$20 4k Action Cam Review - Is it Worth it? | $20 GoPro | 4K

  • Published on May 4, 2017
  • Cheap Budget GoPro.... $20 4k Ultra HD action cam silver review / overview. $20 Sports camera is this the best budget GoPro replica/ fake go pro for under $20? Eken H8, Nikon, stoked or this
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Comments • 946

  • Tech Studio
    Tech Studio 23 hours ago

    Tie it up to a drone

  • Cutch GTI
    Cutch GTI Day ago

    Glad to see another Calgarian making it big on RU-clip🙌

  • Slowbro YT
    Slowbro YT 2 days ago

    I mean... hey, its still better then my Real gopro hero 7 white

  • Jorji Cat
    Jorji Cat 2 days ago

    why would you test water proofing first? doesn't seem like the best idea for a 20 dollar camera

  • Carlo pierotto
    Carlo pierotto 3 days ago

    This is not a speaker grill.

  • Fahrin 93
    Fahrin 93 3 days ago

    Portugal Police

  • Kenneth Bernstein
    Kenneth Bernstein 6 days ago

    *MyCashAtHome .com* is also doing extremely well for me. super easy easy bucks. works from a phone only also!

  • meiinuyasha
    meiinuyasha 7 days ago

    your city looks like raccoon city before resident evil 2 zombie outbreak

  • Vintage Vinny DIY
    Vintage Vinny DIY 8 days ago

    GoPro don't cost 500 idiot

  • νταν νταν
    νταν νταν 10 days ago

    2:32 like 600 $ go pro is made outa of gold 😜😜💰💰

  • It’s ya boi
    It’s ya boi 13 days ago

    What’s the link to this camera?

  • rc 22
    rc 22 13 days ago

    That thing looks like my old Rollei 333 Wifi HAHA^^

  • Andiez gaming
    Andiez gaming 13 days ago

    I would buy this and record in 720p for best framerate and modified the lens to wide angle

  • JoRasEyez
    JoRasEyez 16 days ago

    There bitrate are low ... so there horible

  • Paulie G 610
    Paulie G 610 25 days ago


  • pulesjet
    pulesjet 26 days ago

    What kind of recording times can this thing do ?

  • MrJ0mmy
    MrJ0mmy 29 days ago

    i got last year a cheap 29.59nzd free shipping camera off tomtop it said it was 4k the sensor it used in the camera was a mid range 2.7k one made by sony so recording in 2k 30fps it is really good and video looks great it can even record 720p 120fps slow mo video and 1080p 60fps amazing camera for how cheap it was
    i am shocked how they made any money selling it that cheap

  • De_Intense _Gamers2018 _.

    Rilly bad camera!

  • Jackson Meads
    Jackson Meads Month ago

    So I’m broke so is this a good first camera for my yt channel

  • Rudi Mantic
    Rudi Mantic Month ago

    I have a this camera. This is a bullshit

    VЄŊФM Month ago

    vega 4k is 45$ and its perfectly fine

  • Blhaa blhaa
    Blhaa blhaa Month ago

    Have you had a chance to try the wifi feature as I can connect to camera but it seems to need an app for ios. If you could help out thanks in advanced.

  • Bert Offerings
    Bert Offerings Month ago

    Looks like 15fps. About as useful as a chocolate tea kettle for an action cam.

  • Mxgaming311
    Mxgaming311 Month ago

    go to my youtube and sub its Mxgaming311

  • Mxgaming311
    Mxgaming311 Month ago

    i have a 700 hundred dollar go pro

  • Toby and James Goldsmith

    Not bad

  • Tacoma FAN
    Tacoma FAN Month ago

    I bought fake sj7000 Couldn't be better for the money !!!!

  • Leslie
    Leslie Month ago

    There's no audio port?

  • Jeff553 Studios
    Jeff553 Studios Month ago

    3:57 "Although my city looks pretty depressing" Well Calgary isn't depressing. Any city would look depressing on a rainy day. Calgary is beautiful in the summer. The Rocky mountains, the blue skies, and prairie. Sorry if I'm off topic but it really is true.

  • Aleksa Mladenovic
    Aleksa Mladenovic Month ago

    Its worth to buy it just because of accesories

  • Ravith Leap
    Ravith Leap Month ago

    Really 20$

  • Oscar Turner
    Oscar Turner Month ago


  • Hair Razor Detox
    Hair Razor Detox Month ago

    Just saw this 10 bucks 99 cent store

  • Lepi Ðura
    Lepi Ðura Month ago

    It is not that bad really...

  • Pierre R
    Pierre R Month ago

    Nothing under $100 new is even worth considering, buying, buying used is better tho

  • NJPurling
    NJPurling Month ago

    For $20 you would be very fortunate to get 720p. I would be very interested to know if they were honest enough to declare what CMOS sensor & what CPU is inside. The really cheap stuff is 640x480 VGA cropped and interpolated.
    Used as a dash cam the wide-angle lens was the main attraction.

  • Tom clair
    Tom clair Month ago

    Just uploaded my first video with my go pro 🥴 y’all wana tell me what to do better?

  • Eben Cole
    Eben Cole 2 months ago +1

    GoPros ( excluding the MAX ) are incredible cameras for as low as $199 ( GoPro 7 White ). GoPros are much better. Don’t spend your money on this. Save up for something better.

  • Marvin St John
    Marvin St John 2 months ago

    so you're saying that you tested it durability PRIOR to testing it function? interesting

    RAGE PRO 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot you make it easier.!!!!

  • TarunoZ
    TarunoZ 2 months ago

    4k? More like 4mp

  • Hasan Qazi
    Hasan Qazi 2 months ago

    any one want to get my camera on 50% OFF, its brand new

  • [3cubed]
    [3cubed] 2 months ago

    Just noticed the rubik's cube on your desk :D

  • Moritz Moo
    Moritz Moo 2 months ago +3

    *I compared two cheap action cameras on my channel, too*

  • CLOSE1 Rocket League
    CLOSE1 Rocket League 2 months ago

    I'm amazing how this only costs 23. It looks really good
    Thank you for this video!!!!

  • Mike Millie
    Mike Millie 2 months ago

    I was thinking buy for mountain bike

  • Thetimon25nl !!!
    Thetimon25nl !!! 3 months ago

    If you need a good and a cheap action you need to buy a rollei action in 4k you get one for 70 dollars

  • Lastimutesa
    Lastimutesa 3 months ago

    actually 350 usd

  • SakkE GB
    SakkE GB 3 months ago

    I recommand you Billow

  • vander
    vander 3 months ago

    hi and a question, can you charge and record at the same time?

  • SeaLife TT
    SeaLife TT 3 months ago +1

    Is this the same battery as the go pro 3?

  • hans
    hans 3 months ago

    So what budget camera would you recommend for filming jogging routes?

  • Voice of Silence
    Voice of Silence 3 months ago

    Action Scam ;)

  • zDragonPlayz
    zDragonPlayz 4 months ago

    you can change the quality and resolution

  • FurkanSE
    FurkanSE 4 months ago

    "4k ultra hd"
    Well which one is it?

  • nez nel official
    nez nel official 4 months ago


  • wanting awinner
    wanting awinner 4 months ago

    got exact same gopro and the video quality is great if you use an extreme pro sd memory card, nearly as expensive as the camera.

  • VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud

    It's not that bad did you adjust the settings in the camera or not..?

  • jOhn multipurpose M21Ñ
    jOhn multipurpose M21Ñ 4 months ago +1

    Who still watch in 2019 👍

  • Elżbieta Sosnowska
    Elżbieta Sosnowska 4 months ago

    For me this camera is good