International Starbucks Taste Test

  • Today, we're tasting different Starbucks foods from AROUND THE WORLD! Check it out in today's video, International Starbucks Taste Test! GMM #1660
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Comments • 80

  • Luke Zoe
    Luke Zoe Day ago

    Does anyone know where rhett's sweatshirt is from??

  • HAI kk
    HAI kk Day ago


  • Awesome Eliam
    Awesome Eliam 2 days ago

    5:48 Canadaaa? Canadaaaaaaaa?! Tell me if you got the reference (Here's a hint, S.E.T.I.).

  • Madeline Guidry
    Madeline Guidry 2 days ago

    How do they get this stuff?

  • Maddie Athis
    Maddie Athis 3 days ago

    Rhett & Link: “Where do they have Boba noodles?”
    Me: Nowhere. Nowhere do they have Boba noodles.

  • Suraya Mohamad
    Suraya Mohamad 3 days ago

    we have nasi lemak with ayam goreng in Malaysian Mcdonalds

  • michelle gutierrez
    michelle gutierrez 4 days ago

    You guys don't know Asian taste test Asian foods next time ;-)

  • Jessie Melanson
    Jessie Melanson 7 days ago

    I’m Canadian and go to Starbucks often and never seen that there. Interesting concept tho

  • The Goth Goddess
    The Goth Goddess 8 days ago

    Shosh in my language means pee 3:07

  • Abby Porter
    Abby Porter 9 days ago


  • Ally White
    Ally White 10 days ago

    am i the only one who finds chase very attractive ?

  • Jen
    Jen 11 days ago

    the sass in chase's face at 1:31 is giving me life

  • charlotte lee
    charlotte lee 11 days ago

    Right so I am from the UK and I have never seen that coffee jelly drink before in my life haha

  • vampirematt101
    vampirematt101 11 days ago

    2:15 welcome to the world of real pies lol dessert pies are weird

  • Caerwynn Wark
    Caerwynn Wark 11 days ago

    I go to starbucks alot, and I have never ever seen that "canadian drink"

  • Samarth
    Samarth 12 days ago

    international chips

  • Tiggy Piggy
    Tiggy Piggy 12 days ago

    The one with the glasses is odd...

  • Hayden'sCwazyVideos
    Hayden'sCwazyVideos 13 days ago

    The look of emptiness in links face after Rhett didn’t dink him. I felt that

  • Rafael Iraola
    Rafael Iraola 13 days ago

    They should try Gerry's Grill from the Philippines

  • Coldbox
    Coldbox 15 days ago

    Rhett pronounced Baklava so well im shook

  • PandaBeatBox
    PandaBeatBox 15 days ago

    How about international fried chicken?

  • Rajvi Shukla
    Rajvi Shukla 15 days ago

    Get BA team on this game

  • ExistentialCrySis
    ExistentialCrySis 15 days ago

    8:56 That's an absolutely missed opportunity for Link to say "All right Bolivia, I BOLIVIA!"

  • Rishi Nixon
    Rishi Nixon 15 days ago +1

    These international taste tests have just become link throwing random messy stuff at the board. Still like 'em though. Also, where do they get the stuff from?

  • Lexy Thomas
    Lexy Thomas 16 days ago

    Rhett loves that shirt lol
    He's always wearing it.

  • Cheryl Koh
    Cheryl Koh 17 days ago

    The McDonald’s in Singapore has a spicy chicken burger called the McSpicy!

  • SangoManju
    SangoManju 17 days ago

    Já fizeram de Pizza Hut? Algum brasileiro pode ir lá tirar uma foto? Hahaha eu não moro mais no Brasil. Tem uma pizza com milho

  • Nathaniel Saunders
    Nathaniel Saunders 19 days ago

    Never heard of the Canada rose thing and I live here

  • Vonni Do
    Vonni Do 20 days ago

    International dumplings. International chicken soup. International street food. International controversial foods like stinky tofu

  • louise balbin
    louise balbin 20 days ago

    It's been a while since I've watched these international taste test. And boy did Chase got thin,

  • Lukas_97
    Lukas_97 22 days ago

    I'm so glad grandma let me eat her perfume had me double take for a sec

  • Bunpei Shiratori
    Bunpei Shiratori 23 days ago

    I don't understand why they don't aim for the middle of the map every time.

  • Raimundo Castro
    Raimundo Castro 23 days ago

    I'm from Chile, I care

  • Katie •
    Katie • 23 days ago

    How do you get these items uber international eats?

  • Lady Gladiator
    Lady Gladiator 24 days ago

    I mostly just watch these lol. My favourite >.

  • Scumbag Woody
    Scumbag Woody 25 days ago


    • Scumbag Woody
      Scumbag Woody 25 days ago


  • Hydinn
    Hydinn 26 days ago

    I want good mythical night

  • The Great One
    The Great One 27 days ago

    Sometimes I feel like these 2 dont like each other.

  • Emily Bawar
    Emily Bawar Month ago

    When you realize shosh in your language means pee oof

  • CatMastier
    CatMastier Month ago

    5:47 SETI SETI

  • Jordan Naomi
    Jordan Naomi Month ago

    This is very important. Does anyone know where I can get the shirt Rhett is wearing ???

  • Jordan Naomi
    Jordan Naomi Month ago

    This is very important. Does anyone know where I can get the shirt Rhett is wearing ???

  • Kristen Dioko
    Kristen Dioko Month ago +1

    They didn’t say Macapuno correctly

  • Maggy Swann
    Maggy Swann Month ago

    Charleston, SC Starbucks has Cheesecake Factory cheesecake

  • Mhe Anne
    Mhe Anne Month ago +1

    They are not getting along here.. 😂 love them both..

  • igunzOsick
    igunzOsick Month ago

    Weird why south america for the one that is most like the ones in the us? I definitely wouldve went uk on that last one

  • kyle
    kyle Month ago

    as a canadian didn’t know that rose petal thing existed

  • siennarena
    siennarena Month ago

    Lumberjack lookin' man enjoying the floral tasting things in life.

  • Brady Hales
    Brady Hales Month ago

    I’d love to see some international Wendy’s menu items! I work at Wendy’s, so see I g this stuff would be fantastic!

  • StrangeSAnimates
    StrangeSAnimates Month ago

    I love rooibos

  • safira
    safira Month ago

    Why did he throw the coffee though 😭

  • Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Purple Yam or Ube is the match for Matcha in the Philippines.

  • Quantum Magnus
    Quantum Magnus Month ago

    “What is this back part for anyway....”
    ...asked by someone who majored in engineering.

  • Tyler7p
    Tyler7p Month ago

    I always go for link in these ones cause he never wins them 😂

  • Cariessa M.
    Cariessa M. Month ago

    i’m positive the purple in the cake is ube. we use it for halo halo as well. :)

  • Meaghan S
    Meaghan S Month ago

    "This is happening in a starbucks somewhere? Do they know?"

  • court my
    court my Month ago

    bruh rhett says the same thing about thinking things from asia are gross every episode like we get it ur xenophobic

  • The Zonx
    The Zonx Month ago

    Rhett hit very close to my city when he was aiming for Morocco lol

  • luka p
    luka p Month ago

    i want to tell them that was ube so bad 😭

  • Chris Eli
    Chris Eli Month ago

    I want a site that just lists all the clothes they’ve ever worn only because I really like Rhetts shirt

  • Mohammed Kudo
    Mohammed Kudo Month ago

    Try Indian Street food

  • Tinfoyl lord
    Tinfoyl lord Month ago

    Never have I heard "I'm going to hedge my bets" in a series before

  • Leanna Here !
    Leanna Here ! Month ago +1

    I’ve had the rose water , i live in canada, It’s sooo gross

  • Zach Six
    Zach Six Month ago

    I just lost the game

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee Month ago

    Links aim is like a blind person trying to pee in a cup.

  • Micky Boii
    Micky Boii Month ago

    The way he said Melbourne 😵

  • yuhmarco
    yuhmarco Month ago

    i wish starbucks would bring back their mango pineapple drink it was so good but unfortunately it was a limited time drink

  • Soham Patel
    Soham Patel Month ago

    How did I miss the caramel jelly Frappuccino on London heathrow?

  • Evan Fox
    Evan Fox Month ago

    Baklava is Greek, idk what Rhett was on about calling it middle eastern

  • Rose M. Gottschalk
    Rose M. Gottschalk Month ago

    I want what Canada has

  • Sophi Balerdi
    Sophi Balerdi Month ago +8

    i went to hong kong in august and their starbucks food was exactly like ours lmao. same muffins, croissants, cake pops, etc. idk where the green muffin came from

  • Sophie Lind
    Sophie Lind Month ago

    I couldn't stop thinking about how much i like Rhett's shirt lol

  • Matthew Hollingsworth

    Rank the most popular about philly cheese steak vendors

  • Isabella Cadotte
    Isabella Cadotte Month ago

    I didn’t know that there is a rose tea at Starbucks in Canada and I live here.

    I’m going to go to Starbucks now.

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith Month ago

    So happy Link slipped in the self-reference to the SETI song

  • N3rdy Gaming
    N3rdy Gaming Month ago

    I only just watched this now but you guys returned with S17 on my birthday of which i turned 21

  • LifeWith Brogan
    LifeWith Brogan Month ago

    Rhett literally just needs to stop throwing the dart overhand and from behind his vision.. once he does that then I reckon he will actually nail his guesses every time

  • bill bräm
    bill bräm Month ago

    Love the sweater of rhett
    Where can i buy that 😍

  • Irelynn Sarchett
    Irelynn Sarchett Month ago


  • Guinto Kirsten Ellyse Regina F.

    I'm Filipino, and even *I* didn't know about the Ube Cheesecake XD