День назад

    yoongi didn't even get to rap-

  • María xd :v
    María xd :v День назад


  • natalia toro
    natalia toro День назад +1

    Go for 400M!!!!

  • Tam Hubbard
    Tam Hubbard День назад


  • Nicolas XD
    Nicolas XD День назад


  • Hector Silva
    Hector Silva День назад

    Ustedes son los mejores cantantes del mundo

  • Camila Montivero Amaya
    Camila Montivero Amaya День назад +1

    den lak quien le gusta Jimmy

  • Camila Montivero Amaya
    Camila Montivero Amaya День назад +1

    bts bts bts bts bstnt bts bts bts 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Nisar Rocha de Oliveira
    Nisar Rocha de Oliveira День назад

    músicas adoráveis🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍋🍋🍒🍒🍒🍄🍟🍟🍟
    São tão fofos
    eu gosto de todos vocês
    Eu acho que eu vou fazer amizade com o Jeonkookie

  • Iza Vitória Santos
    Iza Vitória Santos День назад +1

    Meus amoris🌹

  • wadie. 28
    wadie. 28 День назад

    Save bts

  • Sinta Wulandari
    Sinta Wulandari День назад

    park jimin so cute💙

  • diem tran
    diem tran День назад


  • moro co
    moro co День назад +2

    Taehyung is so handsome

  • Pocha Sinche
    Pocha Sinche День назад


  • Misael banegas
    Misael banegas День назад

    esta cancion me gusta

  • Maria salasss
    Maria salasss День назад +1

    Señor!! Por que Jin es demasiado hermoso??? Me va a dar un paro, con tanta belleza. Seok Jin camate po favor.

  • Mia Hernandez salinas
    Mia Hernandez salinas День назад +2

    Los amo bts

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +1


  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +1


  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +2

    Taehyung ah

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +1


  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +1


  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +1

    Min yoongi

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +1

    Namjoon ah

  • mylove Jin Oppa
    mylove Jin Oppa День назад +4


  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung День назад +1


  • Natália Oliveira
    Natália Oliveira День назад

    Armys vão pro twitter votar agora por favor!

  • vivian vu
    vivian vu День назад +1

    who is back from 2019?

  • TXT_ _ROTY
    TXT_ _ROTY День назад +3


  • Bárbara Lis
    Bárbara Lis День назад +1

    😘😘😘😘 meu favorito j_erope

  • Bárbara Lis
    Bárbara Lis День назад

    Lindos maravilhoso s fofos meigos

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi День назад +1

    I think of this song when I’m in school.

  • isabela mc
    isabela mc День назад

    Music top

  • isabela mc
    isabela mc День назад

    Quem e do brasil curte

  • Suga My Bias
    Suga My Bias День назад +1

    at the end .. *BOY MEETS.....*
    me : *EVIL*

  • Isabella Rodríguez
    Isabella Rodríguez День назад +1

    Save me

  • Suga My Bias
    Suga My Bias День назад +1

    *this mv teach us : LESS IS MORE*

  • Suga My Bias
    Suga My Bias День назад +1

    im just only the skies in this video , that only can watch them from far 😢

  • Therefore, we are one
    Therefore, we are one День назад +3

    I still can't get over this song, I don't know why, there's something about this song that makes me come back here even if there are new songs, even if it is not that new anymore, etc., but what I can say it gives me that feeling that you can not explain

  • Camila Ruiz
    Camila Ruiz День назад +1

    Like la que su (bias) se JIMIN

  • idontknow
    idontknow День назад +1

    *the best of me (best of me)*

    Me : *Is A pOcKeT oF cHiPs*

  • Anna Luisa Martins
    Anna Luisa Martins День назад +1

    Jimin lindo ❤

  • Gwish y
    Gwish y День назад +2

    The only kpop song that I actually began hearing.

  • LittlePlayerCookie /
    LittlePlayerCookie / День назад +1


  • selena Mdragon
    selena Mdragon День назад +1

    BRO i was just admiring this song and Hobi's part started and i looked down and BOI LOOK AT THAT THIGH MUSCLE. His pants dont have holes cuz of the style, they have holes bc his damn thigh muscle is ripping the dang cloth.

  • Txt Txt
    Txt Txt День назад

    Wow only 4k for 360M!

  • pMaria Helena
    pMaria Helena День назад


  • Cauã Pinheiro
    Cauã Pinheiro День назад

    amo BTS

  • Hazel Fig
    Hazel Fig День назад +2

    We need to get this to 400M, and vote for BTS on the Soompi app!!
    Army, fighting! 💜💜💜

  • Melissa Helen
    Melissa Helen День назад


  • paulina alfaro
    paulina alfaro День назад

    love that song

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi День назад


  • 오예준
    오예준 День назад +1


  • Anna Acevedo
    Anna Acevedo День назад

    Boo bts

  • Aguivaldo Amadeu de Lima
    Aguivaldo Amadeu de Lima День назад

    Hi love dna em ami português Brasil

  • Gesilene O
    Gesilene O День назад


  • Malika W
    Malika W День назад +4

    Oh my god! This was the song that got me into K-Pop! I love this song so much, it's so amazing there are not enough words for it!💗💗

  • Xx_Michelle_x
    Xx_Michelle_x День назад +4

    So this is my first time listening to BTS
    So welcome me to the BTS ARMY!!

    • yjoo504
      yjoo504 День назад

      Xx_Michelle_x Welcome!💜💜

  • Andrea Escobar Reyes
    Andrea Escobar Reyes День назад

    Son geys??

    • Andrea Escobar Reyes
      Andrea Escobar Reyes День назад

      Lo decía de broma sabes porque por que había compañera al lado mio y le gusta bts y para tu informacion no soy gay me gusta un niño llamado mateo

    • m z
      m z День назад

      No son gays.. Tu eres gay!!!!!!!!!

  • Mi dulce Marco
    Mi dulce Marco День назад +1

    Save me was ahead of her time.. Let's get it to 400M.. Keep streaming guys!